Darwin To Kununurra Road Trip – 2 Days Trip Itinerary

Darwin To Kununurra Road Trip
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The epic 831 KM Darwin to Kununurra road trip cuts through the vast wilderness of Pine Creek, Katherine, and Timber Creek. The approximate driving time to cover this distance is 8 hours and 38 minutes. Kununurra is a great base to explore the stunning natural beauty in Western Australia. 

Actually, Kununurra and adventure are synonymous. Kununurra is home to rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and barramundi. So to explore all the beautiful attractions in and along the route of Kununurra, you need a solid itinerary. 

However, to make your trip perfect, we will explain an entire two-day itinerary. This itinerary will cover where to stop during your trip, what to do etc. So, follow this guide and make your trip enjoyable and memorable. 

Darwin To Kununurra Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions 

Kununurra is 831 KM or 516 miles away from Darwin. In normal traffic, the driving time is 8 hours and 38 minutes. The fastest way to reach Kununurra from Darwin is by taking a flight. But, if you take a flight, you will miss exploring all the cities and attractions along this route. 

However, the best way to enjoy an adventure on your trip is to drive along the road. Driving for too many hours at a stretch is quite tiring. Therefore we will explain an itinerary of two days. This plan includes all those stops where you should break your journey. 

Also, by going through this article, you will learn what you can explore at those stops, where to eat and stay, etc. So, let’s dive into the main discussion:

Bus 10 Hours & 50 Minutes 
Drive/Car Distance8 Hours & 38 Minutes 
Stops 30
Nearest Airport to Darwin Darwin (DRW) Airport

Day 1 

Wake up early, pack your bag and be ready to hit the road with your car. Start driving from Darwin. And you will reach your first destination of the day within a few hours. 

Darwin To Batchelor

Darwin to Batchelor road distance is 97.3 KM. And the direct distance is 68 KM. The driving time is nearly 1 hour. Batchelor is the first stopping point along the way of your Kununarra road trip. It is a relatively prosperous town in Australia. This town is situated in the south of Darwin. And it’s a major tourist attraction. 

With the discovery of Uranium at the Ram Jungle, the Batchelor town comes into existence. Later it became a visiting attraction. While staying in this area, visitors can spend quality time in the Litchfield National Park. But knowing about the exciting history of Batchelor town is also worthwhile. 

Top Attractions In Batchelor 

  • Batchelor Museum 
  • The Castles 
  • Batchelor Butterfly Farm and Pet Garden 
  • NT Adventure Park 
  • Coomalie Cultural Centre 

Accommodation In Batchelor 

  • Litchfield Tourist Park 
  • Rum Jungle Bungalows 
  • Litchfield Outback Resort 

Restaurants In Batchelor 

  • Rum Jungle Tavern 
  • Batchelor Butterfly Farm 
  • Litchfield Tourist Park Bar and Café 

Batchelor To Pine Creek 

Along National Highway 1, drive for 1 hour and 33 minutes to cross the 144.6 KM distance between the Batchelor and Pine Creek. Pine Creek is a beautiful city to visit in Northern Territory, Australia. This town is full of different popular attractions. All these stunning places make visiting this city worthwhile. 

This place is perfect for outdoor lovers because of its beautiful collection of natural scenery. It is home to natural wonders, unique wildlife, and excellent tourist activities. Here you can spend time exploring different things or walking along the street. 

Top Attractions In Pine Creek

  • Pine Creek Museum 
  • Enterprise Pit Mine Lookout 
  • Copperfield Dam Park Area 
  • Miner’s Park 
  • Umbrawarra Gorge Pine Creek N.T

Accommodation In Pine Creek

  • Pine Creek Hotel Motel 
  • Lazy Lizard Tavern and Caravan Park 
  • Pine Creek Railway Resort 

Restaurants In Pine Creek

  • Emerald Springs Roadhouse 
  • Pine Creek Railway Resort Restaurant 
  • Lazy Lizard 

Pine Creek To Katherine 

The road distance between Pine Creek and Katherine is 90.5 KM. And the direct distance is 85 KM. Katherine City in Australia is placed at the point where the harsh red outback meets the lush tropical zone. It is truly a unique and stunning landscape to enjoy. 

