Geelong to Adelaide Road Trip – 8 Must Visit Stops

Geelong to Adelaide Road Trip
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Adelaide is a culture-rich, elegant city that sits between Australia’s rugged south coasts. Exploring Adelaide is a dream for many tourists. Visitors often look for a good itinerary to start their Geelong to Adelaide road trip. If you start your journey from Geelong within 8 hours and 51 minutes, you will reach Adelaide.

However, the entire journey can be boring when you plan for a direct road trip from one destination to another. Therefore it will be best if you explore all other attractive destinations along the way. 

Considering this, we prepared the best itinerary for you, including all the best locations to visit between Geelong and Adelaide. On your Geelong-Adelaide trip, you must visit Ballarat, Ararat, Horsham, Nhill, Bordertown, Coonalpyn, and Murray Bridge.

So, if you visit Adelaide from Geelong by road, you must spare two days to cover all these attractive spots. Now you will get clear insights about the itinerary by going through this article. Let’s dive into the discussion:

Geelong to Adelaide Road Trip: Itinerary, Distance, Drive Time, And Attractions

Bus Distance 9 Hours 45 Minutes 
Car Distance 8 Hours
Train9 Hours 15 Minutes 
Nearest Airport Avalon (AVV) Airport 

Geelong to Adelaide is a journey of 439 miles (706 KM). The road distance between these two destinations is 437.7 miles. And in normal traffic, the estimated drive time is 8 hours 51 minutes.

If you drive non-stop, you will require less time, nearly 7 hours and 52 minutes. To reach your destination in 7 h and 52 minutes, you must drive at an average speed of 55.2 mph. However, how much drive time will require depends on the traffic condition of this route. There are 34 stops (cities or attractions) along the way to this destination.

If you have enough time, you can enjoy your trip to some of the world’s best destinations, from Geelong to Adelaide. Some top cities and attractions are Ballarat, Victor Harbor, halls Gap, and Daylesford, counting from both ends. 

Now, keep reading, and we will tell you about all the best attractions between these routes that you won’t want to miss.

For your Geelong-Adelaide trip, we are making an itinerary to help you so that you can cover all the spots along the way. So, now we will start with explaining Day 1. Have a look at the details below:

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Geelong to Ballarat

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The Coach in Main Street | Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, Victori… | Flickr

The Geelong to Adelaide trip starts with the nearest stop of Ballarat. On this route, the most popular city is this one. Start your journey in Geelong and then drive for about 1 hour. The driving distance between Geelong to Ballarat along the Midland Highway is 87 K.M. 

In Victoria, Australia, Geelong is the second largest city, and Ballarat is the third one. While planning the Geelong to Adelaide itinerary, we recommend including the Ballarat stop in your list. And take at least a 1-hour break at this destination.

Mount Buninyoung and Ballarat Bird World are two major stops between Geelong to Ballarat. If you have enough time in hand, you can visit these places. Some more attractions on the way to Ballarat contains the Woowookarung Regional Park and Buninyoung Botanic Gardens.

But Sovereign Hill is the main reason and attraction to visit Ballarat. With proper planning, you can visit these places in Ballarat with appropriate time management. However, if you are done visiting this beautiful city, take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the long trip to Adelaide.

Ballarat to Ararat

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Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic church, Ararat | Flickr

After having a short trip to Ballarat, drive for another 1 hour, and you will reach another beautiful destination, Ararat. To cover the 87 K.M. distance between Ballarat and Ararat, you may need 1 hour or more. 

We bet you will not regret spending time in Ararat. Some beautiful destinations in this city are the J Ward Museum Complex, One Tree Hill Lookout, Alexandra Garden, etc.

More people visit Ararat to explore the Museum, Church, Regional Park, etc. The Langi Morgala Museum is worth visiting if you want to know about the history and heritage of Ararat. Again if you want to enjoy the amazing scenic view, visiting the Ararat Hills Regional Park is a must.

Those who want a quality and blissful time can visit the Ararat St Mary Catholic Church. So, there is no lack of tourist attractions in Ararat. It can be a great spot to rest for a while on your Geelong to Adelaide journey.

Ararat to Horsham

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green lake, horsham | John Carney | Flickr

Another destination along the way on your Adelaide road trip is Horsham. Ararat to Horsham distance is 91 K.M. You must drive for 51 minutes to cover this distance. On the west side of Ararat, Horsham is located.

The living quality of Horsham is unmatched by any other location. Some top attractions in Horsham that you should not miss visiting are Green Lake, Horsham Botanical Gardens, Wimmera River, etc.

The Horsham Weir to Baillie street river walk will give you a pleasant experience. At the time of walking along the river, you will enjoy the bird life. Moreover, this is a nice spot in Horsham for a quick picnic. Another well-worthy place and impressive venue to visit in Horsham are its Regional Art Gallery.

Horsham Town Hall and Taylors Lakes are other tourist destinations in Horsham. All these places will surely give you a pleasant experience.

Horsham to Nhill

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Nhill War Memorial | Matt | Flickr

So, in between your Geelong to Adelaide trip on day one, the last spot is Nhill. Because you will reach here at night and need to stay here overnight. The road distance between Horsham and Nhill is 73.7 KM. 

