Coral Bay Ecotours: Enjoy Day Trip with Fun

Coral Bay Ecotours
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The UNESCO-listed Ningaloo Marine Park in Western Australia is the home to Coral Bay Ecotours, a marine tour company specialising in marine encounters. More than 500 species of fish, 200 species of coral, and wealth covered Australia’s Terrestrial megafauna in Coral Bay against a backdrop of red desert.

It’s no surprise that this location is Australia’s best-kept secret, given the frequent sightings of Manta rays, sea turtles, reef sharks, dolphins, and seasonal sightings of whale sharks, humpback whales, and dugongs. You can choose several options on this tour and enjoy your time with Sea Life. Here is a detailed list of activities at Coral Bay Ecotours. 

Marine Eco Safari 

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An outstanding way to view the Ningaloo Reef is with a marine eco safari. Ultimate Wildlife Kurni-Ku, our cutting-edge eco-tour vessel, is the ideal platform for viewing the tropical coral and all its creatures, thanks to its spacious upper deck viewing space. You can get the chance to snorkel on the gorgeous Ningaloo coral reef during this six to seven-hour journey, where you will view countless varieties of reef fish and fascinating marine life, including reef sharks, turtles, gigantic clams, and octopuses. Thanks to the boat’s unusually shallow draft, we can access the ideal snorkelling spots the magnificent Ningaloo Reef offers.

This daily cruise is available to look for Manta Rays and other aquatic life. Although sightings cannot always be guaranteed, participation in research enables us to anticipate enjoying Manta Rays, Turtles, and Reef sharks on most days of the year.

1 Hour Coral Viewing

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Coral Bay provides the best glass bottom boat cruising on the Ningaloo Reef and has the densest coral cover. With our one-hour Coral Viewing excursion, you may relax on the boat while admiring the magnificent coral reefs.

Our glass bottom boat, Nhanya-Ku, is ideal for bringing you over the stunning coral formations found in the lagoon gardens of the inner reef due to its highly shallow draught, roomy layout, and exceptional design. Our one-hour Coral Viewing trip is ideal for seeing all the lovely fish and various coral formations without entering the water. Our trained crew provides an educational discussion about the sights you can see through the glass on board.

Two-hour Coral Viewing And Snorkeling

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Guests can use our glass-bottom boat to snorkel at two reefs on this two-hour excursion. You can see the coral gardens from the boat as you go between the sites. On board Nhanya-Ku, a two-hour Snorkel and Coral View excursion is available. In addition to seeing the reef via the glass, you may snorkel at two lovely locations. Experience the spectacular coral gardens, hundreds of tropical fish, and other incredible creatures that call the Ningaloo Reef, a World Heritage Site, home.

Three-hour Turtle Eco-Tour

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Turtle Animal Underwater Sea Turtle Diving Reptile

Taking the Turtle Eco Tour on a glass-bottom boat will allow you to view the Ningaloo Reef from a different angle. Observe turtles in their natural environment and be around them.

The greatest way to see turtles feeding in their native habitat is on a turtle tour. The ideal approach to watching these incredible animals will be demonstrated by an experienced crew that thoroughly understands the species and behaviours of the local turtles. A glass-bottom boat is the only vehicle used for turtle tours.

Whale Shark Safari

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With the largest fish in the water, it will be a fun experience. You should take advantage of this tour. Whale sharks can be seen in Coral Bay between March and June each year. The most suitable time to go to the outer reef is after breakfast. It will let you see as much wildlife as possible during the excursion. The boat will head towards a whale shark once a spotter plane has located it. The two groups of ten visitors will alternate swimming sessions with the whale shark. Any trip with the whale shark will be permitted a maximum of one hour of swimming time to ensure we don’t disturb its regular routines.

Humpback Whale Safari

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Between July 1 and October 31, you may swim with the beautiful humpback whales as they migrate along the Western Australian coast. Only a few locations in Australia provide this amazing opportunity. 

