Esperance to Margaret River Road Trip – The Perfect Itinerary for Australia’s South West

Esperance to Margaret River Road Trip
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Esperance to Margaret River road trip, you may take in the sights of the Margaret River Region’s natural beauty. The distance between the two is 629 kilometres. The lapped kilometre from one location to another is 763.7. Aside from the world-famous Cape to Cape Track, there are crystal caves, woodlands teeming with bird song, stunning beaches, and excellent surf breaks to explore.

Why is Margaret River famous?

The Margaret River Region, in the far south of Western Australia, is home to some of the top attractions and activities in the South West. Travel time to the region, which includes Busselton and ends in Augusta, is just over two and a half hours.

The density of the South West allows visitors to visit everything from world-renowned wines and art galleries to breathtaking beaches, verdant woods, rushing rivers, world-class surf breaks, and prehistoric caverns in a short day.

Wildlife of Margaret River

Nature and wildlife adventures abound in the Margaret River Region, from waking up to a symphony of birds singing to strolls through fields of wildflowers, whale watching, and a sunset kangaroo parade.

You can drive the famous Caves Road through Boranup Forest, observe surfers competing for waves at well-known beaches, and spot some dolphins if you are lucky. All you can do on your own.

Experience the yearly migration of humpback, southern right, and blue whales from the comfort of a whale-watching charter in the winter or Spring. The wild kangaroo, possum, quena, and nocturnal woylies can all be seen on an environmental tour.

Esperance to Margaret River Road Trip: Itinerary, Stops, and Attractions

Bus and Train Distance15 hours 24 minutes
Car Distance8 hours 10 minutes
Nearest AirportBusselton Airport

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Esperance to Albany

Albany Western Australia 1
Albany Western Australia.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Travel Distance: 481 km

Travel Time: 5 hours 2 minutes

Located on the very tip of Western Australia, Albany is a major port and metropolitan area. Middleton Beach, one of the most well-known in the area, is one reason for the city’s notoriety.

Little Beach is located east of the town in the protected Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve. Formerly used for processing whales, the Historic Whaling Station in Albany is now home to a museum.

Top attractions in Albany:

Albany Farmer’s Market:

At the Albany Farmer’s Market, local farmers sell everything from fresh veggies to organically raised meats to ostrich and venison, yoghurt cheeses, olive oils, and fresh-cut flowers. Music provides additional excitement to the event.

National Anzac Centre:

The National Anzac Center is an emotional and informative experience. In addition to the Princess Royal Fortress, another military museum, it is located on Mount Adelaide. You can visit here Monday through Saturday, from 9 am to 5 pm, excluding Christmas Day.

Torndirrup National Parks:

Many of Albany, Western Australia’s most well-known natural landmarks, can be found at Torndirrup National Park. Those water jets might spray you a little bit. Anywhere on this magnificent granite tower, one is treated to stunning panoramas of the Southern Ocean, Bald Head, and West Cape Howe.

Residential Hotels in Albany:

  • Dolphin Lodge
  • Ace Accommodation Albany
  • Albany Apartments
  • Havana Villas
  • Beachside Apartment

Restaurants in Albany:

  • The Copper Crow
  • The Burnside
  • Cafe Capriccio
  • D’Raymonds
  • Savoy Taproom

Albany to Denmark

Greens Pool William Bay Denmark WA
Greens Pool, William Bay, Denmark WA.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Travel Distance: 3.612 km

Travel Time: 40minutes

Travelling from Albany to Denmark will take you through a region of Western Australia known for its pristine beaches and sparkling waterways. These waves crash into a magnificent coastline filled with secluded white-sand coves. There are rolling vineyards and tranquil scenery in the interior. 

Top attractions in Denmark:

Greens Pool:

Greens Pool is stunning all year round, but the summer heat makes it hard to prevent the allure of the clear blue water and soft white sand. William Bay National Park is located just 15 minutes outside of Denmark town. It offers sheltered swimming that is ideal for families, beach walks, and excellent access to biking and walking paths.

