Canberra to Melbourne Road Trip – Embark on an Epic Car Journey!

Canberra to Melbourne Road Trip
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The driving distance from Canberra to Melbourne through the shortest and most direct route is approximately 664 kilometres. Along the trip, there are many possible places of interest to see.

If you want a real-life adventure, driving from Canberra to Melbourne is the ideal way to do it because you will find the best hotels, restaurants, and sights along the way.

Canberra to Melbourne Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

This section will give you a comprehensive itinerary from Canberra to Melbourne road trip, including where to stay, things to do, and how to get around with the best possible transportation.

Bus Distance 8 Hours 
Drive / Car Distance 7 Hours
Stops 31 Stops 
Nearest Airport Canberra International Airport (CBR / YSCB)

Australia has many attractive places to stay, unwind, and go on adventures. Although, we have prepared a package for you that will cover two days and include all feasible stops during your trip from Canberra to Melbourne.

Decide the kind of transportation you wish to use to get to the destination from Canberra before you begin your journey. Even if you are going on a road vacation, driving or renting a car will allow you to investigate different roads and potential stops. 

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Day 1: In this one day of driving, you will start your journey from Canberra and almost drive 3.5 hours to reach Albury. During this period, the possible stops you can take a break are; Yass, Gundagai, and Holbrook.

Canberra to Yass

Yass Riverside Park Footbridge 002
Yass Riverside Park Footbridge – Wikimedia Commons

The total distance from Canberra to Yass is approximately 61.0 km, and the driving distance is approximately 57 minutes via Barton Hwy/A25. If you leave Canberra at 11:00 in the morning, it will take you around half an hour to go to Yass if you travel by car. At about 11:50 am, you will be in Yass.

Yass is a city located in the Australian state of New South Wales. Yass is renowned for its lush gardens and parks along the river. For instance, there are parks named after legendary Australian bush poet Banjo Paterson, who lived in the Yass locality as a young kid, like Riverbank Park and  Banjo Paterson Park.

Another rural pleasure is the Yass Show in March, which has a rodeo, classic vehicles, show jumping, and family entertainment. Yass is worth visiting because of its well-known sights, such as Carey’s Cave, Jugiong,  Clonakilla, and Gem of Wee Jasper.

Main attractions in Yass

  • Jugiong
  • Clonakilla
  • Carey’s Cave
  • Gem of Wee Jasper
  • Banjo Paterson Park
  • Banjo Paterson Park

Available accommodations in Yass

  • Yass motel
  • The Globe Inn
  • Swaggers Motor Inn
  • Yass Valley Caravan Park
  • Yass Central bed and breakfast

Popular restaurants in Yass

  • Ewe’n ME
  • Yazzbar 
  • Cafe Dolcetto
  • Yass Soldiers Club

Yass to Gundagai

Murrumbidgee River Railway Bridge over the Murrumbidgee River in Gundagai 1
Murrumbidgee River Railway Bridge in Gundagai – Wikimedia Commons

The total distance from Yass to Gundagai is approximately 98.6 km, and driving is approximately 1 hour via Hume Hwy/M31. You can depart Yass around 12:50 pm after staying there for approximately an hour. To get to Gundagai from here will take up to an hour in the car. If you go at the same speed as most others, you will arrive at the Gundagai at 1:53 pm.

Australian New South Wales has the town of Gundagai. Despite being a small town, Gundagai is a favourite subject for writers and has come to be seen as a symbol of what an average Australian country town should look like.

You can discover its rich cultural legacy in the lovely Riverina, in the charming little village of Gundagai. The well-known Dog on the Tuckerbox Pioneer Monument may be found here, along with a wealth of architectural, cultural, and indigenous heritage, fantastic fishing, an exciting rodeo, and boutique wineries.

