Exmouth to Karijini Road Trip – What to See Along the Way

Exmouth To Karijini Road Trip
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Exmouth to Karijini road trip, you can stop to admire the region’s stunning scenery. There is about a 640.3-kilometre gap between the two locations. The ochre-coloured canyons at Karijini are 100 metres in depth, making them a magnificent sight.

The tropical fern settings, crystal-clear rock pools, and cascading waterfalls tucked away in the mountainous terrain are all easily accessible via walking routes or viewing platforms.

Exmouth to Karijini Road Trip – Itinerary, Stops, and Attractions:

Bus and Car Distance9 hours and 56 minutes
Car Distance9 hours 50 minutes
Nearest AirportParaburdoo Airport and Newman Airport

1) Exmouth to Learmonth:

Travel Distance: 4,387.4 km

Travel Time: 47 hours

Locals love taking strolls around Lake Learmonth’s foreshore. You can have a picnic, take the kids to the playground, or use the facilities at the lake. Bird watchers flock to the lake’s environs. For warm-weather fun, late February through mid-April, or late November through early February, are the finest periods to visit Learmonth.

Top Attractions in Learmonth:

Charles Knife Edge Walk

Hiking the ridge of Charles Knife Canyon in the Cape Range National Park in central Western Australia is a breathtakingly spectacular experience. The Thomas Carter Lookout Road is the starting point of this loop. Although many people use this path for exercise, you can find quiet here at less busy times.

Badgirrajirra Trail:

Badjirrijirra Trail is a circular trail that spans the top of Cape Range and begins and ends at the lookout. The track is moderately strenuous and spans 8 kilometres. The path leads hikers to their destination through rugged slopes, narrow gorges, and open spinifex vegetation.

Beautiful vistas of Shothole Canyon and the Exmouth Gulf may be seen from this trail. In addition to its extreme inclines and declines, the trail also features a rough and uneven surface.

Residential Hotels in Learmonth:

  • Crevalle Way
  • Kestrel Place
  • Corella Court
  • Potshot Hotel Resort
  • Osprey Holiday Village Unit

Restaurants in Learmonth:

  • The Stag Hotel Learmonth
  • 321 Learmonth Bed and Breakfast
  • Learmonth Road Store
  • The Shared Table
  • Yummy Kitchen

2) Learmonth to Yannarie:

Travel Distance: 169.5 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 57 minutes

In the Ashburton council area, Yannarie is a tiny rural community in Western Australia. It is a good place for sightseeing, eating and enjoying the natural beauty.

Top Attractions in Yannarie:

Mount Nameless:

It is the second-highest peak in Western Australia that can be reached by four-wheel drive. It provides a breathtaking panorama without requiring a strenuous ascent. Mount Nameless is the ideal destination for those seeking stunning scenery of the surrounding landscape from the peak of a mountain.

So, if you want to put yourself to the test, you can hike up to the peak if you want to. If you are driving a four-wheel car and do not mind a rougher road, you may easily reach the top of Mount Nameless by directing your GPS to the 4WD track heading there.

If you are driving a four-wheel drive vehicle and do not mind a rougher road, you may easily reach the top of Mount Nameless by directing your GPS to the 4WD track heading there.

Kennedy Range National Park:

Walking is the most significant way to see the stunning gorges and landscape of Kennedy Range National Park. There are several trails to select from, but before venturing into the wilderness, please review the safety information provided. The park looks beautiful in the spring. The everlastings and other wildflowers bloomed profusely. These are bright spots in an otherwise red soil environment.

Yardie Creek:

You can hike the Yardie Gorge Trail at Yardie Creek or take a stroll along the Yardie Nature Walk. Take a boat journey through the gorge to get a feel for the area. Keep your eyes peeled for ospreys and other birds of prey that call the gorge home. 

Residential Hotels in Yannarie:

  • Emu Creek Station

Resturants in Yannarie:

  • A Patch of Country
  • The BBQ Father
  • 88 Noodle Bar

3) Yannarie to Nanutarra:

Travel Distance: 71.5 km

Travel Time: 46 minutes

The Pilbara region of Western Australia is home to the Nanutarra Roadhouse, a family-run establishment. The Nanutarra Roadhouse is an all-inclusive facility with a gas station, a 24-hour truck stop, a fully licenced restaurant with a large selection of home-cooked meals, a trailer park, a camping ground, and lodging rooms.

Top Attractions in Nanutarra:

Rio Tinto Tour:

You will get a behind-the-scenes look into one of the largest open-cut mines in the world. Tom Price, Western Australia, is located in the Pilbara area, at the foot of the majestic Mount Nameless in the Hamersley Ranges.


Located 50 kilometres north of Paraburdoo on Tom Price Road, it is a culturally significant location for the Innawonga people.

The town of Paraburdoo is well-known for its stunning natural features, abundant fauna, and intriguing historical background, which includes reports of UFO encounters, the finding of bones dating back 200 years, and the presence of royal visitors.

Residential Hotels in Nanutarra:

  • Nanutarra Roadhouse
  • Cheela Plains Station
  • Onslow Beach Resort

Resturants in Nanutarra:

  • Planet Burgers
  • Whalers Restaurant
  • Golden Orchid Chinese Restaurant

4) Nanutarra to Rocklea:

Travel Distance: 5,427.5 km

Travel Time: 58 hours

The Rocklea Markets are fantastic, with a wide variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables sold at low costs and various goods like soaps and wooden crafts. In Rocklea, the hottest months are January, followed by February, and finally, December. Rocklea is at its best between April and June or August and November.

Top Attractions in Rocklea:

Oxley Creek:  

Oxley Creek Common is a public park with a few paved walking pathways, perfect for a stroll and picnic facilities. In the middle of an agricultural and industrial area lies a tranquil piece of wetland populated by birds.

