Dubbo to Broken Hill Road Trip – 6 Must See Spots Along the Way

Dubbo to Broken Hill Road Trip
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Dubbo, located in the Orana Region of Australia, is a thriving rural city on the banks of the gorgeous Macquarie River. Dubbo can hold its own against any significant metropolis in terms of entertainment value.

Several notable attractions in the area, including the zoo, may keep visitors busy for a weekend or more. Dubbo to Broken Hill road trip can also be a sweet memory for you, but it will take at least two days of driving time.

Though it is not the fastest or cheapest option, a road journey from Dubbo to Broken Hill is worth adding to your itinerary. Warren, Nyngan, Cobar, Noona, and Wilcannia are just a few breathtaking places you can see if you take a road trip.

Join me as I experience the beauty of Australia’s countryside.

Under perfect conditions, the trip from Dubbo to Broken Hill, a distance of 671 kilometres, should take 8 hours and 57 minutes. Even with only a week to spare, it is possible to see some of the world’s most exciting metropolises. Between Dubbo and Broken Hill, these are some of the best tourist traps you cannot miss.

The Route, Stops, and Attractions along the Way from Dubbo to Broken Hill Road Trip:

Bus Distance9 hours
Car Distance7 hours 47 minutes
Train+Bus9 hours 21 minutes
Nearest AirportBroken Hill Airport

The journey from Dubbo to Broken Hill through rural New South Wales is exciting. It is a great road trip for those wishing to experience Australia’s bumpy side with its incredible open expanses.

The distance between Dubbo and Broken Hill is 752 kilometres, or about 7 hours and 53 minutes by car. Nyngan, Cobar, and the Menindee Lakes are all fantastic options for pit stops on a road journey.

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Dubbo to Warren

Sunset in Warren NSW
Sunset in Warren NSW.JPG – Wikimedia Commons

The driving distance from Dubbo to Warren is approximately 126 kilometres. The travel from Dubbo to Warren takes around 1 hour and 28 minutes. Warren is a sleepy riverside village in New South Wales, Australia. It is primarily a sheep- and cotton-farming region that it represents.

The nearby Tiger Bay Wetlands are a paradise for birdwatchers and one of the area’s top attractions. The region’s enormous cotton economy and spectacular Macquarie Marshes ebb and flow. The Red River Gum Walk is far from Burton Street in Macquarie Park. Along the banks of the Macquarie River, the town’s parks provide a tranquil escape with plenty of picnic space.

Furthermore, Warren’s downtown has a certain quaint, old-world appeal. Locations such as Oxley Park Wharf, Bob Christensen Reserve, Warren Weir, Brian Egan Weir, and Quinines Reserve on the Macquarie River are popular with voyagers.

Warren to Nyngan

Big Bogan Nyngan 2017 01
Big Bogan, Nyngan – Wikimedia Commons

There are 63 kilometres between Warren and Nyngan. You may have to drive 77.9 kilometres. It takes a to get from Warren to Nyngan is around 56 minutes. The city’s most notable attractions are the Nyngan Museum and the Big Bogan.

The Nyngan Museum and the Mid-State Shearing Shed are the area’s two most significant cultural landmarks. Big Bogan, however, is the reason most people stop in Nyngan. This place excels in attaching itself to visitors precisely because of its vacuity. 

Nyngan to Cobar

1280px Cobar welcome sign 2017 02
Cobar welcome sign – Wikimedia Commons

The trip from Nyngan to Cobar is 131 kilometres long and should take about 1 hour and 21 minutes by car. The journey begins in Nyngan and continues almost entirely along the Barrier Highway. Miandetta, Armidale, and Canbelego are just a few of the charming towns.

Canbelego is home to what is left of the historic Mount Boppy Gold Mine. The Great Cobar Museum examines the history of copper mining in the city and is well worth a visit. The Cobar Sound Chapel is an art project housed in a decommissioned water tank.

