Gold Coast to Noosa Road Trip – An Epic Coastal Drive Journey Itinerary

Gold Coast to Noosa Road Trip
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You can get from Gold Coast to Noosa road trip via the Bruce Highway and Sunshine Motorway by car, bus, train, or flight. The direct drive is approximately 228 km or 142 miles long and should take around 2 hours and 37 minutes in a car.

Noosa is one of Australia’s most desirable holiday destinations for people who love surfing and swimming and want to stay close to nature. Noosa’s luxurious hotels and delicious foods make it more fun and enjoyable.

More interestingly, you can visit Warner Bros Movie World, Wynnum Jetty, Aussie World, and more fascinating spots in different suburbs on your road trip from Gold Coast to Noosa. Are you already excited? Then let me show you what more you can enjoy on this road trip!

Train or Bus from Gold Coast to Noosa?

Both train and bus are available to get from Gold Coast to Noosa. A journey on a bus will take approximately 4 hours and 12 minutes, whereas a train journey will take around 6 hours and 21 minutes. Both are convenient, and you can choose the one that is more comfortable for you.

Gold Coast to Noosa Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

Transportation ModeApproximate time 
Car2 hours 37 minutes 
Bus4 hours 12 minutes 
Train6 hours 21 minutes 

Noosa is approximately 228 km far from Gold Coast. The traveling time varies depending on which transportation mode you are using.

It’s always best to go on a road trip in a car so that you can stop wherever you want and visit various tourist spots. I recommend you to stop in the following nine stoppages before reaching the final and tenth stoppage, Noosa, to have a memorable road trip:

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Gold Coast to Helensvale

Travel Distance: 21 km

Travel Time: 24 minutes by car / 32 minutes by train

Start your journey from Lothian Avenue, Gold Coast, Queensland, and get on Ashmore Road. Then go through Heslop Road, and only after 33 minutes of driving will you reach Helensvale, a great stop to take some rest.

You also can take a train from Varsity Lakes Station to reach this beautiful suburb, Helensvale. The area is surrounded by Pacific Motorway on the west, Coomera River on the north, Saltwater Creek on the northeast, and Coombabah Lake on the southeast.

Top attractions in Helensvale

Don’t forget to have a look at the following places while stopping at Helensvale:

  • Mangrove Jack Park: The park consists of playgrounds and a beautiful lake. A perfect place to visit with your family.
  • Helensvale Aquatic center: If you are up for a swim on a sunny day, pay a visit to the Helensvale Aquatic center. It also has a kid’s zone.
  • Warner’s Bros Movie World: Technically not in Helensvale, but you can not miss this amazing place on the other side of the highway. It’s a massive theme park and can add an extra adventure to your road trip.

Hotels in Helensvale

You can stay and take some rest in the following hotels in Helensvale:

  • Allure @ The Lakes
  • Azzura Greens Resort
  • Serene Waters
  • Aussie Chillout Party

Restaurants in Helensvale

You can dine and drink at the following restaurants at Helensvale:

  • Guzman Y Gomez
  • Bear Boy Espresso
  • Kiwi Fish N Chips
  • KFC Helensvale
  • Breakie Nation
  • Sushi Break Helensvale 

Helensvale to Murarrie

Travel Distance: 65 km

Travel Time: 48 minutes by car / 1 hour 31 minutes by train+Taxi

After having fun at Helensvale, continue driving on Pacific Motorway, and after 48 minutes of driving, you will reach Murarrie. Taking a bus may take around 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach Murarrie. Hence it’s better to take a train or taxi.

Murarrie is a riverside suburb with a beautiful view that can serene your mind. On your way to Murarrie, you will also go through Pimpama & Rochdale city. Try visiting Pimpama while staying at Helensvale and Rochdale while you are at Murarrie.

Top attractions in Murarrie

Some places you don’t want to miss at Murarrie are:

  • Colmslie Beach Reserve: The park is quite large with a beautiful view of the Brisbane river. I love the walking trail, which is beautiful and perfect to walk with your partner.
  • Rivergate Marina: If you fancy exploring the river with a yacht, then you must visit Rivergate Marina. 
  • Wynnum Jetty: The Jetty is outside Murarrie but only 13 minutes away. The place is amazing and worth visiting if you are stopping at Murarrie.

