Day Trips From Yeppoon: Explore The Surrounding

Day Trips From Yeppoon
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Unveil the hidden treasures of day trips from Yeppoon and surrounding Yeppoon as we delve into a journey of day trips, where every road leads to a new adventure.

From the turquoise waters of Great Keppel Island to the rugged beauty of Byfield National Park, join us on a virtual exploration of the captivating excursions awaiting just beyond Yeppoon’s shores. 

Whether you crave the thrill of Hooked Fishing Charters or the serenity of scenic drives along the Capricorn Coast, this blog guides exceptional day trips, promising a symphony of experiences that redefine your perception of leisure and discovery.

Get ready to wander, wonder, and weave your own tales in the picturesque tapestry of Yeppoon’s surroundings.

Day Trips From Yeppoon Surrounding Worth A Visit

Yeppoon is an excellent base for exploring the surrounding areas, with several day trips worth taking. One of the most popular day trips is to Great Keppel Island, which can be reached by ferry from Yeppoon.

Visitors can spend the day snorkelling on idyllic beaches, enjoying water sports, and exploring the island’s natural beauty. Another option is to take a fishing charter to the best spots on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, home to plenty of beaches and rocky peninsulas perfect for throwing a line in. 

For those interested in ancient landscapes and wildlife, day trips from Rockhampton take visitors to meet the world’s oldest living predators and jump into the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Other nearby attractions worth visiting include:

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North Of Yeppoon

Byfield is a town located north of Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia. It is known for its beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, and diverse wildlife. The town offers a range of accommodation options to suit every budget and preference, including bed and breakfasts, resorts, and motels. Some of the top hotels in Byfield are:

The Homestead: A charming bed and breakfast located in the heart of Byfield, offering guests a cosy and comfortable stay. The Homestead is known for its warm hospitality and well-appointed rooms.

Ferns Hideaway Resort: This resort offers a peaceful and secluded getaway for couples and families, featuring private cabins with modern amenities and beautiful views of the surrounding rainforest.

Castle Rock Farm: A unique accommodation option that combines a farm stay with a touch of luxury. Castle Rock Farm offers guests the opportunity to experience life on a working farm, with comfortable rooms and access to various farm activities.

Bayview Tower: A modern motel offering spacious rooms with free WiFi, an outdoor pool, and a fitness centre. The Bayview Tower is conveniently located near popular attractions and dining options.

Sail Inn Motel: This motel provides comfortable rooms for travellers, with easy access to various local attractions and dining options.

Byfield is a popular destination for nature lovers, offering attractions such as the Byfield National Park, Byfield Beach, and the Byfield Rainforest Walk. The town also provides various dining and shopping options, catering to residents and visitors.

East Of Yeppoon

Wilson Island

Wilson Island stands as a secluded coral cay, positioned just north of the Tropic of Capricorn, approximately 80 km northeast of the shores of Gladstone. Accessible solely through Heron Island, Wilson Island beckons nature aficionados to an exclusive and serene refuge. Celebrated for its unspoiled shorelines, crystalline waters, and a profusion of marine life, the island emerges as an idyllic haven for indulging in snorkelling, diving, and unwinding amidst nature’s splendour.

Heron Island Resort

The Heron Island Resort, an upscale beachfront establishment, presents an elegant dining venue, a sophisticated bar, and complimentary breakfast offerings. Nestled on Heron Island, this resort delivers a refined eco-experience and the rare opportunity to witness the enchantment of the world’s largest coral reef.

Accommodation options span from rooms within an ancient Pisonia Forest to beachside accommodations mere steps from the water’s edge. Patrons can partake in various activities, including snorkelling, diving, guided nature strolls, celestial observations, and indulgent spa sessions. The Heron Island Resort is an ideal haven for those pursuing an underwater odyssey, a nature-centric retreat, or a tranquil beach escape.

Heron Island

Heron Island, globally renowned for its breathtaking coral reef and serving as a haven for an extraordinary array of marine life, offers an authentic eco-experience and a distinctive chance to witness the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. Infusing an atmosphere of relaxed, unpretentious comfort, the island provides immediate access to waters of remarkable clarity, teeming with vibrant fish, turtles, rays, and reef sharks.

