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Along Western Australia’s lengthy southern coast, Esperance and Albany are two of the most breathtaking locations. They feature magnificent national parks, beautiful beaches with powdery white sand, and many options for outdoor recreation.

The best way to travel from Esperance to Albany road trip is 500 kilometres distant. Esperance can be found in the Goldfields Esperance region of Western Australia. The state capital of Perth is around 720 kilometres north of this location.

The Esperance area relies heavily on the tourist, farming, and fishing industries. In addition to being the only port in southeastern Western Australia, the town is also a central shipping hub. An absolute paradise for beach bums and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

The road trip from Esperance to Albany is not the cheapest way to get there, but it is worthwhile. It is possible to see several amazing sights by taking a road trip, including Bluff Knoll, Little Beach, and Fitzgerald River National Park.

Come with me as I explore Australia’s picturesque landscapes.

Esperance to Albany road trip: Where to Stop and What to See:

The distance from Esperance to Albany is around 390 kilometres under ideal conditions. The driving distance is about 480.1 kilometres. But a road trip can open up some of the world’s most incredible destinations to you.

Bus Distance15 hours 41 minutes
Car Distance4 hours 58 minutes
Nearest AirportAlbany (ALB) Airport

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Esperance to Hopetoun

1280px Hopetoun house sunny day
Hopetoun house sunny day.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

It is a 205-kilometre and 2.5-hour trip west from Esperance to Hopetoun, during which time you can admire the Recherche Archipelago’s islands.

The coastline of the Southern Ocean is a standard migration route for enormous and southern right whales. Having a swim break in Munglinup before carrying on to Hopetoun is a great idea.

Driving along here is like being transported to another world, with rocky headlands and secluded bays. One of the last significant wilderness places in the country can be found in the west, at Fitzgerald River National Park.

Spend the night in your tent or return to Hopetoun’s rustic charm. Motels, caravan parks, outback pubs, guesthouses, and national park camping are all options.

Hopetoun to Albany

Albany Western Australia
Albany Western Australia.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

You can encounter unspoilt bushland, magnificent lookouts, old mining remnants, and gorgeous wildflowers 4 hours and 340 kilometres north of Hopetoun at the historic village of Ravensthorpe.

The road west winds through national parks teeming with exotic flora and fauna. If you are on your way to Albany, a historic centre, stop for a stretch of your legs along the coast. You can choose from various lodging options, including motels, hotels, a caravan park, and campgrounds.

The Esperance to Albany Road Trip also Includes these Other Stops:

The most exciting stops between Esperance and Albany are short excursions at Little Beach, Bluff Knoll, and Fitzgerald River National Park are highly recommended en route from Esperance to Albany.

The Granite Skywalk, Castle Rock, The Old Marron Farm, and Ironwood Estate Wines are well-liked destinations.

Little Beach

Little Beach Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve Western Australia
Little Beach, Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, Western Australia.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

The Little Beach Campground is a modest but well-liked spot where surfers and nature lovers can pitch their tents right next to the sand.

The campground is situated in an attractive bay, surrounded by a littoral rainforest. Some shaded barbecues and restrooms are available; otherwise, you will be alone with nature.

You can start your day with a swim and a stroll along the rocky shore of Little Beach, or you can bring your surfboard and take advantage of the morning surge. Check the fishing conditions or load up the backpack. Bouddi seaside walk is one of many beautiful routes in the area.

Bluff Knoll

Bluff Knoll 1 Stirling Range NP II 2012
Bluff Knoll 1 Stirling Range NP II-2012.jpeg – Wikimedia Commons

For the best 360-degree panorama in the Stirling Range, hikers flock to the most visited spot Bluff Knoll. Viewpoints near the trailhead for Bluff Knoll provide breathtaking sights of the mountain and the neighbouring Stirling Range.

Even if you cannot hike to the peak, it is still worth the trip. Wheelchair users can easily access the lookouts, as well as the nearby covered picnic area and restrooms.

Fitzgerald River National Park

Fitzgerald River National Park
Fitzgerald River National Park.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

There is a wide variety of endemic and endangered plant species at Fitzgerald River National Park. One of Australia’s largest parks, it contains 75 unique plant species. It is one of the more peaceful parks, but there is still enough to do on dry land and in the water.

The clear waters of the bays and inlets are perfect for swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, surfing, and fishing. The park features fantastic lookouts for whale watching throughout the winter months.

