Day Trip From Launceston: Where To Explore Beyond The City

Day Trip From Launceston
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Experience the allure of northern Tasmania by taking a day trip from Launceston. Tucked away in Australia’s natural splendour, Launceston is the ideal starting point for exploring this charming area.

There is something for everyone, from gentle beaches and rolling vineyards to dense woodlands. This guided tour emphasizes enjoyment and simplicity, promising a fantastic experience.

Explore the region’s rich history, indulge in regional cuisine, and enjoy the stunning scenery. The day will be full of adventure, allowing you to enjoy the distinctive outdoor activities, animals, and culture that this area has to offer.

So gather your belongings and come along for a thought-provoking day of discovery that will leave you with enduring memories of your day trip from Launceston.

Tour Activity 

Come along on an exciting day trip from Launceston with us, and you’ll go on a breathtaking journey across Tasmania’s stunning scenery. As they accompany you through the picturesque countryside, our knowledgeable guides will share historical context and local legends.

Savour the best local wines and cuisine as you tour well-known sites, including the famed Tamar Valley wine region and the breathtaking Cataract Gorge. Make lifelong memories as you take in this region’s abundant natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

Our day tour offers a unique experience for all people, including history buffs, cuisine and wine connoisseurs, and outdoor enthusiasts. Take advantage of this chance to join us as we discover the hidden treasures of Launceston and the surrounding area.

What To Do, What Not To

What You Can Do On A Day Trip From Launceston:

  • Enjoy the gorgeous vistas while strolling around Cataract Gorge and stopping at the chairlift for a different viewpoint.
  • Discover the Tamar Valley Wine Route and stop at different wineries to taste the regional wines.
  • Take a leisurely sail on the Tamar River to get a fresh view of the area.
  • Discover more about seahorses and other marine animals at Seahorse World in Beauty Point.
  • Explore the science, art, and history displays at Launceston’s Queen Victoria Museum.
  • In summer, explore the lovely reserve, picnic, and cool off in the swimming pool.
  • Visit local Launceston eateries, cafes, or food markets to sample Tasmanian gastronomy.
  • Visit this cultural institution to see displays including both classic and contemporary designs.
  • Travel through Northern Tasmania’s most breathtaking scenery, like Low Head and Bridestowe Lavender Estate.

What You Can’t Do On A Day Trip From Launceston:

  • You can only explore locations close to Launceston on a day excursion. There will need to be more time for you to travel to Tasmania’s furthest corners.
  • You might not have time for multi-day or full-day outdoor activities like hiking or camping, even though you can enjoy short walks and hikes.
  • You will need more time to see every site in Launceston or the surrounding area, so list what you want to see first.
  • On a day vacation, there might be fewer possibilities for nightlife because most activities end in the evening.
  • Usually, you can’t get to other parts of Tasmania, such the East Coast or the West Coast, on a day trip from Launceston because those trips would take longer.
  • Your tour will be more of a surface experience as you won’t have time for a thorough examination of a single spot or attraction.

Remember that your interests, the amount of time you have available, and the distance you’re willing to travel will determine the particular activities and restrictions of your day trip.

Places To Visit

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Let’s discuss where you can go on the day trip from Launceston and learn about the experience you can gather.

Bridestowe Lavender Farm

Australia offers a wide variety of distinct and expansive vacation experiences. Among the locations is Bridestowe Lavender Farm. Bridestowe, 45 minutes drive from Launceston’s centre, is well known for its breathtaking, seemingly never-ending purple lavender fields. It’s regarded as one of Australia’s most exquisite lavender farms as well.

Surprisingly, the farm is vital in Tasmania’s pioneering history and is one of the most popular tourist attractions. With a package of lavender seeds he had taken from the French Alps, the company’s founder, Charles Denny, set out for Tasmania in 1922 from England. The Denny family soon established what would grow to be one of the biggest farms in the world, and they have set the bar ever since.

Freycinet National Park

You don’t need any more encouragement to put Tasmania on your bucket list—there are many reasons to do so. However, keep in mind that Freycinet National Park ought to be ranked quite near the top. On Tasmania’s east coast, Freycinet National Park is a picturesque two-hour journey from Launceston. It offers a picture-perfect representation of Australia’s finest flora and fauna.

For those seeking some fresh air, Freycinet National Park, which is bordered by Schouten Island and stretches across the Hazards granite mountain range, is a great place to spend a day excursion. There are plenty of things to do in the park after paying the $24 admission fee. Take a day to hike one of the national park’s many short or lengthy routes.

One of the most popular (and rewarding) walks is the hike to the overlook, which provides views of Wineglass Bay from the summit of Mount Amos. After roughly 40 minutes of climbing, you’ll be rewarded with expansive, all-encompassing vistas of one of Australia’s greatest beaches.

Tamar Valley

The wineries of the Tamar Valley, which snakes through 58 kilometres of lush farmland, have long contributed to Tasmania’s standing as one of Australia’s best wine and food destinations. Take a day trip outside the city, eat something along the way, and explore the suburbs of Launceston and Beaconsfield before heading south to Relbia. These are the locations that we recommend using your GPS.

