Green Island Day Trip: Enjoy 1 Day Tour with Joy

Green Island Day Trip
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Going to Green Island is one of the most well-liked and reasonably priced methods to see the Great Barrier Reef without leaving Cairns. Snorkelers who can swim from the beach to coral reefs that border the island are best suited for island tours. Tours to Green Island leave from Cairns Reef Terminal and take 45 minutes.

Additionally available to visitors are glass-bottom boat tours, the SeaWalker adventure, diving, and gorgeous walking trails. Make sure to include this distinctive coral cay island in your travel plans for Cairns. Numerous day trips can take you to the island. It will be a great outing if someone selects to go for the “Green Island Day Trip.”


  • On this full-day catamaran excursion to Green Island from Cairns, discover the Great Barrier Reef and a lush island rainforest. On this protected coral cay, you may plan your perfect day by choosing from various activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, Sea walking, nature hikes, and tours on a glass-bottom boat. Upgrade to include a delectable catamaran lunch buffet and a trip in a semi-submersible. It’s a terrific way to explore the world’s most famous Reef’s underwater splendours! 
  • On a day trip to Green Island, explore the rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Activities, including scuba diving, snorkelling, glass-bottom boat cruises, and semi-submarine coral viewing tours 
  • There is a buffet lunch option. 

About Green Island

Small tropical island Green Island is a magnificent, 6000-year-old coral cay that was created from ocean silt that washed together over time by the currents. Due to the seeds and spores from the water, birds, and wind, it is the only coral cay in the Great Barrier Reef where rainforest blooms from it. Green Island is ideal for a day vacation because it is only 45 minutes from Cairns. Its golden sands surround a reef so close you can snorkel off the beach. Along the Reef’s edge, you can find giant clams, stingrays, fish, turtles, starfish, sea anemones, sponges, sea urchins, and the occasional turtle.

The island’s tropical beaches, coral reefs, and abundant marine life make it a well-liked vacation spot. On the island, visitors can participate in various activities, such as beach activities, glass-bottom boat cruises, nature hikes, and spa services.

One of the largest coral cays of the Great Barrier Reef is found on Green Island. Unique fauna and breathtaking beauty abound! The two habitats inside the Reef are the seagrass beds at the shallow shorelines and the Reef extending from the shallows into the deep oceans.

The Best TimeTo Visit Green Island

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The climate of Green Island National Park is tropical. Summertime daytime temperatures are typically 30°C, with high humidity and frequent downpours. Days are more relaxed and drier from April to September. Despite the constant south-easterly trade winds, it is typically the greatest time to travel.

While spring and fall are also popular travel seasons, summer is the busiest. Continual northern winds and gloomy winters are claimed to prevent ships and aeroplanes from leaving for the island.

Best Things To See And Do On Green Island

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The Great Barrier Reef is up close even if you can’t swim. There are fun things to do on and around Green Island, such as snorkelling, exploring on a glass bottom boat, learning to scuba dive and getting certified to do so, trips on a semi-submersible coral viewing tour, visiting Marineland Melanesia to see a giant crocodile in captivity and occasionally rescued Green Sea Turtles, shopping at Green Island Resort, renting out beach equipment like canoes or surf skis, and much more.

An educational snorkelling demonstration and presentation on how to maximize your time on Green Island will be given to you as you make your way there.

For those who have selected the full-day option, there are snack bars, an a la carte restaurant, and a buffet lunch location on the island, in addition to the licensed bar, which serves drinks throughout the day. In addition, Green Island provides a variety of enjoyable and inexpensive sports, such as kayaking, scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, glass-bottom boats, reef scuba diving, and glass-bottom boats.

To access additional activities, visitors can visit any establishments, such as “Beach Hire,” where they can rent beach chairs, umbrellas, volleyballs, canoes, surf skis, and windsurfing skis.

Green Island, one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, is situated in the centre of the Great Barrier Reef and is considered the jewel among the crowd. It is only 15 nautical miles (or 27 kilometres) out to sea from Cairns. You may get there in just 45 minutes by taking a swift, air-conditioned catamaran, or you can take the more daring route and breeze aboard a sailboat. One can go for a half-day or full-day guided excursion or board one of the ferries that depart from Cairns.

