Can Bridging Visa B Travel to Australia?

Can Bridging Visa B Travel to Australia
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The Department of Immigration and Border Protection infrequently grants temporary visas, known as “bridging visas.” While your immigration status is being determined, you can remain in Australia legally with a bridging visa. Depending on your situation, a variety of bridging visas may be granted.

Can Bridging Visa B Travel to Australia? Only a Bridging visa B (BVB) will allow you to leave and return to Australia. At the same time, you wait for a decision, even if bridging visas will enable you to remain in Australia legally.

Australian visa applications can frequently take years, and even years, to be processed. For instance, it may take between 21 and 33 months to process and issue an onshore Partner (subclass 820) visa.

It can be challenging to believe that your life is not on hold during that period, mainly if you cannot engage in activities like employment, study, or travel. Conditions barring job and analysis can be eliminated. Still, the laws governing travel are different, and whether you can travel on your bridging visa primarily relies on your visa type.

  • Bridging visas that can travel overseas – Bridging B visa 
  • Bridging visas that can’t travel overseas – every other bridging visa  

When Should You Submit A Bridging Visa B Application?

If you want to travel while your visa application is being processed or if you want to request judicial review of your prior visa, you must apply separately for your bridging visa B. A bridging visa B is typically issued automatically when you apply for a substantive visa, which takes effect when that visa expires. A substantive visa often includes all Australian visa types excluding the bridging visa category.

What Conditions Apply To An Australia Bridging Visa B?

When you apply for a bridging visa B in Australia, you must produce the following list of paperwork:

Identity documents: Any identification document, such as a current passport, must be shown. Your driver’s licence, national identity card, birth certificate, or any other document that demonstrates your name change (if applicable) may also be requested by the immigration office.

Certificates of Good Character: Any documentation demonstrating your lack of involvement in severe criminal activity, your lack of prior conviction, and the fact that you are not the subject of an investigation must be submitted.

A certificate of parental consent: If you are applying for this visa along with a minor, you must provide either a parental consent form (Form 1229) or a statutory statement from a person having a legal claim to the child. Ensure you include a copy of the signer’s passport or licence when you submit the form.

Evidence of Significant Travel-Related Reasons: You must have solid reasons to travel outside Australia to be granted this visa. When visiting a sick relative, you can include medical records or documentation of significant occasions like marriages and graduations.

Form 1006: If you are applying for a bridging visa on paper B. 

Instruction Manuals: If you ever need assistance with your paperwork, please submit the following forms:

  • Form 956a
  • Form 956

Identity photos Biometric Information: The Immigration Office may need you to submit your fingerprints at one of their offices after you file your visa application.

Eligibility For Bridging Visa B

You are eligible to apply for and receive this visa if you:

  • Subject to certain conditions, the individual owns a valid passport, or it would be unreasonable to demand that they do so.
  • When you apply for this visa, you are in Australia.
  • You should own either a BVA or a BVB.
  • Have applied for a valid visa while you are still in Australia.
  • During the processing of your substantive visa application, you want to travel and return to Australia.

How To Apply For A Bridge Visa B

The applicant must submit forms 1005 or 1005 (Internet) and 1006 or 1006 (Internet) to apply for a BVB, even though these forms are all required by Australian migration legislation to submit a legitimate BVB application.

However, following policy, decision-makers should urge BVB applicants to submit form 1006 or 1006 (Internet), if available, as it captures more information pertinent to a BVB application’s assessment and could shorten the time needed to process the application. The trip and payment information for the BVB Visa Application Charge are included.

People who claim to be a part of a BVB applicant’s family unit may submit their BVB applications with the BVB applicants. This means that the family needs to pay one visa application fee, but each applicant still needs to meet the basic requirements for receiving a BVB.

The family unit members will only be awarded BVB if they merge their substantive visa applications with an applicant seeking judicial review of the refusal of that substantive visa if the BVB applications made by a family group pertain to judicial review proceedings.

Australian Bridging Visa B Processing Time

Your bridging visa type B application may take one to two weeks. However, the Department of Home Affairs advises giving yourself enough time to process your BVB application before your trip.

Price Of A Bridging Visa B

The cost of a bridging visa B is AUD165. This is the base application fee. Additional fees for your visa can be incurred.

Duration Of A Bridging Visa

A bridging visa B is only issued momentarily while your new substantive visa application is being considered.

Can You Travel With A Bridging Visa B?

If you have a compelling cause to leave Australia, you may travel with an Australia bridging visa B. Your travel window will close on a specified date, which the immigration office will notify you of.

You must apply for a new bridging visa B if you need to travel after your allotted time for that trip has passed. When your travel allowance expires, you can only re-enter Australia if you are within it.

Bridging Visa B Cancellation

Condition 8101

This requirement stated that you could not work for a BVB while visiting Australia. You may occasionally volunteer for projects relating to your course of study or observe how others work in a field of endeavour without really doing the work yourself.

Condition 8102

You can only work in fields linked to your study degree if this visa requirement is tied to your BVB.

Condition 8103 

You are not permitted to work a job for which Australian citizens or residents would usually get compensation unless the Department of Immigration authorises you.

Conditions Of Work Restrictions

You are only permitted to work 40 hours each two weeks under the terms of this visa. If you are a student, you can start your work after the start of your study session.

Conditions 8112

You are not authorised to perform any work that an Australian citizen or permanent resident might perform.

Conditions 8547

You cannot work for one employer for more than six months without express consent.

Yacht Crew Condition

You can only work under this condition if you are a superyacht crew member.

Condition 8303

You are in violation of condition 8303 if you engage in any illegal action or activity that could endanger or hurt someone in Australia.

Condition 8501

It is required that you maintain current health insurance while holding a BVB.

Condition 8539

You may only work, reside, and study in one of the low-population-growth zones listed in your visa approval letter.


Can You Use A Bridging Visa B To Leave Australia?

If approved, your BVB will let you leave the country temporarily and legally return to Australia within a set time frame. You can legally stay in Australia while your formal visa application is being processed if you return within the allotted time frame.

Does Bridging Visa B Carry Any Risk?

With a BVB, the most significant danger is forgetting the duration of your grant and failing to return to Australia by the deadline. So that you have enough time to re-enter Australia when you return, be sure to start your return journey to Australia a few days before your BVB expires.

Can A Bridging B Visa Be Turned Down?

Similar circumstances led to denying a client’s bridging visa B because her justification for travelling was insufficient: she would “visit family.” This client is applying for a protection visa. In contrast to past incidents, this one does not involve requests for protection visas, making it exceptional.

Can You Remain Abroad While On A Bridging Visa B?

Only while you are in Australia are bridging visas issued and valid. They will stop once you leave Australia if you opt to travel abroad. BVB is the lone exception to this rule because it has a travel facility attached that enables you to travel overseas and return.

What Happens If Your Entrance To Australia Is Denied?

In certain situations, you must submit a new visa application, and you are accepted. In some circumstances, though, appealing the decision against you is your best action. Most onshore-filed visa types allow you to demand a conclusion from the Department of Immigration.

Final Words

To allow people to travel while they wait for the outcome of their substantive visa application in Australia, Bridging Visa B (BVB) is issued. This visa enables individuals to travel for crucial reasons like family emergencies or business affairs by allowing them to leave and enter the country while their application is being processed.

However, BVB holders must follow the predetermined travel guidelines and time restrictions stated in their visa award. Applicants should carefully assess their situation, speak with the Department of Home Affairs or a migration agent, and ensure they meet all requirements before making travel arrangements. Overall, the Bridging Visa B is a helpful tool for enabling travel while awaiting a definitive visa decision in Australia.

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