Hobart to Launceston Road Trip Itinerary – A Scenic Drive Through Tasmania

Hobart to Launceston Road Trip
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Your road trip from Hobart to Launceston can be memorable if you choose National Highway 1. You can go by bus, car, train or flight, but you can have more fun by car. Your drive by car from Hobart to Launceston is 203 km which will take almost 2 hours and 32 minutes. 

Launceston can be an attractive tourist destination. It has riverside views, mountains, moderate temperature, beautiful natural scenery, historical parks, high-altitude buildings, and much more.

You can enjoy the culture of a village and modern city life. Roads, hotels, restaurants, people, and other facilities everything is just amazing. You should plan a road trip to Launceston from Hobart with a few stops to have fun and enjoy different tourist attractions.

Bridgewater, Kempton, Oatlands, Ross, Campbelltown, and other stops can make your road trip informative, peaceful, and enjoyable. How things can be more interesting, stay here and know more about.

Hobart to Launceston Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

You can travel by bus or car or flight. No train service, but you can use the red cabs instead of the train to travel from Hobart to Launceston. Your travelling time will vary according to your mode of travel.

Car2 hours 32 minutes 
Bus2 hours 57 minutes 

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Hobart to Bridgewater

Bridgewater Bridge Tasmania
Bridgewater Bridge, Tasmania.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Travel Distance: 21.2 km

Travel Time: 24 minutes by car/ 56 minutes by bus

Bridgewater is a beautiful destination that can be an attractive tourist location for bogan families. Its beautiful Bridgewater mill is awesome to see. 

It is just 24 minute’s drive from Hobart by car; you may skip that stop. But you may not imagine Bridgewater’s beautiful attractions can take many hours to visit. You can also take the bus, but for the bus, you need approximately an hour due to traffic conditions.

Top Attractions in Bridgewater

  • Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery– The best place to go and spend time with a family. It’s actually a decent museum, and there’s a little gift shop at the entrance. They’re displaying “The house of longing” by Gay Hawkes.
  • Train Park– Fantastic local park!  This fenced park has all the features and none of the gimmicks.  Toilets. Free electric BBQs.  Shaded seating and table area.  Great playground equipment. Epic slides to more baby-friendly slides.
  • Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary– You must visit here. It’s a Nice place, suitable for families. Children will definitely love feeding kangaroos. 

Residential Hotels in Bridgewater

Usually, it does not need to spend the night. But if you are passing from here in the evening, you can book a night in the following hotels.

  • Hatcher’s Manor
  • Explorers Lodge
  • Claremont Hotel
  • Base Camp Tasmania
  • Orana House

Restaurants in Bridgetown

You can visit the following restaurants to enjoy a variety of local and international recipes.

  • Shanghai Restaurant
  • Peking Restaurant
  • MinFu Restaurant
  • McDonald’s Bridgewater
  • The Roost

Bridgewater to Kempton

10375357196 0f1df6aa70 b
Dysart House in Kempton Tasmania built in 1842. A grand ho… | Flickr

Travel Distance: 29.2 km

Travel Time: 23 minutes by car/36 minutes by bus

After Bridgewater, your next stop should be the Kempton if you love to watch historic buildings. It is just 29 km from Bridgewater, which may need 23 minutes by car. 

Going to Kempton by bus is also a good idea because it may take 10 to 15 more minutes to get there. You can enjoy the rich collection of historic buildings, green parks, museums, and much more.

Top attractions in Kempton

  • MONA-The museum building and grounds are impressive. The ferry ride is well worth it, too; the river is stunning. Plan for at least 3 hours, if not more, to sit, eat a meal and enjoy the live music.
  • Russell Falls– You must visit this one of Tasmania’s most photographed and arguably Tasmania’s prettiest waterfalls. Get the chance to see a pleasant stroll on a flattish trail that leads from the visitor center to gorgeous rainforest and a fast-flowing creek. It’s a breathtaking sight.
  • Richmond Gaol– It is a very authentic place right in the heart of Richmond. The self-guided tour is ok but could do with a guide to get a feel for what happened in this place. So great to see a lot of things just how they were when it was run as a jail.

