Hobart to Strahan Road Trip – 10 Stunning Stops to Visit

Hobart To Strahan Road Trip
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It’s a good idea to plan a road trip to Strahan from Hobart via Lyell Hwy. A direct drive from Hobart to Strahan is 300 km, which will take 4 hours and 12 minutes. You can also get Strahan from Hobart via bus or flight.

Strahan is a famous city in Tasmania that has Queenstown in its nearby. You can explore many historic attractions. The beautiful and thick rainforest and beaches are excellent that can make your trip to Strahan memorable. Your trip can be more interesting if you take a few stops on the route to enjoy more tourist attractions.

Granton, New Norfolk, Hamilton, Ous, Wayatinah, Tarraleah, Bronte Park, Derwent bridge, and Queenstown are some best places to stop on the way to Strahan from Hobart. Are you becoming crazy to know more? Wait, I will guide how you can discover more and more on your road trip.

Hobart to Strahan Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

Transportation ModeApproximate time 
Car4 hours 12 minutes 
Bus12 hours 49 minutes 

Strahan is almost 300 km from Hobart, and you have many modes to get there. So your time to reach Hobart will also vary depending on your transportation mode. Below are the approximate times needed to cover the entire route via different modes of transportation.

1. Hobart to Granton

Travel Distance: 17.8 km

Travel Time: 17 minutes via car/ 35 minutes by Bus

Start your journey from Hobart via National Highway 1; after a 17 minutes drive, there is a small village Granton. It is the best place to stop and enjoy the historical and natural attractions. 

If you get there by bus, it will take 35 minutes on the same route. Granton is a beautiful valley with many ancient plants, specimens of the oldest Australian gardens, and much more.  

a) Top attractions in Granton

  • Derwent Estate Vineyard
  • Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens
  • Rathbones Lime Kilns

b) Residential Hotels in Granton

  • The York Hotel
  • Sheoak House
  • La Riviera
  • Strahan Village

c) Restaurants in Granton

  • 12 Mile Steakhouse
  • Osteria Vista at Stefano Lubiana Wines
  • The Shed Restaurant

2. Granton to New Norfolk

Travel Distance: 18.5 km

Travel Time: 17 minutes by car/ 22 minutes by bus

During your road trip to Strahan, New Norfolk is the next best spot to stop. It is 17 minute’s drive from Granton. If you go by bus, it will take 22 minutes to reach via Lyell Hwy/A10. 

New Norfolk is famous as “ the antique capital of Tasmania.” You can visit many antique shops in or outside of the town. Many other tourist attractions and historic landmarks provide a lot of fun.

a) Top attractions in New Norfolk

  • Willow Court Antique Centre
  • Tynwald Park
  • Pulpit Rock Lookout

b) Residential Hotels in New Norfolk

  • The Woodbridge
  • The Shingles Riverside Cottages
  • Old Colony Inn
  • Base Camp Tasmania
  • Junction Motel

c) Restaurants in New Norfolk

  • Eagle Snack Bar
  • The Roost
  • Shanghai Restaurant
  • Pauly’s Pizza
  • Dingding’s Noodle & Dianxin Shop

3. New Norfolk to Hamilton

Travel Distance: 38.4 km

Travel Time: 30 minutes by car

After New Norfolk, you should stop at Hamilton. It is a beautiful destination for families. You have the opportunity to explore many charming and unspoiled historic Georgian villages.

Travelling by car; it will take almost half an hour to get to Hamilton from New Norfolk via Lyell Hwy A10 is better. There is no bus service available from New Norfolk to Hamilton.

a) Top attractions in Hamilton

  • Hamilton Botanic Gardens
  • Sir Reginald Ansett Transport Museum
  • Hamilton Cinema

b) Residential Hotels in Hamilton

  • Curringa Farm
  • Hamilton Inn Cafe, Bar, and Accommodation
  • Kelleher’s Cottage
  • Bonnie Brae Lodge
  • Edwards Cottage

c) Restaurants in Hamilton

  • Jackson’s Emporium
  • Wild Fennel Cafe
  • The Kingdom Gallery at Glen Clyde House

4. Hamilton to Ouse

Travel Distance: 15.2 Km

Travel Time: 11 minutes drive by car

Just next to Hamilton, another beautiful place where you must stop during your road trip from Hobart to Strahan is Ouse. It is just 11 minute drive from Hamilton by car. No bus service is available, so you must have your car.

