Darwin To Perth Road Trip – 6 Must-See Places Along the Way

Darwin To Perth Road Trip
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Perth in Western Australia is an excellent destination for your road trip. This city is well known for its many beaches, sunny climate, diverse nature and cultural heritage. However, the epic 4027 KM Darwin to Perth road trip will offer you to explore plenty of cities and attractions. 

The approximate driving time on this route, without a break, is 42 hours and 23 minutes. It’s a huge journey. But we bet your Dreamtime will come alive during this epic journey by exploring new wonders. 

However, throughout this five-day itinerary, we will show you the highlights of this road trip. So, come along with us and enjoy reading this guide. 

Darwin To Perth Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

Bus 2 Days & 12 Hours 
Drive/Car Distance42 Hours & 23 Minutes 
Stops 32
Nearest Airport To Darwin Darwin (DRW) Airport 

4027 KM or 2503 miles is the road distance between Darwin and Perth. You must drive for 1 day and 21 hours in normal traffic to cross this distance. By seeing the driving time, you already understand it’s a long journey. 

However, this long journey can be enjoyable if you break your trip at the beautiful stops along this route. There are 32 cities and attractions along Darwin to Perth road. Therefore you have plenty of options to visit and explore new places. 

Anyway, to cover all the huge driving time and make your journey enjoyable, we made a complete itinerary of 5 days. Throughout these travel days, you will surely be able to see almost everything along the way on your Perth trip. 

Day 1 

Keep in mind that you have to cross a vast distance. Considering this, prepare yourself and pack your bag. Take all the necessary things that you need on the road. Then finally, start your journey from Darwin. 

Darwin To Timber Creek 

170. Divnogore. Tsaryova Luka

Timber Creek is 604 KM away from Darwin. The approximate driving time to cross this distance is 5 hours and 46 minutes. Timber Creek is situated at the Gregory National Park doorstep. This town is the main centre in the Katherine region. It is a friendly Northern Territory town. 

The beautiful Timber Creek town features several attractions. All the attractions preserve the city’s exploration and rich pastoral heritage. The Ngaliwurra Aboriginal people’s traditional land is Timber Creek. This small town in Northern Territory serves the tourism and local cattle industry. 

This is the base town for exploring the fishing in Victoria River and Gregory National Park. Geographically a very rugged and attractive area is this one. You must visit this place along the way of your Perth road trip. 

Top Attractions In Timber Creek 

  • Timber Creek Police Station & Museum 
  • Durack Memorial 
  • Nackeroo Lookout 

Accommodation In Timber Creek 

  • Timber Creek Hotel 
  • Bullo River Station 
  • Wirib Tourism Park 

Restaurants In Timber Creek 

  • The Croc Stock Shop 

Day 2 

Leave from Timber Creek for your next destination on the second day of your trip. 

Timber Creek To Halls Creek 

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Following National Highway 1, drive for 6 hours and 9 minutes to cross and reach Halls Creek from Timber Creek. The distance between these two destinations is 583.9 KM. It is located at the northern edge of the Great Tanami and Sandy Desert. 

This town is located in the heart of Kimberley. Halls Creek is the gateway to the outback drives and renowned natural attractions. It was the first gold discovery site in Australia in 1885. This town has become the prospective ground for people worldwide for a brief period. 

It is the home to thriving mining and farming industries. Moreover, exploring the Kimberley region’s natural and historical attractions, it is a great base. Take a tour of this town to explore its history and other beautiful attractions. 

Top Attractions In Halls Creek

  • Wolfe Creek Crater National Park 
  • Mary Pool 
  • China Wall 
  • Halls Creek Visitor’s Centre 
  • Russian Jack Memorial 

Accommodation In Halls Creek

  • Halls Creek Motel 
  • Shell Roadhouse 
  • Kimberley Hotel Halls Creek 

Restaurants In Halls Creek

  • Halls Creek Bakery 
  • The Café Mungarri In The Park 
  • Russian Jack’s Restaurant 

Halls Creek To Broome 

Halls Creek to Broome drive distance is 685.4 Km. The driving time along National Highway 1 is 7 hours & 8 minutes. In Western Australia, one of the best places to visit in Broome. It is a unique and relaxed holiday place. 

00 1980 Broome Wetsern Australia

This beautiful town is located where the sea meets the outback. The most exciting thing is the variety of attractions in this city suits everyone. Broome offers you to explore breathtaking beaches with spectacular ocean views. 

It is a relaxed destination. And all year round, its weather is warm. This peaceful destination indeed provides you with many exciting opportunities to experience. 

