Day Trips From Mandurah: Ultimate Guide

Day Trips From Mandurah
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Mandurah is a gateway to many captivating day trip destinations along the stunning Western Australian coastline. Start on a journey beyond Mandurah’s tranquil waters and picturesque landscapes to uncover diverse experiences awaiting exploration.

Whether seeking coastal marvels, wildlife encounters, or cultural escapades, these day trips offer a delightful blend of natural beauty and regional charm, promising unforgettable adventures just a stone’s throw away from Mandurah.

Join us as we unveil the treasures of Western Australia accessible through these Day Trips From Mandurah.

Tour Activity

Experience the essence of Western Australia with our meticulously crafted day trips from Mandurah. Find yourself in the tranquillity of Serpentine National Park, where lush forests and stunning waterfalls await, offering serene hikes and breathtaking views.

Explore the enchanting Penguin Island, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts with its diverse birdlife, playful penguins, and pristine beaches.

For an adrenaline rush, venture to Adventure World, an amusement park boasting thrilling rides and family-friendly entertainment. These day trips promise an unforgettable fusion of nature, wildlife, and excitement, ensuring a perfect getaway from Mandurah’s serene shores.

What To Do, What Not To

What You Can Do on Day Trips from Mandurah:

  • Explore Nature: Visit Serpentine National Park for hiking trails, waterfalls, and wildlife encounters.
  • Wildlife Encounters: Discover Penguin Island for penguin sightings, birdwatching, and pristine beaches.
  • Amusement Park Fun: Enjoy Adventure World for thrilling rides and family-friendly entertainment.
  • Beach Activities: Relax or indulge in water sports at nearby coastal areas like Rockingham or Secret Harbour.
  • Cultural Exploration: Discover local art galleries, museums, and historical sites in nearby towns.

What You Can’t Do on Day Trips from Mandurah:

  • Extended Stays: Generally, day trips limit overnight stays; plan accordingly for a return to Mandurah by day’s end.
  • Extended Hiking Expeditions: Due to time constraints, extensive or multi-day hikes may not be feasible on a day trip.
  • Full Exploration of Multiple Destinations: Limited time might restrict in-depth exploration of numerous sites; prioritize key attractions.
  • Late Departures: Ensure timely departure to avoid missing return transport options to Mandurah.
  • Complex Activities: Some intricate activities requiring extensive preparation or specialized equipment may not be viable for a day trip.

Let’s discuss where you can go on the Day Trips From Mandurah and learn about the experience you can gather. 

Old Mandurah Bridge panoramio

Mandurah Forum

Mandurah Forum, located in Western Australia, offers an enticing blend of shopping, dining, and leisure activities, making it an ideal destination for a day tour.

After exploring the shopping centre’s diverse range of stores, visitors can indulge in a culinary journey at the various eateries within and surrounding the complex.

Options like Dome Cafe or The Coffee Club offer delightful refreshments and light bites, perfect for a mid-day break.

For a relaxing hangout session, nearby Foreshore Park provides a serene waterfront setting, ideal for picnics or strolls along the Mandurah Estuary. While Mandurah Forum doesn’t offer accommodations, the nearby area provides:

  • Various lodging options.
  • Allowing tourists to extend their stay and explore more attractions in Mandurah.
  • Making it an enticing stopover during a day tour of the region.

Mandurah Performing Arts Centre

Located in the heart of Mandurah, the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre (MPAC) is a cultural hub offering many entertainment options.

After immersing yourself in captivating performances, explore nearby dining options like the Stage Door Waterfront Restaurant, which offers delectable cuisine with stunning waterfront views, or the Peninsula Tea Gardens, for a delightful selection of teas and light bites.

While Mandurah caters more to day visitors, several accommodations nearby, including The Sebel Mandurah or Quest Mandurah, offer comfortable stays for those wishing to extend their visit. 

For a post-show hangout, stroll along the Mandurah Boardwalk, indulging in picturesque views of the marina or visit Dolphin Quay, known for its vibrant atmosphere, boutique shops, and charming cafes.

MPAC’s dynamic performances and the dining and leisure options nearby ensure a fulfilling day tour experience in Mandurah.

Dolphin Quay

In Mandurah, Western Australia, Dolphin Quay is a vibrant waterfront precinct, enticing tourists with its diverse offerings.

Culinary enthusiasts will relish the dining options at Dolphin Quay, where a medley of cafes and restaurants offers an array of flavours. Fresh seafood and foreign cuisine are available for guests to enjoy while taking in the tranquil views of the marina.

For those seeking a longer stay, nearby accommodations like The Sebel Mandurah and Mandurah Quay Resort provide comfortable visits with easy access to Dolphin Quay. 

This bustling hub also serves as an ideal spot for relaxation and socializing, boasting a lively atmosphere perfect for walking, enjoying the sea breeze, or browsing boutique shops.

Dolphin Quay’s captivating blend of dining, accommodations, and leisure opportunities beckons travellers for an unforgettable day tour experience by the waterfront in Mandurah, Australia.

Creery Wetland Nature Reserve

The Creery Wetland Nature Reserve is a serene sanctuary teeming with natural beauty and abundant wildlife, beckoning tourists for an enriching day tour. While the reserve doesn’t offer specific dining or accommodation options, nearby Mandurah provides an array of dining choices.