Ouse is a small town with many beautiful landmarks to explore. It has riverside views which are very charming to see, especially in the evening. Many people come to Ouse to enjoy the village vibe.

a) Top attractions in Ouse

  • Meadowbank Lake
  • Repulse Dam
  • Lake Repulse

b) Residential Hotels in Ouse

  • Lachlan Hotel
  • Rosecot
  • Curringa Farm

c) Restaurants in Ouse

  • Ouse Roadhouse
  • Lawrenny Estate Distilling – Tasmanian Distillery

5. Ouse to Wayatinah

Travel Distance: 25 km

Travel Time: 20 minutes by car

After Ouse, start your journey towards the Strahan; after 25 km, you will reach Wayatinah. It is a beautiful location where you can explore many things. 

Go straight on Lyell Hwy/A10 for 23 km and then take a left turn to enter Wayatinah Rd. Just after 1.8 km is Wayatinah town.

It is famous for the Horseshoe falls, Russel falls, exotic grasses, and large rainforests. You can also explore many historical things near the Wayatinah.

a) Top attractions in Wayatinah

  • Wayatinah Lagoon
  • Wayatinah Lakeside Caravan Park
  • Russell Falls

b) Residental Hotels in Wayatinah

  •  Wayatinah Lakeside Caravan Park Hotel
  •  National Park Hotel

c) Restaurants in Wayatinah

  • Wayatinah Tavern
  • The Highlander Arms

6. Wayatinah to Tarraleah

Travel Distance: 16.5 km

Travel Time: 16 minutes by car

Taraleah can be an awesome tourist destination for you. You should stop and must watch some of the beautiful and mighty tourist attractions here. The visitors can enjoy natural waterfalls, sports parks, and much more in Tarraleah.

Tarraleah is 16.5 km from Wayatinah; you can only go by car, and no bus service is available from Wayatinah to Tarraleah. 

After a 16 minutes drive via the Lyell Hwy/A10 route, you will reach Tarraleah. Many things are waiting for you to explore in this beautiful rural location.

a) Top attractions in Tarraleah

  • Tarraleah Power Station
  • Tarraleah Falls
  • Tarraleah Golf Club

b) Residential Hotels in Tarraleah

  • Tarraleah Estate
  • The Lodge at Tarraleah
  • Tarraleah Lodge
  • Art Deco Cottages at Tarraleah
  • Tarraleah

c) Restaurants in Tarraleah

  • The Highlander Arms Tarraleah Estate
  • Wildside Restaurant at Tarraleah Lodge
  • Cliff Top Dining
  • Teez Cafe

7. Tarraleah to Bronte Park

Travel Distance: 30.6 km

Travel Time: 28 minutes by car

You have two routes to get to Bronte Park from Tarraleah. The first is via Lyell Hwy/A10, which is smooth and easy to cover. 

The next route is via Fourteen Mile Rd, a shorter but rough route that takes the same time. But if the problem happens you may spend a lot of time there.

Bronte Park is a small and beautiful village that is a perfect and peaceful place to stop and take a rest. 

You can be fresh here and have some fun, dine, drink, and explore many natural, historic and beautiful tourist attractions.

a) Top attractions in Bronte Park

  • Bronte Lagoon
  • Currant Bush Shore
  • Wooden hydro pipe

b) Residential Hotels in Bronte Park

  • Highland Cabins and Cottages at Bronte Park
  • Great Lake Hotel
  • Highland Cabins

c) Restaurants in Bronte Park

  • Miena Hotel
  • The Hungry Wombat Cafe
  • The Highland arms
  • Blue Skies

8. Bronte Park to Derwent Bridge

Travel Distance: 19.8 km

Travel Time: 15 minutes by car

Derwent bridge is a famous location for tourists to stop and take a rest. It is a small town but has many beautiful attractions. You can easily spend a day or more on Derwent bridge.

