Day Trip to Fitzroy Island: Go and Enjoy Your Tour

Day Trip to Fitzroy Island
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Fitzroy Island is one of the Great Barrier Reef’s least developed islands; most of it is National Island Park, which features mangroves, open woodland, pristine tropical rainforest, coral beaches, and surrounding coral reefs. The best way to enjoy the park is to walk the island’s paths.

A Day Trip To Fitzroy Island is a must-go if you are visiting the area of Queensland. Fitzroy Island is 29 km southeast of Cairns, and the trip there by high-speed boat only takes 45 minutes. 

While on Fitzroy Island, you can go on walking and hiking paths, swim, kayak, use the ocean trampoline, watch the coral from a glass-bottom boat, go snorkelling, or relax and take it all in.

About The Activities

Fitzroy Island is a continental island located 29 kilometres southeast of Cairns, Queensland, Australia, offshore from Cape Grafton. This place is a part of the Cairns Region. Fitzroy Island had 85 residents as of the 2021 census. Here are a few things you may do while visiting Fitzroy Island for the day:

Fitzroy Island is a fantastic location for snorkelling and scuba diving. It’s a well-liked location for underwater exploration because of the pristine waters and various marine life. Diverse fish, turtles, and coral reefs are visible.

Hiking: Several hiking paths on Fitzroy Island wind through the woods and along the coast. Beautiful views of the island and the surrounding water may be seen from the pathways.

Main Beach, Nudey Beach, and Shoal Bay are three of Fitzroy Island’s stunning beaches. An excellent spot for swimming, tanning, and picnics is Main Beach. Shoal Bay is a fantastic location for diving and snorkelling, and Nudey Beach is a beach where no clothes are required.

Finding crocodiles: Fitzroy Island is home to a few saltwater crocodiles. They can be spotted soaking in the sun on the banks of the island’s canals, albeit they pose no danger to people.

Island hopping: A day excursion to Fitzroy Island and another close-by island, like Green Island or Turtle Island, is also an option. While these islands have different charms from Fitzroy Island, they provide similar activities.

What’s Included

  • In a single day, visit a tropical island, a barrier reef, and a jungle.
  • Ferry service from Cairns to Fitzroy Island in reverse
  • Explore the stunning Cairns coastline.
  • Spend up to 6 hours at Fitzroy Island by yourself.
  • once on the island, a variety of extra activities
  • There is enough time to explore, unwind, and play.

What’s Not Included

  • Snorkelling Equipment 
  • Rental Glass Bottom Boat Tour 
  • Picnic Lunch 
  • Safari Snorkelling Experience

Places To Visit And What Can You Experience

It’s all about the forests, beaches, and high reaches on Fitzroy Island, where there is just as much to discover on land as in the water.

Discover the island’s many bush walking trails, such as the Lighthouse and Summit hikes, which offer views of the Great Barrier Reef. Travel to magical locations like Far North Queensland’s Nudey Beach and Secret Garden. Here are some must-visit places while roaming around Fitzroy Island. 

Self-Guided Summit Historical Hike

The well-known Summit and Lighthouse hike gains a new depth with this walk. Hikers can utilise the self-guided document to improve their awareness of their surroundings and take in the landscape variations from the lush rainforest to open woodlands and the incredible views overlooking Welcome Bay.

The guidebook enables individuals to locate many things left behind by the Lightkeepers and their families and recognize telltale indicators of the World War II military occupation.

Hiking Fitzroy Island

Due to the several stops along the way, allow at least 2.5 hours for the entire loop. It is preferable to start the hike early in the morning to avoid the heat of the day during the warmer summer months.  Trekking in the afternoon during the winter can be delightful, but always bring lots of water, sunscreen, and suitable walking shoes.

For those who want to connect with the history of the islands while also learning some fascinating details and entertaining anecdotes along the route, the Self-Guided Historical Hike is a fantastic alternative.

Secret Garden Walk

An easy path winds through the intertwined plants of Fitzroy Island’s dense forest on the Secret Garden hike.  It is a peaceful stroll that allows people to get close to nature.  The unmistakable Orange Footed Scrub Hen, the Varied Thrillers’ quick call, and the Rose-Breasted Fruit-Dove soft coos are just a few of the many bird noises to watch.

A flash of colour will appear as Green Triangle Butterflies flit over the path, so watch for these and the scurrying Bar Sided Skinks that will dive about your feet. There is a sizable platform after the track where you can relax and take in the ecosystem that is so perfectly balanced. Returning takes 45 minutes, so bring excellent shoes and lots of water.