You can cover it by 1.27 hours through direct driving. On your road trip, if you reach Nhill at night, even then, you can enjoy staying in this place.

Different scenic sights will delight you. This town offers visitors various attractions like the Nhill Aviation Heritage Center, Jaypex Park, Desert Edge Arts Gallery, etc. There is no lack of places to visit in this city. So take your time and enjoy all these beauties.

So, after having a good night’s stay at Nhill, on day 2, early in the morning, leave this city for your next destination, Bordertown.

Nhill to Bordertown

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Bordertown. Tolmer park which was the original police padd… | Flickr

From Nhill, drive for about 54 minutes along the Western Highway. And then you will reach another beautiful city, Bordertown. The estimated distance between Nhill and Bordertown is 80 K.M. 

Bordertown is a lovely city in South Australia. This city is full of popular attractions like the Clayton Farm Heritage Museum, Cockatoo Lake Recreation Reserve, etc.

It is well worth visiting, and the cultural center of the Tatiara is Bordertown. Art lovers will surely love to visit the Walkway Gallery here. However, if you are a wild lover and love to see kangaroos, you must visit the Bordertown Wildlife Park.

If you are a history lover, you have even better things to explore in this city. Tolmer Park is one of the beautiful S.A. gold escort camping spots in the 1850s. This site’s history will fascinate you.

Bordertown to Coonalpyn

Coonalpyn entrance
Coonalpyn entrance.JPG – Wikimedia Commons

So, now it’s time to leave Bordertown for the Coonalpyn destination. The driving distance is nearly 70 miles by car. We also recommend you take a break at Coonalpyn and enjoy its beauty. For enjoying huge fun and adventure, this Coonalpyn is a great place. 

Coonalpyn Silos, Pink Lake, and Coorong Wildside tours are some of the must-visiting options in this city. This place is full of other attractions also, like the Coorong National Park. This park is full of resources, and many birds live here. 

A very beautiful seaside park is the Meningie Lions, Jubilee Park. It is near the sea, and the sea water is very clear. Moreover, the sea beach is flat and soft. Therefore taking a walk on the beach will make your mood good and comfortable.

Coonalpyn to Murray Bridge

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Murray Bridge. The green roofed railway station and rail l… | Flickr

Your journey from Geelong to Adelaide will stop with a visit to the Murray Bridge. 88.3 KM is the road distance between the Coonalpyn to Murray Bridge. Another excellent place to visit in Australia on the way to Adelaide is Murray Bridge. 

The European’s early settlement is the source of aboriginal people here. The aboriginal people and their entire history are full of cultural heritage. So by visiting this place, you can discover that history and heritage.

You can find more attractive places to spend quality time in the Murray Bridge area. Some options are the Round House, Swanport Wetlands, Sturt Reserve, and Murray Bridge Regional Art Gallery. This place offers countless options for visitors, like hiking, relaxing in the river, visiting the art gallery and museum, etc.

Murray Bridge to Adelaide

Adelaide over Torrens
Adelaide over Torrens.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

So, after visiting so many beautiful spots starting from Geelong, you have finally reached your final destination, Adelaide. Following the National Highway, you will require 56 minutes to cover the 65 K.M. to go to Adelaide. 74.3 KM is the road distance between these two destinations.

Why is Adelaide Famous? 

Adelaide is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia. And it’s famous for many sporting and festival events. Moreover, this place is full of coastlines, hills, museums, art galleries, and other natural resources. However, some of the top attractions in Adelaide that you shouldn’t miss are:

Kangaroo Island

The best place for a day tour from Adelaide is Kangaroo Island. It is one of the popular wildlife destinations in Australia. From the Seal Bay and Vivonne Bay conservation parks, you can discover the local animals and natural attractions of this park.

Adelaide Botanic Garden

You have the greater option to wander through the wonderland of botanical treasures in Adelaide Botanic Garden. This was founded in 1855. The Botanic Garden successfully features Australian native species, educational-themed plantings, medicinal plants, etc.

Adelaide Oval

Aussies are fond of their sports. And therefore, one of the top attractions in this city is Adelaide Oval. The Adelaide Oval is not only a place of attractions, but also it is a crucial part of history. It was established in 1871. The stadium successfully hosts 16 sports like archery, lacrosse, AFL, hockey, cycling, tennis, etc.


What is halfway between Adelaide and Geelong?

Nhill, Australia, is halfway between Adelaide to Geelong, starting from Geelong.

Where can I go 2 hours from Adelaide?

In 2 hours from Adelaide, you can go to Kangaroo Island, Clare Valley, Barossa Valley, Central markets, etc. Also, you can visit the Fleurieuu Peninsular and Victor Harbour.

What Suburbs surround Geelong?

In the North of Geelong, the Moorabool Shire is located. On the east, the Borough of Queenscliffe and Wyndham City is situated. This city’s west has the Golden Plains Shire and Surf Coast Shire. 

Wrap Up

This article provides insight into the Geelong to Adelaide road trip. Hopefully, you now clearly understand how much time you require and what attractions you will enjoy during your trip from Geelong to Adelaide.

As we already mentioned, there are several ways to reach this destination. Therefore, if you find this itinerary time-consuming, you can fly directly to Adelaide from Geelong.

But a road trip is the best option if you love to explore new places and things. Choose it wisely.

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