Hobart Ghost Tour: City of Stories Around Ghosts!

Hobart Ghost Tour
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A 90-minute walking tour through Hobart’s ancient streets that explores some of the city’s most eerie locations is called the Hobart Ghost Tour.

A skilled guide will lead the trip and discuss tales of the city’s sinister past and the spirits rumored to roam its streets. On tour, you’ll stop at many locations, such as the Battery Point Cemetery, Convict Penitentiary, and Old Hobart Gaol.

A few well-known ghost stories from the area will also be discussed, including the one about the headless woman who haunts the Old Hobart Gaol. The Hobart Ghost Tour is a fantastic way to discover the city’s dark past. It is also a fantastic method to terrify people.

Activity You Can Do

Over 1000 people passed away at Port Arthur during its 47-year tenure as a prison colony, and some people believe that the souls of the dead still reside there.

Since 1870, documented ghost stories have been connected to Port Arthur, and numerous individuals have since contributed to the town’s reputation as a haunted place by sharing their paranormal activity accounts.

You’ll learn Port Arthur’s mysteries and choose whether the rumors are accurate as the lantern light leads you into the night and odd tales are told.

As it is historically dark, you can’t go or explore many places. There are some limited activities you can enjoy there. Listening to the stories and exploring the places is the best way to enjoy the trip

What’s Included

Here are some things you can do on your trip to Hobart Ghost Tour.

  • Pay attention to the tour guide’s stories.
  • Visit some of Hobart’s spookiest locations.
  • Take pictures
  • Ask the tour leader any questions regarding the spirits or the tour.

What’s Not Included

If you visit the new countryside, you must know about their do’s and not do’s. Here are some things that you should avoid during your Hobart Ghost Tour.

  • You cannot touch anything on the tour because doing so can spook the ghosts.
  • It is best to be calm because doing otherwise can spook the ghosts.
  • Leaving the tour group is not permitted since it could be risky.

Places You Can Explore

The Hobart Ghost Tour is a fantastic way to learn about Hobart’s past and the legends surrounding its claimed resident ghosts. An informed tour guide will inform you of the city’s mysterious past and the many unusual and unexplainable events that have occurred there.

Port Arthur Apparitions

Even if you’ve already been to this UNESCO World Heritage convict site, the Port Arthur Ghost Tour will scare you. The buildings and ruins of this former correctional town are eerily lovely during the day but are cloaked in mystery at night.

There have been over 1000 fatalities here, most of them in horrifying circumstances. Thus, there have been so many recorded cases of paranormal activity. This 90-minute tour is performed twice each evening by lantern light and includes some of the spookiest tales.

Ghosts At Hobart Penitentiary

Take the Hobart Convict Penitentiary Ghost Tour to learn more about the former epicenter of crime and punishment in the capital. Thousands of prisoners were jammed into every available area at this location starting in 1821, including cells for solitary confinement beneath the floor.

When it was converted into a courthouse, jail, and execution site in 1853, the agony persisted for more than a century. On this 90-minute tour, see the still-in-use gallows, the church, the court, the cells, the underground passages, and perhaps a dark figure.

More Haunting Hobart Tours

The two-hour Ghost Tour of Battery Point takes visitors through one of Hobart’s oldest neighborhoods while showcasing some of the country’s most endearing historic structures, including churches, houses, and cottages.

Find out which ones have some skeletons in the closet by following your guide at night up the steep, centuries-old Kelly’s Steps into Battery Point. Or go on a two-hour walking tour of the city with the free Hobart Ghost Tour: True Crime and Hauntings in search of ghosts, cannibals, and even serial killers.

At Willow Court, Wights And Wraiths

A facility for convict “invalids and lunatics” called Willow Court opened in New Norfolk, close to Hobart, in 1827. Over the following 170 years, it grew into a complex of buildings that housed thousands of mentally ill people.

Some of their tragic tales are revealed during the three-hour Willow Court Asylum Paranormal Investigation trip and potentially their remaining ghosts. Whether there are ghosts or not, it’s a spooky stroll past abandoned structures and occasionally inside them, including the mortuary.

Richmond Rumors And Information

Richmond, a colonial community in Tasmania very close to Hobart, is arguably the prettiest in the state because of the famous sandstone bridge constructed by convict labor and is the oldest in Australia. Here is also where the nation’s oldest jail is located.

The 90-minute Richmond After Dark: Gossip, Ghosts, and Graft tour, which also visits a small cemetery and reveals grim truths concealed underneath the town’s elegant Georgian architecture, includes this as one of its highlights.

Tour Experience

You may learn about the spirits rumored to haunt Hobart on this tour. Your tour guide will educate you on Hobart’s past and the legends surrounding its alleged resident ghosts. These tales are frightful and are frequently based on actual events. The Old Hobart Gaol, Battery Point Cemetery, and Salamanca Arts Centre are just a few of the spooky locations you’ll visit on the trip.

According to legend, the spirits of prisoners, sailors, and other persons who passed away in Hobart haunt these locations. On the trip, odd occurrences like hearing footsteps, seeing shadows, or feeling a chilly sensation are possible. Although ghosts are frequently blamed for these occurrences, alternative explanations may be possible.

Important Information

Here are some vital information that you should know before starting your tour. 

  • The tour takes place at night
  • The tour is not suitable for children
  • The tour is not a ghost hunt
  • The tour is not a religious experience

Additional Information

And here is some additional information you should know before starting your tour. 

  • Be respectful of the tour guide and the other guests
  • Be prepared for the possibility of seeing something scary
  • Dress warmly
  • Bring a flashlight
  • Be respectful


Q: What Time Of Year Is Ideal For Hobart?

A: The best time to travel to Hobart is between December and January during the winter break. The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, Taste Festival, and waterfront are just a few yearly activities that make this season famous. New Year’s Eve festivities The average summertime temperature in Hobart is between 11°C (51.8°F) and 21°C (69.8°F).

Q: Why Ought I Go To Hobart?

A: You can climb a mountain, eat freshly caught seafood, and see pieces of art that are well-known worldwide in just one day in Hobart. The bustling city of Hobart, which serves as Tasmania’s capital, routinely goes above and beyond expectations. The southernmost town in Australia is brimming with innovation and history.

Q: How Do You Get To Tasmania’s Hobart?

A: All major Australian cities have direct flights to Hobart Airport. There are frequent direct flights to Hobart from Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. Additionally, there are numerous weekly flights connecting Canberra. The SkyBus shuttle can travel 17 kilometres from the airport to the city centre.

Q: Why Is Hobart Well-Known?

A: One of the few major cities with year-round southern lights viewing is Hobart. The stunning atmospheric phenomena known as the aurora australis, or the southern lights, can be seen up close due to its proximity to the south magnetic pole.

Q: What Are A Few Noteworthy Details About Hobart?

A: Hobart is Australia’s second-oldest capital city after Sydney, New South Wales, and was established in 1804 as a British penal colony. Whaling quickly became a significant local industry, and Hobart briefly served as the main whaling port for the Southern Ocean.

Travel Tips

Here are some tips for your travel time. 

  • Book your tour in advance.
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Bring a flashlight
  • Bring a camera
  • Be prepared to be scared

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