Hotels in Murarrie

A few top quality hotels in Murarrie for staying are as follows:

  • Colmslie Hotel
  • Quest Cannon Hill

Restaurants in Murarrie

You can have your meal or drink at the following restaurants in Murarrie:

  • Sonny’s
  • Brewdog DogTap Brisbane
  • Benz on Miller
  • Zac’s Bistro
  • Riverport Cafe & Carvery

Murrarie to Deagon

Travel Distance: 21 km

Travel Time: 16 minutes by car / 1 hour and 26 minutes by train

Deagon is another beautiful suburb in Queensland that you can find on your trip to Noosa. Get on Gateway Motorway and drive for only 16 minutes to reach Deagon. 

If you take a train, you will have to cover a long distance walking, plus the train will go via a different route that will take extra time. Hence, it’s better to go in a car or call a taxi.

On your way from Murarrie to Deagon, you will see Australian Catholic University and Brisbane Entertainment Center. You may also stop there and spend some time.

Top attractions in Deagon

After reaching Deagon, you should visit the following places:

  • Cabbage Tree Creek Marina: If you love kayaking, you must visit this place. It is open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Curlew Park: You can listen to music, have food, and spend quality time at this beautiful park.
  • Hidden World Playground: This can be a great place to visit near Deagon if you have kids with you. It is in Fitzgibbon and is only 5 minutes away by car via state route 27.

Hotels in Deagon

There are not many hotels available in this area, but you can stay in the following hotels:

  • Brighton Hotel
  • Colonial Mobile Village

Restaurants in Deagon

You can take your meal at the following restaurants in Deagon:

  • KFC Deagon
  • Hungry Jack’s Burgers Deagon
  • Swaad Foods Gourmet Vegetarian Cafe and Takeaway
  • Thai Sandgate Restaurant

Deagon to North Lakes

Travel Distance: 20.7 km

Travel Time: 17 minutes by car / 5 hours 41 minutes on bus+train (no direct train or bus available)

Now, get on the Bruce Highway, only 20.7 km ahead of the Deagon, which is the beautiful suburb of North Lakes in the Moreton Bay Region. Though I do not recommend stopping here if you are taking a train or bus as that will take a long time, you should stop here if you are driving a car.

North Lakes is popular for its stunning view of Lake Eden. Near North Lakes, Dakabin, Deception Bay, and Rothwell are some other suburbs you may want to visit.

Top attractions in North Lakes

Do not forget to visit the following places while stopping at North Lakes:

  • Lake Eden: It’s the most beautiful place in this area. You can walk with your loved one, have a barbeque party, and see plentiful wildlife.
  • Aurora Boulevard Park: This is also a good place to stay away from the crowd and spend quality time.
  • North Lakes Environmental Reserve: Many walking trails here are surrounded by large trees and lakes or ponds. 

Hotels in North Lakes

Want to spend the night at North Lakes? The following hotels are your best options:

  • North Lakes Hotel
  • Kallangur Motel

Restaurants in North Lakes

Are you hungry? The following restaurants offer the tastiest meals in North Lakes:

  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Taco Bell
  • Macdonald’s
  • Zarraffa’s Coffee
  • Maria’s Kitchen
  • Blaktan Coffee Kitchen

North Lakes to Morayfield

Travel Distance: 17 km

Travel Time: 17 minutes by car / 37 minutes on taxi+train

Morayfield is a must-visit place on your way from Gold Coast to Sydney. It’s a large town, and I recommend you stay here for at least a day. It is only 17 minutes away from North Lakes through the Bruce Highway.

The area has a lot of shopping centers and heritage sites that you may want to visit. Besides, Caboolture, Burpengary, and Bellemere are nearby suburbs worth visiting while staying here.

