20 Camper Rental Company in Australia

Camper Rental Company
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Searching for inexpensive travel? You may be looking for a weekend escape. A campervan rental checks all the criteria. The following are the top 20 rental companies in Australia, including Spaceships, JUCY, and Britz for trusted names and Motorhome Republic and Compare and Choose if you are looking for something particular.

Details About Camper Rental Company in Australia

1. Motorhome Republic

The Motorhome Republic is a New Zealand-based car rental company. They are also running their operations in Australia and 44 other countries. The business quickly started to grow by concentrating on comparing all the top national and local camper rental providers while consistently offering first-rate customer service. 

They now have more than 450 depots available worldwide through our network. They are here to provide all the campervan options at the click of a button, whether you are planning on stepping out to a sun-drenched beach in Gisborne, sipping a gorgeous red in the Hunter Valley, parking up close to the Vegas strip, or perhaps crossing off a significant music or sports festival from your bucket list.

2. DriveNow

You are in for a pleasant surprise if you’ve never considered renting and operating an RV, campervan, or motorhome while on vacation. Not only are they well-equipped, but they are also surprisingly simple to drive, and they have all the modern safety equipment and driving aids we expect. 

Most have automatic transmissions, meaning they can all be operated with a standard vehicle driving license. There is something for everyone, with accommodations for every traveller and every budget, ranging from affordable 2-berth campers to luxurious 2, 4, and 6-bed RV motorhomes.

3. Spaceships Rentals

Spaceships rentals claim that their business will impact a long-lasting memory in your mind. Your next unique experience can be in a spaceship, whether on a honeymoon, working holiday, or backpacking trip. They can assist you in bringing your dreams to life.

4. Hippie Camper

An established and reliable Australian corporation owns the Hippie Camper brand. The organization is friendly and focuses on providing campervan rentals that are inexpensive and simple. As more and more budget-conscious tourists get behind the wheel, the cheery vans are quickly becoming a frequent sight on Australian roadways.

5. Jucy Rentals

Jucy is another car rental company based in New Zealand. They also run their operations in Australia. Australia is a sizable nation with several fun things to do. They have a variety of cars, which is excellent because you can access them all!

For the utmost flexibility, rent one of their six campervan types, which range in price from affordable to self-contained. They also offer four affordable rental vehicle alternatives if you would rather drive yourself to your hotel.

6. Britz

Britz is a fantastic option for your upcoming road trip because it is Australia’s largest campervan rental company. Everybody’s vacation plans may be accommodated by their vast and diverse fleet, which includes anything from modest sleeper vans for short road trips to 4WD campers for off-road excursions. 

You may go to any area you like because of the numerous Britz sites nationwide, and a one-way hire expands your options even more. A journey around Australia might start with a rental motorhome from Britz Campervans, Australia!

7. Maui Rentals

At its operations office in Melbourne, Maui custom builds the Australian motorhome fleet to its own strict and demanding specifications. The fleet is continuously renewed to meet the needs of even the most challenging of passengers and is constructed utilizing the dependability and durability of Mercedes and Toyota chassis.

8. Apollo Campers

Australia has twelve Apollo stores, which are dispersed among the six states. Set out on a pleasant road trip mixing the bustling city life of Sydney with laid-back seaside villages in your camper hire from the exciting state of New South Wales. Sunshine-seekers and those with a sense of adventure who want to explore the vast Outback should travel to Queensland and the Northern Territory.

9. Travellers Autobarn

Whether you are a backpacker, budget traveller, or a tourist on the cheap, discover campervan hire in Australia with Travellers Autobarn. We have a wide range of Station Wagons, 2-berth campervans & 3 to 5-berth campervans to hire for all budgets for the road trip of your lifetime around Australia. Our vehicles are affordable and include a mixture of old and new campervan hire options. 

Longer-term campervan rental discounts are also our specialty. All our campervan hires in Australia come with free unlimited kilometres, a 10% discount to premium campgrounds, 24/7 roadside assistance & access to free campsites! There is no better way to tour Australia; we can make your caravan sightseeing dreams come alive throughout our six campervan hire locations Australia-wide!

10. Mighty Campers

One of the most well-known campervan rental firms in Australia is Mighty Campers. Its practical and laid-back attitude to motorhome vacations in Australia blends seamlessly with the people and the upbeat atmosphere across the nation. They make it fun and simple to pick up your camper and learn why Australia is the best destination in the world for a motorhome vacation.

11. Lucky Rentals

A campervan or motorhome doesn’t have to cost a fortune to travel throughout Australia with the assistance of Lucky Rentals. The business prides itself on providing some of the most cost effective rentals in the nation, along with some fantastic advantages.

12. Outdoorsy

They are the country’s most complete RV rental service for outdoor adventurers. They provide a range of trailers and motorhomes, including classic Airstreams, toy hauliers, fifth wheels, and Class A, B, and C RVs. We introduced Wheelbase for expert RV rental firms to manage inventory, increase utilization, and provide the best insurance available.

13. VroomVroomVroom

Since 2001, VroomVroomVroom has earned your trust as your go-to source for renting a car in Australia. By comparing costs from the top rental companies in the nation, they help you choose the perfect automobile for your needs.