River in Katherine Northern Territory Australia

Kathrine is located on the Katherine River bank. This large town is the gateway to the Northern Territory wilderness. It is filled with the native Australian wildlife’s eclectic selection and vibrant plant species. To enjoy the cultural experience in the Northern Territory, you can dive deep into the fascinating history of this region. 

Katherine is the home to deep gorges, stunning water spots, and ancient culture. Whether you are a kid, young or adult, this city offers everyone something to explore. By visiting this region, you can immerse yourself in different stunning highlights in the Northern Territory. 

Top Attractions In Katherine

  • Nitmiluk Gorge 
  • Edith Falls 
  • Top Didj & Art Gallery 
  • Nitmiluk National Park 
  • Katherine Hot Springs 

Accommodation In Katherine

  • Pine Tree Motel 
  • Cicada Lodge 
  • Nitmiluk Chalets & Campground 

Restaurants In Katherine

  • Pop Rocket Café 
  • The Finch Café 
  • The Black Russian Caravan Bar 

After driving for hours and exploring too many places on Day 1, you will feel tired. Therefore, on the first day of your trip, a night stay at Katherine is a must. 

Day 2 

On the second day, wake up early. Again it’s time to drive for more hours and explore more places. However, the first destination on the second day of your trip is Timber Creek. 

Katherine To Timber Creek 

The road distance between Katherine and Timber Creek is 285.7 KM. And the direct distance between these two ends is 233 KM. Timber Creek is situated in the Katherine region and at the doorstep of Gregory National Park. Timber Creek Township is the oasis of the Travellers. 

One of the most scenic places in the Northern Territory is Timber Creek. This city is home to different popular attractions. But the biggest draw card of Timber Creek is fishing in the beautiful Victoria River. The backyard of this city is the Gregory National Park. 

To enjoy the stunning natural scenery in the Northern Territory, visiting Timber Creek is a must. There is no wonder many tourists fall for Timber Creek after seeing it. While travelling to Kununurra, pass through this small but beautiful town. And you will indeed spend your good and blissful time here. 

Top Attractions In Timber Creek 

  • Timber Creek Police Station and Museum 
  • Durack Memorial 
  • Jackeroo Lookout 

Accommodation In Timber Creek 

  • Timber Creek Hotel 
  • Wiring Tourism Park 
  • Bullo River Station 

Restaurants In Timber Creek 

  • The Croc Stock Shop 

Timber Creek To Kununurra 

Timber Creek, Northern Territory, is 142 miles or 229 km from Kununurra, Western Australia. So, on the second day of your trip, your final destination is Kununurra. And your journey will end here. Kununurra is located in the far North West of Australia. 

This beautiful township is located along the famous Ord River bank. The East Kimberley gateway town is Kununurra. It is an excellent base for exploring Western Australia’s most remarkable natural attractions. Kununurra has been famous for its landscape for thousands of years. 

Through your Kununurra trip, you can hike through the rugged national parks. Also, you can swim in the Gorges below waterfalls or paddle along the tranquil lakes. Simply this town is filled with epic fishing, boating, paddling, swimming, and hiking opportunities. 

Top Attractions In Kununurra

  • Emma Gorge 
  • Ord River 
  • Mirima National Park 
  • Kununurra Visitor Centre 
  • Kelly’s Knob Lookout 

Accommodation In Kununurra

  • Lake Argyle Resort & Caravan Park 
  • Kimberley Croc Motel 
  • Kununurra Country Club Resort 

Restaurants In Kununurra

  • Café Sandalwood Kununurra 
  • Wild Mango Café 
  • Corner side Café 


How many days do you need in Kununurra? 

To visit all the beautiful places in and around Kununurra, you need at least 3-4 days. If you have a vacation of one week, you can explore this city more extensively. 

Is Kununurra worth visiting? 

Kununurra is the East Kimberley gateway. And it is home to many remarkable natural attractions, wildlife, and historical places. Therefore visiting Kununurra is worth enough. 

Final Thought

Through the Darwin to Kununurra road trip, you will surely explore many new places, cities, and attractions. By visiting all these, you will come full of lifetime memories.

Through this trip, you will enjoy driving across the Kimberley region and the Top End of Northern Australia. This trip offers plenty to do and see on the way. 

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