15 Fun Things to Do in Australia

Fun Things to Do in Australia
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You may learn more about the top locations to see when you travel around Australia. You will discover a mix of major metropolitan attractions, natural wonders, and breathtaking wilderness getaways on our list. Australia is the ideal destination for an adventurous vacation.

There are many possibilities, whether you’re seeking an adrenaline-pumping activity or a restful retreat. Therefore, we believe you will discover some wonderful suggestions on what to do when visiting this incredible country, whether you dream of white sandy beaches or outback adventures.

15 Amazing Things to Do in Australia: The Ultimate Bucket List

1. Shark Bay, Western Australia

The westernmost point of Australia is where Shark Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is situated. Western Australia’s coast is one of the best options when searching for a vacation destination because it is an eight-hour trip north of Perth. Shark Bay is well-known for its various species and breathtaking, distinctively Australian vistas.

Shark Bay offers a variety of fantastic activities, but the daily dolphin experiences are the major draw. The wildlife rangers feed a handful of wild dolphins some fish each morning as they swim up to the shores of the Monkey Mia Reserve. If you’re fortunate, you may be one of the visitors chosen from the audience to feed the crowd some fish personally.

2. Witness Broome’s Staircase to the Moon

Roebuck Bay in Broome, Western Australia, creates an optical illusion that appears to be a staircase rising to the moon. There is a reason why Broome is one Australian location that most of us want to visit someday. Shallow pools of water fill the tidal flats’ shallow hills when the tide goes out. This fascinating illusion is created when the light from the full moon reflects into the water.

The full moons are when this natural occurrence occurs from March to October. The Staircase to the Moon Market is hosted by artists, musicians, and food vendors just before dusk. This phenomenon only sometimes occurs elsewhere, making it a worthwhile experience and one of the remarkable things to do in Australia.

3. Swim Ningaloo Reef And Hike Cape Range National Park

A trip to Ningaloo Reef and Cape Range National Park is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Some of Western Australia’s most amazing beaches, magnificent limestone hills, and broad valleys may be found in the park. A wide variety of unique fauna may be seen in Ningaloo Reef, which is located just along the shore of Cape Range National Park.

On the western side of Exmouth in Western Australia, around 1,200 kilometres north of Perth, you may discover Cape Range and Ningaloo Reef. Turquoise Bay, a gorgeous white sand beach surrounded by turquoise water, is the greatest of the numerous stunning beaches and canyons in Cape Range National Park.

4. Meet The Quokkas On Rottnest Island

When in Western Australia, you must take a selfie with a quokka. The quokka, a native of Rottnest Island, about 20 kilometres off the coast of Perth, is well known. Small native mammals called quokkas have the prettiest smiles. There are a few other places in Australia’s southwest where you can locate quokas, but Rottnest Island is the only site you can find in substantial numbers.

Thanks in part to images shared online by famous people who visited the island, such as Chris Hemsworth and Roger Federer, the “quokka selfie” has become a worldwide phenomenon. 

5. Drive The Gibb River Road

Australia has the Gibb River Road, sometimes called “Australia’s Last Frontier.” The Kimberley region of northern Western Australia contains spectacular waterfalls, breathtaking gorges, and a laid-back outback lifestyle over this 660 km length that connects Derby to Kununurra.

On the Gibb River Road, attractions include Windjana Gorge, where you can watch for crocodiles (but don’t swim there), Tunnel Creek’s amazing caves, the stunning Bell Gorge and Manning Gorge, driving across the Pentecost River, and the scalding Zebedee Springs.

6. Lake Eyre And The Painted Hills

The Painted Hills are a little-known site that needs to be on the bucket lists of all Australians. It is hidden away in the South Australian outback. This rocky outcrop, around 50 kilometres long, has lovely hills in all colours, from ochre to mustard to white.

There is no land access to the Painted Hills because they are situated in the heart of Anna Creek Station, the biggest cattle station in the world. The teeny-tiny town of William Creek is the closest location to enjoy a beautiful fly. Most flights from there fly over Lake Eyre, but if you’ve made an effort to travel to William Creek, choose the trip that also includes a landing to see the Painted Hills.

7. Fossick For Opals, Coober Pedy, SA

It’s challenging to overlook Coober Pedy when searching for a distinctive Outback Australia getaway. Every traveller should put this infamous opal town, known for its underground dwellings and opal seekers, on their must-see list. And once you are there, you must go opal-fossicking.

Coober Pedy is the source of over 80% of the world’s opals. The name is a mistranslation of an Aboriginal phrase that means “white manhole in the ground”; you’ll find a lot of holes in this region of the planet. 

Some are houses, while others are mines. While many individuals look for opals underground, finding them is more complex for a Coober Pedy visitor. Alternatively, you might fossick for opals. 

8. Drive through The Central Flinders Ranges

Driving time from Adelaide, the state capital of South Australia, to the Flinders Ranges is four hours. One of the best outback experiences you can have in Australia. It contains Wilpena Pound, one of Australia’s most stunning locations.

The journey is just as amazing on this particular road trip as the final destination. When you are visiting the Wilpena Pound Resort. The resort offers excursions and tours led by guides from the nearby Adnyamathanha village, where you can learn about indigenous art and culture.