Heron Island caters to enthusiasts of all levels, boasting 20 dive sites reachable by boat within moments of the jetty. Guests can also partake in guided nature ambles, celestial observation excursions, and revel in panoramic reef vistas at Baillie’s Bar.

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Southwest Of Yeppoon

Denison Boutique Hotel

The Denison Boutique Hotel, nestled in Rockhampton, Australia, epitomises a refined retreat in a heritage-listed structure with 130 years of history. Built-in 1885, it offers 18 lavish suites graced with rustic charm, high ceilings, and furnishings evoking a bygone era.

Renowned for exclusive spa tubs, complimentary WiFi, and cutting-edge plasma TVs, the hotel extends a full-service spa, free parking, and facilities for mobility-challenged guests.

It is a preferred choice for a short stroll from Fitzroy River and a quick drive from Rockhampton Railway Station. Notable spots like Botanic Gardens and Rockhampton Airport are a brief 10-minute drive, making it ideal for romantic getaways and business travellers.


Gracemere, a locale southwest of Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia, exudes tranquillity in its amalgamation of rural expanses and residential districts. Bestowing a serene ambience, this town offers an array of amenities and services to residents and sojourners alike, including diverse lodging options, culinary establishments, and recreational havens.

Travelodge Rockhampton

The Travelodge Rockhampton emerges as a contemporary sanctuary nestled in the heart of Rockhampton, catering to the needs of discerning travellers. Presenting well-appointed chambers, complimentary WiFi, an alfresco pool, and a fitness enclave, this establishment stands near popular attractions, dining havens, and shopping precincts. A paragon of convenience for both leisurely wanderers and astute business sojourners.


Wandal, a Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia suburb, distinguishes itself through residential enclaves and local amenities. Wandal beckons as an appealing residence for families and individuals seeking a harmonious and well-connected community, offering a spectrum of housing choices, verdant parks, and educational institutions.


Rockhampton, oft-labelled as the “Beef Capital of Australia,” finds its abode in Central Queensland. Celebrated for its cultural tapestry, historical architectural marvels, and a pulsating arts panorama, this city unfurls many attractions.

The Rockhampton Botanic Gardens, the subterranean marvels of Capricorn Caves, and the captivating Rockhampton Zoo are a testament to the city’s multifaceted charm. Complementing this, Rockhampton extends an eclectic array of dining establishments, shopping venues, and entertainment junctures, catering to the discerning tastes of residents and guests alike.

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Southeast Of Yeppoon

Lady Musgrave Island

Lady Musgrave Island, an enchanting coral cay positioned southeast of Yeppoon, Queensland, forms a captivating part of the Capricornia Cays National Park. Distinguished for its immaculate coastlines, lively marine ecosystems, and waters of unparalleled clarity, this island stands as a testament to natural beauty.

Adventurers can take guided strolls across the island, indulge in snorkelling excursions, and embark on glass-bottom boat tours to delve into the island’s pristine allure. Accessible by boat, with departure points from Bundaberg, Lady Musgrave Island promises an indelible experience for those with a penchant for nature and a thirst for adventure.

Lady Elliot Island

Lady Elliot Island, located southeast of Yeppoon, stands as a coral cay at the southernmost tip of the Great Barrier Reef. Revered for its extraordinary marine biodiversity, the island emerges as a favoured destination for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts.

Providing eco-resort accommodations and an array of activities, including guided reef ambles, encounters with turtles, and bird-watching escapades, Lady Elliot Island presents an immersive experience tailored for nature aficionados and conservation advocates.

Seventeen Seventy

Seventeen Seventy, colloquially known as 1770, unfolds as a coastal town nestled southeast of Yeppoon, bearing historical significance as the locale of Captain James Cook’s inaugural landing in Queensland in 1770. With its picturesque beaches, abundant fishing opportunities, and gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, the town stands as a sought-after destination for aquatic pursuits and historical exploration.

