Exmouth to Perth Road Trip – Take the Breathtaking Landscape Along the Way

Exmouth to Perth Road Trip
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Exmouth to Perth road trip, you may take the breathtaking landscape along the way. Driving nonstop from Exmouth to Perth is a distance of roughly 1,200 kilometres and about 13 hours. The actual driving time is closer to 20 hours because you won’t drive nonstop and will instead stop at scenic peninsulas, including Shark Bay, Monkey Mia, and Kalbarri.

Exmouth to Perth Road Trip – Itinerary, Stops, and Attractions

Bus Distance16 Hours and 50 Minutes
Car13 Hours and 6 Minutes
Nearest AirportPerth Airport (PER / YPPH)

1) Exmouth to Exmouth Gulf

Travel Time: 42 minutes

Travel Distance: 37.5 km

The Exmouth Gulf can be found in the northwest corner of Western Australia. It is located in Western Australia, between the North West Cape and the rest of the state’s coastline. The geological formations of the Pilbara Coast, Northwest Shelf, and Carnarvon Basin all include this area. If you want to make the best use of your time in Exmouth during the day, try to time your trip so that you arrive in or around December, when the days are the longest.

Top Attractions in Exmouth Gulf:

Turquoise Bay:

At Turquoise Bay, you can participate in various activities, from swimming to scuba diving and snorkelling. The bay’s waters are so pure that they make it the ideal location for a day of relaxation. One may take in the breathtakingly blue sea and many marine creatures during this time.

Osprey Bay:

Incredible swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, and canoeing conditions may be found in beautiful Osprey Bay. At low tide, little sandy pockets are revealed. In Osprey Bay, recreational fishermen are restricted from fishing from the land because the rest of the bay is protected as a marine sanctuary.

Mauritius Beach:

The island nation of Mauritius makes for a memorable trip. Most of the country’s top beaches and tourist infrastructure are located in the northwest and southwest. The fishing villages and picturesque coves along the east coast are true testaments to the island’s history and character. A trip along any shoreline will reveal its unique characteristics. The southern shore is windier and wilder, while the eastern side is where you will find its cluster of posh beach resorts.

Residential Hotels in Exmouth Gulf:

  • Exmouth Escape Resort
  • Ningaloo Lodge Exmouth
  • Potshot

Restaurants in Exmouth Gulf:

  • Whalers Restaurant
  • Exhale Exmouth
  • Planet Burgers Exmouth
  • The BBQ Father
  • The Beach Shack

2) Exmouth Gulf to Coral Bay:

Travel Time: 1 hour 48 minutes

Travel Distance: 153 km

An example of boring outback driving can be seen on Exmouth Road. You can see a sea of red dirt on both sides of the road. It will be best to visit the Coral Coast anytime between March and October. This is because most seasonal events and tours occur during this time, and the weather is dry and warm.

Top Attractions in Coral Bay:

Ningaloo Reef:

Ningaloo is a UNESCO World Heritage site and can be seen from Coral Bay. Activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, and kayaking may be enjoyed all year. The Department of Parks and Wildlife offers free programmes during the autumn, winter, and spring school breaks focusing on the local flora and fauna.

Bills Bay Beach:

Coral Bay’s attractive beach, Bills Bay, is a major draw for families on vacation there. There are no waves or tides, and the sand is pure white. Suppose you are looking for some peace & quiet away from the people, just around the corner from Bills Bay to Paradise Beach. It stretches on indefinitely and is a beautiful place to unwind.

Shark Sanctuary:

To reach the shark sanctuary, head 20 minutes up the beach heading north. The shallow water here is home to hundreds of sharks in summer when the water is warmer than it will be for your stay, and they come here to have their offspring. You can watch everything that’s happening in the water from the shore. Stingrays can be seen in large lines even during the off-season as you stroll down the beach.

Residential Hotels in Coral Bay:

  • Ascos Coral Beach Hotel
  • Coral Beach Hotel & Resort
  • Panareti Coral Bay Resort
  • Corallia Beach Hotel Apartments

Restaurants in Coral Bay:

  • Reef Cafe
  • Shades Cafe and Bar
  • Bill’s Bar
  • Coral Resort Bakery
  • Coral Bay Beach

3) Coral Bay to Yandoo Creek:

Travel Time: 2 hours 32 minutes

Travel Distance: 187.9 km

Coral Bay is a more tranquil alternative to nearby Exmouth, with many of the same natural attractions. Ningaloo Reef is home to unique coral formations, baby turtles, and the chance to swim alongside whale sharks and beautiful manta rays. Yandoo Creek is a small Western Australian rural community in the Carnarvon local government.

Top Attractions in Yandoo Creek:

Kennedy Range National Park:

A large sandstone plateau dominates the surrounding environment in Kennedy Range National Park. There are waterfalls near the foot of the range on the western side. The waterfalls provide a lifeline to animals during dry spells. Traditional residents place a high value on the springs. The park’s stunning canyons and terrain are best experienced on foot. There are several trails to select from, but before venturing into the wilderness, please review the safety information provided.