Main attractions in Gundagai

  • Carberry park
  • Rotary Lookout 
  • Gundagai Museum
  • Dog On The Tucker Box 
  • The Prince Alfred Bridge 
  • Yarri and Jacky Jacky Sculpture 

Available accommodations in Gundagai

  • Gundagai Motel
  • Hillview Farmstay
  • Tuckerbox Motor Inn
  • Gundagai Cabins & Tourist Park

Popular restaurants in Gundagai

  • Monty’s Diner
  • Banjo’s Kitchen
  • Criterion Hotel 
  • Criterion Hotel Gundagai

Gundagai to Holbrook

Holbrook NSW 2644 Australia panoramio 26 scaled
Holbrook NSW 2644, Australia – Wikimedia Commons

You can stay for approximately one hour, and your departure from Gundagai is scheduled at 1:53 in the afternoon. You will arrive at your next destination, Holbrook, after about one hour of driving. When you arrive in Holbrook, it will be around 3:02 in the afternoon.

In the region of Southern New South Wales, Australia, you’ll find the town of Holbrook. Holbrook is known both regionally and nationally as “the Submarine Town.” This is because the abandoned Australian submarine “HMAS OTWAY” and a British submarine “HMS B11” have been here since 1914.

Both of these subs are located in Holbrook. You can travel to the Murray region of New South Wales and visit the town of Holbrook, where you can learn about the area’s naval history, go on a nature walk for relaxation, and do other activities to spend quality time there.

Main attractions in Holbrook

  • Satch & Co Gallery
  • Holbrook Submarine Museum 
  • National Museum of Australian Pottery
  • Greater Hume Visitor Information Centre 

Available accommodations in Holbrook

  • Riverina Hotel
  • Holbrook Motor Village
  • Jolly Swagman Motor Inn
  • Holbrook Town Centre Motor Inn

Popular restaurants in Holbrook

  • Karvers Grille
  • Tom and Suzie’s Diner
  • Bienvenidos Restaurant
  • Mesa Italiana Restaurant 
  • Mamma Lombardi’s Restaurant

Holbrook to Albury

20639953148 67168d11e6 b 1
Albury. The magnificent railway station | Flickr

Stay at Holbrook for approximately one hour and then leave at 4:02 o’clock in the afternoon. Travelling time is approximately 42 minutes. If you drive at the standard speed limit, you will get to Albury at approximately 4:44 in the afternoon.

The city of Albury is located in southern New South Wales in Australia. Near the expansive Murray River, it shares a border with the state of Victoria. The Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA) is located in the city’s heart and features a collection of modern artworks comprising photography with indigenous art.

Home to the winding Murray River and its canals, the great Lake Hume, a variety of food, cultural symbols, contemporary museums, ties to the history of migrants and the indigenous people, and secret resting areas around every corner. The city of Albury Wodonga is so much more than just a tourist destination.

Main attractions of Albury

  • Lake Hume
  • Noreuil Park 
  • Albury Botanic Garden
  • Murray Art Museum Albury
  • Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA)

Available accommodations of Albury

  • Albury Central Motel
  • Albury Manor House
  • BIG4 Albury Tourist Park
  • The Cottage Motor Inn Albury

Popular restaurants in Albury

  • Bistro Selle
  • Cafe Dalchini
  • Canvas Eatery Albury
  • 2640 Restaurant and Bar

Day 2: The following day is a fresh start, and you can begin your trip toward a new destination. The second day of driving will take approximately four hours. You will tour some specific stops along the way, including Wangaratta, Benalla, Seymour, Victoria, Fitzroy, and Melbourne.

Albury to Wangaratta

WangarattaExhibitionsGallery scaled
WangarattaExhibitionsGallery – Wikimedia Commons

The second day of your adventure will begin at 10:00 am in Albury. If you drive in a straight line for around 49 minutes, you will get to Wangaratta at about 10:49 in the morning. Stop there and take a passionate coffee break.

Along the Hume Highway road, Wangaratta is located in the far northeast of Victoria in Australia, 236 kilometres from Melbourne. The Rural City of Wangaratta is a forward-thinking and bustling metropolis. 

The council is responsible for delivering various services and projects to make the community more robust and thriving.

