Glen Cromie Caravan Park: The Ultimate Guide!

Glen Cromie Caravan Park
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The Glen Cromie Caravan Park is at 850 Main Neerim Rd, Drouin West VIC 3818. This is an ideal place to rest from long tiring road trips. Just park your caravan in any desired spots, recharge yourself, and hit the road again.

Glen Cromie Caravan Park

It feels like another world when you drive into Glen Cromie Reserve. Magnificent trees, lovely grassy spaces, and sizable playgrounds snuggled inside the trickling Tarago River. You may enjoy the beach areas for swimming and playing and other spots along the river for sightseeing or fishing.

There are 2 miles of bushwalking trails across the park’s about 55 acres. You will witness stunning tree ferns, enormous gum trees, and various fauna and birds.

Glen Cromie Caravan Park was formerly named and served as a residents’ picnic area in the late 1800s. Purchased as a retreat or venue for events for his staff, Joseph Cromie ran a General drapery and Manchester shop in Warragul.

Since then, it has become a lovely day park, camping, and caravanning area. Some people like to rent a shelter for the day, while others prefer to relax in a shaded area for a picnic and a river swim. These shelters are used by many families, sports teams, and social organisations with more extensive memberships.

It is the ideal location for a family reunion, birthday celebration, or other special occasion. Five shelters are scattered across the park, all roomy, contain tables and seats, and have easy access to power for things like a hot urn or music. These shelters are ideal all year round since they offer protection from the sun and rain, ensuring that your day can go on no matter the weather.

There are many coin-operated electric barbecues in the park, but you may bring your own if you would like. On Total Fire Ban Days, gas barbecues are not permitted. Glen Cromie is the ideal location to spend a day or two catching up with family or friends.

Young couples, some with young kids, and grandparents are among our regular visitors. They all tend to be highly cordial people. Grandparents frequently bring their entire family, and we are devoted to making your park usage option pleasurable for everyone.

Because Glen Cromie is so near to Melbourne, you can spend one or two nights there over the weekend or longer. Occasionally, existing sites with a Caravan/Annexe come up for sale, or you may choose to bring your own and select from various site alternatives.

We will be pleased to respond to any queries you may have if you want additional information about operating a long-term vacation site. Your vacation spot is only an hour away from Melbourne!

Glen Cromie Caravan Park Facilities

Laundry Facilities

Inside Glen Cromie Caravan Park, laundry facilities are available. Because caravan parks are places designed to take a break from your hectic routine from a road trip, for this reason, if you have any laundry to do, you can do it here in the caravan park.

Shelters To Hire

You can hire shelters if you are planning to stay overnight. This is one of the exceptional facilities that Caravan Parks provide. Suppose you are driving non-stop at night, suddenly feeling sleepy. Now you can spend the night in a caravan park, recharge yourself, and hit the road again in the morning.

Electric BBQs And Grills

Several electric grills in the park are coin-operated, but you can bring your own. Gas grills are not allowed when there is a total fire ban. You can have a nice BBQ with your friends and family here. You can use the caravan park as an ideal spot for a picnic.

Camp Fires

At caravan parks, campfire sights offer light, warmth, and heat for cooking. It can also act as a beacon, predator, and bug deterrent. For safety, well-established campgrounds frequently have a steel or stone fire ring.

A common aspect of camping is campfires. The phrase “campfire” is frequently used to describe a gathering at summer camps. The fire itself is referred to as a campfire in specific campgrounds.


Q1. What Are Caravan Parks?

Caravan Parks are plots of land where caravans may be placed, especially by those taking vacations.

Q2. Where Is Glen Cromie Caravan Park?

The address of Glen Cromie Caravan Park is 850 Main Neerim Rd, Drouin West, VIC 3818. 

Q3. What Are The Facilities Available In Glen Cromie Caravan Park?

The Glen Cromie Caravan Park facilities include laundry, shelter hire, electric BBQs and grills, and campfires.

Q4. Which Is The Best Among All Facilities?

The best facility in Glen Cromie Caravan Park is the shelter hiring. You can spend the night without hesitation and continue your road trip in the morning.


The Glen Cromie Caravan Parking is among the most fantastic spots to halt during a long, stressful drive. This park is situated in Drouin West.

This location distinguishes out from the competition because of its ample parking spaces and plentiful lodging options. So why go elsewhere instead? Reserve a spot at Caravan Park and enjoy!

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