9. Kangaroo Island

A journey to Kangaroo Island is ideal for anyone who enjoys vacations filled with the opportunity to explore nature and wildlife without crowds of people nearby, from the excursions available on Little Sahara’s dunes to seeing sea lions at Seal Bay Conservation Park.

It would help if you refrained from ramming through this road trip. Spend at least half a day exploring Flinders Chase National Park. On the island’s westernmost point, this park is located. The Cape du Couedic Lighthouse is one of several features. 

But the Remarkable Rocks, the red rocks you can find in nearly every South Australian travel book, come in first, closely followed by Admirals Arch, a naturally occurring rock arch. 

10. Experience The Ghan Expedition

One of the most famous railway rides in the world, the 4-day, 3-night Ghan Expedition runs between Darwin and Adelaide. There are fewer kangaroos than you might expect, roving camels, and 2979 km of burned red land.

It offers a view of Australia’s interior, which is not amenable to travel by car. The food is top-notch, the wines are just as delicious inside the train, and everything is included in the cost. The cabins are modest but snug.

Katherine, the breathtaking Nitmiluk National Park, home to the Nitmiluk Gorge, Alice Springs, the Red Centre, where you can experience real outback living, and the strange underground world of Coober Pedy are all new destinations that await you every day.

11. Take The Kings Canyon Rim Walk

Four hours from Alice Springs, the Rim Walk at Kings Canyon is a must-do activity for anybody visiting Central Australia. The walk takes you close to the amazing patterns and hues carved out of the desert ground over millions of years. It’s one of the best travel experiences in Australia.

The dramatic ascent up 500 rock stairs to the top of the canyon marks the beginning of the 6-7 kilometre journey. You can now spend the next 3 to 4 hours exploring the places with stunning rock formations and water holes surrounded by palm trees because the most challenging part of the walk is behind you.

12. Hike The Larapinta Trail

Central Australia has a trail called the Larapinta Trail that has 12 distinct sections and is around 230 kilometres long. The Larapinta trail can be hiked in around 14 days. Most tourists will go with a guide; however, some hike the trail alone while carrying their gear.

The trail is somewhat rocky. Thus, the right hiking shoes and gear are needed. Extreme weather conditions are also possible, such as scorching heat during the day and bitter cold at night.

13. Wildlife of Kakadu

A chance to encounter some of the distinctive Australian environments should be the one item on your bucket list for Australia. The Northern Territory’s famous Kakadu National Park is the ideal location to discover Australia’s untamed side.

The infamous Saltwater crocodile and other native Australian wildlife are protected in this 20,000 square kilometre World Heritage area. On Yellow Water Billabong Cruises, which leave from a dock adjacent to Cooinda Lodge, you can get up close and personal with these extinct reptiles.

14. Dine Under The Stars At Uluru

We had a memorable sunset meal in Uluru that we will never forget. There are three outstanding eating options available at Ayers Rock Resort. During the Sounds of Silence buffet meal, a star talker will describe the characteristics of the southern sky before allowing you to view it through one of two telescopes.

Tali Wiru is a four-course fine dining event that ends with a native storyteller. The final option is dinner in the Field of Light, Bruce Monroe’s installation of 50,000 light spheres illuminating the night. A three-course buffet inspired by bush tucker is available.

15. Hike Cradle Mountain Summit In Tasmania

A must-do activity in Australia is climbing to the top of Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. At Dove Lake in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park, the challenging 8-mile hike begins. Nothing compares to the breathtaking views from the summit, which is 1454 meters high and encircles the famous lake. But it’s a challenging climb that will test your physical and mental stamina.


Q: What Are the Top 5 Facts About Australia?

A: Wide stretches of sunny beaches, marine preserves, Aboriginal culture, adorable koalas, rolling wine country, and lush rainforests are just a few of Australia’s many attractions.

Q: What Makes Australia Special?

A: What is Australia renowned for? Australia is well known worldwide for its natural splendours, expansive landscapes, beaches, deserts, “The Bush,” and “The Outback.” Australia is the most urbanized nation in the world, and it is well-recognized for having beautiful megacities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

Q: What Is Special About Australia?

A: The 5,614 km-long largest fence in the world may be found in Australia. Australia produces around 1.35 trillion bottles of wine annually from its 60 recognized wine districts. The fact that Australia has more camels than Egypt is another intriguing fact about the country.

Q: What Are Australia’s Two Unique Characteristics?

A: The only continent without an active volcano is Australia. Melbourne, Victoria, is home to the largest Greek community outside Athens, Greece. On eBay, an Australian guy once attempted to sell New Zealand.

Q: What Is A Want List For Your Bucket List?

A: A bucket list is a form of personal wish list that includes activities a person wants to accomplish before passing away (i.e., “kicking the bucket”) or before reaching a life milestone (such as the conclusion of their childhood or their senior year of high school, for example).

Final Words

Completing all of these adventures in Australia may take a while. If you reside in Australia or are visiting for an extended time, you may check off each experience. However, if your trip to Australia is brief, you can use these bucket list suggestions to decide which Australian activities to include in your plan. If you are interested in travel, Australia is on the priority list of points you’d like to see in your lifetime.

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