Top attractions in Morayfield

Are you thinking about what to do the whole day in Morayfield? Here are some of the places to go:

  • Morayfield Shopping Center: You can visit the Morayfield Shopping Center to buy some souvenirs. It’s a large shopping center, and almost everything is available.
  • Ultimate Aquarium: Ultimate Aquarium is an excellent place for fish lovers. You will find both freshwater and saltwater fish here. 
  • Sheep Station Creek Conservation Park: It’s a few minutes away from Morayfield and is located at Upper Caboolture. The park is great for walking, mountain biking, horse riding, etc.

Hotels in Morayfield

A few top-class hotels in Morayfield to stay at are as follows:

  • Morayfield Tavern
  • Arbour Grove the Loft

Restaurants in Morayfield

Whether you want to have lunch, dinner, or some coffee, the following restaurants in Morayfield are the best:

  • Glenwood Seafood & Takeaway 
  • The Black Bear Coffee Cupboard
  • Brizzie Kebab
  • Stacey Bakes Cakes
  • Five Boroughs 

Morayfield to Palmview

Travel Distance: 55 km

Travel Time: 40 minutes by car / 1 hour and 52 minutes on taxi+bus

After enjoying a day in Morayfield, continue driving on the Bruce Highway, and after 40 minutes, you will reach Palmview. It’s a rural, suburban area, but I like it because the area is close to several coastal suburbs such as Bokarina, Warina, and Wurtulla.

Authentic fine dining and a theme park make Palmview a great place to stop. My suggestion would be to stay here for a while and visit the nearby suburbs, which are minutes away.

Top attractions in Palmview

You can enjoy your stay at Palmview by visiting the following tourist spots:

  • Aussie World: It’s the only theme park on Sunshine Coast and has over 30 rides. Some of the popular rides are the Wasp, the Illusionarium, Mayhem Maze, Ferris Wheel, and more.
  • Crummunda Park: It’s a superb park with a stunning view of Currimundi Lake. You can go fishing and enjoy the wildlife here.
  • Night Quarter: If you are spending your evening in Palmview, take 15 minutes of the ride and visit Night Quarter. It’s a fine dining and musical precinct.

Hotels in Palmview

Stay at night or take some rest in the following hotels in Palmview:

  • Glenview Gardens
  • Mels Place

Restaurants in Palmview

Have a meal or drink at the following restaurants:

  • Beefy’s Aussie World
  • Cafe Harmony
  • Mr. McGee Italian House

Palmview to Mooloolaba

Travel Distance: 12 km

Travel Time: 13 minutes by car / 24 minutes by bus

Mooloolaba is pretty close to Palmview and is an excellent Coastal Suburb to stop on the trip. Get on Sunshine Motorway from Palmview, and only after 13 minutes will you reach this beautiful location.

The suburb was featured on the fourth season of “The Amazing Race” on CBS. Mooloolaba has been a great tourist attraction for its beaches and the blue view of the ocean.

Top attractions in Mooloolaba

Some of the must-visit places in Mooloolaba are as follows:

  • Point Cartwright Lighthouse: It’s the most popular place in this area and gives a spectacular ocean view. You will also love the walking trail to the lighthouse.
  • Mooloolaba Beach: Mooloolaba beach has a stunning view of the ocean. It’s clean and not too crowded. A great location to swim or sunbathe.
  • The Wharf Mooloolaba: You can take a cruise and go on an adventure from the Wharf Mooloolaba. Plus, the various restaurants here offer some of the tastiest food in this area.

Hotels in Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba sounds like a great place to stay for a while to me. In that case, you can check in the following hotels:

  • Newport Mooloolaba Apartments
  • Mantra Sirocco Mooloolaba 
  • Pacific Beach Resort
  • Oceans Mooloolaba Beach (5-star hotel)
  • Allure Mooloolaba 
  • Saltwater Villas

Restaurants in Mooloolaba

Taste the delicious foods in the following restaurants in Mooloolaba:

  • Fish on Parkyn
  • Rice Boi
  • Beachside Cafe and Bar
  • The Sanctuary Cafe
  • Pisari Seafood Bar & Grill
  • Carry on Curry
  • The Copa Bar & Restaurant 

Mooloolaba to Marcoola

Travel Distance: 18 km 

Travel Time: 20 minutes by car / 44 minutes on taxi+bus

Once you are done enjoying the ocean view in Mooloolaba, continue driving on Sunshine Motorway and after 20 minutes of driving, you will reach Marcoola. On your way, you will cross the Talep Bridge.