Residential Hotels in Kempton

To stay at night with your family and spend some more time in Kempton, you can visit the following hotels.

  • Hatcher’s Manor
  • Whites Corner
  • Scout Hall
  • Richmond Arms Hotel
  • A Tassie Church

Restaurants in Kempton

Feel tired or hungry during your visit to historic buildings? No worries, you can enjoy delicious meals in the following restaurants.

  • Belgrove Distillery
  • Zelda’s Bar & Bistro
  • Old Kempton Distillery
  • Huntington Tavern

Kempton to Oatlands

32261546983 99439dbf26 b
Oatlands Tasmania. One of the first buildings of the town … | Flickr

Travel Distance: 35 km

Travel Time: It may take 25 minutes by car or bus

Oatlands is the next best place to stop during your road trip from Hobart to Launceston. You can relax and enjoy beautiful historic stone buildings. Oatlands is a landmark lakeside town that has many charms.

You can cover that distance by car or bus, both take almost the same time. Follow National Hwy 1 for a quick and hassle-free journey.

Top Attractions in Oatlands

  • Callington Mill Distillery– You must visit here while in Oatlands. It’s free to visit. Some traditional styles are preserved well, especially the stone shelters, stone floors, and stone fences.
  • Woodsdale Museum-Gorgeous small town museum. Certainly worth a visit on a lazy afternoon. You can enjoy a fabulous experience. So much history presented with total passion and knowledge.
  • Lake Dulverton– It is Beautiful, with grassy views across the lake. Lots of water bird life, walk to the weir and small island in the top third. You can easily spend three to four hours resting and enjoying the natural scenery.

Residential Hotels in Oatlands

You can visit the following affordable hotels to spend a night in Oatlands.

  • Robinson Cottage
  • Oatlands Lodge
  • Oatlands Retreat
  • The Kentish Tasmania
  • Raffah House Accommodation

Restaurants in Oatlands

You have many tasty restaurants to visit for meals in Oatlands. Some of the famous restaurants are given below.

  • The Pancake and Crepe Shop
  • Vintage on High
  • Heartlands Larder
  • Birdsong Restaurant

Oatlands to Ross

49089632546 21c87d2b01 b
Ross, Tasmania. | Steven Penton | Flickr

Travel Distance: 36.2 km

Travel Time: 28 minutes drive by Car/ bus

Next to the Oatlands, after a 28-minute drive, Ross can be a perfect place for you to stop and have fun. You can enjoy historic buildings and the top commercial center of Australia for high-quality merino wool.

Everything is fine and worth seeing in parks, roads, buildings, and other living facilities. It can be a fine stop during your journey from Hobart to Launceston.

Top Attractions in Ross

  • Ross Caravan Park– Great little camper & camping site is right by the river and very close to town. The showers, toilets & laundry are sparkling clean. The kitchen area is adequate but could do with a spring clean.
  • Tasmanian Wool Centre- This is an interesting exhibition showing the history of the wool industry in Tasmania and is worth visiting if you are in Ross. The shop also contains a wide range of pure wool clothing items.   Entry is free.
  • Ross Bridge– Very attractive historic bridge is still used by traffic into Ross. Enjoy sitting under the willows on the northwest riverbank and admire the workmanship of the ducks. Alternatively, there is a more formal picnic area on the town side banks to the south.

Residential Hotels in Ross

Following are the best residential hotels in Ross to stay

  • Colonial Cottages of Ross
  • Ross B&B Accommodation
  • Lake Leake Inn
  • Lake Yalleena Nature Retreat
  • Ross Motel

Restaurants in Ross

Following is the list of best Restaurants in Ross for enjoying spicy foods

  • Ross Bakery
  • Zeps
  • Brownies Cafe & Function Centre
  • Halfway Cafe & Diner

Ross to Campbell Town

Red Bridge Campbell Town
Red Bridge Campbell Town.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Travel Distance: 11.8 km

Travel Time: 12 minutes by Car/ 15 minutes by bus

Just a 12 to 15 minutes drive from Ross, the next place is Campbell town. Campbell town has many things to explore and spend a few hours on. It is a famous roadside destination that has many arrays of amenities.

You can stop for a picnic on your drive to Launceston. Enjoy the riverside and beautiful parks, and enjoy a splendid time with your family.

