Day Trip From Brisbane To Moreton Island 

Day Trip From Brisbane To Moreton Island 
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Experience the beauty with a Day Trip From Brisbane To Moreton Island. A short ferry ride from the city, Moreton Island is a nature lover’s dream. This day trip allows one to explore pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and the island’s unique landscapes.

Whether you’re into snorkelling, sandboarding, or simply relaxing on the beach, Moreton Island has something for everyone. Enjoy this exciting adventure and discover the natural beauty of Moreton Island, all in the convenience of a day trip from Brisbane.

Tour Activity

On your Day Trip from Brisbane to Moreton Island, prepare for an unforgettable adventure. Start by exploring the island’s white sandy beaches and taking a dip in the crystal-clear waters. Then, get your adrenaline pumping with thrilling activities like snorkelling amidst colourful marine life and sandboarding down towering dunes.

For a more relaxing experience, unwind on the beach, take a nature walk, or enjoy a beachfront picnic. With so much to see and do, your day trip to Moreton Island promises a mix of natural beauty and exciting adventures.

What To Do, What Not To

The guidelines help make your Moreton Island day trip safe and enjoyable.

What You Can Do:

Beach Relaxation: Enjoy the pristine white sandy beaches and soak up the sun.

Swimming: Take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters.

Snorkelling: Explore the underwater world and discover vibrant marine life.

Sandboarding: Try sandboarding down the island’s massive dunes for an adrenaline rush.

Nature Walks: Go for a hike to appreciate the island’s natural beauty.

Picnic: Have a beachfront picnic and savour the surroundings.

Wildlife Viewing: Keep an eye out for local wildlife and birdwatching.

What You Can’t Do:

Littering: Respect the environment and dispose of your waste responsibly.

Harming Wildlife: Do not disturb or harm the island’s wildlife.

Off-Roading: Stick to designated paths and roads to protect the island’s ecosystems.

Campfires: Open fires are not allowed; use designated fire pits if available.

Collecting: Do not collect or damage the island’s flora and fauna.

Disturbing Dunes: Avoid activities that may damage the sand dunes.

Places To Visit

Let’s discuss where you can go on the Day Trip From Brisbane To Moreton Island and learn about the experience you can gather. 

Tangalooma Wrecks

Tangalooma Wrecks, located on Moreton Island just off the coast of Brisbane, is a captivating destination for day-trippers. This unique site boasts a series of shipwrecks submerged in crystal-clear waters, offering a fascinating underwater playground for snorkelers and divers. But the experience doesn’t end in the water. Visitors can enjoy a delightful beachfront meal at the Tangalooma Island Resort’s beachside cafe, savouring fresh seafood and other delectable options while enjoying stunning ocean views. 

For those who wish to stay longer, the resort provides comfortable accommodations to suit various preferences. After exploring the wrecks and pampering with a delicious meal, you can relax on the pristine beach, capturing the essence of this picturesque island. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a nature lover, or just looking for a tranquil getaway, Tangalooma Wrecks promises an unforgettable day trip experience.

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The Champagne Pools

The Champagne Pools, located on Fraser Island, Australia, offer a unique and refreshing experience for tourists on a day trip. These natural rock pools are a spectacular sight, where crystal-clear water creates a bubbly and effervescent effect as waves crash against the rocks. While there are no eateries directly at the Champagne Pools, you can bring your picnic and enjoy a meal in this coastal beauty. There’s nothing like dining with the sound of the ocean in the background.

Since the Champagne Pools are part of Fraser Island, you can consider staying in nearby accommodations on the island or the mainland. On Fraser Island, you’ll find various eco-resorts and campgrounds that offer a nature-centric experience, including some near the pools.

For those seeking relaxation or adventure, the Champagne Pools provide a splendid hangout spot. You can sunbathe on the surrounding rocks or dip in the pools while enjoying the breathtaking ocean views. It’s a serene and refreshing place to spend your day, experiencing nature’s jacuzzi.

Tangalooma Beach

Tangalooma Beach, situated on the stunning Moreton Island in Australia, is a true paradise for day-trippers looking for natural beauty and relaxation. When you visit Tangalooma Beach, you’ll find several options for a memorable day tour.

While it’s a day trip destination, you can still indulge in a beachside picnic. Pack a delicious meal or snacks to savour while enjoying the scenic beauty. Alternatively, you can grab a bite at one of the local cafes or restaurants in nearby Bulwer, serving fresh seafood and other Australian delicacies.

As Tangalooma is a day tour destination, there are no accommodations directly on the beach. However, consider staying in Brisbane or the nearby Tangalooma Island Resort to extend your visit.

Tangalooma Beach offers numerous activities. These shipwrecks are perfect for snorkelling and provide a unique underwater world to discover. The beach’s serene ambience makes it an ideal relaxing spot to connect with nature.

