Electric Vehicle Road Trip in Australia: Plan Your Next Adventure

Electric Vehicle Road Trip
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Road trips in electric cars are becoming more and more common for some reasons. First, EVs at record-high gas prices are less expensive than gas or diesel-powered cars. Additionally, EVs require less maintenance because they have fewer moving components than traditional types of cars. In addition, EVs have less influence on the environment because they don’t emit any pollutants from fossil fuels. 

While driving an electric car around town has many benefits, serious travellers may hesitate to move. Range anxiety, or the driver’s worry that their battery won’t have sufficient power to get them to their next destination, is a genuine concern for individuals taking their first electric car road trip. So let’s start with an Electric Vehicle Road Trip in Australia: Plan Your Next Adventure.

Electric Vehicle Road Trip in Australia

Start The Journey With Melbourne 

Melbourne is renowned for being among the world’s most livable cities. The city is frequently touted as “the Sporting Capital of the World,” well-known for its bayside setting, superb coffee, diverse culture, and graffiti-covered lanes. There is something for everyone in this multicultural Australian metropolis.

Melbourne To Sydney  

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The Hume Highway rush from Melbourne to Sydney via Albury is a well-travelled route for truckers and travellers. The Tesla can travel the 880 kilometres to Sydney’s central business district with just one full charging stop. The most suitable location to refuel is 510 kilometres north of Gundagai, where Tesla’s Supercharger station is adjacent to the well-known Dog on the Tucker Box. 

You must monitor the actual driving range because it can require a charge early. This charge could be completed at the Wodonga Supercharger. You can grab a burger at The Goods Shed or a latte at the nearby BeanStation Cafe while it’s charging.  

Jugiong is a charming stop 224 kilometres further down the Hume. A relaxing meal can be had at the Sir George Hotel, and you can purchase many wines from the Canberra region at the Jugiong Wine Cellar. The Tesla can easily go from Jugiong to Sydney’s central business district.

Melbourne To Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay Beach Victoria. Australia Ank Kumar 08

The Great Ocean Road is always attractive for drivers because of its sweeping bends and breathtaking views. With so many chargers scattered along its length, an electric-powered trip is a real possibility. Tesla Model 3 Long Range can return from Melbourne to Apollo Bay without stopping for recharging. Making a little pit stop will allow you to do so while enjoying the scenery.  

The RACV Torquay Resort, located at the beginning of the Great Ocean Road and roughly 100 kilometres from the City Club, is a convenient first stop. Stroll along the fairway to the beach to check out the waves while your EV is charged at the resort’s 

Chargefox ultra-rapid station, or enjoy the ocean views at Number One restaurant. Apollo Bay is 96 kilometres from Torquay, and the Tesla Model 3 can go that distance without problems. Three Tesla destination chargers are positioned at Apollo Bay Enterprises.

On your way home, you may pause at the Lorne Visitor Information Centre to charge and treat yourself to dinner at MoVida Lorne.

Melbourne To Adelaide

1280px Adelaide SA 25091207887

There is a reward for a road-tripper who enters the South Australian capital’s address into their sat-nav, whether they travel to one of Adelaide’s well-known festivals, a football or cricket game, its vibrant food scene, or the area’s world-class wineries.  

Given its range, the Tesla Model 3 should require one charge for this 725-kilometre journey. For this, Horsham, which has a Chargefox charger, is at a good location. Visit the renowned Horsham Regional Art Gallery or stroll through the breathtaking botanical gardens created by William Guilfoyle while the Model 3 is charging. 

If you’re concerned about range, there’s another Supercharger at Keith, located 225 kilometres before Adelaide. The Tesla Model 3 should be able to make the 426-kilometre drive onto the Adelaide CBD.

Melbourne To Wilsons Promontory

Wilsons Promontory National Park AU Tidal River 2019 184132

Many nature enthusiasts travel to Victoria’s southernmost point for its white, immaculate beaches, breathtaking landscape, and abundant wilderness walks suitable for all ages and skill levels. The 225-kilometre drive is easily possible in an electric vehicle. 

In a Tesla Model 3, travelling to Wilson’s Prom through Inverloch and returning should only necessitate one-stop, but a pitstop is usually a good idea. At the RACV Inverloch Resort, connect your Tesla to the charger while dining at Radius restaurant and enjoying the sea views.  

The 200-kilometre journey from Inverloch to Tidal River should be straightforward for the Tesla Model 3. If you need a recharge, there is a Tesla destination charger at the Fish Creek Hotel. While you wait, get some pub fare from the magnificent art deco hotel.

Start to Unknown

Australia is a big country. If you have a car and a backpack, just start the journey and explore new routes with Electric Vehicle Road Trip in Australia: Plan Your Next Adventure. 

The Great Ocean Road

1280px Great Ocean Road Lorne Australia Feb 2012 2

There’s a reason why the Great Ocean Road is a famous route. As you circle the Otways National Park, spectacular cliffs and breathtaking woodlands will be right next to you. With an RACV DC charger ready to top off before you begin on the Great Ocean Road proper, leaving Torquay is simple. You can enjoy many lookouts along the way as you wind southwest.

A wonderful rest area is Apollo Bay, which is close to the cape’s southernmost point. Two 11kW Tesla Destination chargers that can be used by non-Tesla users are available at the Best Western Motel.

When you’re ready, take the route west, around the famous 12 Apostles, passing all eight of them, and continue for around 2.5 hours to Warrnambool. Once there, you can choose between two Destination chargers at hotels near the shore, each open to vehicles other than Teslas, or a Supercharger Tesla only. 