Shell Beach:

There is a lovely beach in Australia called Shell Beach. However, instead of sand, it is covered in white shells. They reflect the sunlight brilliantly. Shoes are required for this beach because of the risk of cuts and scrapes. Beachcombing and exploring tidepools are popular activities at Shell Beach.

Residential Hotels in Yandoo Creek:

  • Nightcap at Belgian Beer Café
  • Baileys Motel

Restaurants in Yandoo Creek:

·         Harbourside Cafe Restaurant

4) Yandoo Creek to Carnarvon:

Travel Time: 1 hour 58 minutes

Travel Distance: 118.8 km

The neighbourhood of Yandoo Creek may be found in Western Australia’s Carnarvon Region. Fishing, snorkelling, whale watching, surfing, and a variety of community events, including festivals and live shows, are just some of the things available in Carnarvon, a town with a rich history and modern amenities. If you want to avoid the rainfall, April through September is ideal for visiting Carnarvon Gorge National Park.

Top Attractions in Carnarvon:


One of the finest free things to do in Carnarvon sees the blowholes on the outskirts of town. The force of the ocean being propelled into the sea caves before blasting out through rock cracks makes for a dramatic roaring sound. Do yourself a favour and snap a photo of the notorious King Waves Kill sign along the route. It is horrible, but in a way that is hard to ignore.

Fruit Loop:

Carnarvon’s Fruit Loop consists of South River Road and North River Road, at the heart of the city’s agricultural industry. A drive along this strip and a perusal of the tasty farm booths is a terrific free thing to do in Carnarvon. If you can afford it, treating yourself to some of the local delicacies is well worth it.

Red Bluff:

Visiting Red Bluff, and spending the night there, is one of the most extraordinary free things in Carnarvon since it offers fantastic eco-camping, snorkelling, and swimming in a stunning coral lagoon.

One Mile Jetty:

This historic structure, known as One Mile Jetty, has graceful curves and looks fantastic dusted in red outback sand.

Residential Hotels in Carnarvon:

Restaurants in Carnarvon:

  • Westcoast Fish and Chips Carnarvon
  • A Taste of Thai by Fon Carnarvon

5) Carnarvon to Hamelin Pool:

Travel Time: 2 hours and 2 minutes

Travel Distance: 196.7 km

Hamelin Pool, in Western Australia, boasts various exciting activities and sights to see. The world knows Hamelin Pool as one of the two locations on Earth where living fossils can be found. They reveal the planet’s appearance billions of years ago. Unless expressly granted by the park ranger, no fishing, swimming, or snorkelling is allowed in this conservation zone. April through October offer the most pleasant temperatures at Hamelin Pool.

Top Attractions in Hamelin Pool:

Trail of the Boolagoorda:

Suppose you are touring the west coast of Australia with your family. In that case, this is a great spot to stop for a stroll and take in some of the region’s fascinating history. Stromatolites have existed for 3500 million years and are found in shallow oceans. They resemble rocks in the shape of mushrooms. You will encounter a few people while birdwatching, hiking, or just strolling along this trail.

Shark Bay World Heritage Drive:

Shark Bay, near Australia’s westernmost point, consists of two peninsulas that extend into the Indian Ocean. From the North West Coastal Highway’s Overlander Roadhouse in Port Angeles, you can take the picturesque drive that leads to Monkey Mia. Hamelin Pool, Stromatolites, and South Peron are just a few destinations along this trip. At the end of the drive, at Monkey Mia, you can swim with and mingle freely with a pod of dolphins.

Residential Hotels in Hamelin Pool:

  • Hamelin Station Stay
  • Ampol Overlander Roadhouse
  • Hamelin Pool Caravan Park

Restaurants in Hamelin Pool:

  • Hamelin Pool Caravan Park & Cafe
  • The Old Pearler Restaurant
  • Western Woodfired Pizza

6) Hamelin Pool to Northampton:

Travel Time: 2 hours 20 minutes

Travel Distance: 228.5 km

The town of Northampton is rich in culture, history, and natural beauty. One of the best wildflower zones is located in and around Northampton. Northampton experiences hot and dry summers, mild and dry winters, consistent wind and bright skies all year round.

Top Attractions in Northampton:

Chiverton House Museum:

From 1908 to 1912, Chiverton House served as a branch of the Western Australian Bank; today, it is home to the Northampton Museum. You may take in the history of the place by perusing the various pieces of antique farm equipment, classic automobiles, and other curios on display.

Northampton Visitor Centre:

This former police station on Hampton Road now serves as the Northampton Visitor Centre. Once serving as a courthouse and police station for over 80 years, this Victorian Georgian-style structure was built in about 1885.


In addition to carpets of everlastings and yellow pom poms, some of the nicest wildflowers may be seen in the Northampton area. These include the rare greenhood orchid, the donkey and bee orchids, the cowslip, and the elusive pom pom flower.