Agnes Water

Agnes Water, a coastal town proximate to Seventeen Seventy, unveils its charms with alluring beaches, expansive national parks, and an atmosphere of seaside tranquillity. Recognized for its surfing havens, outdoor escapades, and proximity to the Southern Great Barrier Reef, Agnes Water invites visitors to revel in kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and explorations within the nearby Eurimbula National Park.

Mon Repos Walking Track

The Mon Repos Walking Track, a scenic coastal route 4.5 kilometres near Mon Repos Beach, southeast of Yeppoon, offers breathtaking shoreline vistas. Renowned for its role as a nesting site for loggerhead turtles, this trail, nestled within the Mon Repos Conservation Park, provides a unique educational experience for nature enthusiasts.

During the nesting season, visitors can witness turtle nesting and hatching, adding a distinctive dimension to their connection with nature.


Bargara, a coastal enclave southeast of Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia, graces the shoreline with its allure. Renowned for its exquisite beaches, particularly The Basin, a coveted site for snorkelling, and Turtle Park, an idyllic spot for families, the town beckons with various outdoor pursuits.

From exploring the rock pools at Barolin Rocks to savouring the panoramic vistas at The Hummock Lookout, Bargara captivates nature enthusiasts and those seeking strolls.

Home to the Mon Repos Turtle Centre, a distinguished turtle rookery, Bargara serves as the origin of the Mon Repos walking track, a breathtaking 4.5-kilometre coastal promenade culminating at the turtle centre.

Mon Repos

Mon Repos, a conservation haven located approximately 14 kilometres from Bundaberg, Queensland, is a venerable turtle rookery housing the acclaimed Mon Repos Turtle Centre.

The Mon Repos walking track, a scenic 4.5-kilometre coastal pathway, guides visitors to the turtle centre, providing an enlightening experience about conservation efforts and an intimate encounter with the nesting and hatching of sea turtles.

The park presents a unique opportunity to witness these captivating creatures in their natural habitat.

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Bundaberg, southeast of Yeppoon, emerges as a city steeped in history and culture, earning its place as one of Queensland’s premier tourist destinations. Famed for sugarcane plantations, historical landmarks, and access to the Great Barrier Reef, the city offers an array of attractions.

From the Bundaberg Rum Distillery to the Hinkler Hall of Aviation and the scenic Bargara Beach, visitors can immerse themselves in diverse experiences. The city also invites exploration of the Mon Repos Turtle Centre and engagement in outdoor pursuits like snorkelling, rock pool exploration, and visits to the scenic Hummock Lookout.

Tannum Sands And Hotel / Motel

Tannum Sands, a coastal retreat southeast of Yeppoon, paints a picturesque scene with its pristine beaches and a wealth of outdoor recreational possibilities. Exuding a laid-back coastal lifestyle, the town proves an ideal haven for beach enthusiasts and nature aficionados.

The Tannum Sands Hotel / Motel, offering comfortable accommodations, is strategically positioned just a brief 5-minute walk from Boyne Tannum Turtleway Artscape. Comprising 9 rooms and surrounded by a coffee shop and a bar, the establishment provides convenient access to the charms of Tannum Sands, catering to travellers exploring the area.

Boyne Island

It is situated in the Gladstone Region of Queensland, Australia, as a coastal town and locality located 25 kilometres south of Gladstone. Situated on the western bank of the Boyne River, this locale, although often colloquially termed an island, is technically a holm—a type of island within a river or estuary.

Offering a laid-back coastal lifestyle amid scenic surroundings, Boyne Island is an appealing haven for visitors. In the 2021 census, the town was home to 4,835 residents, covering an expanse of 49.4 km². Boasting various amenities, including parks, a public library, and the St Mark’s Anglican Church, Boyne Island is proud to host the Boyne Island Tannum Sands Golf Course and events like the Gladstone District Rugby League competition.


This city in Queensland, Australia, distinguishes itself with industrial and port facilities. As a gateway to the southern Great Barrier Reef, Gladstone is a central hub for mining, engineering, and primary industries in the region. Beyond its industrial prowess, the city beckons with cultural sites, parks, and recreational opportunities, solidifying its status as a significant centre for business and commerce in the area.

