Great Barrier Reef Helicopter Tour: Enjoy Your Day

Great Barrier Reef Helicopter Tour
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An exciting Great Barrier Reef helicopter tour will allow you to discover the Great Barrier Reef’s mesmerising splendour like never before.

The turquoise waters, coral reefs, and abundant marine life that have helped to make this natural wonder a UNESCO World Heritage Site may be seen from a great height. Thanks to this incredible voyage, you may experience the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef from a unique vantage point. 

You will be engulfed in the utter beauty of this natural wonder as soon as the chopper takes off. Watch schools of colourful fish, beautiful coral formations, and perhaps even mighty sea turtles or graceful manta rays as you peer down into the pristine waters.

The world’s most extensive coral reef system will wow you on this helicopter tour, which promises a fantastic experience. Prepare to discover this ecological marvel and make priceless memories as you soar over the captivating Great Barrier Reef.

Tour Activity

With this fantastic Great Barrier Reef helicopter tour, you can witness the Great Barrier Reef’s breathtaking majesty like no before. Buckle up for a thrilling journey that will take you soaring above the most incredible coral reef system in the world.

You can see the thriving marine life, vivid coral formations, and breathtaking underwater vistas that make this UNESCO World Heritage site a natural wonder as you float above the transparent waters.

Our knowledgeable guides will share intriguing information about the ecology of the reef, conservation activities, and the scope of this natural wonder. On this once-in-a-lifetime helicopter tour over the Great Barrier Reef, take advantage of the opportunity to snap spectacular aerial vistas and make unforgettable memories.

What To Include, What Not To

Certainly. On a Great Barrier Reef Helicopter Tour, the following is a list of what you can generally do and what you cannot do:

What You Can Do

Enjoy Spectacular Views: One of nature’s treasures, the Great Barrier Reef, can be seen from the air in fantastic detail.

Snorkelling Or Diving: Depending on the trip package, you can have the chance to get up close and personal with the reef’s abundant marine life by snorkelling or diving in approved locations.

Photography: Use the helicopter as a unique platform to take breathtaking pictures and videos of the reef.

Learn About Marine Animals: Some trips offer pre-recorded or commentary from expert tour leaders about the significance of the reef, the marine animals, and coral formations.

Experience A Scenic Flight: Admire the reef’s splendour from above, taking in its many hues, forms, and contrasts between the turquoise ocean and coral formations.

Experience Luxury: Many helicopter tours provide a comfortable experience with extras like refreshments.

Observe Wildlife: While you’re in the air, keep an eye out for marine animals like turtles, dolphins, and other kinds of fish.

What You Cannot Do

Take Souvenirs: It is forbidden to take anything from the reef, including corals and shells, and doing so could result in fines.

Feed Marine Life: Feeding fish or other marine animals is not recommended because it may change their natural diet and behaviour.

Litter: Properly dispose of any rubbish because leaving trash in the ocean is illegal and hazardous.

Touch Or Disturb The Coral: While snorkelling or scuba diving, touching or harming the coral formations is strictly illegal. Any disruption could damage the delicate ecosystem that makes up the reef.

Go Off-Designated Areas: Stay inside the approved snorkelling or diving zones to lessen the effect on the reef and prevent safety hazards.

Wildlife Harassment: Do not pursue, bother, or handle marine creatures. Keep your distance and see them in their natural environment.

Risky Behaviour: Adhere to the safety instructions supplied by trip providers, such as correctly donning life jackets and snorkelling or diving equipment.

Find Out What Are Included And About The Experience

Let’s discuss where you can go on the Great Barrier Reef helicopter tour and learn about the experience you can gather. 

Ultimate Great Barrier Reef And Rainforest 45-Minute Helicopter Tour

Take advantage of the best of both worlds on this thrilling 45-minute helicopter journey, which crosses land and water. Fly over the Barron Gorge’s lush jungle and roaring waterfalls before admiring the Great Barrier Reef’s enormous reefs and azure waters, both classified by UNESCO.

Take aerial photos of these locations as you fly over the Northern Beaches and Palm Cove in search of attractions like Stoney Creek Falls, Green Island, and Arlington Reef. From Cairns, the tour includes hotel pickup and drop-off. Amazing 45-minute helicopter flight over the Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef. Great Barrier Reef aerial pictures. Informative in-flight comments.

Cruise Out And Cruise Return, Plus 10 Minute Scenic Flight

Take a cruise and a helicopter ride from Cairns to explore the Great Barrier Reef from the air and the water. Depending on the tides and weather, you may snorkel, unwind on the sun deck, and eat an Australian BBQ lunch at either Norman or Saxon Reef. Before returning to the boat, you’ll have the chance to soar over stunning reef systems. 