Marcoola is a coastal town, and the beaches here are more fascinating than the Mooloolaba. Besides, if you are taking a flight from Gold Coast, the closest airport to Noosa is the Sunshine Coast airport in Marcoola.

Top attractions in Marcoola

While you are less than an hour away from Noosa, I recommend you pay a visit to the following locations in Marcoola:

  • Marcoola Beach: The water in the Marcoola is super clean. It’s one of the best beaches on the Sunshine Coast for surfing.
  • Finnish Memorial Park: A small memorial park dedicated to migrants from Finland.
  • Skydive Noosa: Skydiving at Skydive Noosa can be the most adventurous experience on your road trip. A 60-second dive from 15,000 feet can give you an insane view and a memorable experience.

Hotels in Marcoola

Marcoola has some of the finest hotels on the Sunshine Coast. They are as follows:

  • Sand Dunes Resort
  • Sunshine Coast Airport Motel
  • Ramada by Wyndham
  • Pacific Palms Motor Inn
  • White Shells Luxury Apartments

Restaurants in Marcoola

You can eliminate your hunger from the following restaurants and bars in Marcoola:

  • Sole Seafood
  • Messy Hen
  • Marcoola SLSC
  • Surfair Beach Hotel

 Marcoola to Peregian Beach

Travel Distance: 12.6 km

Travel Time: 17 minutes by car / 28 minutes by train

Are you starting to fall in love with the beautiful beaches on the Sunshine Coast? Then get back in your car and drive on the David Low Way to make another stop in Peregian Beach. It will be your last stop on the trip before you reach Noosa.

It’s a small coastal town on the Sunshine Coast. The town wears a colorful look in spring, making the beaches more stunning. Nonetheless, playing with soft sand and walking the long beach can be a great experience in Peregian Beach.

Top attractions in Peregian Beach

My favorite places to visit in Peregian Beach are as follows:

  • The Gallery Peregian Beach: While enjoying the ocean view at Peregian beach, pay a visit to the Gallery Peregian Beach, which exhibits some astonishing art.
  • Peregian Beach Market: Visit the market to find locally made crafts. It’s a busy market, but worth visiting if you want to buy some souvenirs. 
  • The Avenue Park – Duck Pond: It’s a superb place to hang out, especially if you love ducks.

Hotels in Peregian Beach

Although I will suggest you go directly to Noosa without staying here for long, you can take some rest in the following hotels in Peregian Beach:

  • Villa Villa Coola
  • SeaMistral
  • Sails Lifestyle Resort
  • The Retreat Beach Houses
  • Holiday Homes @ Noosa the Pod

Restaurants in Peregian Beach

Some of the best restaurants in Peregian Beach are:

  • Peregian Beach Hotel
  • Brklyn Pizza and Wings
  • Periwinkle
  • By Alana Steicke

Peregian Beach to Noosa

Travel Distance: 29.5 km

Travel Time: 29 minutes by car

While you were exploring Peregian Beach, you were already inside Noosa. However, you will need to drive for another half hour to reach the center of Noosa Shire, a great holiday destination.

Noosa is heaven for nature and beach lovers. Whether you want to go surfing, fishing, swimming, see wildlife, or walk between large trees, Noosa is a perfect place. I am sure that is why you are visiting Noosa.

Top attractions in Noosa

Noosa is full of attractive places that you must visit on your tour. Some of them are as follows:

  • The Big Pelican: Whether you want to walk by the river or ride a boat, The Big Pelican is the perfect place in Noosa.
  • Tewantin National Park: Do you want to add some adventure to your Noosa trip? Then go rock climbing or mountain biking at the Tewantin National Park.
  • Noosa Wave Whale & Dolphin Adventures: We all love dolphins, and this is the best place in Noosa to see them as well as whales. Take a boat and explore the area to make the best out of your holiday.