Granite Skywalk

Granite Skywalk Castle Rock Porongurup NP III 2013
Granite Skywalk Castle Rock Porongurup NP III-2013.jpeg – Wikimedia Commons

Two vantage points provide breathtaking panoramas of the park and farms from the Granite Skywalk. The Stirling Range to the north, the South Coast and Albany, and Mount Gardner and Mount Manypeaks to the east and south.

You may get your heart racing and learn about nature simultaneously on the Granite Skywalk.

Castle Rock

Castle Rock Dunsborough February 2021 03
Castle Rock, Dunsborough, February 2021 03.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

The Granite Skywalk can be reached through the relatively challenging Castle Rock Walk Trail. Participation requires a fair amount of physical fitness.

Some considerable balancing abilities are necessary to make it to the Granite Skywalk at Castle Rock’s summit. You must climb a 6-meter ladder and hop over and under granite rocks.

The Old Marron Farm

The Best of Albany’s Beaches and Parks You should check out the Old Marron Farm. The park is a great option to take a break from sightseeing and recharge your spirits by strolling through beautiful surroundings and getting to know some of the local birds and animals.

Why is Albany Famous?

Albany Farmers Market:

You can start your weekend with fresh coffee, artisan businesses, food trucks, and an abundance of fresh vegetables at the Albany Farmers Market. All these will take place every Saturday from 8 am to midday.

You can utilise this to meet some locals and feel that touchy feeling for living in the Albany area because it is run by local people who work.

Whale Watching:

The world-famous humpback whale can be seen here in Albany during the annual excellent whale migration from the southwest. The tranquil waters of King George South make it an ideal place to see these incredible beasts in their natural environment.

It is possible to see them in the distance from land, and numerous tour companies are organising day tours. From May till October, you can catch a glimpse of them annually.

National ANZAC Centre:

The National ANZAC Centre is a place to go if you need a flavour of history.

Where is the Best Place to Get Food and Drink in Albany?

Jack’s Oyster House:

For almost a century, Jack’s Oyster House has been serving up delicious seafood to residents and visitors of Albany. Delight your taste buds with succulent fillet, fresh seafood, and Jack’s world-famous oysters. Jack’s Oyster House is a high-end establishment with a long history of providing excellent service.

Garrison Restaurant:

After a day of adventuring, you will be ready to unwind in the Garrison Restaurant, where you may order a meal to suit your every whim. You will get delicious dishes like cold smoked Kinjarling Akoya oyster with native finger lime or truffle butter, honey, and feta on Garrison’s extensive menu.

Earl Of Spencer:

If you are looking for a historic bar with great food and drinks, look no further than the Earl of Spencer.

Majuba Bistro:

When in Albany, make a reservation at Majuba Bistro for a romantic meal for two. Though it is mainly known for its Spanish and French classic meals, this multi-level cafe features flavours from all over Europe.

You can enjoy m oules-Frites, sage-crusted ham belly, and duck rillettes in a Spanish manner.


All the information you need to remember about driving from Esperance to Albany road trip may be found here. Some supporting information is included below for your convenience.

How far apart are Esperance and Albany?

Both of these spots are on the Australian continent. A total of 389 kilometres separate Esperance and Albany while travelling in a direct path. In terms of distance in miles, Esperance is located 242.2 miles from Albany.

The actual driving distance between Esperance and Albany can be more or less than this due to road conditions or natural obstacles. In 7.8 hours, you can reach Albany if you maintain a speed of 50 kilometres per hour.

Which part of Albany is a good place to stay?

Apartments and cottages can be found in Albany at various pricing points. Emu Point Motel is a 10-minute drive from Albany’s centre. It is only a 5-minute walk from Emu Beach, making it an excellent option for those on a tight budget.

It features a garden, a shared kitchen with BBQ equipment, and private rooms with cooking facilities. Plus, the Country Comfort Amity Motel has family rooms available.

Park farm Views, located 5 kilometres from central Albany, is another option for those seeking luxury. Albany has various alternative places to stay, such as hotels, motels, and cottages.

Final Verdict:

Esperance to Albany road trip is most pleasant in the fall and spring. However, early December is also an excellent time to go.

Summer high temperatures can reach the mid-30s, so bring appropriate clothing and keep in mind how much walking you will be doing in Albany. Now finalise your plans because it is time to hit the trail.

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