How to Make Money While Travelling Australia?

How to Make Money While Travelling Australia
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Suppose you start a journey with a backpack and somehow lose your wallet or cards, so what will you do? You can only stay in the same place for a while. Also, you can not start the journey by walking. Specifically, when it comes to Australia, it is the sixth largest country in the planate with six states and 543 prominent cities.

Australia is a dream place for most travellers. This country is rich in natural beauty, the land of colours and contrasts from the red sand, tropical rainforests, mountains, vineyards, and the most beautiful beaches.

But for that, you need money, and a calculated amount can not justify a six-state country tour. How to make money while travelling to Australia is a big question. Yet it is possible to make money during the tour.

Let’s explore the option of earning and spending money in Australia.

One-Person Expenses

Among other countries, Australia is one of the wealthiest countries. Based on last year’s GDP count, Australia has passed some United States countries. For that, expenses are higher than in other countries.

A single-person minimum cost can be around 192AU$ (137 US$). Here is a basic assumption for one-person costs in Australia.

Expenses nameAmount
Meal of two times AU$42 ($30)
TransportAU$37 ($26)
Hotel or rentAU$170 ($121)

So with only savings, staying in Australia and travelling around will take a lot of work. But earning money on the one hand and spending money can make your trip more adventurous. 

Is It Legal To Earn During Travelling?

If you hold a tourist visa and start to work in Australia to manage your expenses, it will be illegal as per the law of Australia. But there is a saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” So If you are stuck where you have to earn money, there is an option to do that. 

In Australia, if you want to work, study or volunteer for any program, you have to claim a Working Holiday Visa, which will allow a traveller to be eligible to apply for a 12-month visa which enables you to work in Australia while you are here. 

There are two types of visas available depending on your country of residence.

These are-

Working Holiday visa (Subclass 417).

This visa is for those who currently hold a Working Holiday visa and have a second working holiday in Australia.

Holiday visa (Subclass 462)

This visa is for those who want to travel and work for up to 12 months in Australia.

But there are some conditions to be eligible for applying for these visas

  • Must be 18 to 30 years old (inclusive),
  • Have to carry a passport from an eligible country
  • This visa is not suitable for being a permanent resident
  • Have a provided document of a security amount of 5000AU$. 

Some Part-Time Work Options

Travelling is the easiest way to explore adventure and check your ability to live out of your comfort zone. While you are travelling from here and there, you can meet a bunch of people who can give you life lessons. Also, others can provide you with life-threatening experiences. 

Make Money While Travelling Australia

Earning a part-time money option is a great way to explore. When it comes to Australia, you can find many opportunities to explore. Some of the regular work  options that a traveller can look for- 

  • Barista at the cafe,
  • Can be a bartender, 
  • Part-time server,
  • Restaurant cook or sous-chef,
  • Sell stuff on the street like -water, chocolate, and drinks,
  • Car fixer,
  • Shop helper.

These are some options by which you can earn money during your travel time. But when you explore the city, you will find more options.   

Make Money Using Passion

Passion is a value that holds relevant meaning to an activity you enjoy. When you practise your passions, it might help you to feel calm and relaxed. But while travelling, it can be an option to earn money. 

There are a lot of options that will help you to fill your bag with money.

  • Making money by being a medical person
  • Music and the street show is a famous options to place your talent and earn money
  • Giving yoga training can also be beneficial
  • You Can be a cab driver 
  • A nanny can be an option.

When Online Source Is The Mafiya

Our world is getting a step ahead in the digital world daily. For that, it has been easy to work remotely other than going to the office and working 9 to 5. Nowadays, people can find many remote jobs, which also bring a good amount of money into their pockets. Also, a remote job is an option where you can do your work from anywhere if you have two things, which are a device and a net connection. 

Australia is a developed country for that reason. You can find out network connections where you are going. Also, their cafes and restaurants have network access to serve their customers.

The Oldest Way: Savings

Saving is the oldest and most preferred decision for travelling. You can save money and travel. But saving will end any moment, so you should have backup options to protect your back.

Staying at a place and saving might help you more than doing a one-time save. Considering this option will be more convenient and easy to work. There is some benefit to saving and travelling. They are-

  • Get to know other people
  • A city can be explored more deeply
  • Can find out a new way of earning money
  • Easy to control expenses by travelling with breaks.


Q 1: Is It Legal To Work In Australia While Travelling?

Ans: Yes. It is legal to work in Australia while travelling. But the tourist has to apply for a  working visa.

Q 2: Is There Any Age Restriction To Work In Australia?

Ans: Yes, There is an age restriction to work in Australia. That is 18 to 30 years.

Q 3: Did Australia Contain Any Dangerous Animals?

Ans: Australia is loaded with natural beauty, and animals are also a part of that.  It is home to some dangerous animal species like crocodiles, jellyfish and sharks, venomous insects, spiders, and snakes


There is a famous quote “Jobs fill your pockets, adventures fill your soul.” But earning and travelling will help to fill up your pocket and fill your soul with happiness. So, earn money and explore new cultures. 

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