Canberra to Dubbo Road Trip: 8 Stopes To Explore

Canberra to Dubbo Road Trip
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Looking for an exciting road trip through breathtaking landscapes and hidden gems? Then the Canberra to Dubbo road trip is for you! This exciting journey will take you through the natural beauty of the Australian region. and immerse you in its rich cultural heritage. Buckle up and get prepared for an extraordinary experience! 

A road trip from Canberra to Dubbo opens up a world of exciting stops and breathtaking scenery. This journey takes you through stunning rural areas that offer a unique blend of history, nature, and adventure.

From vineyards to ancient caves to the famous zoo, each stop on this road trip promises its own fascinating experience. Buckle up and prepare for an unforgettable adventure as we show you some of the best places to explore on your road trip from Canberra to Dubbo.


Canberra to Dubbo road trip Non-stop journey 254 miles or 409 km Journey time 4 hours 47 minutes. Realistically, you’ll want buffers for rest, fuel, and food. To better understand ​​how long this trip will take, scroll down to calculate how long it would take to drive while parked.

Transportation And Cost

Transportation ByTimeCost
Fly (Canberra to Sydney to Dubbo)3h 38 min$255–$360
Bus/Train8h 2min$34– $45
Drive4h 45min$51– $74

Exploring The Picturesque Canberra To Dubbo Road Trip

As you start your road trip from Canberra, you’ll be greeted by picturesque surroundings and a sense of freedom. Take a moment to admire iconic landmarks like the Parliament House and the Australian War Memorial. Capture these moments through your lens and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Canberra To National Dinosaur Museum, Australia

Travel Distance- 19.5 km

Travel Time by car- 19 minutes 

When you start your delightful journey in the early morning, you can begin at the National Dinosaur Museum, Australia. Built up in 1993, the historical centre has developed from Built up in 1993, and the historical centre has grown from a modest collection to Australia’s most extensive permanent collection of dinosaurs and other prehistoric fossils.

Dinosaur fans of all ages will love the National Dinosaur Museum in Canberra’s Gold Creek Village. Learn how dinosaurs evolved and interacted through skulls, skeletons, murals, models, and fossils found nowhere else in Australia’s largest permanent exhibition on dinosaurs and prehistoric life. 

There are also animatronic dinosaurs that move, roar, blink and breathe, including the 20-metre-long Tyrannosaurus and the Great Dinosaur. Wander through a lifelike model of the newly renovated and beautifully appointed Dinosaur Gardens and see Canberra’s most significant mineral, fossil, and crystal for sale display.

National Dinosaur Museum To Four Winds Vineyard, Australia

Travel Distance- 28.1 km

Travel Time by car- 23 minutes 

After that, Discover Four Winds Vineyards on a road trip from Canberra to Dubbo. This enchanting vineyard in Malambetmann is a wine lover’s paradise. Indulge in a wine tasting and let our knowledgeable staff guide you through the fine selection of wines. Every sip tells a story about the region, from crisp whites to bold reds. Stroll through scenic vineyards and capture their beauty on camera. 

Enjoy a picnic in tranquil surroundings and pair local produce and artisanal cheeses with your favourite Four Winds wines. Buy a bottle to enjoy the flavours long after your road trip. Guided tours are not offered, but the staff is friendly and happy to recommend tours. Four Winds Vineyard is a hidden gem that will make your trip more enjoyable. 

Experience scenic surroundings, exceptional wines, and the passion that goes into each bottle. A wine lover’s paradise to enhance your road trip. Toast unforgettable moments and make Four Winds Vineyards a cherished memory of your journey through the heart of Australia.

Four Winds Vineyard To Yass, Australia

Travel Distance- 25.4 km

Travel Time by car- 22 minutes 

The charming historic town of Yas is the perfect base for outdoor adventures and fine food and wine excursions, with Charming heritage sites, lush streets, and world-class wineries in this quaint riverside town.