It is only 19.8 km from Bronte Park. A car will be a better mode of transportation because there is no direct bus service. You must stop at Derwent Bridge to explore the big things which are waiting for you.

a) Top attractions in Derwent Bridge

  • Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park
  • The Wall (bookings essential)
  • Lake St Clair National Park

b) Residential Hotels in Derwent Bridge

  • Derwent Bridge Wilderness Hotel
  • Derwent Bridge Chalets & Studios
  • Pumphouse Point

c) Restaurants in Derwent Bridge

  • Hungry Wombat Cafe
  • Derwent Bridge Wilderness Hotel Restaurant

9. Derwent Bridge to Queenstown

Travel Distance: 85.6 km

Travel Time: 1 hour and 18 minutes by car

Queenstown is the next awesome spot to stop and relax. Queenstown is a famous town in nearby Strahan which has many historical landmarks. Its historical buildings, thick forest, and lush green scene are awesome.

To get to Queenstown, you must drive for almost 86 km via Lyell Highway/A10. There is no bus service so keep arranging your car. It will take 1 hour and 18 minutes to get there.

a) Top attractions in Queenstown

  • Mount Huxley
  • Spion Kopf Lookout
  • Horsetail falls

b) Residential Hotels in Queenstown

  • Gold Rush Inn
  • Empire Hotel
  • Mountain View Motel Queenstown

c) Restaurants in Queenstown

  • Thai restaurant Rusty iron
  • Smelters Restaurant
  • Tracks Cafe
  • Queenstowner Bar & Grill
  • Delish Pizzeria

10. Queenstown to Strahan

Travel Distance: 41.4 km

Travel Time: 42 minutes by car/ 55 minutes by bus

You have two modes of transit from Queenstown to Strahan. You can choose a car and bus, but the car is more convenient and takes less time to cover the distance. It will need 42 minutes to reach Strahan.

You have many things to explore in Strahan. You can enjoy camping, boating, and picnicking at the beaches, rainforests, and historical places. 

Strahan is a small town with all the necessary facilities like paved roads, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and a safe tourist environment.

a) Top attractions in Strahan

  • Henty Dunes
  • West Coast Visitor Information Centre
  • The Ship That Never Was

b) Residential Hotels in Strahan

  • Strahan Village
  • BIG4 Strahan Holiday Retreat
  • Wheelhouse Apartments Strahan
  • Aldermere Estate
  • All In Strahan Holiday Units

c) Restaurants in Strahan

  • View 42º Restaurant & Bar
  • Molly’s Takeaway Cafe
  • BIG4 Strahan Holiday Retreat Restaurant


What to do on the drive from Hobart to Strahan?

You have many things to explore on your drive from Hobart to Tasmania. Some of the best tourist attractions to explore are Mount wellington, New Norfolk, Salmon ponds, Trraleah hydropower station, and much more.

How Should you travel from Hobart to Strahan without a car?

Flight is the second best option if you want to reach quickly from Hobart to Strahan. Bus service is also available, but it will take more than 11 hours which may tire and bored you. Bus services cost $120 to 170$ but waste time.

Is the ferry to Tasmania still running?

Yes, a ferry service is available in Tasmania. The Spirit of Tasmania company operates ferries to Tasmania, but you must check the schedule before setting out on your journey to Tasmania.

What is the less expensive way to get from Hobart to Strahan?

Car is the cheapest way to get from Hobart to Strahan. It takes almost 4 and a half hours and costs you almost 150$. It saves you time and money, and the best thing is that you can stop at different locations as much as you want.

How much does a flight cost from Hobart to Strahan?

A flight may cost you between 300$ and to 400$ for a cheap flight. A standard flight costs between 400$ and 500$. If you book an excellent quality flight, it may cost you up to 700$.

How much time does it take to fly from Hobart to Strahan?

Flight from Hobart to Strahan takes almost 2 hours and 35 minutes to reach Strahan. You must reserve your ticket almost one day before to avoid inconvenience.


A road trip to Strahan from Hobart can be exciting if you go by car and stop at some locations. You have more than ten attractive tourist locations where you can rest, explore nature and history and enjoy the best time.

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