Visitors can relish local flavours at waterfront restaurants like The Stage Door Waterfront Restaurant or Dolphin Quay, savouring fresh seafood and stunning views after exploring the reserve.

Mandurah offers various options for accommodation, from cosy boutique hotels to waterfront apartments, ensuring a comfortable stay. Visitors can choose accommodations like Seashells Mandurah or Quest Mandurah, providing a relaxing retreat after a day of immersion in nature.

Additionally, after a day of exploring Creery Wetland, Mandurah boasts beautiful parklands and foreshores, ideal for leisurely hangouts. Relax at Mandurah Foreshore with its vibrant atmosphere, picturesque views, and tranquil surroundings, offering a perfect conclusion to a day filled with nature’s wonders.

The allure of Creery Wetland Nature Reserve, complemented by nearby dining, accommodation, and relaxing hangout spots in Mandurah, makes it an enticing destination for a fulfilling day tour experience.

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Experience Of The Tour

Prepare to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of Serpentine National Park, where forests, falling waterfalls, and serene hiking trails await, promising a tranquil communion with nature.

Encounter the enchanting realm of Penguin Island, a sanctuary bustling with vibrant birdlife and the playful antics of penguins, set against stunning coastal vistas. Feel the thrill at Adventure World, an amusement park with adrenaline-pumping rides and engaging attractions suitable for all ages.

These day trips epitomize the essence of Western Australia, ensuring an unforgettable blend of natural wonders, wildlife encounters, and boundless excitement within easy reach from Mandurah.


Q: What Makes Mandurah A Desirable Place To Live?

A: Apart from the stunning surroundings, there’s an abundance of excellent cafes, pubs, and restaurants, as well as a never-ending list of activities related to tourism, leisure, and recreation. In Mandurah, there truly is something for everyone.

Q: Compared To Perth, Is Mandurah Cooler?

A: Mandurah has a typical Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and cool winters, much like Perth. Clear skies and perfect weather make for a beautiful holiday in a seaside city. Between December and February, the summertime maximum temperature is 27°C, while the minimum temperature is 19°C.

Q: What Is The Mandurah City 15 Minutes Away?

A: Mandurah wants to be known as a “15-minute city” where people can quickly go from work to home, from retail to dining. This will make it easier for employees to work from home and draw in families looking for a better work-life balance.

Q: What Is The Number Of Homeless Individuals In Mandurah?

A: homelessness in its various manifestations throughout the City of Mandurah affects persons of all ages. Local sector data from March 2019 indicates that approximately 1600 persons in the area are either at risk of becoming homeless or have already experienced homelessness (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2017–18).

Q: Mandurah, Is It A Pleasant Suburb?

A: Mandurah offers fantastic shopping options with stores that may meet your requirements. Along with hotels and clubs that provide excellent entertainment, there is a good assortment of restaurants and fast-food establishments. There are plenty of locations for various sports and activities; thus, marks are well-served.

Additional Information

Some Additional Information about Day Trips From Mandurah

Transport Options: Consider various modes like car rentals, guided tours, public transport, or private shuttles to access day trip destinations.

Weather Consideration: Check weather forecasts and pack for outdoor activities, especially when planning beach visits or nature trails.

Tour Packages: Look for tour packages or guided excursions tailored to specific interests like wildlife, adventure, or cultural exploration.

Entry Fees And Reservations: Some attractions may require entry fees or advance reservations, so planning and booking ahead is advisable.

Local Cuisine: Explore dining options in nearby towns or attractions to savour local delicacies and maximise your day trip experience.

Duration And Timing: Plan your day trip considering the travel time and the duration required at each attraction to maximize your experience within the available time frame.

Accessibility: Some destinations may have limitations; check for facilities for differently-abled individuals if needed.

Local Guides: Consider hiring local guides for a more immersive and informative experience, especially at historical sites or nature reserves.

Ecotourism Practices: Embrace principles by following trail etiquette, respecting wildlife, and adhering to park regulations to preserve the natural environment.

Safety Measures: Prioritize safety by carrying essentials like insect repellent and a first aid kit, especially for outdoor activities.

Travel Tips

Some travel tips for your trip help-

Plan Ahead: Research and plan your day trip itinerary, including destinations, activities, and transportation options, to maximise your time.

Check Timings: Check opening hours, tour schedules, and any time restrictions at your chosen destinations to ensure a smooth visit.

Pack Essentials: Carry water, sunscreen, a hat, comfortable walking shoes, insect repellent, and a camera to capture memorable moments.

Be Weather-Ready: Western Australia’s weather can be changeable, so dress in layers and be prepared for unexpected weather changes, especially if visiting outdoor sites.

Transportation: Choose transportation that suits your preferences, whether renting a car, joining guided tours, using public transport, or hiring a private shuttle.

Local Information: Engage with locals or guides for insider tips, recommendations, and lesser-known attractions to enhance your experience.

Respect Nature And Wildlife: Practice responsible tourism by following park rules, respecting wildlife, and leaving no trace while exploring natural sites.

Stay Informed: Stay updated with local news, road conditions, and any potential closures or maintenance work on your planned routes or destinations.

Enjoy Flexibility: Allow your schedule to adapt to unexpected discoveries or additional attractions, making your day trip more adventurous and enjoyable.

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