Explore Daydream Island Day Trip With Details

Daydream Island Day Trip
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This small island is close to the mainland and only fifteen minutes from the Airlie Maritime Terminal at Airlie Beach. You can feel the beauty and enjoy Daydream Island with a Full Day Island Escape. Everything is included in this day trip so that you can enjoy a daydream island day trip perfectly.

Spend time taking in the laid-back vibe, using your free time however you’d like. So you can look forward to spending your time on your way to an unforgettable island escape. 

Activities You Can Have On Daydream Island

Well, you will have a wonderful time on this day’s tour. You might be thinking, why? The reason is you are going to involve yourself with a lot of exciting things day long. But it is highly recommended to attend the last boat if you’ve booked your accommodation before the boat departs. Therefore, see below what is waiting for you on this trip.

  • Enjoy the ocean views while you unwind by the resort pool.
  • Experience the fascinating and lovely Living Reef.
  • Watch the live fish feeding display at the Living Reef.
  • Watch the live fish feeding display at the Living Reef.
  • Excellent special lunch at Inkstone Kitchen & Bar.

What Things Will Be Included

There will be a lot of entertaining activities featured. However, you will get some things included in the package like.

  • All marine & park fees
  • All ferry transfers
  • Two-course lunch at Inkstone Kitchen & Bar
  • Drinks, snacks, onboard purchases, and island activities 

What Will Be Omitted

Well, there are some things that you need to have your own to make your tour. It is just some simple kinds of stuff that you carry on your usual trips those are.

  • A Photo Identification
  • Swimming Suit With A Beach Towel
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a sunhat
  • Casual clothes for a relaxed or calm day
  • A Camera
  • Credit card or cash

What You Will Get On The Trip

This fun day on Daydream Island will be an excellent way to experience island life. You will start your day from Hamilton Island or Airlie Beach and visit the beautiful Daydream Island, Which has recently been renovated and is now better than ever. You’ll be led off the boat and into a day of fun on Daydream as soon as you arrive. 

Swim in the pool near the ocean, wander about the hotel grounds, and see the recently expanded Living Reef, our take on a miniature Great Barrier Reef. You can experience more than 100 different kinds of living things, and our on-site marine biologists will educate you about the magnificent creatures that inhabit our tiny reef.

A two-course meal at Inkstone Kitchen & Bar, where you can take in views of the surrounding islands while dining, is also included in the package’s price.

Experience On Daydream Island Day Trip

Daydream Island, situated in the centre of the Great Barrier Reef, is a fantastic spot to spend the day exploring. Depart from Airlie Beach on a morning ferry and arrive on the island in time for lunch at the resort’s Inkstone Kitchen & Bar.

After lunch, enjoy some free time to relax on the beach, swim, or explore the island’s many attractions, such as the Living Reef, the Daydream Spa, or the rainforest boardwalk. In the afternoon, take a glass-bottom boat tour to see the coral reefs and marine life up close. Return to Airlie Beach in the evening. 

Daydream Island is situated in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. It is a stunning place to spend a day exploring. At the same time, you will arrive on the island in time for lunch at the resort’s Inkstone Kitchen & Bar by taking a morning ferry from Airlie Beach.

After lunch, take advantage of some free time to relax on the beach, go swimming, or check out some other beautiful sites on the islands, such as the Living Reef, the Day-dream Spa, or the boardwalk through the rainforest. Take a glass-bottom boat excursion in the afternoon to closely examine the coral reefs and marine creatures. After dark, return to Airlie Beach. 

Important Information

Infant meals are not included, but infants 0 to 3 years old travel completely free. At check-in, visitors must present an acceptable identification to verify the type of their tickets, such as a senior or child ticket. You must pay a fee or variation in fare to travel.

Therefore, you must present proper proof of identity to satisfy the requirements of your ticket to travel. The weather has an impact on all departures and routes. The tour operator can change or postpone a tour for any reason.

The tour operator retains the right to revise rates, change schedules, tack on a fuel cost, cancel departures, find substitute transportation, and alter itineraries and services if necessary.

To ensure that this journey is appropriate, it is advised to indicate whether any passengers will be under 18 during the reservation.

As your voucher states, you must confirm all tour reservations before travelling. Confirming any relevant comments, such as dietary restrictions, pick-up locations, and additional costs, is also recommended.

As noted on each ticket, reconciliation must be made directly with the Service Operator; they cannot be processed through Sailing Whitsundays/Mr. Any inconsistencies with your ticket must be reported to us immediately.

Please carefully examine the information on your voucher to ensure that all information, including passenger names, ages, and travel dates, is accurate.

All guests must disclose any medical issues, including food allergies, to the vessel check-in agent and their travel agent when booking. Before the scheduled departure time, you must give yourself enough time to check-in. 

