How Long Does It Take To Travel Around Australia?

How Long Does It Take To Travel Around Australia
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Australia is known to be the smallest continent in the world. Interestingly it is the sixth-largest country too. How long does it take to travel around Australia? You may already feel excited upon hearing this, but what if I tell you the plan to travel around this country enriched with natural beauty in every corner of it? Doesn’t it sound adventurous?

Among the different modes of travel, for example, flight, bus, train, and car, I recommend the last two means. By doing so, you will be able to blend into the beauty that mother nature has bestowed upon this heavenly country.

Before packing your bags and embarking on the journey, let’s know what you need to do.

  • Selecting the best mode of travel.
  • Ways of getting the transport.
  • Duration of the journey according to the vehicle.
  • Prime tourist locations in Australia.

Selecting The Best Mode Of Transport For The Round Trip In Australia.

Selecting the best mode of transport depends solely on your preference. But if you are about to take my opinion, I recommend you to take any means connected with the road.

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Travelling By Car.

Road-tripping in Australia is like a match made in heaven. Moreover, having your own set of wheels will be like icing on the cake. In this way, you can connect yourself with the natural beauty of Australia. Now if you don’t have a car, then don’t worry. You can find car rental companies at any central city location or airport.

Once you are on the road, you can now forget about the hectic timetables and explore the countryside beauty of Australia. One important thing is for long journeys, hiring a caravan or a 4WD vehicle is essential. Parking of these vehicles is available in almost every town in Australia. Eating and sleeping won’t be a big issue inside them. In this case, it will cut down your accommodation cost.

In hiring your preferred vehicle, you can always visit the following two sites,, and, for price comparison.

Travelling By train.

The railroad in Australia is scattered extensively throughout the whole continent. Express trains will offer you more comfort.

1. The Indian Pacific

The main route of it is between Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney. This four days long train journey will cross three states and two oceans. The key attractions you may visit are our Blue Mountain in New South Wales, the Rolling Hills of Western Australia, the bubble-gum pink lakes of South Australia, and the symbolic Nullarbor Plain.

2. The Great Southern

This train is mainly routed between Adelaide and Brisbane. Journey time will expand beyond three to four days. Moreover, it will cross four states of the country, crossing some more well-known locations. For example, Adelaide hills, the Grampians mountain range in Victoria, and the Lazuline Shores of New South Wales. But this comprehensive journey operates once a year, preferably during summer.

3. The Ghan

The destination of the Ghan is mainly Darwin to Adelaide. This train covers some of the problematic parts of Australia. The journey time of it is similar to the above two. You can explore the famous Red Centre, the tropical greens, and Alice Springs outbreak towns.

Australia’s Most Iconic Cities And Destinations.

Travel Around Australia


Whenever the name Australia comes to mind, the first city you think of is Sydney. Even though it is not the country’s capital, it is still the most iconic city. Why is Sydney iconic? You can get the answer to that question here. 

1. Sydney Opera House.

The construction of this tremendous architectural heritage began on 1st March 1959, and after fourteen years, on 20th October, it was inaugurated by the late Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II.

Danish architect Jorn Utzon designed this remarkable structure, but Australian construction led by Peter Hall completed it. The UNESCO world heritage team has enlisted this building into their list and certified it as a symbolic landmark of Australia.

It hosts almost 1600 performances annually, including classical ballet, innovative theatre, symphonic music, and contemporary dance. In addition, daily guided tours are also offered in seven different languages.

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge.

After Sydney Opera, the second most famous landmark in Australia is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Three architects of the British architectural firm Dorman Long, John Bardfield, Ralph Freeman, and Thomas S. Tait were the designers of this beautiful structure.

Fifty-three thousand tonnes of steel were used in the construction. The Bridge is 1,149 meters long, connecting Sydney CBD with the northern outskirts. Construction work extended over nine years. In 1932 the Bridge was finally opened to the public.

3. Melbourne

Melbourne is the second most popular city in Australia. Enrich in both culture and heritage. It also serves as the primary place of attraction for cricket lovers.

4. Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

One of the largest and oldest sports venues in Australia. Hosted numerous cricket games, among which the most memorable is the final of the 1992 cricket world cup. The world witnessed as Pakistan Cricket Team, captained by legendary cricketer Imran Khan, emerged as champions for the first time.

Opened in 1853, almost 170 years ago, this stadium has a capacity for 100,024 people. With time, it was renovated twice, the first in 1992 and the second in 2006. A plan for renovation for the third time has been proposed, which will start in 2032.

5. State Library Victoria

Established in 1856, it is the busiest library in Australia and the fourth most famous library in the world. The building acknowledges architectural heritage and hosts free exhibitions with various programs and events.

It also holds precious treasures of more than five million items. Recently the library authority renovated new spaces, which include two new reading rooms, a lounge, and a meeting zone.


Canberra is the capital of Australia. This city is located between Sydney and Melbourne. In 1908 among these two rival cities, Canberra was chosen as the capital of Australia.

American architect couple Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin were awarded in an international competition for the city’s design because they had designed it to embody extensive green lands and well-shaped buildings.

1. New Parliament House

On 9th May 1988, the late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II opened the new boomerang-shaped Parliament House in Canberra. A USA-based architect won an international prize for designing this building because he designed it so that you can get a comprehensive view of Canberra.

2. Old Parliament House

Opened in 1927 by the late His Majesty King George VI, the Old Parliament House now serves as the Australian Democracy museum. Visitors can experience the political heritage by taking a tour there.

The museum tour will allow you to sit in the old office of the Prime Minister, visit the Press Room, and read critical historical documents. Coincidently the New Parliament House is just a short walk away from the old one from Capital Hill’s foot. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take to travel around Australia? I would appreciate some relevant questions regarding this matter. In this section, I have tried to answer those questions.

Where Should I Start?

You can start your journey from anywhere, depending on your mode of transport.

What Will Be The Best Mode Of Transport?

If you are about to take my opinion, there are two best modes of transport. First is on the road and second is by railways. You can easily travel around Australia and enjoy your journey as a road trip or onboard the tourist trains mentioned above.

What Is The Journey Duration?

The journey by road will be around three to four months, and by train will be around three to four days.


Summing up the conclusion, I hope you have a clear conception of How long it takes to travel around Australia?

In short, the key is in your hand, and this writing has given you a driving push to unleash your inner wish to be an adventurer. Let’s save your precious time because you have a lot of packing to do before setting out for the journey.

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