Cape Moreton Lighthouse

Cape Moreton Lighthouse, located on Moreton Island, Australia, is a fascinating historical site and a must-visit destination for a day tour. This iconic lighthouse stands tall against the coastal backdrop, offering stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area. While there aren’t dining options or accommodations at the lighthouse itself, there are several ways to make the most of your visit.

After exploring the lighthouse and taking in the breathtaking views, you can enjoy a picnic at one designated area nearby. The lush natural surroundings provide a serene atmosphere for a relaxing meal.

For those interested in staying overnight on the island, there are campsites and a few resorts available. Camping under the starry night sky on Moreton Island can be an incredible experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

Cape Moreton Lighthouse also serves as a fantastic spot for wildlife enthusiasts. You can often spot dolphins, whales, and various bird species from this vantage point. The area surrounding the lighthouse is perfect for birdwatching and nature photography.

Experience Of The Tour

Prepare for an incredible experience on your Day Trip from Brisbane to Moreton Island. This adventure offers a blend of natural beauty and exciting activities. You can expect to relax on pristine beaches, swim in clear waters, and snorkel among vibrant marine life. If you’re an adventure seeker, sandboarding down massive dunes will pump your adrenaline.

For a more tranquil experience, take a nature walk, enjoy a beachfront picnic, and savour the island’s peaceful ambience. Moreton Island is a nature lover’s paradise and an ideal day trip destination from Brisbane.


Q: What Is The Duration Of The Brisbane To Moreton Island Ferry Ride?

A: Four boat services run daily in each direction, and the trip takes only 75 minutes each way. Note that this is not a vehicle barge; instead, it is a passenger ferry only. 

Q: What Is The Day-Trip Itinerary For Moreton Island?

A: A car or passenger ferry from Brisbane is the most convenient way to get to Moreton Island. The Tangalooma passenger ferry runs between Brisbane and the Tangalooma Jetty, and Tangalooma Island Resort accommodates both overnight visitors and day-trippers.

Q: Is A Trip To Moreton Island Worthwhile?

A: Slightly over an hour’s drive from Brisbane, this natural wonder is the third-largest sand island on Earth. Moreton Island has everything you might want for a day of relaxation away from the city, an exhilarating tour, or an adventure with animals.

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Get To Moreton Island?

A: The most affordable method to travel to Moreton is the car/passenger Micat ferry, which runs daily between Brisbane and the well-known Tangalooma wrecks. This ferry is ideal if you drive over or scuba around the impacts.

Q: Without A Car, Is Moreton Island Possible To Roam Around?

A: From the Port of Brisbane to Moreton Island, it takes 75 to 90 minutes to cover the 40 km that separates Brisbane and the Bay. Those who are staying at the resort and do not have a car can take the passenger-only ferry to Tangalooma from Holt Street Wharf.

Additional Information

Some Additional Information about the Day Trip From Brisbane To Moreton Island

Ferry Services: To get to Moreton Island, take a ferry from the Port of Brisbane, easily accessible from the city.

Guided Tours: Consider booking a guided tour for a hassle-free experience. Knowledgeable guides can show you the best spots and ensure your safety during activities.

Weather: Check the weather before your trip, as Moreton Island’s conditions can vary. Sunscreen, hats, and plenty of water are essential for a comfortable day.

Accessibility: Most areas on the island are accessible, but if you have specific mobility concerns, inquire about accessible facilities and options.

Marine Life: During whale migration seasons, keep an eye out for dolphins, turtles, and even whales.

Camping: If you plan to stay longer, camping facilities are available. If you plan to travel during the busy season, book in advance.

Make the most of your day trip to Moreton Island with these additional tips and information.

Travel Tips

Travel Tips for Your Day Trip from Brisbane to Moreton Island:

Plan Ahead: Research the ferry schedules and check if you need to make a reservation, especially during busy seasons.

Pack Smart: Bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, comfortable clothing, swimwear, and a reusable water bottle. Remember your camera to capture the stunning scenery.

Water Activities: If you plan to snorkel, swim, or partake in water sports, consider bringing your gear. Some tours provide equipment, so check in advance.

Food And Refreshments: There are limited dining options on the island, so pack a picnic or snacks. Ensure you take any rubbish when you leave to keep the island pristine.

Respect The Environment: Help preserve the island’s natural beauty by not littering and respecting local wildlife.

Safety First: Follow safety guidelines for activities like sandboarding, and if you need more confidence, seek guidance from tour operators.

Check The Tides: If you plan to drive on the beaches, check tide times to avoid getting stuck in the sand.

Wildlife Watching: Keep a respectful distance from wildlife, and never feed them.

Following these travel tips, you’ll have a fantastic and well-prepared day trip to Moreton Island from Brisbane.

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