Can I Travel to Croatia from Australia?

Can I Travel to Croatia from Australia
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Can I travel to Croatia from Australia? The idea of travelling to Croatia is an absolutely wise decision for any nature lover. Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries, well known for its scenic beauty and a huge amount of beaches, surrounded by crystal-clear water. 

Of them, Brac’s Zlatni Rat is the most renowned one. It has more than 1,000 islands, rocky costs and priceless architectural marvels which mesmerize anyone no matter what the season is. Thus for any nature lover Croatia is the best place to explore and would never regret their journey.

The easiest way to travel to Croatia from Australia is by flight, within a glance of 15-20 hours one can safely reach its destination. Flight helps to reach faster than other ways.

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Can I Travel To Croatia From Australia? A Proper Idea About Roaming Croatia!

For better and hindrance-free travel one must have a clear idea about:

  • What language they might use
  • The currency which is used for day-to-day purposes 
  • If any covid related limitations are still there or not
  • About the most hyped places to roam around 
  • The vehicles used to visit sights
  • If any visa is required to travel
  • The kind of food people should try
  • Booking hotels

Passport And Visa

The first and most important fact about travelling is knowing the procedures to set up the visa for the required destination.


A valid passport is essential to travel around. Here the procedure is not that rigid. It is being issued for less than 10 years before the date an individual enters its territory. It seems valid for 6 months onwards.


It takes 4-6 weeks for the visa procedure. Australia enjoys the facility of visa-free travel. For Croatia, Australia need not have any hassle for visas and travel freely. The usual visa fee is 133 USD 13570 NGN and 61100 NGN. 

Application for visa:

  • The form needs to be print 
  • Documents need to be gathered
  • Fees need to be paid 
  • The application needs to be submitted 
  • Got to wait till processing       

Flight Arrangements

Flying is the safest form of journey. For easy access to travel to Croatia from Australia through flight, one can directly search on google and find all necessities for better flight plans.

SydneyCroatia19 hours 36 mins
PerthBelgrade19 hours
PerthSplit24 hours 44 mins
PerthTrieste26 hours 30 mins
PerthLjubljana28 hours 54 mins

The tariffs depend on the flight category and the seating arrangements, as well as the selection of travellers. There are a few different classes of seats, mostly by that the prices vary.

Booking Best Accommodation

Accommodating in Croatia is not that much expensive. It has hotels and rental flats facilities with very reasonable rates. Depending on the visitors’ demands and choices, they can find many better places to stay.

According to the visitor demand, the most hyped hotels in Croatia are –

  • Amfiteatar
  • Esplanade Zagreb Hotel
  • Kastel 1700 Boutique Hotel
  • Princess
  • Slavonija
  • Hotel Croatia Cavtat

And there are thousands of apartments at different rates. They are starting from luxury to minimal apartments, where someone can safely enjoy their vacation. There are also some luxury Villas with beautiful sea-facing views, especially to attract tourists.

Attractive Place To Visit 

Croatia is filled with many attractive and exciting views and places. It has many architectural monuments, beautiful roads and streets and is a perfect place for any beach lover. One can find the finest beaches in Croatia. Most people visit there to spend time at the beaches.

A few places which the visitors should visit are mentioned below: 

  • Dubrovnik Old Town Walls
  • Hvar Town
  • Diocletian’s Palace in Split
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Sailing Around Kornati National Park
  • Zagreb’s Gornji Grad
  • Pula’s Roman Area
  • Zadar’s Romanesque Churches
  • Zlatni Rat beach
  • The Pretty Towns of Korcula

Covid-19 Limitations

The devastating effect of covid-19 has decreased significantly. Thus the visitors need not face any hindrances to visiting that place. It’s free for travellers, and no extra text or even documents are primarily not required. There is no restriction for regional travel.

But if any of the visitors has swabbed nose and throat, then they might have to go for quarantine for 7 days, by bearing their own cost

Other than that, it depends on the ratio of the virus. Till now, the country has had this system.


Is There Any Visa Required To Travel to Croatia From Australia?

No visa is required to visit Croatia for visitors from Australia. They are free to have access if only they carry a valid passport and tickets with them. 

Are There Any Covid-19 Restrictions On Visiting Croatia?

There are no limitations as the virus has decreased its rate, so no covid cards, tests, or quarantine are required. This is only for those individuals who are free from covid. But  affected ones might face hindrances

What Would Be The Best Route To Visit Croatia?

For fast and safe travel, one should select travelling from the flight. Other routes are available as well, like by bus and train, that depend on the duration from one place to another. In that particular sense, the flight is the best option of all.

What Would Be The Duration?

Usually, it takes 19 hours to travel by flight from Australia to Croatia. It depends on the route the visitor has selected for themselves. It also depends on the flight schedules, as sometimes it might get delayed.


In conclusion, I truly hope that any individual reading this blog would have complete knowledge about’ Can I travel to Croatia from Australia.’  The main and basic factors of travelling are described here, including the perfect places to stay and roam around and the best way of travelling.

So I believe this blog has given a brief idea about how attractive and interesting Croatia is for enjoying any holiday. Now it’s time to check everything out and prepare for a heavenly journey to explore exotic Croatia. Keep doing well. Thank you.

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