10 Great Ocean Road Day Trip: Enjoy Full Day Tour

Great Ocean Road Day Trip
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The Great Ocean Road is a 240-kilometre (150-mile) portion of the road that runs along Australian National Heritage and runs from the Victorian urban communities of Torquay and Allansford to the south-eastern shoreline of Australia. The road is the world’s largest war memorial and was constructed by returned soldiers between 1919 and 1932 to honour soldiers who died in World War I.

Even though a Great Ocean Road day trip requires a lot of driving, you can still visit most of the famous landmarks on the Great Ocean Road in a day if you have a short and easy itinerary.

There is so much to do on the Great Ocean Road. You could explore its shores for the rest of your life. However, don’t worry if you want to see the main attractions but have limited time. It is doable! You can see many famous places in one day along the Great Ocean Road.

Great Ocean Road Famous For

The country’s most well-known coastal journey is the Great Ocean Road, a 240-kilometre stretch of road in Australia renowned for its rugged natural beauty, tales of shipwrecks, and surfing culture.

Is It Worth A Visit

Of Course it is. The Twelve Apostles rock formations near Princetown in Port Campbell National Park, of which only eight remain due to their demise into the sea, are the most popular tourist destination.

What’s In It

  • Transportation: Transport from Melbourne to the Great Ocean Road on the return trip.
  • Assisted Tour: A learned manual for improving your experience and giving bits of knowledge.
  • Attractions: Visits to notorious milestones along the Incomparable Sea Street, like the Twelve Witnesses, Loch Ard Chasm, and the Otway Public Park.

What Isn’t There

  • Personal Costs: Any private buys, trinkets, or extra tidbits.
  • Discretionary Exercises: Additional attractions or activities not included in the day trip package.

10 Best Great Ocean Road Trips

Well, throughout the year, the Great Ocean Road offers breathtaking scenery. However, summer is the best time to drive because the sky is clear, and the face of the winding cliff along the shoreline can be seen. Let’s dive with us to explore the off-the-beaten-path attractions.


Australia Torquay Victoria Surfers Beach

Torquay is a trendy town with numerous sandy beaches ideal for swimming or surfing. Besides going to the beach, like paragliding or walking along the 44-kilometre Surf Coast Walk, there are many things to do. If you’re coming from Melbourne, Torquay is a great place to stop for breakfast before heading out.

Bells Beach

Bells beach surfers
  • Approximate time: 8 minutes
  • Distance: 7 kilometres

Seven kilometres from Torquay, Bells Beach is a true haven for surfers. Be sure to visit the numerous lookout points home to the renowned Rip Curl Pro for stunning views of the Southern Ocean and to observe surfers in action. Don’t overlook hitting the right-hand point break if you’re a surfer.

On this GOR day trip, you won’t be able to surf along Bells Beach. However, you should stop at Bells Beach to take in the stunning beach, and the wild ocean swells that run along the coast. After a long drive from Melbourne, public restrooms are nearby at Bells Beach car park.

Memorial Arch

history 1231629 1280
  • Approximate time: 32 minutes
  • Distance: 27.8 kilometres

Twenty-seven kilometres from Bells Beach, Memorial Arch is a reminder of the exhausting work that went into building the Great Ocean Road, which was built in 1919 in honour of the 3,000 soldiers who created it. It is likewise the ideal spot to jump out for a photograph pick!

Split Point Lighthouse At Aireys Inlet

split point 4849755 1280
  • Approximate time: 9 minutes
  • Distance: 5.9 kilometres

Six kilometres from Memorial Arch, Split Point Lighthouse, which is in Aireys Inlet, is worth a stop along the Great Ocean Road. You can learn about the dangerous coastline, home to hundreds of shipwrecks, and take a lighthouse tour. You might also see a group of dolphins or whales in the distance. From the lightroom, take your time to take in the breathtaking beaches and dramatic coastline from every angle.


promontory nature outdoors sea
  • Approximate time: 29 minutes
  • Distance: 18.6 kilometres

Eighteen and a half kilometres from Split Point Lighthouse, Lorne epitomises beach town living. Its picture-perfect main street is a great place to shop at independent boutiques and dine at delicious restaurants, and its crescent moon beach is excellent for swimming and sunbathing. Lorne Wharf, in the most distant part of town, is a great spot to walk after several hours in the vehicle. Express welcome to locals who will almost certainly be fishing along its length.

Teddy’s Lookout

Teddys Lookout
credit Source: Lorne Accommodation Great Ocean Road Hotels | Lorne Victoria
  • Approximate time: 4 minutes
  • Distance: 2.4 kilometres

Two and a half kilometres from Lorne, Teddy’s Lookout has stunning, breathtaking views of the ocean merging with the Saint George River at its mouth and has a new walkway leading to the viewing platform. Take advantage of this view on a Great Ocean Road day trip. Views of mountain peaks, valleys, and gorges are from the lower platform, so make sure you go there.

Kennett River Koala Walk

  • Approximate time: 29 minutes
  • Distance: 22.4 kilometres
Kennett River Koala Walk
Credit Source: Explore Shaw

Twenty-two and a half kilometres from Teddy’s Lookout, Travel to the Kennett River for wildlife. It is the ideal spot to see wild koalas and parrots on an Extraordinary Sea Street road trip. On the Kennett River Koala Walk, park at the cafe and stroll along Grey River Road.  You’ll soon see these cuddly creatures sleeping at the heights of the eucalyptus trees.