The city of Wangaratta is home to an incredible variety of must-visit locations. In the Rural City of Wangaratta, you will find tucked-away waterfalls, wineries that have won prestigious awards, picturesque villages, delectable locally-grown produce, and lively events.

Main attractions of Wangaratta

  • Merriwa Park
  • Rock & Road Cycles
  • Warby-Ovens National Park 
  • Murray to Mountains Rail Trail ·
  • Wangaratta Performing Arts & Convention Centre

Available accommodations of Wangaratta

  • Wangaratta Motor Inn
  • Millers Cottage Motel
  • Gardenview Lodge Motel
  • Central Wangaratta Motel

Popular restaurants in Wangaratta

  • Cafe the PreVue
  • Watermarc Dining
  • Vietnamese Mint Cafe
  • At Home Thai Restaurant
  • Precinct Bar & Restaurant

Wangaratta to Benalla

Benalla Weary Dunlop Memorial 002 scaled
Benalla Weary Dunlop Memorial – Wikimedia Commons

Before beginning your subsequent trip to Benalla, spend as much time as possible exploring Wangaratta’s sights during your hour-long stay. Leave at 11:49 am and travel for around 39.7 km to get to Benalla. You will arrive at Benalla at approximately 12:26 PM after a 29-37 minute drive.

Benalla is located two hours north of Melbourne along the Hume Highway and one hour’s drive south of Albury. There are only two sets of traffic signals, residents who are friendly and hospitable, and a plethora of activities for people of all ages.

The city of Benalla Rural is known for its laid-back culture and atmosphere. When you arrive in Benalla Rural City, only 2 hours northwest of Melbourne, you will almost immediately feel your stress melting away.

In addition to the well-known Benalla Art Gallery, the nationally significant Winton Wetlands, Winton Motor Raceway, silo art, street art, events, cafés, and much more can all be found here.

Main attractions of Benalla

  • Benalla Art Gallery
  • Benalla street art
  • Devenish Silo Art 
  • Winton Wetlands
  • Lake Benalla Walking Track

Available accommodations of Benalla

  • Rose City Motor Inn
  • Comfort Inn Benalla
  • Benalla Tourist Park & Motel
  • Benson House & Benson Lodge

Popular restaurants in Benalla

  • EllaGoose
  • Benalla Gallery Cafe 
  • Rustik Cafe Wine Bar
  • Kim Wah Chinese Restaurant
  • New Dragon Gate Chinese Restaurant Benalla

Benalla to Seymour

Library at Seymour College Victoria Australia March 2012 Photo 8
Library at Seymour College, Victoria, Australia – Wikimedia Commons

After arriving in Benalla, you can stop for lunch. Stay for at least an hour to swiftly finish your lunch and see some of Benella’s neighbouring sights. Leave for Seymour at 1:26 p.m. (Australia). If you use National Highway M31, it will take you 1 hour and 5 minutes to get to Seymour.

Seymour is a historical railway township found 104 kilometres north of Melbourne. Located on the southern tip of the Goulburn Valley, Mitchell is a Shire in the Australian state of Victoria.

Some district activities include cattle, sheep, grain farming, granite quarrying, and lumbering. Among its commercial establishments are a gas plant, a slaughterhouse, and a bulk petroleum storage facility.

The town of Seymour, located at the southernmost tip of the Goulburn Valley wine region, is becoming a well-known tourist destination due to the abundance of restaurants and vineyards in the surrounding area.

Main attractions of Seymour

  • Wine by Sam
  • Goulburn Park
  • Seymour Railway Heritage Centre
  • Australian Light Horse Memorial Park 
  • Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk 

Available accommodations of Seymour

  • Econo Lodge
  • Knights Inn Seymour
  • Hampton Inn Seymour
  • New Crossing Place Motel
  • Days Inn by Wyndham Seymour

Popular restaurants in Seymour

  • Sunshine Café
  • Larrison’s Diner
  • Larrison’s Diner
  • Poplar Street Restaurant
  • Rails Craft Brew & Eatery

Seymour to Victoria

The twelve apostles Victoria Australia 2010 scaled
The twelve apostles Victoria Australia – Wikimedia Commons

You should set aside some additional time to explore Seymour (Australia). But we are attempting to complete the journey in just two days now. Therefore, staying at Seymour for around one hour is sufficient to remain there (Australia). 