What’s included

  • Snorkelling helps to experience the Great Barrier Reef’s colourful marine life up close.
  • Scuba diving: Enroll in a diving course to become certified and explore the Reef up close.
  • Visit the Reef from above without getting wet with a glass-bottom boat trip.
  • Take a guided or unguided tour to learn more about the magnificent jungle and the Rainforest walk. 
  • Activities at the beach include lying on the sand, swimming in the clean water, and playing beach volleyball.
  • Wearing a special helmet, sea walker divers can stroll around the ocean floor and get up close to the residents of the Great Barrier Reef.

Seawalker helmet diving, scenic helicopter flights, massages, water sports equipment, shopping, dining, a trip to Marineland Melanesia, and free time to explore Green Island or unwind on the white sand beach are available.

What’s Not Included

  • When the tide is low or there are strong waves, avoid going diving or snorkelling. 
  • Keep off-limits government and private property, such as military bases, weather stations, reservoirs, and rubbish dumps, out of your way.

Cost To Travel The Green Island

There are various ways to go to Green Island, depending on your preferences, finances, and what you hope to get from your tropical experience. The cheapest option is to take the return ferry, which still provides access to the island’s daytime amenities, such as the swimming pool and self-guided eco island walks. Taking a catamaran for a half-day or full-day trip is relatively cost-effective; the latter gives you seven hours to play on the island. You can upgrade to a gorgeous sailboat if you’re feeling particularly luxurious or combine your trip to Green Island with a tour of other reef regions.

Additional Information About The Green Island Day Trip

Only 27 km (16 miles) separate Green Island and its Reef from Cairns, which is on the Australian mainland. The island is situated on the reef flat’s westernmost edge. An “inshore patch reef” is the designation for the surrounding Reef.

  • The Australian government has taken some measures to conserve Green Island because it understands that it is a unique location:
  • Since the island is a national park, all commercial operations are subject to licenses.
  • They include the Reef and the underwater habitats.
  • Because Green Island and its Reef are a part of its World Heritage Area, they are protected internationally by UNESCO.


Q.1. What Amusing Details Are There Regarding Green Island?

Over 190 distinct varieties of hard corals and over 100 different types of soft corals may be found on the Reef near Green Island. This island hosts a wide variety of flora in a very tiny area. Native plants come in over 120 different varieties.

Q.2. What Is Called Green Island?

In the Coral Sea, Green Island is a coral cay located 27 kilometres (17 miles) offshore of Cairns, Queensland, Australia. A coral reef surrounds the island, which Green Island National Park protects.

Q.3. Is Green Island A City?

In Albany County, New York, about 8 miles (13 km) north of Albany, there is a coterminous town-village called Green Island. One of just five such town-village conglomerations in New York is Green Island.

Q.4. Why Visit Green Island?

The island’s tropical beaches, coral reefs, and abundant marine life make it a well-liked vacation spot. On the island, visitors can participate in various activities, such as beach activities, glass-bottom boat cruises, nature hikes, and spa services.

Q.5. What Makes Islands Fascinating?

Islands support the livelihoods of millions of islanders and are threatened centres of diversity that concentrate on unique cultural, ecological, and geophysical values. Islands serve as classic examples of how people and the environment interact.

Wrapping Up

For families with young children, Green Island is fantastic. You two can enjoy playing on the beach, taking a glass-bottom boat tour, snorkelling, or just wading in the shallow water. A pleasant trek through the rainforest will bring you to the vibrant interpretative centre.

An extraordinary and fantastic experience may be had on Green Island in Queensland, a hidden gem. It’s hardly surprising that it’s a well-liked vacation spot for locals and tourists, given its crystal-clear waters, gorgeous coral reefs, and thick jungle. We hope the above discussion addresses your inquiries about the “Green Island Day Trip” and aids in preparing for your vacation. Remember to bring some adventure and sunscreen!

Travel Tips

  • In the summer, temperatures can get to 86°F (30°C), so bring sunscreen, a hat, a swimsuit, and a towel.
  • To prevent disrupting the Great Barrier Reef, a protected conservation area, or injuring the coral, abide by the rules.
  • The Green Island Resort has lockers, a bar, a restaurant, showers, changing rooms, and free Wi-Fi.
  • Wheelchair access is available at the Green Island Resort, although not all activities are accessible to people with limited mobility.

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