Additional Information

You might need some more information to complete your trip correctly. Let’s see below to get all the other information that you need.

Extra Expenses

The service provider keeps the authority to change rates and additional fees. EMC fees, stinger suit/wetsuit rental, luggage storage, insurance, linen rental, national park fees, fuel levies, dietary fees, etc., are additional expenses. Bonds may also be necessary.

Additionally, they will try to inform you about any additional expenses at the time of reservation and on your ticket. When you reconfirm your trip, you must check with each Service Provider to see whether any additional fees (if any) might apply.

Travel Insurance and Risk

Travelling on an adventure involves risk. It should be remembered even though they go to great lengths to protect their customers. Therefore, they are not liable for any losses or injuries brought on by our customers’ independent decisions.

We strongly suggest all of our clients have travel insurance that covers protection from medical costs, accidents, loss or damage to their goods, and travel cancellation on the day of departure.

Additionally, you should confirm that your travel insurance will cover extraordinary conditions, such as weather-related delays or cancellations of flights caused by unanticipated incidents. 


The Service Operator retains the right to restrict courtesy transfers to particular nearby lodgings. You can be required to meet at the closest official site if you’re at a private residence or an Airbnb property.

If you don’t show up at the agreed-upon pick-up place, it could be considered a “No Show,” in which case the client cancellation policy would be in effect.


Changes may be made to the terms and conditions, which include the cancellation policy. You can find the latest iterations on the respective product pages online. 

Open-Date Gift Certificates / Vouchers

The shipping cost will be paid at checkout and is not included in the ticket price. Shipping fees are not included in the ticket price and are not refundable. 

E-Vouchers Don’t Have Delivery Costs

The value of the voucher may be used within five years. Travelling outside the current season’s pricing will increase seasonal prices. Up to the total value of the coupon, minus credit card fees, vouchers can be exchanged for free.

Cancellation Process

Due to many circumstances, you or your service provider may need to cancel your trip. Therefore you can get the information below about the cancellation process.

Client Cancellations

All cancellations result in a 25% loss of the RRP, not the discounted or sale price. 100% of the ticket money is forfeited for no-shows, or client cancellations made less than 72 hours before departure. 

The provider may decide to make transfers between tours. It should be noted that supplier fees can be necessary. A $20 administrative fee is also charged for tour transfers. 

Supplier Cancellations

The service provider retains the right to adjust costs, modify itineraries, tack on a fuel surcharge, postpone departures, find substitute transportation, and alter rates, itineraries, and services as necessary.

The weather has an impact on all departures and routes. The Service Operator reserves the right to alter or cancel any tour for any reason.

Suppose we cannot provide a suitable substitute, and the Service Operator must cancel the trip or activity (before departure). A refund will then be issued, less than a 20% administration fee and related card fees. Travel insurance is highly advised, especially during the rainy season.

All guest communications must go through our Online Store via phone or email in the unlikely case that your trip is postponed or cancelled. Despite having a physical location in Airlie Beach, Sailing Whitsundays operates independently and cannot view reservations made through the Mr Travel online department.


What is Daydream Island?

Ans: Off the coast of Queensland, Australia’s Whitsunday Islands contain the charming island of Day-dream Island. It is known for its stunning beaches, lush landscapes, and vibrant marine life.

How Can I Reach Daydream Island For A Day Trip?

To reach Daydream Island for a day trip, you can take a ferry or a boat from Airlie Beach or Hamilton Island. Regular services are offered; depending on the departure place, the trip typically lasts between 30 and 1 hour.

What Are The Main Attractions On Daydream Island?

Ans: Daydream Island offers a range of attractions for visitors. Some popular attractions include the Living Reef, where you can interact with marine life, the Daydream Island Resort’s beautiful pools and amenities, and various water sports activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

Are There Any Accommodation Options Available On Daydream Island?

Ans: Daydream Island has a stunning resort that offers visitors comfortable and luxurious accommodation options. The Daydream Island Resort features well-appointed rooms, suites, and villas with picturesque views of the island and the surrounding ocean.

Can I Go Snorkeling Or Scuba Diving On Daydream Island?

Ans: Yes, you can. Daydream Island is a fantastic destination for snorkelling and scuba diving enthusiasts. The island is surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef, allowing one to explore its vibrant coral reefs and encounter diverse marine life.

Final Words

Daydream Island is primarily a family destination. Both the beaches and the bushwalks on the island are short. 1 km long and 400 meters wide and only 51 meters at its highest point. It also is a suitable destination for conferences, meetings, and weddings.

Paddleboard tours, sunset kayak tours, kayak adventures, kids club, glass bottom kayaks, golf driving nets, and makeup workshops. You can have a memorable trip while you travel to Daydream Island. Enjoy Australia Because there is nothing like Australia.

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