Apollo Bay

  • Approximate time: 30 minutes
  • Distance: 22.6 kilometres
The Beach at Apollo Bay 6758938233

Twenty-two and a half kilometres from Kennett River Koala, Apollo Bay, has beautiful restaurants and shops perfect for tourists. While the town’s beach is worth a visit, Mariners Lookout offers an incredible view. It’s a popular spot for hang gliding and paragliding, but you can take in the views if you’d rather stay on the ground.

Gibson Steps, 12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge

  • Approximate time: 1 hour 6 minutes
  • Distance: 84.4 kilometres
Gibson Steps 12 Apostles Loch Ard Gorge
Credit Source: Parks Victoria

Eighty-four kilometres from Apollo Bay, The 12 Apostles are the Great Ocean Road’s crown jewel, but nearby attractions like Loch ard Gorge and Gibson’s Steps are also worth a stop. The 12 Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge are the Great Ocean Road’s most popular destinations. Both have magnificent limestone rock formations, sandy shorelines, and stunning views of the Southern Ocean. Standing on Gibson Steps’ beach will make you feel small.

Port Campbell

  • Approximate time: 9 minutes
  • Distance: 8 kilometres
Port Campbell National Park Australia 2015 11 29

Eight kilometres from Loch Ard Gorge, You can stroll the small downtown of Port Campbell, which is filled with cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops. Port Campbell is also home to Port Campbell Bay, shielded from the open ocean and an excellent swimming spot. Dinner in a charming town is the ideal way to conclude your Great Ocean Road excursion. The direct highway route is an option, requiring 2 hours and 47 minutes to get back to Melbourne.

Significant Information

  • Duration: Great Ocean Road day trips can last all day, depending on the itinerary.
  • Point of Exit: To determine the designated Melbourne departure location, consult the tour operator or the booking confirmation.
  • Group Size: Since group sizes can vary, ask the tour operator about the anticipated number of participants.
  • Wellness Level: Check your fitness level to see if you can comfortably participate in the day trip activities.
  • Age limitations: Sometimes, excursions might be confined because of security contemplations or movement necessities.
  • Accessibility: If you have mobility issues or special accessibility requirements, let the tour operator know.
  • Policy on Cancellations: Learn about the tour operator’s cancellation policy, which includes options for rescheduling and refunding.
  • Travel Protection: Travel insurance covering your day trip’s activities and potential emergencies is a good idea.

Additional Details:

  • Beautiful Shoreline: The rugged coastline, dramatic cliffs, and pristine beaches will take your breath away.
  • Notorious Milestones: Admire the Twelve Apostles limestone stacks and the picturesque Loch Ard Gorge as natural wonders.
  • Exploring the Rainforest: Find the rich vegetation of the Otway Public Park and its captivating cascades and untamed life.
  • History of Shipwrecks: Discover the fascinating tales of shipwrecks along the Great Ocean Road.
  • Finding Wildlife: Watch for native animals like kangaroos, koalas, and colourful bird species.
  • Opportunities for photography: Take stunning pictures of picturesque landscapes and famous landmarks.


Can the Great Ocean Road be completed in one day?

A couple of hours are required to travel from Melbourne City to Torquay, which marks the very beginning of the road. The whole length of the Incomparable Sea Street is 243 kilometres, and when you figure out spots at the different attractions, the entire excursion will require one jam-stuffed day!

Is There A Bus On The Great Ocean Road?

In the Great Ocean Road region, V/Line operates bus services to and from coastal and hinterland towns. To visit beachfront towns among Torquay and Apollo Cove, including Anglesea and Lorne, the Melbourne- Warrnambool train line overhauls transports at Geelong, Marshall, and Colac Stations.

Where Do I Start On The Great Ocean Road?

The Great Ocean Road officially begins in Torquay, just over an hour from Melbourne. For an epic self-drive tour, fly into Melbourne or Avalon Airport and rent a car.

Is the Great Ocean Road accessible?

Even though all the coastal spots are now paid for and reserved through Parks Victoria, some free sites in the Otways are close to the Great Ocean Road and famous sights.

How Can I Save The Most Money Travelling The Great Ocean Road?

Great lodging on the Ocean Road Camping is the cheapest way to go on a Great Ocean Road Trip if you’re on a tight budget.

Final Thought 

No matter where you stop, we are certain that your trip will be fantastic, and we hope that our tours will be the ideal activities to look forward to so that you can have a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience of the Great Ocean Road.

It’s easy to see why the Great Ocean Road day trip is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations: it’s a breathtaking drive. From the transcending bluffs of the Twelve Witnesses to the desolate sea shores of Apollo Narrows, there is something for everybody to appreciate on this notorious excursion. If you have time, Swim or hike at one of the numerous beaches along the route if you have time.

Tips For Travel

  • Set aside Time: The Incomparable Sea Street is far-reaching, so plan your road trip agenda to take advantage of the accessible time.
  • Wear What Matters: Dress appropriately for outdoor activities along the coast based on the forecast.
  • Comfortable shoes: Put on shoes suitable for walking and exploring the sights.
  • Pack Fundamentals: Sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, and a reusable water bottle are all necessary.
  • Observe Directions: Follow the safety guidelines at each stop and listen to your guide.
  • Keep Memories: Take photos of the Great Ocean Road’s beauty with a smartphone or camera.
  • Keep wildlife in mind: Keep a safe distance when observing wildlife and show respect for the natural environment.
  • Think about motion sickness: Because the road can be winding, be prepared with the necessary medications if prone to motion sickness.

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