Canberra to Orange Road Trip: Discovering Australia’s Heart

Canberra to Orange Road Trip
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Canberra to Orange road trip, the grandest adventure of a lifetime. Travel from Canberra, Australia’s contemporary capital, to Orange, a quaint village, on an exciting adventure through the country’s picturesque interior.

This road trip promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure full of breathtaking scenery, undiscovered treasures, and the ideal balance of metropolitan sophistication and country tranquillity. Buckle up as you travel through sweeping farmland, verdant forests, and quaint tiny villages, each with its distinct charm and tales.

This road tour will take you on an enthralling journey highlighting this breathtaking region’s diversity and beauty, from Canberra’s recognisable monuments to the undulating hills of Orange’s wine country.

Enjoy outstanding cuisine, savour delicious wines, and immerse yourself in the fascinating culture and history this route offers while on your tour. The Canberra to Orange road trip has something to offer everyone, whether they love the outdoors, history, or food.

So buckle up, charge your camera, and get ready to record memories that will last a lifetime. Are you ready to discover the unspoilt beauty of central Australia? Let’s get moving and explore the treasures that lie ahead on our fantastic trip from Canberra to Orange.

Travel Distance273 km
Travel Time by car3 Hours and 19 Minutes

Canberra To Gungahlin Drive & Barton Highway – Bridge

Travel Distance17.3 km
Travel Time by car20 minutes

The planning that prioritised the automobile as the principal mode of transportation in Canberra was the origin of the Gungahlin Drive Extension project. Planning studies from the 1960s demonstrate this mindset.

A project to build the John Dedman Parkway, which would have connected the Barton Highway to Belconnen Way, was first discussed by the ACT Liberal Government in 1991. The Gungahlin Drive Extension became the new name for this project, and the road was extended to the Glenloch Interchange. 

These two transportation routes—the Gungahlin Drive Extension route and the Majura Road upgrade (between the Monaro Highway and Federal Highway)—are planned as north-south routes. While some see the GDE route as an essential part of Canberra’s transportation system, others see it as a waste of money and advocate alternate options like light rail between Gungahlin and Civic.

Gungahlin Drive & Barton Highway – Bridge To Cockington Green Gardens

Travel Distance9.8 km
Travel Time by car10 minutes

Visit Cockington Green in Canberra’s Gold Creek Village to see the charming and exciting collection of meticulously made miniature buildings. You’ll be enthralled by this enchanted world of tiny people and little structures, which includes homes and landmarks from more than 30 different nations, including Scotland’s Braemar Castle and Peru’s Machu Picchu.

The structures and surrounding gardens exhibit incredible attention to detail. Everyone will enjoy riding the miniature steam train.

One of Canberra’s most well-known attractions, Cockington Green Grounds, offers visitors the chance to explore a pleasant and enthralling display of exquisitely made tiny buildings on landscaped grounds. The popular worldwide exhibit, the Rose Room interior exhibition, the Parsons Nose Garden Cafe, the Miniature Steam Train ride, and the children’s playground constantly expand in the park.

Cockington Green Gardens To Barton Estate Wines

Travel Distance16.5 km
Travel Time by car15 minutes

Barton Estate is a small, family-owned producer of handcrafted premium Canberra District wines from estate-grown fruit in the heart of Murrumbateman’s fabulous climate wine country. Our wines reflect the unique location where we grow the grapes, our love of vines and wine, and the science we apply to the artisan goods we are proud to produce.

The family-run Barton Estate makes premium, excellent, climate Canberra District wines from fruit that is farmed on the property. On the Barton Highway between Hall and Murrumbateman, some 25 kilometres from Canberra, lies their 20-acre vineyard, founded in 1997 on the storied Jeir Woolshed block.

