Childers Tourist Park: Discover The Scenic Queensland Views

Childers Tourist Park: Discover The Scenic Queensland Views
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Childers Tourist Park provides a mesmerizing refuge for families and vacationers looking for an exceptional break, nestled in the tranquil embrace of nature. Our park, surrounded by beautiful scenery and various species, is a refuge of peace and adventure. Our facilities are appropriate for people of all ages and interests, whether you want to relax in nature or partake in thrilling outdoor activities.

In this lovely environment, where treasured memories are created around every corner, spend quality time with your family. Discover the perfect balance of leisure and excitement at Childers Tourist Park, the ideal holiday spot.

Description About The Park

It takes five minutes along the Bruce Highway down Goodwood Road to find Childers Tourist Park and Camp, which has five acres of open grass, parks, and bush with walking trails and various species. No noise from passing traffic, and it is great for RVs, coaches, groups, and clubs. Generously sized powered and unpowered sites, campsites, drive-through sites, slabs, and on-site vans bring your linen.

The camp kitchen has a covered gas BBQ area. A recreation room with table tennis, TV, and modern amenities block and laundry are also available. Childers’s stores and conveniences are only a short drive away. Visiting Childers Tourist Park and Camp is a delightful and attractive experience.

Features About The Park

Every visitor to Childers Tourist Park will have a nice and comfortable stay thanks to the park’s numerous services and facilities. Some of the main characteristics that make our park a popular tourist attraction are listed below:

Accommodation Facilities: Choose from various lodging options, including cabins, cottages, powered sites for RVs and caravans, and grassland camping grounds.

Family-Friendly Environment: Enjoy family-friendly amenities, including a playground, swimming pool, and BBQ spaces, which make it the ideal location for parents and children to have fun together.

Beautiful Surroundings: Our park is the perfect location for relaxation and exploration because it is surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery. At your doorstep, take in the splendor of nature.

Amenities Benefit: Benefit from contemporary amenities, including spotless laundry rooms, Wi-Fi, and amenity blocks to keep you connected during your stay.

Pet-Friendly Environment: Your four-legged companions are also welcome here! Making memories with your entire family is possible at Childers Tourist Park, which welcomes pets.

Visitor Information: Get insider information on the region’s top sites and activities from our helpful team to make the most of your visit.

On-Site Shop: Our on-site shop provides everything you need for a comfortable stay by conveniently stocking it with necessities and goodies.

Peaceful Surroundings: Experience a tranquil and safe atmosphere that will let you relax and take a vacation from the stress of everyday life.

Nearby Activities Details

There are many fun things to do close by when you stay at Childers Tourist Park to make your trip even more enjoyable. Here are some of the main sights and activities in the area:

Bushwalking: Walking through natural settings like woods, mountains, and wilderness regions is known as bushwalking, often as hiking or trekking. It provides a unique chance to get in touch with nature, explore beautiful landscapes, and find off-the-beaten-path treasures. Bushwalking accommodates all fitness levels, whether you’re a novice looking for strolls or an experienced explorer demanding difficult paths.

Along the route, you may take in fresh air, spot various flora and animals, and encounter the kind of peace that only nature can offer. So lace up your hiking boots and go on a fulfilling adventure through the wilderness.

Cycling or Bike Trails: Cycling or bike paths are an exhilarating way to explore the outdoors and combine fitness and adventure. Cycling enthusiasts of all skill levels may enjoy a safe ride on these delineated lanes. Bike paths accommodate a variety of interests, whether you like leisurely rides through picturesque scenery or challenging courses through rugged terrain.

Enjoy the splendour of nature as you travel through parks, woods, and gorgeous settings. Cycling routes frequently provide possibilities for sightseeing, animal viewing, and stumbling upon undiscovered treasures. So take your bike, put on your helmet, and set out on an exciting adventure filled with fun and discovery.

Walking Tracks: The natural beauty of varied landscapes may be explored and enjoyed by pedestrians on walking tracks or trails. These well-kept paths range from family-friendly strolls to more strenuous excursions for seasoned hikers. Walking paths frequently meander along tranquil lakeshores, coastal cliffs, lush woods, and spectacular mountain panoramas.

Walkers may take in nature’s views, sounds, and smells, identify wildlife, and find picturesque vantage spots. Walking trails provide the ideal chance to reconnect with nature and refresh your body and mind, whether looking for a quiet retreat or an energizing outdoor adventure.

Pricing Information

There are three types of pricing options available. All these are given below in a tabular form.

Powered sites1 guest$ 30.8
2 guests$ 36
Unpowered sites1 guest$ 25.3
2 guests$ 34

Accommodations for 2 people range from $225.50 to $330.00 per night.


Is Childers Tourist Park Suitable For Families With Children?

Absolutely! Childers Tourist Park welcomes families and provides amenities like playgrounds and a pool to keep youngsters occupied while they are there.

Are Pets Allowed At The Park?

Childers Tourist Park accepts pets. Thus, the answer is yes. You are welcome to take your four-legged friends on vacation with you.

What Outdoor Activities Can Be Enjoyed Nearby?

The park is close to places like Woodgate Beach, Cania Gorge National Park, and Snakes Downunder Reptile Park, which provide possibilities for wildlife encounters, beach excursions, and bushwalking.

What Are The Check-In And Check-Out Times At The Park?

Check-in and check-out times are generally in the afternoon and morning, respectively. Please get in touch with the park for exact hours.

How Can I Get Information About Local Attractions And Activities?

Our friendly staff at Childers Tourist Park can provide valuable information and recommendations about nearby tourist spots and activities.


Childers Tourist Park offers a tranquil getaway where families and vacationers can enjoy the natural beauty while participating in various fun activities. The park guarantees a beautiful experience for everyone with its many lodging options, family-friendly amenities, and pet-friendly atmosphere.

There is something for everyone to enjoy, from neighboring attractions to bushwalking and cycling paths. Childers Tourist Park is an excellent pick for a genuinely fantastic holiday since it allows visitors to have treasured experiences while seeking adventure or leisure.

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