  • Discover two of the Great Barrier Reef’s outlying regions. 
  • View the splendour of the natural world from the air and the water. 
  • Take in some entertainment on the way back to Cairns. 
  • Scuba diving and other activities are chargeable extras.

Fly To Green Island – Cruise Return

A picturesque helicopter ride will take you from Cairns to Green Island, a 6,000-year-old coral cay in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. You can spend a half or full day exploring the reef and rainforest on Green Island, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, before taking a catamaran back to Cairns. 

  • During your trip to Cairns, take in the beauty of this island paradise. 
  • Select from a half-day or full-day visit to Green Island. 
  • A glass-bottom boat cruise and snorkelling are among the things to do. 
  • Take a cosy air-conditioned boat back to Cairns.

Experience Of The Tour

A Great Barrier Reef helicopter tour guarantees a memorable journey full of wonder and amazement. You can see the magnificence of the world’s most extensive coral reef system as you soar over the Coral Sea’s crystal-clear waters, its beautiful coral formations and a rainbow of aquatic life seen through the transparent oceans below.

The thrilling trip gives you a bird’s-eye view of this natural marvel, enabling you to comprehend its size and complexity. This UNESCO World Heritage site’s stunning hues and tranquillity will mesmerise your senses. This tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, leaving you with enduring memories of the Great Barrier Reef’s unsurpassed magnificence, whether it is your first encounter or a return trip.


Is A Tour Of The Great Barrier Reef By Helicopter Worthwhile?

The size of the reef cannot be appreciated from the sea in the same way that it can from the air. It is entirely up to you whether you fly both ways or just one, but visiting the Great Barrier Reef was the most memorable.

Can A Helicopter See The Great Barrier Reef?

On beautiful helicopter rides from Port Douglas over the Great Barrier Reef, you can view the splendour of the coral formations, the sand cays, and the uninhabited tropical islands scattered across this World Heritage-listed reef system.

Can You Take Off And Land On The Great Barrier Reef?

You can choose between flights on a fixed-wing aircraft and a helicopter, with starting sites in Cairns and Port Douglas. Combining your snorkelling tour with a picturesque helicopter flight is more straightforward, thanks to the Great Barrier Reef’s numerous helipads.

How Many Days Are Enough For The Great Barrier Reef?

Whenever you decide to visit, take more than one day to see the Great Barrier Reef. If there is a chance of wind on the day you plan to visit the reef, this will allow you some flexibility.

In The Great Barrier Reef, What Is Prohibited?

The federal and Queensland governments have proposed extensive amendments to help safeguard the World Heritage-listed area, including a ban on gillnets in the Great Barrier Reef by mid-2027 to protect threatened species.

Additional Information

Routes Through Scenic Areas: These helicopter trips provide a variety of ways through scenic areas; options include flying over famous reef destinations like the Heart Reef or the Whitsunday Islands. The tour company and departure location frequently affect the route.

Duration: An average helicopter tour of the Great Barrier Reef might last 30 minutes to several hours. The tour time may vary depending on your budget and package preferences.

Aerial Views: The breathtaking airborne views of the Great Barrier Reef are one of the experience’s essential pleasures. The reef’s vivid colours, fascinating coral formations, and crystal-clear waters will be seen from an all-your-own perspective.

Marine Wildlife: From the chopper, look out for marine creatures. Depending on the time of year, you might see sea turtles, dolphins, or even whales during your ride. There may be commentary from tour guides about the wildlife you see.

Snorkelling Or Diving Add-Ons: Many tour companies offer packages that include a helicopter trip and diving or snorkelling on the reef. After your flying trip, you may use this to get up close and personal with the Great Barrier Reef’s underwater delights.

Safety: For these tours, safety comes first. The security of the passengers is a top priority for skilled helicopter pilots. Ensure to adhere to the safety precautions outlined before and during the tour.

Opportunities For Photography: From above, the helicopter trip offers terrific chances to photograph the reef’s breathtaking natural splendour. Remember to bring your smartphone or camera to record these moments.

Weather Considerations: The outcome of your helicopter tour could depend on the state of the weather. In case of bad weather, tours can be postponed or cancelled. It’s wise to look up the weather forecast and discuss any worries with the tour guide.

Travel Tips

For a Great Barrier Reef helicopter trip, consider the following advice:

  • Reserve in advance
  • Examine the weather
  • Dress comfortably
  • Take a Camera
  • Pay attention to safety briefings
  • Travel Sickness
  • Respect for Marine Life 
  • Underwater Activities
  • Go there early
  • Be Environmentally Responsive
  • Ask inquiries.

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