At the same time, the Fort Bourke Hill Lookout provides views of the active mining operations below. There are a few places to stay in Cobar, such as the Cross Roads Motel with its swimming pool and the Cobar Caravan Park, which is affordable for those on a tighter budget

Cobar to Noona

Darling River waterfall scaled
Darling River waterfall – Wikimedia Commons

Located in the Cobar Area, Noona is a tiny rural community in New South Wales. The trip along the Barrier highway will take about an hour and a half, or 100.7 kilometres. Mount Grenfell Historic Site on the Darling River is a beautiful spot with picnic tables and interesting native marks.

Take a stroll around Newey Reservoir, and you could think you are in the middle of the desert. The walking track at the Mulgowan Aboriginal Art Site is another fantastic location to take in Noona. 

Noona to Wilcannia

2560px Wilcannia Athenaeum 2017 01
Wilcannia Athenaeum – Wikimedia Commons

Day trips or weekend getaways of up to 190 kilometres in length are doable from here. In the 19th century, Wilcannia was a bustling water port on the outskirts of the Outback, used to transport wheat and wool by paddle steamer down the Darling. The city’s dusty streets are still lined with historic landmarks, and a new generation of artists is imprinting in the area.

It takes less than an hour to drive from Wilcannia to the historic town of White Cliffs. It is possible to spend the night in an underground motel, go through opal showrooms, and experience the oldest commercial opal field in Australia. Two hours’ driving time northeast of Wilcannia will bring you to the stunningly beautiful Paroo-Darling National Park. Peery Lake is an excellent place for a stroll and is home to some incredible avian species. If you prefer to extend your stay in the area, you can set up camp at the Coach and Horses campground.

Wilcannia to Broken Hill

Broken Hill War Memorial 2017 01
Broken Hill War Memorial – Wikimedia Commons

The outback city of Broken Hill is known for its colourful characters, thriving artistic community, and extensive history. You can reach it after a two-hour and four-minute trip covering 196.7 km. In Australia’s first heritage-listed city, you may explore excellent museums, renowned sculpture gardens, hip cafes, grand federation architecture, and monumental mining sites.

In this area, you will find a wide variety of exciting stores, art galleries, dining options, and cafes. Regarding regional galleries in New South Wales, the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery has the honour of being the first.

The incredible Living Desert Sculptures are located within a twenty-minute drive north of Broken Hill. The September Broken Heel Festival pays tribute to the timeless film and stage production Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, with diva performances, DJ sets, and live music.

The Perfect Light Film Festival, held in November, and the Heritage Festival, held in April, are two other fantastic annual events in Broken Hill. You may find various traditional pubs and bars in Broken Hill, perfect for relaxing with a refreshing beverage. Motels, historic cottages, campgrounds, and farm stays are just a few options for overnight accommodations.

Some Other Stops Along the Drive from Dubbo to Broken Hill Road Trip


Trangie has a wide variety of exciting sights and activities to partake in, so it is worth a trip. The Wungunja Cultural Centre is a must-see since it displays exquisite examples of Aboriginal art and is home to priceless artifacts from Indigenous cultures. It is an excellent location for gaining some cultural insight.

White Cliffs

You may visit the Paroo-Darling National Park in White Cliffs and stay in an underground hotel.


Kinchega National Park and a trip on the Darling River and Menindee Lakes are two main attractions in Menindee.

Places that Make Broken Hill so popular

Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum

You may sense how mining shaped Broken Hill by strolling around its downtown, where streets are named after the metals and minerals mined there over the past 140 years and visiting the Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum.

The Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum, or the GeoCentre, is a great place to learn about these mining deposits.

Line of Lode Miner’s Memorial

Gold Strike, The Line of Lode, commemorated by the Miner’s Memorial, is one of the world’s most outstanding ore deposits, yielding the silver, lead, and zinc that brought prosperity to this outback metropolis.

The memorial is atop a massive hill, or mullock, with breathtaking panoramas visible from the peak. At night, the scenery is stunning. There is a gift shop and a cafe you can stop by.

Broken Hill City Art Gallery

Looking for the oldest regional art gallery in New South Wales? Look no further than the Broken Hill City Art Gallery. Located in the centre of Broken Hill, this gallery showcases works by Australian and international artists.