Residential Hotels in Northampton:

  • Northampton Motor Hotel
  • Old Miners Cottages
  • 2-Storey Chalet

Restaurants in Northampton:

  • Wren’s Place Bakery Cafe
  • The shearing shed cafe
  • Drywell Juice Salad & Coffee Bar

7) Northampton to Cervantes:

Travel Time: 2 hours 57 minutes

Travel Distance: 272.8 km

The Pinnacles, one of the country’s incredible natural attractions, and a massive rock lobster processing factory, which offers both cruises and an opportunity to enjoy a meal highlighting their product, are the main draws to the small, modern fishing community and tourist resort of Cervantes. Due to the warm weather and lack of precipitation from October to April, a trip to the coast for some fishing or swimming will be delightful.

Top Attractions in Cervantes:

Thirsty Point Lookout:

The breathtaking ocean views around town can best be seen from Thirsty Point Lookout. From the top of the lookout, you can see the bay and its daring windsurfers and kite surfers following a wooden walkway that snakes its way through the dunes. Sunsets over the Indian Ocean are particularly stunning.

RAC Cervantes Holiday Park:

Guests of the Cervantes lodgings have easy access to the beach, where a wide variety of water sports and other beachside activities are just waiting to be discovered. You can reach the world-famous Pinnacles of Nambung National Park within a short drive. The park’s many hiking routes and outdoor activities will keep you busy all day.

Residential Hotels in Cervantes:

  • Pinnacles Edge Resort
  • Cervantes Holiday Homes Accommodation
  • Cervantes Lodge

Restaurants in Cervantes:

  • Sea Breeze Cafe
  • Cervantes Bar & Bistro
  • Seashells Cafe
  • Lobster Shack Cervantes WA

8) Cervantes to Lancelin:

Travel Time: 52 minutes

Travel Distance: 81.3 km

The prosperous crayfishing industry attracts seasonal residents to Lancelin, a town known for its stunning firm white beaches and enormous white dunes. The festive atmosphere is a significant attraction. Springtime wildflower displays in the region are among the best in the country. The winds at the Lancelin dunes are less severe in the morning, making it the ideal time to visit.

Top Attractions in Lancelin:

Lancelin Island:

As the name suggests, Lancelin Island is located in Western Australia, not far from the town of the same name. It would help if you anchored a boat on the eastern coast of Lancelin Island. The trip will only take five minutes, but it is worthwhile. West of here, the ocean is calm and protected, making it ideal for snorkelling. 

Lancelin dunes:

Sandboarding down the steepest dunes in Western Australia, which are among the world’s largest, is a thrilling experience. You can see Lancelin, the farms, the sand hills, and the coast from the highest points.

Residential Hotels in Lancelin:

  • Lancelin Beach Hotel
  • YHA Lancelin Lodge
  • Salty Shack Lancelin

Restaurants in Lancelin:

  • The Dunes Restaurant
  • Endeavour Tavern
  • Thai Chilli Jam

9) Lancelin to Perth:

Travel Time: 1 hour 29 minutes

Travel Distance: 125.4 km

Because of its unusual topography, Lancelin is a favourite destination for explorers searching for aquatic and beach-based thrills. The city is aglow with colours in September, October, and November. It smells of spring, and the sunny days are uninterrupted by rain, making it the perfect season to visit Perth.

Top Attractions in Perth:

Kings Park and Botanic Garden:

King’s park is regarded as one of the finest urban parks globally. It features cutting-edge architecture, art exhibits, and customer service. It is brimming with modern Aboriginal and European history and culture. Expansive views of the Swan and Canning Rivers, the cityscape, and the eastern Darling Ranges are all in sight. Kings Park is home to several children’s exploration play areas and walking pathways through bushland, pristine gardens, and parklands.

Fremantle Markets:

Feel the distinct flavour of a rich cultural history dating back over a century. Clothing for kids, handmade goods, decorative items, and more may all be found here. If you want an individually handmade present, head to the market.

Residential Hotels in Perth:

  • Adina Apartment Hotel Perth
  • Perth City Apartment Hotel
  • Nesuto Mounts Bay Perth Apartment Hotel

Restaurants in Perth:

  • UMA Restaurant
  • Wildflower


What is the fastest way to get from Exmouth to Perth?

Flying between the two cities will cost anywhere from $220 to $900 and will only take 3 hours and 33 minutes.

What is the cheapest way to get from Exmouth to Perth?

Driving yourself takes 13 hours and six minutes, costing $150 to $230, and is the cheapest option for getting from Exmouth to Perth.

Why is Perth famous?

Perth, Australia, is the most prominent tourist city in Western Australia and the world’s sunniest and most remote capital. People worldwide are fascinated by the City of Lights because of its fame and illustrious past. Perth, Western Australia, is well-known for its many attractions, including its 19 beaches, abundant wildlife, scenic Swan River, and excellent local beer.

If you are looking for a place with the best weather in Australia, go no further than Perth. The warmer months, December through March, have average highs of about 31 degrees Celsius, making the city a nice place to be outdoors for much of the year.

Final Thoughts

The Exmouth to Perth road trip is ideal in December and January for anyone looking to catch some surf and soak up some winter sun. It is possible to schedule a trip to Perth without worrying about the weather.

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