Nudey Beach Walk

With the vibrant, brilliant greens of the rainforest, massive granite rocks, and the stunningly blue waters beyond, the path to Nudey Beach is renowned for its stark, contrasting beauty.  Look out for more unusual rainforest creatures as you stroll along the lovely trail. 

The unique Cluster Figs, interesting White Starfish Orchids, and vibrant Bird Nest epiphytes are among these.  Keep a close eye on the ground around you since animals and other fascinating forest animals have been observed strolling along the trail.  Three little bridges are crossed throughout this stroll, which ends with the first exotic view of the famous Nudey Beach.

Drink lots of water, wear comfortable shoes, and remember your beach gear since this walk will lead you to Australia’s most beautiful beach, according to a 2018 poll.

Walk To The National Park

Ready to enjoy more of your walks in national parks?  As you trek to the summit and lighthouse, learn about the military past of the area or odd adaptations made by plants to stay ahead of their neighbours.  And where better to learn about the ecology of the rainforest than on the Secret Garden track?  Finish your visit with a stroll through the resort’s gardens to discover more about the unique applications of the local flora for food and healing.  

Tour Experience

On our Fitzroy Island Day Tour, you’ll learn that ferry crossings from Cairns are the easiest and fastest method to reach the stunning island.

You’ll arrive at Fitzroy Island after about a 45-minute journey and have up to 6 hours to explore all it offers. You can pay extra to participate in various activities while you’re here, including kayaking, glass-bottom boat tours, snorkelling, island adventures, and more. 

Fitzroy was previously a part of mainland Australia, and Fitzroy National Park is entirely undeveloped and protected, unlike smaller coral cays or sandy islands on the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy using the walking trails that go to the Summit and Nudey Beach, one of Australia’s top beaches, through the rainforest, heathland, and open forest. 

The boat trip offers a full day of fun at one of Cairns’ most well-known and accessible Great Barrier Reef islands and departs at 8:30 and 10:45 in the morning.

Important Information

There are some important things that we have to follow while on your tour. 

  • Pack a water-resistant bag.
  • Bring your necessities in a waterproof bag while you paddleboard.
  • On the beach, use a towel to shade your belongings from the sun.
  • Bring things that you need; leave jewellery and expensive goods at the hotel or home.

Additional Information

Some additional information for your swimming experience. 

  • If you are not a good swimmer, stay in shallow water close to the shore, ask for a buoyancy vest, and inform our staff.
  • Wear a protective suit, which you can rent on board, as stingers can be present throughout the year.
  • Check with the crew to determine the optimum times to go snorkelling before leaving the boat, as the island experiences high and low tides.


Can You Spend The Day On Fitzroy Island?

The ideal getaway from the bustle of city life can be found on Fitzroy Island. It’s an easy 45-minute Fitzroy Flyer ride from Cairns and a well-liked day trip for tourists and residents looking for relaxed island life.

Fitzroy Island: Is A Visit Worthwhile?

Yes, in a sentence; it depends on what you intend to see there. Whether you want to go looking for Crocs, relax, enjoy the clean, lovely seas, or head to the well-known Nudey Beach. It’s worthwhile to visit Fitzroy Island.

Is Fitzroy Island Worth Staying On?

You won’t be unhappy either way. Green Island is a great place to go snorkelling if you want to spend time in the ocean. Fitzroy Island is preferable if you intend to spend more time on land exploring gorgeous beaches and hiking. Keep in mind that both islands provide lodging. However, the costs differ.

Which Month Is Ideal For Visiting Fitzroy Island?

August is the ideal time to escape to your tropical island paradise. August is the best time to make reservations due to the warm, sunny days, the stinger-free, tranquil, turquoise waters, the comfortable nights, and the opportunity to avoid crowds during the school holidays.

What Is Fitzroy Island Best Known For?

Based on both of Fitzroy Island’s two primary beaches, Welcome Bay or the award-winning Nudey Beach, you can pick up your snorkelling gear, stroll down to the water’s edge, and snorkel directly out onto the Great Barrier Reef, making Fitzroy Island a special place to experience the wonder of the Reef.

Travel Tips

Here are some travel tips you can follow on a Day Trip To Fitzroy Island. 

  • Book your ferry in advance.
  • Pack for all weather conditions.
  • Bring water and snacks.
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Be prepared for crowds
  • Respect the environment
  • Consider the time of year
  • Take a guided tour

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