Cradle Mountain Drive

tasmania cradle mountain hiking track

Tasmania is home to several of Australia’s best and most enjoyable roads, in addition to its landscape, wildlife, camping, and cafes. Many EV chargers are available to keep them all accessible, and each mountain offers a different route.

Cradle Mountain is the main attraction in all of this. Circling in from Launceston takes around two hours, and once you get there, the Wilderness Village and the Visitor Center have Tesla Destination chargers and 22kW Type 2 AC charges. If your battery is running low, don’t worry; you’ll have plenty of time to charge it while riding the shuttle bus to the mountain for a day hike.

If you have the range and want to avoid reversing your steps, leave Cradle Mountain and head west and north to the House of Anvers Chocolate Factory, 65 kilometres north of Latrobe, where there are AC chargers. It is simple to return to Launceston from there or take the Spirit of Tasmania from Devonport back to Melbourne.

Adelaide To Port Augusta

tasmania cradle mountain hiking track 1

Wineries, breweries, and attractive little towns may be found along the north road leading to Port Augusta. You will have enough juice to stop or take a diversion because the first chargers are less than two hours from Adelaide. Once you get to Clare, you can select between a Tesla Supercharger and a few AC chargers at Mr. Micks Cellar Door Restaurant.

After lunch, two different Destination chargers are accessible for non-Tesla vehicles the 140 km north to Melrose, or you can also travel to Port Augusta by taking a shortcut through Port Pirie to the west. Once there, a night at the Majestic Oasis Apartments or the Standpipe Motel will allow you plenty of time to rest, explore the area, and sip some local brews.

Explore The South West

compass map navigation western australia

Along with wine, chocolate, delicious food, and world-class beaches, Australia’s South West offers one of the nation’s most accessible EV road trips. The RAC Electric Highway has provided charges at regular intervals to Augusta. You get to choose where to stop on this amazing drive. On the coastal road, DC charges are available at Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River, and Augusta. Even lesser-used inland highways have dependable public charging stations.

If you haven’t previously, we advise visiting at least Busselton, Dunsborough, and Margaret River. You can find something to suit your interests in the South West and a charger to get you there.

Sydney To Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour IMG 4379 panoramio

The best way to experience the east coast is Road trips, and more public chargers are being erected yearly to simplify it for all-electric vehicles travelling north from Sydney.

You can stop at Central Coast for a Tesla Supercharger after leaving the city or either Newcastle or Nabiac for an indifferent DC charging. Make sure you have at least 100 kilometres of range left beyond Nabiac to get to Port Macquarie, where you may choose between two DC charging stations just off the highway or a few AC outlets in town.

From there, you may travel 150 km north to Coffs Harbour, where there are many Tesla Superchargers and AC charges in select hotels all across the city, or you can wind through Macksville or Nambucca for an AC top-up and a swim. You can charge to Brisbane from Coffs at regular intervals.

Some Saftey To Maintain Before Start The Journey

While driving an electric car around town has many benefits, enthusiastic travellers might be reluctant to make a move. Range anxiety, or the driver’s worry that their battery won’t have enough power to get them to their next destination, is a genuine concern for individuals taking their first electric car road trip. They also need help with becoming stuck and needing an excursion.

One should follow some safety rules while Electric Vehicle Road Trip in Australia: Plan Your Next Adventure. 

  • Download helpful apps before your trip.
  • Plan your route
  • Understand the variables controlling mileage
  • Acknowledge the charging levels charge at different speeds
  • Learn how to compatibility port-chargers
  • Keep your battery’s charge between 20 percent and 80 percent
  • Accommodations with chargers


Q: What Is Australia’s Electric Car Plan?

A: South Australia. In 2021, New South Wales proposed plans for electric vehicles that would be among the best in the world to become the “Norway of Australia.” The New South Wales Government told the public that an EV tax would not be implemented until at least 2027, or between 30% and 50% of new cars sold in NSW were electric vehicles.

Q: What Is The Plan For Electric Vehicles?

A: According to proposals by the Environmental Protection Agency, by 2032, two-thirds of new passenger cars and a quarter of new heavy trucks produced in the US should be all-electric vehicles.

Q: Is An Electric Car A Good Idea In Australia?

A: It’s ultimately up to you. You can choose between gasoline, diesel, electric vehicle (EV), or hybrid vehicle. However, because EVs are less popular, they are less readily available and cost more upfront. Over the long term, EVs have shown to be financially and, naturally, environmentally sustainable.

Q: What Are The Electric Vehicle Challenges In Australia?

A: The absence of facilities for power generation and EV charging, ranging from the energy grid to household levels, may be one of the major issues in Australia to be solved before mass consumer adoption of EVs.

Q: Why Are Electric Cars Better In Australia?

A: Despite rising power and fuel prices, EVs still benefit from lower operating costs. If you follow a charge-overnight routine, obtaining power from a household outlet is more convenient and far more cost-effective per mile than gasoline or diesel.

Final Verdicts

The Great Australia Road Trip involves loading an electronic vehicle, planning a route, and leaving to explore our vast, naturally-infused country. While the sheer size of the area is fine for a petrol or diesel car, careful planning is essential if you are driving one of the many electric cars that are becoming more common on our roads.

You will always be happy with the Electric Vehicle Road Trip in Australia: Plan Your Next Adventure.  You’ll need to account for additional charging time and ensure there are charging stations along the road to keep you powered up.

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