A new method of displaying artwork in the gallery accompanies its updated decor. Many paintings from the nineteenth century to the present are available here. Artists will also display older colonial artwork like James Ashton and James Coutts Michie and Victorian paintings by artists like Arthur Hacker.

Where Can I Find the Finest Meals and Drinks in Broken Hill?

Bells Milk Bar

Australia’s oldest milk bar, Bells Milk Bar, is a true treasure. Diner in the American style has been a staple of Broken Hill culture for decades. Delicious milkshakes, soda spiders, and other sweets are available here.


Located in a lovely heritage building featuring gorgeous blasts from the past upscale decor, Grinders restaurant is a must-visit for lovers of Modern Australian food.

The famous dining verandah is also available for those who enjoy their meals outside on a warm summer day. They are well-known for their delicious tapas and gourmet pizzas, which are ideal for sharing with a loved one.

The Palace Hotel

 If you look at any best of Broken Hill list, you will see that The Palace Hotel is near the top. The restaurant and lounge are a visual treat, with their vibrant murals and culinary delight. You can order burgers, fish and chips, or even soft shell crab and pan-grilled duck breast at this tavern. Even the sweets are delicious.

Addie Meryls Tearoom

Visit Addie Meryl’s Tearoom, a place you are sure to adore. This teahouse is a charming example of a classic coffeehouse, complete with homemade pastries, sandwiches, and other light fares. Moreover, the costs are pretty fair. Therefore it is a popular choice amongst the locals.

Mount Gipps Hotel

The Mount Gipps Hotel is now a modern bar with weekend live music, a spacious veranda and lawn for drinking, and delicious pub grub. You will have a great time eating delicious foods like pizza and ribs.

The Exchange Hotel

The Exchange Hotel is another beautiful historic inn with delicious fare. Its art deco front helps it stand out from the surrounding buildings. Inside, you will discover an excellent dedication to fine dining, with a menu that changes with the seasons and features dishes that feast for the eyes and the palate.

Living Desert & Sculptures

The inclusion of Living Desert & Sculptures on this list may surprise you. There are better cafes and restaurants in Broken Hill, but this is one of the best. Do not miss the spectacular sunset from this gorgeous overlook adorned with one-of-a-kind, otherworldly sculptures. Grab some quick takeout from Ragenovich Bros Chickens or Annex Fish Shop. You will like this deliciously unique take on dinner that is pure and authentic to Broken Hill.


All the information you need to remember about driving from Dubbo to Broken Hill is here. Additional reading is provided for your convenience below.

How distant is it from Dubbo to Broken Hill?

The road trip from Dubbo to Broken Hill takes about 417 miles (671 kilometres). It takes approximately 8 hours and 57 minutes to make the journey from Dubbo to Broken Hill road trip, which is a distance of 470 miles or 756 kilometres. 

In what area of Broken Hill should I stay?

You may find many different types of hotels and motels in Broken Hill. There are various lodging options, from motels to vacation rentals to posh hotels. There is a peak travel period in the middle of the year, making hotels in Broken Hill quite crowded. It is best to plan to stay in a finer alternative.

There are better places to go than Broken Hill if you are looking for dirt-cheap hotels. If you need somewhere to wait for the night to rest and recharge while keeping your expenses low, consider the Red Earth Motel, Gateway Motor Inn, or Sturt Motel.

There are many places to stay, from budget hostels to luxury spa suites, big Victorian and Federation-era hotels, contemporary apartments and motels, and even modern caravan and camping grounds. In addition to the many comfortable hotels in the area, a wide range of furnished flats, townhomes, and executive-style mansions are available for overnight visits and shorter-term rentals.

In Broken Hill, is it possible to stay overnight in a vehicle?

You may sleep in your car at the park for a while.

Final Verdict:

Dubbo to Broken Hill road trip is ideal in October and November due to the pleasant weather. While it is true that Broken Hill is wonderful to visit pretty much any time of year, these months offer the most favourable seasons.

Outside the high season for travel, you can save money on airfare and lodging if you book in advance. 

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