Coral Bay’s humpback whale season starts at the end of June and lasts until mid-October. Around 30,000 whales are thought to pass through Ningaloo Reef during their yearly migration, occasionally stopping to rest, find shelter, and have fun in Coral Bay’s calm waters. Swimming visitors will enter the water at a safe distance from the whales, either from the side path of the whales’ path, if and when the expert swimmers approve.

Three-Hour Whale Watching

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While they cruise the West Australian coast, watch the friendly Humpback Whales as they display their athletic talent. Everyone will enjoy the chance to see whales. Between June and October, these tours can see these beauties. 

Every year, from June to October, humpback whales pass through Coral Bay during their migration. Visit these amazing and inquisitive mammals to observe them playing, rolling, breaching, waving, and slapping their enormous pectoral fins and even napping in their natural habitat. Locals frequently witness resting mothers and calves playing in the calm waters of Bateman’s Bay since the area’s waters are a safe sanctuary for migrating whales. Along with the famous humpback whales, we frequently encounter other marine life on our journeys, such as turtles, dolphins, dugongs, and other whale species, including minke, southern right, and even orcas.

What You Can Take On A Water Trip

The list of items to pack provided below needs to be more comprehensive. It is designed to serve as a foundation so that you can more easily customise it following the particulars of your trip. Copy, scan, or retype this list, adding any specialised equipment you require, along with your clothing, personal care products, and other trip-related necessities.

  • Certification and speciality cards (nitrox, deep, night, wreck)
  • Dan or another dive insurance card
  • Pre-filled waivers (to save time)
  • Dive computer
  • Logbook (not essential, but fun to note down what you saw during your dives)
  • Prescription mask
  • Swimsuits and cover-ups
  • Dive camera and accessories
  • Personal care
  • Emergency First Aid Kit

Tips For New Travellers

The majority of people are not innately sage travellers. It can only be acquired through on-the-road experience. Missed buses, stupid decisions, cultural ignorance, and numerous small mistakes contribute to developing travel savvy.

  • Do your research
  • Don’t draw attention
  • Make copies of important documents
  • Keep your friends and family updated
  • Safeguard your hotel room
  • Be aware of your surroundings


Q: What Is Famous In Coral Bay?

A: In Western Australia, Coral Bay is one of the famous family vacation spots and a marine lover’s heaven. This modest, laid-back seaside town is a must-visit spot for nature lovers and is known as Coral Bay because of the lovely coral gardens only a few metres from the gorgeous white sandy beach.

Q: What Makes Coral Bay Unique?

A: A fringing coral reef makes the Coral Bay region so unique. Only a tiny layer of living tissue covers the hard coral backbone, making living coral sensitive. Please help to protect coral because once injured, coral frequently takes years to recover.

Q: Where Can I See Turtles In Coral Bay?

A: The Jurabi Coastal Reserves in Exmouth, Maud’s Landing in Coral Bay, and Point Quobba in Carnarvon are actual locales. Exmouth’s Jurabi Turtle Centre, where Park Rangers offer special nighttime turtle eco-education trips from December to March.

Q: When Are Whale Sharks Spotted In Coral Bay?

A: The ideal season for whale watching and whale shark trips at Coral Bay. The whale shark season in Ningaloo lasts from March to June. Due to the yearly coral spawning on the reef, migratory whale sharks stay in Australian waters during these four months.

Q: How Many Hours From Perth To Coral Bay?

A: The distance between Perth and Coral Bay is around 1200 kilometres, and the travel time is about 12 hours. Geraldton and Northampton are great places to stop if you want to rest while travelling. You should allow more time for travel if you want to stop at Kalbarri or Monkey Mia along the route.


You can observe nature from a distance rather than watching whales from the cruises because Coral Bay has many whale species’ migratory routes. Due to their size and playful nature, it is astounding to see these gentle giants leap and dive through the water while waving their enormous tails. The guests observe other whales diving and jumping, such as minkes, southern rights, and orcas. Other intelligent marine species, including turtles, dolphins, and manta rays, can also be spotted.

For experienced swimmers, Coral Bay Ecotours provides whale shark swimming. Along with snorkelling equipment and a wetsuit, we offer optional extras like photo and video documentation of your trip.

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