Top Attraction in Campbell Town

  • Valentine Park- You must visit this lovely little park with Shady car parking. A couple of exciting exhibits & public conveniences. Good kid’s playground. Plenty of room to let the dogs stretch their legs.
  • Campbell Town Museum– During your stay in Campbell town, visit this museum. It has many musical instruments, photos, band music, and much more of the local history of the midlands.
  • History of wood carvings: It’s a nice place to rest and enjoy the carvings. You must enjoy the great sculptures and a nice little walk.

Residential Hotels in Campbell Town

In Campbell town, you can book a night stay in the following hotels:

  • Rydges Campbelltown
  • ibis budget Campbelltown
  • Rydges Campbelltown
  • Campbell Town Hotel Motel
  • Ivy On Glenelg

Restaurants in Campbell town

To enjoy spacious and tasty meals visit the following restaurants.

  • TAS SUPER Kebabs Campbell Town
  • Halfway Cafe & Diner
  • Subway
  • Chilli Joe Thai Cuisine Restaurant
  • The Taste Italian Grill

Campbell Town to Epping Forest

epping forest 720x3501 1
Epping Forest Heritage Highway,Midlands Highway | Historic Tourist Sites | Tasmanian Convict Trail

Travel Distance: 22.9 km

Travel Time: 15 minutes by Car/Bus

After Campbell town, I recommend you to stop at Epping Forest. It is a rural locality which has many things to view and enjoy. You can use a Car or bus to get there. 

Follow National Highway 1 to get there. Epping Forest has many attractive tourist attractions to relax, picnic, and have fun.

Top Attractions in Epping Forest

  • Tom Gibson Nature Reserve: You must visit the Tom Gibson Nature Reserve, which has beautiful natural scenic opportunities. You can explore the wildlife and natural environment.
  • Fairfield– Fairfield is a famous nature preserve that can be the best tourist attraction to spend time and enjoy close to nature. You can also explore many historic buildings here.

Residential Hotels in Epping Forest

You may not need to spend a night here because you are close to your destination. But if you love nature and want memorable times, you can book a night in the following hotels.

  • Mowbray Hotel
  • Queen’s Arms Hotel
  • Country Club Villas
  • St Andrews Inn

Restaurants in Epping Forest

Enjoy delicious meals and fast food in the following restaurants.

  • Clarendon Arms Restaurant
  • Sticky Beaks Pizza

Epping Forest to Longford

24789090239 f722a49a74 b
Longford Tasmania. Woolmers one of the four local huge est… | Flickr

Travel Distance: 32.1 km

Travel Time: 21 minutes by Car/ 1 hour and 26 minutes by Bus

The next destination can be a perfect stop to have fun and enjoyment. It is best to go by car via National Highway 1. You can use the bus service, but its route is long and may take one and a half hour to get to Longford.

Longford is a famous tourist location for antique shops, hearty pub food, and hoteling. Its marvellous beautiful historic building and romantic escapes can provide great fun. Please spend an entire day enjoying its different tourist attractions.

Top Attractions in Longford

  • Woolmers Estate- A must-see while in Tasmania. Loads of fascinating Tasmanian history, beautiful gardens, cafes, and souvenirs. You will need a couple of hours to enjoy this historic house and farm.
  • Brickendon- This little gem is well worth the visit. Ducks, chickens, turkeys, and fowl of all varieties. Incredible information about the estates beginning and subsequent seven generations in one family. 
  • Brickendon Estate – UNESCO World Heritage Site & Accommodation– This place is fantastic. There are many historical things about their family heritage, the old building, and all the equipment they used in the past. Please remember to visit the farm village opposite the garden as well.

Residential Hotels in Longford

You can stay in the following hotels in Longford during your stay in Longford.

  • Country Club Tasmania
  • Brickendon
  • Arthouse Hostel

Restaurants in Longford

You can enjoy the delicious recipes in the following restaurants.