You can benefit from VroomVroomVroom by:

  • Excellent pricing from Australia’s top rental companies.
  • There are hundreds of rental places nationwide.
  • Wide selection of excellent autos.
  • Exceptional customer service provided by our staff.

Additionally, they frequently work closely with their vehicle rental partners to offer you exclusive discounts. Join their email if you want to learn about these deals as soon as they become available.

14. Campervan Finder

The main focus of Campervan Finder is finding the best vehicle for their clients, and because they are a third-party agency, they are entirely objective in their vehicle selections. Ensuring you get the most out of your vacation, they offer a high level of product expertise and experience that is Australian-owned and run.

Thousands of clients have hired their premium cars, and they have access to the lowest rates in the market thanks to their choice of more than 50 Australian providers. Every day of the week, their team of professionals and multilingual sales staff are here to meet your camper needs.

15. Wicked Campers

Are you looking to rent a campervan in Australia? So you are at the correct spot, then. For travellers on a tight budget searching for an affordable and straightforward way to explore this wonderful country, Wicked Campers offer inexpensive camper van rentals. Australia is a playground, and the best way to explore it is in a Wicked Camper, which has 13 depots spread out around the nation. 

Most significant Australian cities may rent an affordable campervan, 4WD, or 4×4 from Wicked Campers Rental. You have an infinite number of kilometres in your campervan to explore Australia. The leading campervan rental company in Australia is Wicked Campers. For those on a tight budget going on a road trip, they have a selection of camper vans.

16. Aussie Campervans

Aussie Campervans provides affordable campervan rentals and fair prices on motorhomes. They aim to ensure that consumers get the most excellent cars at the correct price, whether large campers or smaller ones.

17. Camplify

Camplify is a very unique car rental company in Australia. Apart from renting vehicles, they are also involved in charity work. Over 10,000 van owners currently use Camplify to share their cars with others. Over $30 million in earnings have been distributed to our community in the past seven years, enabling members to establish businesses or save for vacations or other expenses. Are you interested in joining our community of entrepreneurs and earning money while introducing others to the delights of caravanning?

18. Camperman

  • Unlimited Kilometers: The longest national roadway in the world, roadway 1, circles Australia. It is like travelling from Edinburgh to Istanbul to drive even a portion, like from Melbourne to Cairns. In light of this, our unlimited kilometres provide you with the freedom to go on some of Australia’s most significant road excursions.
  • Roadside Assistance: We recognize that issues rarely arise during regular business hours, so if you want our assistance, we’re available day and night to keep your campervan trip going smoothly.
  • Extra Drivers: Since shared trips in a motorhome are preferable, we don’t charge extra for additional drivers or licences from other countries. Inform us before you leave.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: A modest amount of $500 excess is included in your quotation. Compare this to other Australian firms that rent campers. Some people have more than $7000. This implies that if you have an accident, you will be responsible for the first $7000 in damages before your insurance covers the rest. Not if you use Camperman Australia.
  • Road Toll Fees: Who wants to be concerned about tolls and the significant fines you would incur if you didn’t pay them? All of our camper rentals have a token installed to pay tolls automatically as you travel.
  • Drivers From 18 Years With Green P’s: These are covered by the quotation if they have the proper P plates and follow the traffic laws, with no extra charges.
  • Foreign Drivers Licenses: Drivers licenses from foreign countries are acceptable by us, and we don’t charge an additional fee like most motorhome rental and camper rental companies.

19. Compare And Choose

This particular rental firm is involved in car rentals and heavily focuses on comparing and choosing campervans of all sizes and prices. You can compare the rents of all the campervans with other rental companies and conclude with your judgment whether the rental rates are suitable for the size of the campervan.

20. Cruisin’ Motorhomes

Cruisin’ Motorhomes takes excellent satisfaction in offering you the ideal car for your family vacation, romantic break, or trip with friends. Experience Australia in a motorhome’s luxury and convenience while taking advantage of the freedom of a mobile vacation. The reason for going for Cruisin’ Motorhomes is given below.

  • Pick the campervan or RV that best suits your vacation requirements.
  • Use the online booking tool to check for the availability of your desired dates and places.
  • Enter your information to reserve the RV for a $300 down payment!
  • Get a free quotation that is good for a week if you’re still debating the venue and date possibilities.
  • Please pick up your RV at one of our locations, and have a wonderful vacation!


Q1. What Is A Campervan?

A camper van is a self-propelled vehicle that offers transportation and sleeping space. It is also known as a camper, caravanette, motor caravan, or RV in North America.

Q2. Why Hiring Campervans Very Popular In Australia?

Australia is a country trendy for road trips. For this reason, travellers hire campervans from car rental companies while going on a road trips.

Q4. Which One Is The Best Among The 20 Rental Companies?

Among all these 20 rental companies it is very difficult to pick the best one. If you are to ask me, then I will say that each of these companies is unique in their business policies. Therefore it is difficult to look out for the best one.

Closing Note

In conclusion, it can be said that given above are the short descriptions of the top 20 camper rental companies in Australia. Each of these companies has some unique features. But one thing common about them is they customize their vehicles according to customer preferences. Next time if you are planning to hire a campervan, do consider any one of these rental companies before hiring your vehicle.

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