Can You Travel on a Bridging Visa?

Can You Travel on a Bridging Visa
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Can You Travel On A Bridging Visa? The short answer is yes. But there are many rules and regulations that you need to follow when you are travelling with a Bridging Visa. Today we shall look into all the details that you must follow.

Overview Of The Bridging Visa

You may issue a temporary bridging visa, depending on the situation. While your immigration status is being determined, you can stay in Australia legally on a bridging visa. Depending on your situation, we may issue you a bridging permit.

While bridging visas allow you to enter and exit Australia legally while awaiting a decision, only a bridging visa B (BVB) will enable you to do so if you could be qualified for a BVB.

Rules Of Eligibility For Bvb

While you wait for the outcome of your visa application, you have a legitimate reason to leave and return to Australia. You possess a BVA or BVB. A decision on an application is pending or under judicial review.

Things You Can Do With A Bridging Visa

The Bridging Visa applies to you to stay in Australia based on the following criterias.

  • Your visa application is under processing.
  • A judicial or merits review is pending.

There will be a specific travel time as well. You can depart Australia and return on a BVB within this predetermined travel time. If you need to travel outside Australia once more and are in Australia when the travel term expires, you can apply for another BVB.

Best Time To Travel On A Bridging Visa

Before you travel with a Bridging Visa, you must find the answer to the following questions.

  • What is the reason for your travel?
  • What is the date of the anticipated decision of your substantive visa application?

You must also consider this when you are applying for a Bridging visa.

  • Proof of your justification for leaving Australia.
  • Tell authority when you plan to go.

The travel term of your BVB will be specified in detail in your visa grant notification if we approve it. After providing the BVB travel authorization, you cannot modify or extend it. If you need to travel outside Australia once more and the travel term expires, you can apply for another BVB.

Best Time To Apply For A Bridging Visa

Before you apply for the BVB, take into account your situation. Only Australian residents may apply for and get a BVB. To avoid unreasonably extending this procedure, the authority will consider when they are anticipated to decide on your substantive visa application when we evaluate your request for a BVB. You should apply for a BVB by three months and two weeks before your intended departure.

Providing Your Valid Substantive Visa

Both a BVB and a substantive visa are valid simultaneously. You could still decide to apply for a BVB and wait until it is approved before travelling if you still have substantive access to leave Australia and return. Still, it might expire before you re enter Australia. You may remain in Australia on the BVB while you wait for our judgement on your visa application as long as you return to Australia within the BVB travel term.

Travelling Period Limitation With Bridging Visa

If the visa is issued, provide the BVB’s designated travel term in your notice of grant. After the travel term has passed, a BVB cannot be used to re enter Australia. When the travel time expires, if you are outside of Australia, you must reapply for a visa and have one issued before you may enter the country again. If you need to travel outside Australia again, you can apply for another BVB.

Factors For Granting A Bridging Visa By The Australian Government

When determining whether to give you a BVB, the Department of Home Affairs will take into account the following factors:

  • The quality of your motivation for going on vacation.
  • The probability that you’ll revisit Australia.
  • Your travels’ effect on your visa application.

If your application is approved, you will receive a BVB with a specific travel window. This indicates that you can go outside Australia and then return there. During the time frame shown on your BVB for travel, you may not leave Australia. 

Understanding that a BVB does not ensure your admission to Australia is crucial. The Department of Home Affairs may only allow access to Australia if you fulfil the entrance criteria.


What Is A Bridging Visa?

While your visa application is being processed, you can stay in Australia legally with the help of a bridging visa.

How Do I Apply For A Bridging Visa?

A bridging visa application can be submitted online or by mail. You must present the Department of Home Affairs with proof of your legitimate cause for travelling, such as a medical certificate, a death certificate, or an invitation to a wedding.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Bridging Visa For Travel?

Travelling on a bridging visa has several advantages. The first benefit is enabling you to leave and enter Australia while your visa application is being reviewed. This is beneficial if you have to travel for work, to see family or friends, or for medical reasons. A bridging visa might also assist you in keeping your legal status in Australia. This is crucial if you live, work, or study in Australia. Third, if your visa application is approved, a bridging visa might assure you that you can return to Australia.

What Are The Threats Of Travelling On A Bridging Visa?

Travelling with a bridging visa has a few hazards:

  • Fulfil the admission requirements to be permitted to return to Australia.
  • If you have a criminal record or other immigration issues, you cannot be granted a bridging visa.
  • You might have to pay an application fee for bridging access.

In A Nutshell

You can remain in Australia lawfully while your immigration situation is resolved with the aid of a bridging visa. There are several types of bridging tickets, each with their specifications. You could be permitted to work, study, or travel with specific bridging keys but not others.

Can You Travel On A Bridging Visa? Having a Bridging Visa B (BVB) is required to travel on a bridging visa. While your visa application is being processed, you can travel out of Australia and back into it using a BVB.

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