Saturday Fresh Market:

On weekends, locals flock to Rocklea’s Brisbane Markets for the Saturday Fresh Market, a veritable treasure trove of inexpensive products and a great place to stock up on pantry staples and get breakfast. Saturday’s Fresh Market may seem low-key in appearance, but it is anything but ordinary.

Dragon fruit, whole jackfruit, whole fresh beetroot, chestnuts, lobok, pak choy, rhubarb, fresh figs, and plump raisins are just a few of the exotic fruits and vegetables available.

Relove Oxley: 

In a converted Oxley warehouse, you will find Relove Oxley, a vintage, antique, and retro furniture, homewares, and fashion emporium with a charming in-house coffee shop. While here, get a cup of freshly made Veneziano coffee and some beautiful snacks like Byron Gourmet pies, banana or raspberry and coconut bread, or carrot slices and take a break from shopping.

Residential Hotels in Rocklea:

  • Rocklea Hotel
  • Rocklea International Motel
  • Parkside at Marshall

Restaurants in Rocklea:

  • Evolve Cafe
  • Sundays Cafe

5) Rocklea to Tom Price:

Travel Distance: 5,040.7 km

Travel Time: 54 hours

A mining town, Tom Price, must be discovered in Western Australia’s Pilbara area. It is situated in the interior, on the outskirts of the Hamersley Range. Tom Price has pleasant weather throughout the year. April through September is prime time to see Tom Price in Australia. Temperatures are high, and there is little chance of rain throughout this time.

Top Attractions in Tom Price:

Trekking with Camel:

A camel ride is the finest way to learn about the Pilbara’s distinct local culture and knowledge. Take an hour’s drive south from Tom Price to Paraburdoo and go camel trekking with Pilbara Camel Trekking and Cultural Tours. You have the option of establishing your campgrounds.

Tom Price Visitor Centre:

In the heart of town, the Tom Price Visitor Centre can provide information on local tour providers and must-see attractions. The centre will also provide you with crucial travel information and tips for safety while exploring your tour.

Livestock Iron Ore Mine:

The Lestok Iron Ore Mine tour begins in the Tom Price Visitor Centre, where passengers are given safety glasses and a hard hat. All guests are provided with air-conditioned luxury and extensive narration on the way to the mine so that they may learn about the area’s rich culture and history.

Residential Hotels in Tom Price:

  • Bottlemart Express
  • Windawarri Lodge
  • Tom Price Tourist Park

Restaurants in Tom Price:

  • Red Breeze Restaurant
  • Chicken Treat
  • The Pickled Bean
  • Roadies Takeaways

6) Tom Price to Karijini:

Travel Distance: 71.8 km

Travel Time: 48 minutes

You should stop by Karijini National Park during your road trip. This popular park features glowing red granite, stunning canyons, and swimming holes you will not want to miss. Karijini National Park is at its best in Australia’s cooler months of late autumn, winter, and early spring. Temperatures are mild during the day but drop significantly at night.

Top Attractions in Karijini:

Oxers Lookout:

From the Weano parking lot, it’s only a 15-minute stroll to Oxers Lookout. Calm down and peek over the cliff. Over a hundred metres of drop separate the gorge’s upper ridges from the stratified rock and placid lakes at their bases. It is good to have a sturdy barrier for protection, as the abrupt ascent can produce vertigo.

Fern Pool: 

One of the most easily accessible and visually appealing swimming locations in Karijini National Park is Fern Pool. Verdant ferns surround the natural spring that supplies these refreshing waters, and a tumbling waterfall completes the serenely gorgeous scene. Have a picnic at Fern Pool or Fortescue Falls and enjoy the breathtaking views as you eat. The 2,480-kilometer Warlu Way interpretive route leads to Karijini, Australia’s northernmost national park. 

Dales Gorge: 

Dales Gorge is a beautiful area to swim in; the pool at the base of the waterfalls is a great place to relax while taking in the red sandstone cliffs surrounding you. Following the path along the gorge, the rim is one option, while investigating the gorge’s base is another.

Kalamina Gorge:

Kalamina Gorge is one of the less crowded gorges in the national park, so that you may enjoy it all to yourself. Once you reach the bottom of the stone steps and the somewhat shallow gorge system, you can turn right and find a permanent pool of water and a little waterfall. The lovely Rock Arch Pool is at the trail’s end, which you may reach by following the stream.

Residential Hotels in Karijini:

  • Karijini Eco Retreat
  • Auski Tourist Village
  • Windawarri Lodge

Resturants in Karijini:

  • Karijini Eco Retreat Restaurant


What is the fastest way to get from Exmouth to Karijini?

Flying and driving from Exmouth to Karijini National Park is the quickest route. However, it costs you $250-$800 and takes 9 hours and 18 minutes more than just driving.

Why is Karijini famous?

Karijini National Park, with its ancient scenery and an incredible variety of wildlife and adventure options, is an unforgettable destination any time of year. Karijini is well-known for its breathtaking gorges and slot canyons, which feature 100-metre-deep towering sheer-sided chasms, stunning waterfalls, rocky rivers, refreshing waterholes, and a broad spectrum of colours from pindan red-orange to deep blue-purple rocks and jade green water. This is an ancient part of the world’s history. Karijini National Park is a must-see if you want to see nature in its purest form.

Final Thoughts

You can see the main sights in less than two weeks on your Exmouth to Karijini road trip, but allow yourself at least two weeks to get to know the area. Karijini National Park is best in Australia’s late autumn, winter, and early spring cooler months. It is warm throughout the day but chilly at night. Between April and September, the water in the gorge pools is pretty cold.

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