Petit Verdot, Shiraz, Sangiovese, a Cabernet mix made up of all five of the major Bordeaux grape varieties, trophy-winning Riesling, and Sauvignon blanc Semillon are some of their highly premium wines. These acclaimed wines are offered by mail order and at a few restaurants and liquor stores in Canberra. Cellar door hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays, and federal holidays.

Barton Estate Wines To Derrinallum Creek Rest Area

Travel Distance39.0 km
Travel Time by car25 minutes

You must schedule your rest stops if you intend to travel on one of Australia’s major roads or highways to avoid becoming fatigued. One of the three leading causes of death on NSW roads is driver weariness, which can be just as dangerous as speeding or drunk driving. The following are some of how NSW offers places to pause or rest.

Rest Stops, Parking Bays for Trucks, Lookouts, Parks, Reserves, and Information Bays. These places should be used for the purpose for which they were designed. Rest areas are not meant to be camping or RV sites. As part of a set route, staying many nights at rest stops is inconsistent with their intended use. Those who require amenities for a prolonged stay are advised to search for campgrounds or RV parks in the nearby towns.

Darren Gullen Creek Rest Area To Tangmangaroo Anglican Church

Travel Distance20.4 km
Travel Time by car14 minutes

In Kangiara, New South Wales 2582, Australia, at 1899 Lachlan Valley Way, is the Tangmangaroo Anglican Church. The Diocese of Canberra & Goulburn and the Parish of Boorowa both include the Tangmangaroo Anglican Church in Kangiara. The current church building was constructed in 1904, and the first church was built in 1889. The church is next to a little cemetery.

Tangmangaroo Anglican Church To Glenara Gallery

Travel Distance24.8 km
Travel Time by car16 minutes

The Glenara Gallery is housed in a gorgeously renovated home with a garden. You can find a superb selection of high-quality presents here, including jewellery, paintings, handcrafted wooden furniture, antique coins bearing birth dates, and other items created in the workshop. Joan is the creator and has some lovely rural images on exhibit. The carpenter is Kevin, who uses a variety of specialty woods to make some gorgeous wooden furniture. 

He will make what you desire if you can’t see it and ask him to. In addition to being an architectural draughtsman, Kevin is in charge of creating precise plans for numerous homes in the area. Glenara House is a stunning example of a heritage structure. The lovely garden that Kevin Seccombe so lovingly maintains is frequently the site of weddings. You’re welcome, coaches.

Glenara Gallery To Cowra Regional Art Gallery

Travel Distance76.7 km
Travel Time by car51 minutes

The Cowra Regional Art Gallery seeks to provide cultural experiences that promote understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of the visual arts for local community members and tourists from all around Australia and abroad. The Cowra Regional Art Gallery offers its patrons a wide range of engaging and colourful exhibitions, community events, and educational opportunities.

The exhibitions include CRAG-curated shows with a regional focus, notable historical and contemporary art touring exhibitions from state and national sources, and the display of chosen pieces from the Gallery Collection. The gallery hosts a variety of free events for the public, including floor lectures by artists and special guests, lessons for neighbourhood school classes, and creative workshops for both kids and adults.

 New and seasoned Australian artists have works and items in the Gallery Collection. The Calleen Collection, founded by Mrs Patrica Fagan OAM in 1977 through the Calleen Art Award, is at the centre of the collection.

Another significant aspect of the Gallery Collection is the Olive Cotton Collection, which includes many of the artist’s noteworthy pieces. Significant historical artefacts from the Pardey (photographic) Collection and the Cowra POW Camp are also kept in the exhibit.

The gallery shop provides customers with a wide selection of moderately priced goods, including glass, jewellery, felting, scarves, cards from significant Australian art institutions, and handcrafted cards by local artists.    

Additionally, there are publications about local history, art books, and exhibition catalogues. The Australian World Peace Bell and the Cowra Civic Centre are also nearby the gallery’s location. It was constructed specifically for this purpose and is housed in the same building as the Cowra Shire Library. The gallery has contributed to the region’s cultural scene since it opened in October 2000.

