Can I Travel to Lebanon from Australia?

Can I Travel to Lebanon from Australia
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Lebanon is a geographically beautiful country with amazing historical places. Now the discussion on Can I Travel To Lebanon From Australia shall be elaborated.

This country crosses from North to South, having  Mount Lebanon mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea along the West coast offers sumptuous sunsets and exceptional panoramas.


It is a Levantine country, filled with natural beauty and is culturally rich. It is one of the world’s smaller sovereign states and   It consists of a narrow territory. The capital is Beirut.

It is located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is part of the Levant region of the Middle East, having a population of about five million people, which covers a total area of 10,452 square kilometres.

It has plenty of limestone caves, historic Churches and Mosques, world-renowned Lebanese cuisine, nonstop nightlife, beautiful beaches nestled in the Mediterranean Sea, and to mountainous ski resorts.

Visa Requirments and Processing

Yes, a visa is essential to travel to Lebanon from Australia. You will need to send the actual passport, not its copy. Then the Lebanon visa will be stamped on the given passport and will become one of your passport pages. We should keep in mind, that without having an authentic/original passport, the Visa request will not be processed.

Covid 19 Test Before Travelling To Lebanon

All passengers travelling to Lebanon are required to have a vaccination card and must fill out this health declaration form online before departure. Any visitor arriving there shall require a negative test, not older than 48 hours.

Lebanon Famous For

Lebanon always has been famous for its cedar trees. Using cedar, the Lebanese workers built the Temple of Solomon in Lebanon. It was also found in the tombs of the Pharaohs of Egypt.

Things To See And Do In Lebanon

   This country is full of various exciting and glorious attractions, which the visitor must

experience at least once, from them few are mentioned below-

  • Visit the caves of Jeita Grotto
  • Have a view of the Baatara Gorge Waterfall
  • See the views from the Our Lady of Lebanon
  • Roam around Hamra Street in Beirut for street art, theatres, restaurants, and cafes
  • A night walk on the historic streets of Byblos
  • Explore the temples of Jupiter and Bacchus in Baalbek

Check List Before Travelling Lebanon

Travel to Lebanon from Australia


There is a lack of electricity, and for that issue so I would highly recommend you to book at a well-known brand hotel. A private room at a  branded hotel will cost about $100 – $120 per night. Those rooms include a complimentary breakfast.

Reasonable accommodations range from $150 – $180 per night. One thing that needs to be ensured is that your hotel is located in a safe and sound area of the community and is near the cafes & restaurants.


The dishes here are considered the most delicious in the world. They love to dine at small cafes. Many roadside corner cafes and stores are located to buy snacks or coffee. Food carts are also can be seen, so you can easily grab food and have a quick bite to eat.

Well-known dishes include baba ghanouj, tabbouleh, falafel shawarma, hummus, chickpea, baklawa, four, and kayak.


As there is no public transportation available, you need to hire a taxi which could cost about $1. For short-distance trips, transportation apps like Uber and Careem are available and are easy to travel.


The official language spoken here is Arabic, but many often use English and French.


Its currency is Lira, and the immediate exchange rate is $1 = 30,000, Lira. Credit Cards are very less accepted due to fluctuation of the current final/banking crisis.

If even they accept credit cards, they need to add a 20% fee. 


We can get a taste of mixed kinds of weather here, in the Mediterranean, with mild, rainy winters and hot sunny summers.


A bit lacking here is found, the security situation is volatile and can deteriorate quickly. It’s better to avoid political gatherings and large crowds. Using weapons is common here, and very often the situation is uncontrollable. The crime rate has increased due to the bad economic situation.


One thing is to note that Lebanese culture is very conservative, so clothing in public should be done with decency and modestly

How To Find Cheap Flights From Australia To Lebanon

If you are looking for flight tickets from Australia to Lebanon, here are a few tips that would help you to have the best reasonable price and make your flight smooth and fruitful. 

  • Simply hit the ‘search’ button
  • Keep looking for direct flights
  • By selecting a greener Australia, to Lebanon flight option, you can reduce your carbon footprint
  • You can add to travel cost protection.
  • Try to find flexible flights from Australia to Lebanon
  • Keep flexing your dates to grab the best fares for your Australia to Lebanon ticket.
  • Try to set up a Price Alert and look for direct flights. 
  • Find reasonable Business class flights from Australia to Lebanon. 
  • Must include your nearby airports in your search list.
  • You can search for flights on the go app for easy access


Is Lebanon Close To Australia?

The distance from Australia to Lebanon is 12,222 kilometres. Flying is the quickest way to reach within a short period.

Is Lebanon A Good Country?

It is a great place to live in and has friendly and welcoming people. Comparatively, it’s a safe country to roam around, some tourists may end up settling here for a long time.

Is Lebanon Near Australia?

The distance between Australia to Lebanon is 12,222 kilometres, which is approximately 14 hours of journey.

What Is The Main Religion Of Lebanon?

Islam is the main religion of Lebanon. An estimated 64.9 per cent of the population is Muslim.

Is Lebanon A Cheap Or Expensive Country?

Lebanon is one of the cheapest countries.

Wrapping Up

The proper information about Can I Travel To Lebanon From Australia has been briefly discussed above, so that the visitor may have a clear view and avoid hindrances. A tour usually helps to set up a peaceful mindset and it’s also a source of gathering experiences and memory.

Now if you are eager to have a trip, then with the help of this summary you might have better ideas and make better decisions to make your journey more meaningful.

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