Does Travel Insurance Cover Cancelled Flights?

Does Travel Insurance Cover Cancelled Flights
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If you decide not to go on your trip after your flight is cancelled, the airline handles the airfare refund, says Durazo. Although, for travel expenditures besides flights, a travel insurance policy defends your total trip money by giving refunds for prepaid, irrecoverable expenses like journeys and lodging when the trip is cancelled for a reason concealed by the policy.

What the Airline Covers

If the airline revokes your flight or there is a “major delay,” and you choose not to travel, governmental law orders that the airline refund your ticket money. 

The DOT has not briefed accurately what forms a “major delay.” Regarding airline customer security, the DOT website stated, “Whether you are eligible for a refund depends on many components—including the time duration of the postponement, the length of the flight, and your specific conditions.” The DOT identifies if delays need a refund on a case-by-case basis.

What Travel Insurance Covers

Suppose your flight was revoked due to personal reasons listed in your travel assurance policy—such as spontaneous failure, the airline’s insolvency, or the closing of the air traffic control system. Your trip annulment insurance can reimburse your misplaced, redeemable trip costs. A policy will generally cover expenses up to the time and date of your leaving.

Even “cancel for any reason” (CFAR) assurance might not help coat your lost money. CFAR is an elevator you can buy to receive limited compensation when you sprint a trip for reasons over what’s listed in your policy. But CFAR supports only apply if you cancel at least 48 hours before leaving. Therefore, if you decide to cancel a couple of hours before your original expected going time, you likely won’t be qualified to file a CFAR claim.

Can I Be Covered If I Choose To Cancel A Flight Myself?

Your travel insurance policy can conceal costs if you have to cancel your flight. Although, this is commonly under significant conditions, such as:

  • Unexpected illness, injury, or medical crisis endured by you or your close kin, your designated travelling partner, or the person you would remain with when you were away.
  • If you follow a court of law as an onlooker or on jury service.
  • Another one, you or your buddy are part of the armed forces, police, fire, nursing, or ambulance services or a government worker who can’t travel because the authority doesn’t permit them to leave.
  • In case the police seek you to stay at home or return from your holiday because of injury to your home caused by fire, burst, or flood.
  • Whether you’ve just determined not to travel, or if you’ve been refused or abdicated from your job and can’t allow your holiday further, you’re unlikely to be able to use your travel insurance to claim back flight costs.

Am I Covered Against Cancelled Or Delayed Flights Out Of My Control?

It’s usually a supposing game to discover who’s liable for paying you if you can’t create your flight in this situation. Still, your insurance supplier is generally the best person to talk to first, and they can counsel you on how to go about acquiring your cash back.

Travel Insurance

If your flight is cancelled because of natural calamities, you won’t generally be able to get remuneration immediately from the airline as it wasn’t their mistake. In this case, you could demand the flight’s annulment through your travel protection. Travel insurance that coats flight negations may permit you to retrieve all your costs if

  • Your flight has been postponed for more than 24 hours.
  • The flight you cancelled, and the airline needs to fix you on a substitute flight within 24 hours.

What Are My Rights If My Flight Is Cancelled?

Your airline must offer compensation if your flight is cancelled or significantly delayed. Relying on the revocation situation, you’ll either be licensed to receive a refund directly from the airline or through an allegation on your travel insurance policy. Check your policy phrasing for details on whichever you’re concealed. 

How Can I Get Compensation If My Flight Is Cancelled?

Your airline should compensate you if your flight is cancelled or seriously delayed. To find out the airline’s particular method for making a claim, check its website or call in.

You’d have the right to a total rebate or indemnity if your flight were between the UK and EU (no matter the airline) or any flight handled by a UK-based airline. The quantity you could get in refund may differ depending on the range of the interruption you experienced.

It’s also essential to check what’s concealed by the travel cancellation part of your travel insurance. A travel insurance claim might help you to get the cost of your holiday, for your booked car, cancel a linked flight, or to cover that hotel room you reserved earlier. These costs can sum up, so it’s well-valued to find out what parts of a holiday are fulfilled by your insurance before you go off. 

How Long Do You Have To Be Delayed On A Flight To Get Compensation?

What you’re designated to will depend on how long you’ve been deferred. The postponement must be caused by something judged to be within the airline’s management, such as hiring problems. Bad weather or airport employee strikes would be considered outside the airline’s control.

  • The airline must give vouchers for food and drink if the flight is two hours delayed. They’ll also need to ensure you can make phone calls or send emails. 
  • You’re eligible for financial compensation if delayed for over three hours. Your refund will depend on the distance of the flight, the length of the delay, and where you’re flying between. You could be given up to €600 per customer, except if the customer travelled for free.
  • If your flight is delayed for over five hours, the airline must compensate you if you decide not to take the flight. This includes advancing flights and return flights. 

However, the flight you choose for going may have been delayed overnight then you’re given housing, even if you decide not to take the flight. Airlines will repay you for ‘reasonable’ expenses, such as hiring a taxi to the hotel.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Accommodation If My Flight Is Cancelled?

  • If you have cancellation coverage as part of your travel insurance policy, you should receive a full refund for your flight and housing.
  • If you booked your flight and housing individually, the airline won’t be answerable for your hotel booking, which means you’d need to make a travel insurance claim mainly.
  • Whether you booked your flight as part of a bundle, your tour manipulator should offer a refund or a substitute booking for your flight and hotel.
  • Suppose your holiday isn’t under a packaging deal. In that case, your insurance plays a more significant role as it can cover every possible thing of the journey, from the flight to your housing and any pre-booked trips you’ve repaid for.


Q1: Will Travel Insurance Cover Flight Cancellation Because Of An Airline Strike?

A1: It depends on your travel insurance provider. Some policies exclude cover for airline strikes, so check the terms and conditions before buying. Even if you’re covered, you can only claim through your flight travel insurance if the strike they do isn’t intended when you took out your policy. You won’t be covered if you buy your travel insurance after a strike has been declared.

Q2: Why Do I Need Travel Insurance If I Can Claim Compensation From The Airline?

A2: Even if the airline refunds you for a flight, you’ll still need protection for other non-refundable expenses if your trip is interrupted. As well as travel insurance for flights, your policy will also cover emergency medical costs, including repatriation if you must be flown home because of illness or injury. You’ll also be covered if your baggage is lost, stolen, or damaged through no fault.


Inclusive travel insurance usually covers cancelled flights that delay your trip for at least 3–12 hours. Depending on your plan, you may modify trip cancellation coverage if your flight is delayed more than 12 hours.

But if your flight is cancelled and rebooked in less than 3 hours, cancellation-related costs likely won’t be covered through your travel insurance. And most plans only offer coverage for trip cancellation or intermission due to a flight delay related to stormy weather, strike, or probably mechanical issues.

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