Gold Coast to Canberra Road Trip: Go on and Enjoy the Roads!

Gold Coast to Canberra Road Trip
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Suppose you’re planning a Gold Coast To Canberra Road Trip research. Here are some fantastic stops along the way, including Sydney, Katoomba, Cessnock, Port Macquarie, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Pokolbin, Shoalhaven, and Mosman, as well as top attractions like Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park, Tweed Regional Gallery and Margaret Olley Art Centre, as well as the perennially popular Tropical Fruit World.

South of Brisbane is where the Gold Coast metropolitan region will be found. It is renowned for its extensive inland canals and waterways, long sandy beaches, and surfing hotspots.

Theme parks like Dreamworld, Sea World, and Wet’n’Wild are also located there. Inland, Lamington National Park’s mountain peaks and valleys, home to endangered birds and rainforest, are crisscrossed by hiking paths.

Travel Distance1121 km
Travel Time by car12 hours

The 1121 km direct travel on Gold Coast To Canberra Road Trip should take 12 hours to complete in typical traffic.

Day – 1

Gold Coast To Sleepy Hollow Rest Area

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from Gold Coast To Sleepy Hollow Rest Area. 

Travel Distance58.4 km
Travel Time by car49 minutes

The Pacific Highway’s Sleepy Hollow Rest Area is 31 km south of Tweed Heads. The neighbourhood contains attractions like a playground and picnic areas. Parking is available for both short and long vehicles. There is some highway-related screening in place. No signage said overnight camping was prohibited. It is at your own risk if you decide to spend the night here.

A tiny shop that sells food and beverages is also nearby. The rest area is open every day of the week, 24 hours a day. The facilities can be used for free. The rest area does not allow overnight camping. However, there are other campgrounds and caravan sites close by.

Sleepy Hollow Rest Area To Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

The travel distances and times are from Sleepy Hollow Rest Area to Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

Travel Distance46.5 km
Travel Time by car29 minutes

The Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital is the owner and manager of the Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

With a focus on education, regeneration, rehabilitation, local produce and suppliers, and ethically sourced and sustainable offerings, they aim to empower all Australians to rescue wildlife.

The Sanctuary aspires to offer experiences for all community organisations and visitors, with a strong enthusiasm for customer service, empowerment of workers and visitors, and a deep inherent regard for Australian native Wildlife.

There will be considerable improvements to the local fauna’s architecture, aesthetics, and habitat over the following 12 to 24 months. The Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary will continue to operate during this time as an interactive wildlife park, café, and gift shop, partnering with renowned companies like Australian Geographic and emphasising educational, regionally produced, ethically sourced products.

Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary To Pine Brush Rest Area

The travel distances and times are from Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary to Pine Brush Rest Area.

Travel Distance124 km
Travel Time by car1 hour 12 minutes

In Tucabia, New South Wales, Australia, there is a rest spot called Pine Brush Rest Spot – Southbound on the Pacific Highway. It can be accessed by southbound cars. 

The rest area is open every day of the week, 24 hours a day. The facilities can be used for free. The rest spot allows overnight camping. However, there is a 24-hour time limit. The area might have a lot of truck traffic since Pine Brush Rest Area – Southbound is a truck-friendly rest facility. Consider using another resting space if you are sensitive to noise.

Pine Brush Rest Area To The Big Banana Fun Park

The travel distances and times are from Pine Brush Rest Area to The Big Banana Fun Park.

Travel Distance85.4 km
Travel Time by car51 minutes

The largest and best amusement park on the Northern NSW coast is The Big Banana Fun Park. The entire family may enjoy a full day of entertainment among the banana trees while seeing the breathtaking Coffs Harbour coastline.

A 600-meter toboggan run, a state-of-the-art laser tag arena, a water park (open from September to April) with four heart-stopping thrill slides and a kids aqua play area, a magnificently sculpted 36-hole mini golf course, a theatre and plantation tour, a 4D ride simulator, and a demolition derby ride are among the ten fantastic attractions at the park. 

A rink for ice skating. The park is also home to Steve McEwan’s Reptile World, a Café, a Gift Shop, a Candy Kitchen, and an Opal Centre. Our fun park is free to enter. Each ride and attraction has its fee.

Day -2

The Big Banana Fun Park To The Artisan Farmer

The travel distances and times are from The Big Banana Fun Park to The Artisan Farmer.

Travel Distance245 km
Travel Time by car2 hours 32 minutes

A new word, artisan agriculture (AA), is being used to describe a style of farming and agriculture that not only fits into its urban surroundings but is also planned to benefit significantly from the presence of a significant nearby population.

Nabiac, an artisan farmer, has committed to developing exciting culinary experiences focusing on locally grown and sourced ingredients. Their land is a stunning junction of the sustainable cultivation of Wagyu cattle, a flourishing garden, locally produced honey, and products used in our café that were grown all around our neighbourhood.

Their food which you may eat there or take with you on your next adventure is made possible by the many hands of inspired neighbourhood hobby farmers and families looking for a more sustainable way of living. Swing for an organic top-up, or stay a while to see the scenery and stroll through the paddocks. 

The Artisan Farmer To Boolah-Dillah Track

The travel distances and times are from The Artisan Farmer to Boolah-Dillah Track.