Hotels in Noosa

One day is never enough to experience the adventure of Noosa. You can stay in the following hotels in Noosa:

  • Tingirana Noosa (5-star hotel)
  • The Sebel Noosa
  • Column Budget Accommodation
  • Sofitel Noosa Pacific Resort (5-star hotel)
  • Bounce Noosa
  • Ingenia Holidays Noosa North

Restaurants in Noosa

Try the following Restaurants in Noosa for your daily meals and drinks:

  • 7-Eleven Noosaville
  • Hinterland Restaurant
  • Mr. Jones & Me Restaurant
  • Little Humid
  • Barefoot Bar & Grill
  • Rickys River Bar & Restaurant
  • Sum Yung Guys Restaurant

Why is Noosa popular?

Noosa is so popular for being heaven for surfers and offering a fabulous coastal view. The cosmopolitan is rich and stylish. It’s one of the dream holiday destinations in Australia throughout the year.

Some of the places that make Noosa so popular are as follows:

Noosa National Park

Noosa National Park gives you a spectacular coastal view while you are walking through nature. The walking trail here is approximately 2.4 km long. 

This is one of the top-rated spots in Noosa and a must-visit place if you are visiting this stunning coastal area.

Noosa Head Main Beach

Noosa Head Main Beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in not only Australia but also the entire world. The water is crystal clear, and you can see fish swimming in the ocean. 

You can swim in the ocean and also go surfing. The good thing is that the beach is wheelchair friendly.

Noosa River

Noosa River is also a popular tourist spot in this area. You will love this place if you want to do some paddle boarding. A beautiful spot to spend quality time with your family.


Where should you dine and drink in Noosa?

You can dine at Hinterland Restaurant, Pomona Village Kitchen, and Copperhead Restaurant Brewery in Noosa.
Besides, some of the popular cafes and bars in Noosa are Rusty Rails Cafe and Geordie’s Restaurant & Bar. Residential hotels here also offer delicious food.

Where do buses depart from Gold Coast to Noosa?

Buses for Gold Coast to Noosa depart from Surfer Paradise Coach Transit Center. Mainly Greyhound Australia buses travel on this route. The tickets will cost around $21-$36.

How do I travel from Gold Coast to Noosa without a car?

You can also travel from Gold Coast to Noosa without a car. You can take a flight, catch a bus, or get on a train. Direct flights are not always available. Hence it’s better to travel on a bus or on a train.

How long does it take to drive from the Gold Coast to Noosa?

There are two driving routes available from the Gold Coast to Noosa. The route via M1 will take 2 hours and 36 minutes and has tolls. Another route via M1 and Eumundi Noosa Rd/State Route 12 will take 5 minutes extra.

How long is a flight from Gold Coast to Noosa?

Flight from Gold Coast to Noosa is 3 hours and 30 minutes long. The flight will take you to Noosa via Sydney. If you choose to go via Melbourne, it will take you more than 5 hours.

Is Noosa worth visiting?

The stunning coastal view and the chance to participate in adventurous activities make Noosa worth visiting. It is one of the best places in Australia to spend your holidays.

What is the best month to visit Noosa?

September to November is the best month to visit Noosa as the place becomes more colorful in the spring. However, many consider December to February the best time to visit Noosa due to the cold weather at this time.

How many days do you need in Noosa?

You need at least three days in Noosa to visit all the top attractions well. But it would be better to stay for a week in Noosa if you want a relaxing tour.

What is the cheapest way to get from Gold Coast to Noosa?

The cheapest way to get from Gold Coast to Noosa is via train. The ticket prices are between $15 to $35.

How much does a flight cost from Gold Coast to Noosa?

The flight from Gold Coast to Noosa costs around $120 to $500, depending on which flights you take and in what month you are going.


Noosa is a fantastic holiday destination all year round. Whether you want to spend your holiday with your friends, partner, or family, the Gold Coast to Noosa road trip sounds like a perfect plan.

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