When a pinot noir devotion requires a place to grow, you get Tamar Ridge. Visit this location for a fully immersive wine, cuisine, and location experience on the banks of the Tamar River. The Jansz Tasmanian Wine Room is a sensory extravaganza located next to the vineyard and with stunning views of a lake. Discover why Tasmanian sparkling is some of the best in the world; you won’t need much persuading.

Experience Of The Tour

You can anticipate a lovely excursion through the picturesque landscapes of Tasmania, Australia, on the day trip from Launceston. Enjoy the delicious local cuisine, experience the unspoiled environment, and visit attractive villages on this journey that offers an enthralling blend of nature and culture.

You’ll be able to take in the breathtaking scenery, which includes lush forests and waterfalls, as well as the region’s rich history and active arts scene. Whether you’re interested in nature history or want to escape it all, this day trip offers an interesting and memorable experience that showcases the best of Launceston’s surroundings.


Which Popular Day Trip Places Are Accessible From Launceston?

On day travels from Launceston, tourists frequently visit locations like Cradle Mountain, the Tamar Valley wine region, Bridestowe Lavender Estate, Cataract Gorge, and the old hamlet of Evandale.

How Can I Travel From Launceston To These Day Trip Locations?

Most day trip locations are accessible by automobile, and others might include transportation or guided excursions. For instance, several tour operators provide guided day trips to Cradle Mountain and Tamar Valley wine tours.

Exist Any Choices For A Family-Friendly Day Excursion From Launceston?

Yes, there are many family-friendly day trip options in and around Launceston. Families should visit places like Seahorse World, the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania, and Trowunna Wildlife Park.

What Should I Pack For A Launceston Day Trip?

Given Tasmania’s unpredictable weather, it is important to pack comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear. Remember to include your camera, a hat, sunscreen, and a reusable water bottle. Insect repellent and a map or GPS are also helpful when visiting natural areas.

Is It Possible For Me To Take A Day Excursion From Launceston In The Winter?

Yes, you can go on day trips from Launceston throughout the winter. Still, you should be ready for lower temperatures and possibly wet or snowy weather, particularly if you’re going somewhere like Cradle Mountain, which often gets blanketed in snow. Before your trip, make sure to check the weather and road conditions.

Additional Information

There are many options to discover the area’s natural beauty, history, and culture on a day excursion from Tasmania’s lovely city of Launceston. Here is some more information to assist you in organizing your day trip:

Cradle Mountain: A must-see location for nature lovers, Cradle Mountain is roughly 2.5 hours drive from Launceston. Take shorter strolls or hike the well-known Dove Lake Circuit to get amazing views of Cradle Mountain. It is a component of the Tasmanian Wilderness, recognized as a World Heritage Site.

Tamar Valley Wine Route: The centre of the Tamar Valley wine region is Launceston. Arrange a day excursion for wine tasting to experience distinguished cool-climate wines from wineries like Tamar Ridge, Jansz, and Josef Chromy, which have won numerous awards.

Cataract Gorge: Only a short drive from the city centre, this natural wonder offers chairlift rides, strolling trails, and breathtaking views. It’s ideal for a picnic by the river or a calm day spent outside.

Tamar Island Wetlands: Only a short drive from Launceston, these wetlands are a birdwatcher’s paradise with simple strolls. The wetlands provide a chance to interact with Tasmania’s distinctive wildlife and plants.

Historic Villages: Discover quaint medieval communities like Longford and Evandale that are close to Launceston. These towns regularly hold markets and festivals and are home to many Victorian and Georgian buildings.

Art And Culture: The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery in Launceston is a great place to visit if you’re interested in art and culture. It contains interactive exhibits, historical relics, and a sizable collection of artwork.

Outdoor Adventures: Mountain biking on the Blue Derby paths, kayaking on Tamar Island, and rock climbing at Ben Lomond National Park are all options for outdoor adventure.

Launceston Gourmet Food Trail: Savor delicious meals during a day tour focusing on cuisine. At several locations along the Tamar Valley Food and Wine Trail, you may visit regional farmers and savour handcrafted cheeses, fresh seafood, and mouthwatering berries.

Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary: Visit the Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary to discover more about Tasmanian devils and other indigenous animals up close. It’s an enjoyable and instructive experience.

Low Head Lighthouse: An iconic sight, the Low Head Lighthouse is situated near the mouth of the Tamar River. Ascend to the summit for sweeping vistas, then spend the evenings at the neighbouring penguin colony.

Keep in mind that depending on the season, opening hours and the availability of trips and activities may change. For a day excursion, Launceston and its environs have plenty to offer visitors of all interests, including those interested in adventure, history, food, or the great outdoors.

Travel Tips

Some travel tips for your trip help-

  • Explore Nature
  • Visit Wineries
  • Beach Getaway
  • Cultural Tours
  • Hike Trails
  • Foodie Heaven
  • Historic Sites
  • Wildlife Spotting
  • Scenic Drives
  • Market Day

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