  • Blenheim Inn Hotel
  • Bajra Classic Indian Restaurant
  • Choi’s Kitchen
  • Longford Village Pizza
  • Longford Pizza House

Longford to Launceston

Church of the Apostles Launceston Tasmania
Church of the Apostles, Launceston, Tasmania.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Travel Distance: 22.1 km

Travel Time: 17 minutes by car/ 45 minutes by bus

After Longford, a 17 minutes car drive is your final destination Launceston. You can also go there by bus, but it will take more than 45 minutes to get to Launceston.

Launceston has many heritage streetscapes, urban wilderness, and mixes of rural charms. It is also famous for its clean and clear air and healthy lifestyle. Your stay in Launceston can be very informative, enjoyable, and peaceful.

Top attractions in Launceston

  • Queen Victoria Museum Inveresk– A Good place to visit. It is free. A fantastic display of animals and dinosaurs. Lots of information is to be had. Upstairs has a fantastic array of photos from around Tasmania and under Tasmanian waters. The science part for kids is a massive letdown.
  • City Park- It is a Lovely park across the road. Beautiful gardens, lush green lawns, and a stunning display of orchids in the conservatory. A Great place for a walk. It is located centrally within Launceston. It has a play area for the kids. Others will enjoy the gardens full of flowers.
  • Penny Royal Adventure- It is one of the thrilling adventure places. It is located near the cataract George reserve. This place has a beautiful artificial waterfall, and many activities need to be done here. You can stay here, and the nearby places have a good view.

Residential Hotels in Launceston

Surely you have planned a 3 to 4 days trip to enjoy the beautiful city of Launceston and its attractions. You can stay in the following hotels during your stay in Launceston.

  • Mercure Launceston
  • Leisure Inn Penny Royal
  • Peppers Seaport Launceston
  • Best Western Plus Launceston
  • Alice’s Cottages

Restaurants in Launceston

Below is the list of the best five restaurants where you must enjoy tasty foods during your stay in Launceston.

  • Cataract on Paterson
  • Novaro’s Restaurant
  • Mudbar Restaurant
  • Geronimo Aperitivo Bar & Restaurant
  • Three Steps On George


Is Launceston, Tasmania, worth visiting?

Yes, Launceston is a beautiful and clean city in Tasmania. It is the second largest city after Hobart in Tasmania, with a vibe of rural and urban life.

You can enjoy many historical, modern, and natural scenes here. The city is not much thickly populated, but everything in Launceston, from Tourist attractions to life facilities, is impressive.

Is there a train between Hobart and Launceston? How long does a flight take from Hobart to Launceston?

No, there is no regular train between Hobart and Launceston. But you can go through airlines. The flight takes 40 to 42 minutes to reach Launceston from Hobart.

Which one is the cheapest way for me to get from Hobart to Launceston?

You have many options for the mode of travelling from Hobart to Launceston. But driving by car is the most suitable and cheapest way to reach Launceston from Hobart. It may cost you between 35$- 50$. 

How much does a flight cost from Hobart to Launceston?

The flight mode is costly compared to other ways of travel. It may cost you between 332$ to 500$ from Hobart to Launceston via flight.

Why is Launceston Popular?

Launceston is a famous and second-largest city in Tasmania. It has many art galleries and museums. The city is surrounded by wine and fabulous food areas.

The tourist can explore the perfect combination of local delights to discover. Launceston is the smallest city famous for its clean air and is the second city of UNESCO in Australia.

Where should you dine and drink in Launceston?

You have many restaurants, fast food cafes, and bars to dine and drink in Launceston. Below is the list of the best but most affordable places to dine and drink in Launceston:

Alchemy Bar & Restaurant
Geronimo Aperitivo Bar & Restaurant
The Metz
Bluestone Bar & Kitchen
Kings Bridge Bar & Restaurant

How should I travel from Hobart to Launceston without a car?

If you do not have a car, you can go by flight, car, red cab, or even by cycle. But among all of these, the bus is better and more affordable. 

You can reach me directly from Hobart to Launceston before 3 hours. If you want fun, you can stop at different places to take some rest and have fun.


Your visit to Launceston from Hobart can be more enjoyable and historical if you stop at some beautiful places Via National Highway 1. 

Launceston is a very attractive destination for tourists to stay and enjoy the best time. While planning your trip, you must reserve 4 to 5 days to enjoy a peaceful journey from Hobart to Launceston.

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