Yas is believed to come from the Aboriginal word ‘Yharr,’ which means ‘flowing water.’ Traditionally inhabited by the Ngunnawal and Wiradjuri Aboriginal peoples, the area is home to several areas of Aboriginal cultural significance, including Oak Hill, Hollywood Mission, and Hatton’s Corner. 

Over 30 years, it has become increasingly known for its vineyards and premium products. Since 1994, it’s no longer a Hume Road stop but a quiet town with a wide main street. Yas Valley highlights include dining and wine experiences, exploring rugged and beautiful natural environments, and charming shops and boutiques.

Yass To Cowra, Australia

Travel Distance- 127 km

Travel Duration by car- 1 hour 25 minutes

Cowra is a small town in the Midwest of New South Wales, Australia. With a population of 9,863, it is the largest population centre in Cowra Shah and the seat of parliament. George William Evans explored the Lachlan Valley in 1815 and called it Oxley Plains. He found it unsuitable for settlement in 1817. Cowra was established in 1844 and proclaimed a village in 1849.

Explore Cowra and discover many experiences, including nature, vineyards, adventure, and hot-air ballooning. Cowra offers a variety of authentic land experiences, from relaxing along vast waterways to exploring tranquil Japanese gardens.

Travel back in time and experience Cowra’s fascinating history, from the days of steam locomotives to the most prominent prisoner escape in Australian and modern military history.

Foodies and wine lovers can visit Cowra’s premium vineyards and sample the excellent local cuisine and wines. There is no better place to enjoy good wine and food than in the heart of the production.

The Cowra Locale is the portion of the most extensive Wiradjuri dialect in N.S.W. Connection to Country is vital to our community in remembering the history of ancestors and a sense of belonging.

The Lachlan River has significant meaning to the Wiradjuri people. The Aboriginal Murals on the bridge symbolised local animals and landscapes created by the community. Settlement in the Cowra area began in the early 1800s.

Cowra To Orange N.S.W., Australia

Travel Distance- 90.5 km

Travel Time by car- 1 hour 07 minutes

Orange originates from artists Banjo Patterson and Kenneth Slesser. However, Patterson lived in Orange only briefly during his early childhood. It’s a beautiful place to call home, and a thriving community directly contributes to our successful growth.

The charming town of Orange in New South Wales, Australia, offers a variety of fun activities for its visitors. Start exploring the rich history at the Orange Regional Museum. Exhibits tell the story of the people of Wiradjuri and the city’s development. Nature lovers can hike to Mount Canobolas, an extinct volcano, for spectacular views. 

The region’s vineyards also attract wine lovers with exceptional wines produced in cool climates. Orange’s food and wine scene delights your taste with cafes, award-winning restaurants, and wine cellars serving locally grown produce and renowned wines.

Art lovers can visit the Orange Regional Gallery to see contemporary and traditional artworks, and festival-goers can enjoy events like Orange F.O.O.D. (Food of orange district) A week and the Orange Wine Festival. 

Moreover, Outdoor activities abound, including biking, fishing, and golf, while shoppers can explore charming boutiques, antique shops, and local markets. Orange offers a perfect blend of history, nature, culture, and gastronomic delights for an unforgettable experience.

Orange N.S.W. To Wellington, Australia

Travel Distance- 94.3 km

Travel Time by car- 1 hour 09 minutes

Wellington is a city in the Central Western Slopes region of New South Wales, Australia, at the confluence of the Wumble Macquarie and Bell Rivers. It is located within the municipality area of ​​the Dubbo Regional Council. Wellington was his European settlement west of the Blue Mountains and was, to begin with, set up as a jail office in 1823.

Wellington, a captivating destination in New Zealand, offers many attractions for visitors. Explore Te Papa Tongarewa, the national museum, to explore the Country’s rich heritage. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy the Wellington Botanic Garden with its stunning views and diverse plant collections. 