Gin Gin

Situated in the Bundaberg Region of Queensland, Australia, southeast of Yeppoon, is celebrated for its rural ambience and agricultural pursuits. Imbued with tranquillity and scenic charm, Gin Gin offers residents and visitors various services and facilities. This includes accommodation choices, dining establishments, and local attractions, making it an inviting locale for those seeking a peaceful retreat.


Calliope, a town and locality in the Gladstone Region of Queensland, Australia, southeast of Yeppoon, stands out for its historical significance and natural allure. Offering a spectrum of outdoor activities and attractions, Calliope ensures a fulfilling experience for travellers. The town provides essential amenities such as parks, shopping centres, and community events, enhancing its appeal as a destination for those exploring the region.

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Some Ideal Times And Places To Explore 

DestinationBest Time To Visit
Great Keppel IslandYear-round, the warmest months are January to March and October to December. Ideal for snorkelling and beach activities.
Capricorn CavesYear-round, with cooler months from June to August. Ideal for cave exploration and guided tours.
Koorana Crocodile FarmYear-round, with cooler months from June to August. Ideal for crocodile feeding and farm tours.
Yeppoon Lagoonis Year-round, with the warmest months in January to March and October to December. Ideal for swimming and relaxation.
Rockhampton Heritage VillageYear-round, with cooler months from June to August. It is ideal for experiencing the Living History Museum and heritage displays.

When planning day trips from Yeppoon, it’s essential to consider the weather and seasonal variations. The best time to visit these destinations is generally year-round, with some variations in activities based on the weather. For instance, the warmest months, from January to March and October to December, are ideal for beach activities and snorkelling at Great Keppel Island and Yeppoon Lagoon. 

On the other hand, cooler months from June to August are suitable for cave exploration at Capricorn Caves and visiting the Rockhampton Heritage Village. Therefore, visitors can enjoy these day trips throughout the year, with the opportunity to engage in different activities based on the seasonal weather patterns.


What Are Some Popular Tours And Excursions From Yeppoon?

Discover a multitude of captivating experiences with renowned tours like Freedom Fast Cats, Funtastic Cruises, Sail Capricornia, and unique adventures such as Free Spirit Trike Tours, Heli-Central, Causeway Hire Boat, and Hooked Fishing Charters.

What Are Some Things To Do In Yeppoon’s Surrounding Areas?

Immerse yourself in the allure of Great Keppel Island on a day trip, offering opportunities for snorkelling, swimming, and water activities. Explore nearby gems like Byfield National Park, the fascinating Capricorn Caves, and the captivating Rockhampton Zoo.

What Are Some Nearby Towns And Cities Worth Visiting?

Experience the charm of Gracemere, Wandal, and Rockhampton, close neighbours to Yeppoon. These locales extend a variety of attractions, amenities, and additional options for dining, shopping, and recreational pursuits, enriching your exploration.

Are There Any Scenic Drives Or Road Trips Worth Taking From Yeppoon?

Experience breathtaking journeys like the scenic drive to the Capricorn Coast, revealing stunning coastline views and surrounding countryside. Alternatively, explore the roads leading to Rockhampton or venture into nearby national parks, each promising a picturesque adventure.

What Are Some Towns And Cities Within A Day’s Drive Of Yeppoon?

Uncover the beauty of South West Rocks, Kempsey, and Armidale, all within a day’s drive from Yeppoon. These destinations open up exciting day trip possibilities, inviting visitors to delve into the rich offerings of the surrounding regions.


To sum up, as our day trips from Yeppoon draw to a close, we reflect on the rich tapestry of experiences woven across coastal wonders, historic sites, and natural marvels. From the exhilarating waves with Hooked Fishing Charters to the tranquil moments within Byfield National Park, each excursion has etched its indelible mark on our journey. 

The hidden gems, charming towns, and scenic drives have collectively crafted an exceptional narrative of exploration. As you bid farewell to this virtual escapade, may the echoes of these day-trip revelations linger, inspiring your next adventure beyond Yeppoon’s horizon. Until then, keep wandering, keep discovering, for the allure of exploration never truly fades.

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