It has given artists particular chances for professional growth, including artist-in-residency projects and solo exhibitions by local artists. The State Government provides financial assistance for the Cowra Regional Art Gallery through Arts NSW. It is a cultural facility of the Cowra Shire Council and a Public Galleries and Museums NSW member.

Cowra Regional Art Gallery To Golden Lookout

Travel Distance25.1 km
Travel Time by car18 minutes

In Woodstock, New South Wales, Australia, a picturesque lookout called Golden Lookout is situated along the Mid Western Highway. Locals and tourists who want to enjoy the area’s natural beauty frequently visit the overlook, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surroundings.

The Golden Lookout, located in the lovely hamlet of Woodstock, offers the ideal vantage point to observe the varied landscapes that characterise the Mid-Western Highway region. Rolling hills, beautiful valleys, and possibly even a view of the meandering Macquarie River that passes through the region are what visitors can anticipate.

The lookout is called “Golden Lookout” since the scenery frequently glows with beautiful golden tones at sunrise and dusk. Photographers and outdoor enthusiasts frequently visit this location to record the captivating interaction of light with the landscape and capture priceless moments.

The Golden Lookout is an excellent place for a pit break for travellers travelling through the area since it gives them a chance to get some fresh air, stretch their legs, and enjoy the breathtaking views. The overlook is a simple detour for those visiting the area by car because it is close to the Mid-Western Highway.

Golden Lookout To Orange Rd Opp Cooper St

Travel Distance43.3 km
Travel Time by car30 minutes

Many local attractions in Blayney, NSW 2799, include historical structures, parks, and leisure sites. The community also organises festivals and other activities to honour its varied cultural history.

Due to the region’s excellent transportation system, visiting neighbouring cities like Orange and Bathurst is simple. Because of the region’s agricultural heritage, there are many fresh produce options and a thriving local economy.

There are many local attractions in Blayney, NSW 2799, including historical structures, parks, and leisure sites. The community also organises festivals and other activities to honour its varied cultural history.

Due to the region’s excellent transportation system, visiting neighbouring cities like Orange and Bathurst is simple. Because of the region’s agricultural heritage, there are many fresh produce options and a thriving local economy.


Is Canberra Close To Melbourne?

The drive to the Australian capital takes three and eight hours from Sydney and Melbourne, respectively. You can take other scenic routes to veer from the beaten path and stop in one of the countless small communities.

Is Orange, New South Wales, Worth Visiting?

The town centre is a short stroll from this campground, located near the showground. Orange in New South Wales should be on anyone’s travel itinerary who wants to see the best of rural Australia.

Why Is Orange Nsw So Well-Liked?

The city is well known for its exquisite local cuisine, gorgeous vineyards, and upscale dining establishments. It is widely known for its gorgeous fall colours and harsh winters. It regularly receives snow and is known as the nation’s snowiest city.

Are Cars Required For Travel To Canberra?

Canberra, the capital of Australia, is smaller than most large cities. Yet, it still offers a variety of transportation alternatives for tourists, including buses, light rail, cars, bicycles, and walking.

Is Canberra Accessible Without A Car?

Most sites are accessible by light rail, buses, or both. Take the bus to Gungahlin, some of Dickson, the city, and the light rail to Braddon and Dickson. Complete the tourist loop on the Red Explorer Bus to see all the major sights. Plan your days using Transport Canberra’s journey planner.

Final Words

A lovely and gorgeous journey through the heart of Australia’s picturesque landscapes is provided by the Canberra to Orange road trip. This road trip is the ideal fusion of urban and rural experiences, from the cultural joys of Canberra to the allure of Orange’s vineyards and historic landmarks.

There are numerous opportunities for memorable stops because the path has stunning sights. On this road trip, tourists will have an unforgettable experience, whether looking for adventure or pleasure. Pack your luggage and take this tour to make lifelong memories and see Australia’s natural beauty firsthand.

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