It will take about 54 minutes of driving time starting at 3:28 pm to get to Victoria (Australia), and you will hopefully be there at 4:22 pm. We are recommended to stay at least one day to explore the beauty of Victoria.

Victoria is the 2nd smallest state in Australia’s southeast. Victoria is home to various activities and attractions that are both exhilarating and delightful, such as raucous sporting events, well-known seaside drives, and fantastic food and wine.

Melbourne’s gastronomic, cultural, and sports-obsessed capital city has plenty to keep visitors occupied for days. Even better, the most appealing experiences in Victoria are all within a quick journey to the town.

Victoria will provide something remarkable in whatever direction you look, from mountain panoramas to cool-climate wineries and tiny penguins.

Main attractions of Victoria 

Available accommodations of Victoria 

  • Millers Cottage Motel
  • Lakes Caravilla Caravan Park
  • Cohuna Waterfront Holiday Park
  • Anglesea Family Caravan Park
  • Victoria Regent Waterfront Hotel & Suites

Popular restaurants in Victoria 

  • Jam Cafe
  • Uchida Eatery
  • Dumpling Drop
  • The Pink Bicycle
  • Red Fish Blue Fish
  • Saveur Restaurant
  • Fuego Old Town Eatery
  • NUBO Japanese Tapas

Victoria to Fitzroy

Champion Hotel Fitzroy
Champion Hotel Fitzroy – Wikimedia Commons

If you do not have enough time to stay in Victoria, you can only stay for one hour at least to discover nearby places. After the first hour has passed, you should get on the road at 5:22 pm and drive for around 38 minutes to reach Fitzroy. You will arrive in Fitzroy, Australia, at approximately 6:01 pm local time.

Melbourne’s inner-city neighbourhood is called Fitzroy. It is renowned as a culture centre, especially for the live music and street art scenes. Fitzroy, a vibrant community known for being bohemian, is well-liked by students, weekend visitors, and young professionals for its unique bars and eateries.

Street art is all over the small galleries, corner bars, and terrace homes that line the narrow backstreets. Gertrude Street is well-known for its fantastic design and art supply shops, wine bars, and lively restaurants, whereas Brunswick Street is a hip retail and nightlife district.

Main attractions of Fitzroy

  • Fitzroy Street Art Tour
  • Edinburgh Gardens
  • Fitzroy Town Hall
  • The Fitzroy Market
  • Centre for Contemporary Photography

Available accommodations of Fitzroy

  • Royal Derby Hotel
  • The Nunnery Accommodation
  • Tyrian Serviced Apartments Fitzroy
  • StayCentral Fitzroy Converted Warehouse Penthouse (Book Direct)

Popular restaurants in Fitzroy

  • Scopri
  • Marion
  • Cutler & Co.
  • Marion Bar Liberty 
  • Evie’s Disco Diner
  • Poodle Bar & Bistro

Fitzroy to Melbourne

Melbourne as viewed from the Shrine January 2019
Melbourne as viewed from the Shrine – Wikimedia Commons

More than one hour is needed to explore Fitzroy fully. But according to your schedule, you should only stay for about an hour before departing at 7:00 p.m. Rathdowne St./State Route 46 connects Fitzroy with Mainbourne over a distance of 3.0 kilometres. Your final destination is merely a 7-minute drive away.

Victoria’s seaside capital, Melbourne, is located in southeast Australia. You can explore the contemporary Federation Square complex, situated in the city’s central area on the Yarra River’s banks, and it has plazas, pubs, and restaurants.