Zealandia, an eco-sanctuary, provides a unique wildlife experience, showcasing native bird species and biodiversity. The Museum of New Zealand offers an insightful journey into the Country’s involvement in World War I. Food, and coffee lovers can explore the vibrant Cuba Street. In contrast, the Mount Victoria Lookout offers panoramic city views. 

Be sure to visit the renowned Weta Workshop, known for its film production and special effects. With its mix of culture, nature, art, and culinary delights, Wellington promises an unforgettable experience.

 Wellington To, Dubbo, Australia

Travel Distance- 50.2 km

Travel Time by car- 38 minutes

Dubbo is a town on the Macquarie River in New South Wales, Australia. It was explored in 1818, settled in 1824, and established as a village in 1841. It became a municipality in 1872 and a town in 1966. Dubbo could be a commercial middle known for its horticulture and industry. It is a central rail and road hub located approximately 410 kilometres (255 miles) northwest of Sydney. Attractions in the city include Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Wellington Caves, Warrumbungle National Park, and Mudgee Vineyards. The population was about 37,843 in 2006 and 38,805 in 2011.

One of the city’s standout attractions is the Taronga Western Plains Zoo. The zoo has over 300 hectares and a diverse collection of animals worldwide. Visitors can embark on an exciting safari adventure, getting up close and personal with wildlife through immersive encounters and behind-the-scenes experiences.

Nature lovers will find themselves enchanted by the natural beauty surrounding Dubbo. The nearby Warrumbungle National Park is a haven for hikers, offering stunning landscapes, scenic trails, and the opportunity to spot native wildlife. The Macquarie River, which runs through the city, provides a tranquil setting for fishing, kayaking, and picnicking.

Families will appreciate the Dubbo Observatory’s hands-on exhibits, the Dubbo Aqua Park’s inflatable water park, and the Dubbo Observatory Adventure Park’s playgrounds and water play areas. These attractions offer hours of fun for children of all ages.

Additionally, Dubbo hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, including the Dubbo Show, showcasing the region’s agricultural heritage, and the Dubbo Stampede, a famous running festival attracting participants from near and far.


What To See Between Canberra And Dubbo?

Great stop along Canberra to Dubbo Drive. Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Cockington Green Gardens, and Cowra Japanese Gardens and Cultural Centre are great stops from Canberra to Dubbo. Other popular finishes include Old Dubbo Jail, Canobolas Lake, and Wellington Caves.

How Long Does It Take To Dubbo To Sydney?

Yes, the road distance from Dubbo to Sydney is 398 km. It takes about 5 hours to drive from Dubbo to Sydney. Which aircraft fly from Dubbo Air terminal to Sydney Air terminal? Qantas and Territorial Express offer flights from the Dubbo Air terminal to the Sydney Air terminal.

What Is The Closest City To Dubbo?

The nearest town, Orange, is about 144 kilometres (89 miles) away. Dubbo is approximately 275 m (902 ft) above sea level, 303 km (188 mi) northwest of Sydney (400 km (249 mi) by road), and is a major road and rail freight link to the rest of New South Wales. It’s a hub.

Is Canberra A Beautiful City?

Located between Melbourne and Sydney, this beautiful city is famous for its cultural heritage. Immerse yourself in culture and learn about Australian traditions in this stunning city with various museums and galleries.

Is Dubbo Urban Or Rural?

Dubbo City comprises a large provincial city, a growing town, and a few small villages. The region’s major industries are healthcare, retail, education, government services, tourism, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, business services, and transportation.

Final Remarks

In conclusion, the Canberra to Dubbo road trip offers a beautiful opportunity to explore the region’s stunning landscapes, rich history, and diverse wildlife. The journey takes travellers through charming towns, picturesque national parks, and unique attractions.

Whether interested in history and nature or enjoying the open road’s freedom, this trip will leave you with unforgettable memories. So pack your bags, fuel the car, and embark on an adventure from Canberra to Dubbo – you won’t be disappointed!

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