Monkey Rock:

The historic and towering Monkey Rock looks out over the beautiful Danish shoreline, where trees obscure the view. It is well worth the effort to make the ascent to Monkey Rock, especially on a clear day, when you can take in the breathtaking views and feel the adrenaline rush of walking on the rock.

Elephant Rocks:

You can cast in William Bay National park. Elephant Rocks is a stunning location perfect for a refreshing private swim, rock climbing, and hiking and biking paths. Make your way carefully down the track and the stairs to the shore. At low tide, the passage between the massive stones is possible.

The Valley of the Giants:

The Valley of the Giants has a magnificent ancient tingle forest that may be explored on foot, as well as an excellent visitor centre, gift store, and cafe. A magnificent steel structure that winds among the Tingle trees allows you to wander among the ancient red and yellow trees.

Heritage Rail Bridge:

A tranquil path for walkers and cyclists, the Heritage Rail Bridge begins at the old railroad bridge at the mouth of the Denmark River. It travels through the woods to the border of Wilson Inlet. The bridge is a great site to begin your journey because it has a gazebo and a picnic space.

Residential Hotels in Denmark:

  • Castelli Estate
  • Denmark Hotel 
  • The Koorabup Motel
  • Chimes Spa Retreat 
  • The Gables of Denmark

Restaurants in Denmark:

  • Pepper & Salt Restaurant
  • The Lake House Restaurant
  • Mrs Jones Cafe

Denmark to Pemberton

3409091771 a05c187846 b
King Jarrah. Pemberton WA | Our next Remarkable Tree visit w… | Flickr

Travel Distance: 185.6 km

Travel Time: 2 hours 8 min

Southwest Australia is home to the town of Pemberton. The tall karri trees of Gloucester National Park are a significant attraction, and the Gloucester Tree is well-known for its vantage point. The stony rapids of Lefroy Brook and the nearby Cascades waterfall can also be found in this park. With their enormous dunes, Warren National Park and Yeagarup Beach are located just beyond the city limits.

Top attractions in Pemberton:

The Pemberton Museum:

The history of the Pemberton Valley is examined in detail at the Pemberton Museum. From May to September, the Pemberton Museum is open every day.

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park:

Opportunities for hiking, camping, and mountaineering abound in Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. Upper, Middle, and Lower Joffre Lakes are located in this gorgeous park, which also features towering snow-capped peaks, gushing streams, and icy blue lakes. There is a wide variety of fauna to be seen in Joffre Lakes.

The Pemberton Valley:

A wedding in the Pemberton Valley is the epitome of romance. Pemberton has several beautiful locations and everything you need for a perfect marriage, including local and organic catering, florists, and wedding organizers.

Residential Hotels in Pemberton:

  • Stargazers
  • Jaspers Cabins
  • Silkwood Estate
  • Rainbow Trail Chalets 
  • Beedelup House Cottages

Restaurants in Pemberton:

  • Blackbird Bakery
  • The Pony Restaurant
  • Fish & Rice Sushi and Beyond
  • Grimm’s Gourmet & Deli
  • Mile One Eating House

Pemberton to Margaret River

Margaret River Mouth View
Margaret River Mouth View.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Travel Distance: 133 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 31 min

The historical topography and Wadandi song lines are brought to life in the Margaret River Region. A vacation here is just what you need to unwind from city life. It is full of natural beauty, wide open spaces, excellent wine, and clean ocean air.

Top attractions in Margaret River:

Caves Road:

The majority of Margaret River’s sights are located along Caves Road. From its northernmost point in Yallingup, Caves Road travels south to its southernmost point at Cape Leeuwin, close to Augusta. Most of the caves in Margaret River are located in this area, as are the wineries, breweries, art galleries, mazes, and other tourist attractions. 