Top Attractions In Broome 

  • Cable Beach 
  • Sun Pictures Cinema 
  • Gantheaume Point 
  • Broome Historical Museum 
  • Malcolm Douglas Broome Crocodile Park 

Accommodation In Broome 

  • Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa 
  • The Billi Resort 
  • Bali Hai Resort & Spa 

Restaurants In Broome 

  • Bali Hai Café and Restaurant 
  • M & J’s Pizza Base 
  • Ciehetti club 

Day 3 

Leave from Broome and drive along National Highway 1 to reach your next destination. 

Broome To Eighty Mile Beach 

1280px 00 1941 Western Australia Sunset Eighty Mile Beach

On day 3, you must drive for 4 hours to reach your destination Eighty Mile Beach. Continue driving along National Highway 1. Broome to Eighty Mile Beach road distance is 375.9 KM. One of the longest uninterrupted beaches in Western Australia is Eighty Mile Beach.  

Just at the northeast of Port Hedland, this beach is located. One relaxing beachside escape for interstate, local and international travellers is this Eighty Mile Beach. People of all ages will surely enjoy their time here. It offers something to explore for almost every visitor. 

However, this place is famous for hiking, bird watching, fishing, swimming, and so much more. Through a trip to Eighty Mile Beach, you can spend considerable time indoors and outdoors. Few activities like hiking and bird watching will help you enjoy this area’s natural beauty. 

Top Attractions In Eighty Mile Beach

  • National Parks and nature walk 
  • Art galleries and culture
  • Enjoying sunrise and sunset 
  • Water and beach activities 

Accommodation In Eighty Mile Beach

  • Caravan Park 

Day 4 

Wake up early and leave the 80-mile beach. Drive along State Route 138 and enjoy the spectacular scenery of this route. 

Eighty Mile Beach To Newman 

1280px Newman01

Newman and Eighty Mile Beach distance are 521.3 KM. Drive along State Route 138 for 6 hours and 35 minutes to cross this distance. Newman is a beautiful city in Western Australia. This city is located at the Hamersley Ranges heart. 

It is nestled between Mt Whaleback and Mt Newman. The rugged terrain near the Karijini National Park surrounds this city. It’s not only a mining town but also an attractive visiting centre. 

However, the surrounding landscape of this town is very picturesque, with green, blue and red outback colours. Also, it’s the gateway to some best outback 4WD tracks in Australia. 

Top Attractions In Newman

  • Newman Visitor Centre 
  • Radio Hill Lookout 
  • WE R VR 
  • East Pilbara Arts Centre 

Accommodation In Newman

  • Seasons Hotel Newman 
  • Oasis at Newman 
  • Newman Hotel 

Restaurants In Newman

  • Seasons Steakhouse Restaurant 
  • East West Kitchen 
  • Capricorn Bar and Grill 

Day 5 

On the fifth day, you will reach your final destination Perth. And your road trip will end here. 

Newman To Perth 

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On day 5, you must drive a considerable time to reach Perth from Newman. So be energetic. You must start driving along National Highway 95. The approximate driving time is 12 hours and 30 minutes. The driving distance between Newman and Perth is 1179.2 KM. 

However, you don’t need to drive continuously at this extended time. You will feel tired by doing so. Therefore drive for a few hours and take a break. Perth is one of the best places in Western Australia to visit. 

For visiting Perth undoubtedly, there are many irresistible reasons. But the most valid excuse is that it has full of different natural attractions. Perth is officially the sunniest city in Australia. Within easy reach of the town, there are 19 beaches. 

Each beach is unique and possesses different characteristics. All the beaches offer the visitors clear blue water and dazzling white sand. Moreover, you can’t ignore the vast wildlife of Perth. Wildlife is too close to Perth because of its immense parks, beaches and nature reserves. 

Top Attractions In Perth

  • Kings Park and Botanic Garden 
  • Swan River 
  • The Perth Mint 
  • The Bell Tower 
  • State War Memorial 

Accommodation In Perth

  • Hostel G Perth 
  • Hyatt Regency Perth 
  • Pan Pacific Perth 

Restaurants In Perth

  • Gusto Gelato 
  • Rusty Fig 
  • My Bayon 


Hopefully, this Darwin to Perth road trip itinerary has been helpful for you. Now you know how to peacefully cover this vast distance, where to stop, what to do etc. Driving this massive time without a break is unrealistic and inhuman too. Therefore we made a plan for five days. 

But this trip plan is entirely flexible. And you can change the trip days at your convenience. However, you can comment if you need help changing the plan. Soon we will reply to you.

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