Travel Distance47.7 km
Travel Time by car34 minutes

A 2.2-kilometre roundtrip walking trail called the Boolah-Dillah Track may be found in Australia’s New South Wales Bulahdelah State Forest. The Worimi Cultural Area is a sacred location for the Worimi people, and the trail ascends to it from the Boolah-Dillah parking lot.

The track has various steep sections and steps, making it a moderately difficult one. Along the journey, there are also several boardwalks and viewing areas that provide breathtaking views of the forest and mountains around.

The Boolah-Dillah Track is a fantastic way to take in the natural splendour of Bulahdelah State Forest and discover more about the Worimi people’s cultural legacy. The track is open all year round. However, the best times to go are in the milder spring or fall months.

Boolah-Dillah Track To The Start Point

The travel distances and times are from Boolah-Dillah Track to The Start Point.

Travel Distance57.5 km
Travel Time by car36 minutes

Bulahdelah, New South Wales, Australia, has a park along the coast called The Start Point. It is a well-liked location for picnicking, swimming, and fishing. The Boolah-Dillah Track is one of the several walking trails in the park.

The spot where the first European settlers arrived in the Bulahdelah region is where The Start Point got its name. Many Aboriginal middens, which are archaeological sites that show proof of Aboriginal occupation, may be found throughout the park.

The Start Point is a fantastic location to unwind and enjoy the Bulahdelah region’s natural splendour. Although the park is open all year long, it is recommended that visitors go when the weather is moderate, which is in the spring or fall.

Day -3 

The Start Point To Weereewa Lookout

The travel distances and times are from The Start Point to Weereewa Lookout.

Travel Distance442 km
Travel Time by car4 hours 45 minutes

On the Federal Highway, the Weereewa Lookout is located about 30 minutes drive north of Canberra. It’s a peaceful area to take a break during Gold Coast To Canberra Road Trip.

You can take a break in nearly 5 hours of a day’s journey in several places. There are 4 to 5 hotels where you go and take a rest. You will figure out some food chain on how you will go to your final destination. After the 5 to 6 hours journey, rest and see the breathtaking Weereewa Lookout.

It provides fantastic views of the mysterious Lake George and the wind farms beyond, where nature and industry collide in an unexpectedly harmonious mix. This overlook offers breathtaking views of one of the Southern Tablelands’ natural treasures and is 30 minutes drive north of the Canberra CBD on the western edge of Queanbeyan-Palerang. 

Lake George is in a stunning setting with a surface area of more than 200 square kilometres and water levels rising and falling over time as droughts ebb and flow. When the water recedes, a rich plain is revealed, and cattle populations grow on the local farms.

Weereewa Lookout To Canberra

The travel distances and times are from Weereewa Lookout to Canberra.

Travel Distance33.1 km
Travel Time by car28 minutes

Australia’s capital city is Canberra. It is Australia’s largest inland metropolis and the eighth-largest Australian city overall. It was formed as the new nation’s administrative centre following the federation of Australia’s colonies.

Canberra, the capital of Australia, is often known as The Bush capital because of the vast natural areas and mountain ranges surrounding it.

Canberra’s capital is a city that punches much above its weight despite being small yet powerful. The list continues after well-known museums and historical sites.

Dig further to uncover hopping brewpubs, secret spots, peaceful nature, and family-friendly attractions. Visit a picturesque cool-climate wine region just outside the city to unwind and relax while enjoying top-notch wines.


Q: Where Should I Stop Between Canberra And Gold Coast?

A: Suppose you’re planning a road trip from the Gold Coast to Canberra. In that case, we’ve done the research and compiled a list of great places to stop along the way, including Sydney, Katoomba, Cessnock, Port Macquarie, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Pokolbin, Shoalhaven, and Mosman, as well as top tourist destinations like Natural Bridge and Springbrook.

Q: Is Driving From Canberra To Sydney Simple?

A: Driving from Sydney to Canberra is simple and is on well-maintained roads. However, we can only seem to pass by, stopping at least once at the charming Southern Highlands communities just off the main road. This past weekend, we decided to stay in Bowral on the way there and in Berrima on the track back.

Q: What Seaside Community Is Most Nearby To Canberra?

A: Many refer to Batemans Bay as “Canberra by the Sea”. It is unquestionably the nearest coastal town to the capital, and people who live in Canberra’s colder climate find it appealing as a retirement location and a vacation spot.

Q: Can Foreigners Drive In Australia?

A: You may operate the exact vehicle permitted by your current licence while simply visiting Australia, but you must adhere to any restrictions on your overseas assignment. You will require one of the following: a valid English-written licence from another nation that was issued recently.

Q: Sydney And Canberra, How Far Apart?

A: The trip to the Australian capital takes three and eight hours from Sydney and Melbourne, respectively. If you want to venture off the usual path and stop in one of the numerous little villages along the road, there are several scenic route possibilities.

Closing The Doors

A Gold Coast To Canberra Road Trip is a fantastic opportunity to visit some of Australia’s most stunning and fascinating regions. This road trip has something for everyone: breathtaking beaches, beautiful rainforests, and charming cities.

A road trip from the Gold Coast to Canberra may be an unforgettable journey with a bit of preparation. So get your belongings, head out, and begin exploring. Pack for various weather scenarios because Australia’s weather can change suddenly. Have fun! This is a road trip, so unwind and take it all in.

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