Canal Rocks:

Over thousands of years, roiling ocean waves cut canals into a granite rock formation known as Canal Rocks, making for an extraordinary geological phenomenon. You may get to the island of rocks through a wooden boardwalk. You may also swim at the neighbouring Beach, bring a picnic, and enjoy a magnificent sunset while you are there.

Boranup Forest:

If you head south on Caves Road, you will eventually reach the breathtaking Boranup Forest. Some Karri trees are above 60 metres tall, among the world’s tallest trees.

Residential Hotels in Margaret River:

  • Higgins Lane Motel
  • Vintages Accommodation
  • Margaret River Resort
  • Leeuwin Apartments
  • Margarets Forest.

Restaurants in Margaret River:

  • Squid Lips Margaret River
  • Morries
  • Leeuwin Estate Winery
  • Miki’s Open Kitchen
  • Voyager Estate Restaurant

Where Should You Dine and Drink in Margaret River?

For Dinner:

Although the Margaret River Region is best known for its devotion to brunches and leisurely meals, there is now a smorgasbord of intriguing locations to eat late at night.

Not only does Equinox Restaurant & Bar offer stunning views of the bay and jetty, but they also serve excellent versions of posh pub standards, such as prawn linguine, that take the genre to the next level.

In addition, the region’s late-night dining hotspots feature a wide variety of cuisines, from traditional Italian and English pub fare to Chinese and Malay specialties and Japanese-inspired tasting menus.

For Outdoor Dining:

The best way to enjoy the local cuisine and wine in the Margaret River area is at a table set outside in the fresh air.

You will find various spectacular outdoor dining locations, from traditional farm settings to breathtaking coastal panoramas and secluded woodland settings, like Swings & Roundabouts, a winery and a restaurant that celebrates the local bush.

Peppermint trees and natural garden landscapes decorate the grounds, while large umbrellas provide shade where tall gum trees fall short.

For Seafood:

Connection to the marine environment adds new dimensions to the seafood dining experience. In the Margaret River Area, you can experience seafood as close to the source as you have never felt before by choosing from several preparations.

You will be a stone’s throw from the sands of the beach while dining on exquisite seafood at Lagoon. Brewhouse’s squid salad, however, is legendary, with its heaping serving of squid marinated in chilli salt, shredded lettuce, and a Vietnamese-style mayo.

For Casual Food:

One of the best things about the Margaret River Area is the variety of restaurants and dining options available to find the right one for your mood. You can eat at one of the city’s many establishments for a special occasion or go for something more casual like a food truck or delivery.


Should I Take the Bus or Train from Esperance to Margaret River?

A combination of bus and rail from Esperance to Margaret River will set you back between $45 and $60 and take you there in about 15 hours and twenty-four minutes.

Those without access to a car can take the bus and rail to get from Esperance to Margaret River.

From Where Do Buses Leave for Margaret River?

The Transwa bus from Esperance to Margaret River leaves Transwa Bay Transwa Esperance. It terminates at Charles West Av Transwa Margaret River. You can count on four services per week, while weekend and holiday schedules may vary slightly.

What are my options for getting from Esperance to Margaret River without a car?

Without a car, you should spend $45-$60 and 15 hours and 24 minutes on the bus and rail to get from Esperance to Margaret River.

What is the fastest way to get from Esperance to Margaret River?

The combination of a flight and a bus is the quickest way to get from Esperance to Margaret River. This choice will cost you around $150 and $380 and will take you 7 hours and 36 minutes to execute.

How much is a bus ticket from Esperance to Margaret River?

Bus tickets may cost $65–$85 to get you from Esperance to Margaret River.


Esperance to Margaret River road trip is best in Autumn if you prefer mild temperatures and gentle breezes. However, you may go in Spring to enjoy whale watching from the magnificent shoreline or see the wildflowers covering the Cape to Cape Trail in late Springtime.

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