Can Chinese Citizens Travel to Australia?

Can Chinese Citizens Travel to Australia
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In the question of can Chinese citizens travel to Australia. The answer is yes, they can. But a Chinese passport holder must show evidence of a negative COVID-19 test taken 48 hours before your scheduled departure. 

Visas Available For Chinese People

Chinese passport holders require a visa to visit Australia for any purpose. However, They are allowed to apply for four types of temporary visas initially, which are

  • Visitor visas.
  • Studying and training visas
  • Family and partner visas
  • Working and skilled visas

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Visitor Visa

With a visitor visa, you will get three-month access. You could extend this visa up to 12 months in some cases. Applicants have to pay to apply for a visitor visa. This visa is for short vacations, Business trips, and all.

Studying And Training Visas

Study and training visas depend on the course or training duration. Therefore you can get a maximum of 5 years visa.

Family And Partner Visas

The stay in Australia will be temporary until a decision has arrived on the family and partner visa application. Again, the duration of stay will be between 15 to 24 months.

Working And Skilled Visas

Working And Skilled Visas are designed for skilled workers. With this visa, you can get a maximum of 5 years of access.

Application And Embassies

The Australian Consulate-General is situated in Shanghai, China. It is also called the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. You can apply online for any visa to visit the country.

The Distance From China To Australia

It is about 7,448 kilometres or 4,628 miles from China to Australia. If you travel via aircraft, it will take 8.26 hours to reach. On the other hand, if you intend to visit Australia via ship, you must spend 16-30 days to get in there. 

Route And Destinations

Travelling to Australia via plane is better, faster, and safer. Therefore, there are several flights available from China to different territories in Australia. Let’s see the routes and destinations from China to Australia.

      Departure    ArrivalAverage Flight Duration  Average Tariff
Hong Kong     Sydney12 hours 20 minUS$ 240-1040
Hong Kong    Melbourne12 hours 32 minUS$ 319-1038
Hong Kong    Canberra14 hours 14 minUS$ 568-1529
Guangzhou     Sydney13 hours 13 minUS$ 414-1321
Hong Kong     Adelaide12 hours 25 minUS$ 350-1125
Hong Kong    Brisbane12 hours 12 minUS$ 360-1137
Hong Kong     Perth11 hours 04 minUS$ 320-827

Flight time, duration, and plane fare all of these depend on the flights you will choose. It depends on the seating class, transits, etc.

Documents Needed To Show After Arrival In Australia

Chinese Citizens Travel to Australia

After arriving in Australia, you must show a valid passport and other documents. Therefore, you have to offer your visa paper as well. Again, you must submit a complete signed incoming passenger card, a declaration of health and character requirements for non-Australian citizens.

You must have a Covid-19 negative certificate 48 hours before departure. It is essential to have all the documents along with you. Otherwise, you might need a permit to enter Australia.

Hotels In Australia

Among all capital cities in Australia. According to customer reviews, here is a list by which you can get to know about the best hotels to stay in Oceania.


  • Hilton Sydney
  • Hyatt Regency Sydney
  • Little National Hotel Sydney
  • Intercontinental Sydney
  • Sydney Boutique Hotel


  • Ibis Melbourne Central
  • Sheraton Melbourne Hotel
  • Stamford Plaza Melbourne
  • Vibe Hotel Melbourne
  • Atlantis Hotel


  • QT Canberra
  • Ovolo Nishi
  • Avenue Hotel Canberra
  • The Village Canberra
  • Novotel Canberra


  • Grosvenor Hotel Adelaide
  • Mayfair Hotel
  • Hilton Adelaide
  • Hotel Grand Chancellor Adelaide
  • The Hotel Metropolitan


  • Brisbane Marriott Hotel
  • Hyatt Regency Hotel
  • Royal On The Park Brisbane
  • The Glen Hotel
  • North Lakes Hotel


  • Criterion Hotel Perth
  • The Great Southern Hotel Perth
  • Rose & Crown Hotel
  • Kangaroo Inn
  • Pensione Hotel Perth


Do Chinese Citizens Need A Visa For Australia?

All travellers from outside except New Zealand passport holders must obtain a visa to visit Australia. Therefore, With a Chinese passport, you can enter Australia with Visitor visas, Studying and training visas, Family and partner visas, and Working skilled visas.

How To Apply For A Visa To Australia From China?

As a Chinese citizen, you can apply for an Australian visa through ImmiAccount. Everyone who wants to apply for an Australian visa must use it individually.

What Is The Best Way To Get An Australian Visa?

It is suggested to visit your nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate. You can apply for various Australian visa types, including tourist and working holiday visas.

How Much Does An Australia Visa Cost?

Well, the visa fee depends on the visa you are applying for. However, If you intend to travel with a visitor visa, it will be a charge of:
Standard- USD 81.99
Rush- USD 133.99
Super Rush- USD 196.99

What Is The Closest Country To Australia?

Papua New Guinea and New Zealand are the closest countries to Australia. Papua New Guinea is situated on the north side of Australia, and New Zealand is on the East side. 

Last But Not Least

As a Chinese citizen, you don’t have any bindings to travel in Australia. But, You need to acquire a genuine visa to access Australia. You can quickly get a permit if you properly submit all the required documents.

Therefore, Getting basic knowledge of Australian culture, rules, and regulations is suggested. So start proceeding now to travel to Australia.

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