The Arts Center Melbourne, an outstanding performing arts complex, and the National Gallery of Victoria, which houses Australian and Aboriginal art, are both located in the Southbank neighbourhood of Melbourne. If you have a little more time, travel to these attractions.

Main attractions of Melbourne

  • Federation Square
  • Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Arts Centre Melbourne
  • National Gallery of Victoria
  • Wander through Melbourne’s Arcades and Laneways

Available accommodations in Melbourne

  • Crown Towers Melbourne 
  • ibis Styles Kingsgate Hotel 
  • Atlantis Hotel Melbourne 
  • Melbourne City Backpackers
  • Stamford Plaza Melbourne 

Popular restaurants in Melbourne

  • Chin Chin
  • The Lui Bar
  • Vue de monde
  • The Hardware Club
  • Farmer’s Daughters
  • Longrain Melbourne

Where do Buses Depart from Canberra to Melbourne?

In Canberra, buses depart from Canberra to Melbourne are;

  • Cnr London Circuit
  • Canberra Civic Coach Stop
  • W Row, ACT

A comfortable and convenient Greyhound coach will take you from Canberra to Melbourne for as little as $110 one-way.

What is the cost of driving from Canberra to Melbourne?

If you were to go from Melbourne, then Australia, to Canberra, Australia, and return to Melbourne, Australia again, the total cost of your journey would be $186.13. The typical petrol price for your trip is approximately $5.54 per gallon.

How much do plane tickets cost to fly from Canberra to Melbourne?

The price is subject to change and will go up as the day of your departure gets closer. Cheapflights users have found airfare from Canberra to Melbourne starting at $277 for flights departing 1 to 2 weeks in advance and airfare starting at $329 for leaving in the next 72 hours.

According to the information provided by, the cheapest and most affordable fare from Canberra to Melbourne via flight is approximately $239. 

When is the ideal time to fly to Melbourne to receive the most excellent airfare?

  • The best flight period is from 1 February-30 to April (late summer into fall).
  • Starting about the 2nd week of June and lasting until the 3rd week of July.
  • Otherwise, the 3rd week of September to the 1st week of December (spring) is the best option to begin your journey to leave for the holidays.


To make travelling from Canberra to Melbourne a more pleasant experience, we have included all the critical information. We’ve included some additional questions and answers below to make things more convenient.

Why is Melbourne Popular for?

The cultural epicentre of Australia is Melbourne. Along with different festivals and concerts, many theatre and opera events take place there. Top international exhibitions are drawn to the National Gallery of Victoria, and both temporary and ongoing exhibits at the Melbourne Museum showcase the wonders of life. It consistently receives top honours for “livable city” rankings, and it’s easy to understand why.

Can I drive from Canberra to Melbourne?

Since the route between Canberra and Melbourne has been significantly improved, it is now possible to drive and travel between the two cities by car, and the journey will take considerably less time than it used to. In the meantime, you will enjoy the natural splendour of the area and some truly amazing locations.

What’s the fastest and cheapest way to travel from Canberra to Melbourne?

The fastest and cheapest way of travel between Canberra and Melbourne is by bus and train via Albury. This journey will cost between $70 – $110 and requires 8 hours and 53 minutes approximately.

Which airlines fly between Canberra and Melbourne?

Qantas Airways, Tigerair Australia, and JetStar are the three airlines that provide the most frequent service between Canberra and Melbourne.

What Is the cost of a bus ticket from Canberra to Melbourne?

Greyhound Australia has the fastest bus from Melbourne to Canberra, which takes 8 hours and 0 minutes. The cost of this connection is $73.93.

Final Words

Canberra to Melbourne road trip is an incredible journey. There are a lot of attractions that are hidden in the way. If you want to stay 1/2 night per stop to explore the attractions and enjoy the food, many accommodations and restaurants are available there. 

Otherwise, if you do not have enough time to stay, you can follow our duration to explore Canberra to Melbourne within 2 days. However, before starting your journey at the destination, ensure the road conditions and double-check the forecast for the weather.

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