How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Road Trip in Australia?

How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Road Trip In Australia
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If you are curious to know all about How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Road Trip in Australia? Before making plans for a road trip to Australia, there are a few things to think about. We will elaborate on these things, which will help you understand them properly. Let’s scroll down- 

Preparing for a road trip in Australia can take a lot of money, so saving up enough money is important before you leave. Your budget may vary depending on your goals and the type of vacation you want to take (traveller on vacation or backpacker on a working holiday visa). Our goal is to give you an idea of how much your road trip will cost and some advice on how to cut costs. The chosen prices are just some examples, but they might help you prepare for your road trip.

How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Road Trip in Australia?

We are big believers that the best way to see a place is by driving around it, and driving around Australia is no exception. Australia has the best excursion courses on the planet, and it’s one of the simplest ways to voyage to Australia on a spending plan.

How Much Money In Your Hand

This is the main thing when planning your road trip around Australia. And it sounds obvious, and it will determine everything. It’s more than you expected; it’s time to reprioritize your plans if it’s not looking good.

Plan Ahead

Planning is everything; you can accomplish something, but only some things. That’s why you must plan for every detail of your road trip. After that, an idea of a route and time scale can surely help you save money.

  • Avoid school holidays
  • Plan around the seasons
  • Look after migration seasons 

Don’t Purchase Extra Stuff 

Simple! If you don’t know you want it, leave it. Buy it now if you find that you need it later! Don’t fall for the “just in case” trap because it rarely happens!

Consider What You Want To Pack

Australia is so diverse that planning what to bring for the activities you need to do can help you save money. Do you intend to hike in one of the stunning national parks? Watch out for an arrangement on climbing shoes. Do you intend only to visit beaches? Purchase decent swimming gear and a travel towel that dries quickly.

Have Your Vehicle Repaired

As irritating as this could appear, overhauling your vehicle is a method for recognizing issues before you set off. You can cover colossal quantities of miles every day while cruising all over Australia, so resolving a few minor issues. 

Keep A Few Extra Parts On Hand

We got this from a local, and it is worth doing! If something breaks, having a light oil, hose, and belt that fits your vehicle will make things much easier. You could fix them.

However, another person may. Additionally, you won’t have to wait for parts to arrive if you can get to a mechanic.

Think About Purchasing Emergency Aides

Think about what can make the expense of cruising all over Australia galactic, separating, and getting towed. On our tour of Australia, we had two breakdowns: one near Alice Springs and one just outside Kakadu. 

Since NRMA covered us across the entire country, we purchased roadside assistance, and thank goodness we did! A tow could set you back thousands of dollars!

Profit From The Advantages That Come With It

By joining NRMA, we likewise gained admittance to their advantages, like limited stays at NRMA camping areas and limits on certain visits and attractions.

Purchase Travel Insurance

It sounds like advice for a road trip, but it bears with me. With good travel insurance, you can safeguard yourself and your belongings in an emergency. I love World Wanderers since they cover a tremendous scope of exercises like skydiving and bungee bouncing, which you could have on your must-do list. They also protect your possessions. For a quote and other information, visit their website.

Always Check Your Account

Simply accepting your bank balance is fine without looking at it. Try not to do this! Try to check your account daily to see how much you have to spend on activities and things on your bucket list.

Drive Slow And Enjoy The View

While you are driving, you must enjoy every single thing. So, Driving at a consistent speed is more conservative, so dial back and partake in the perspectives.

Make a route planAs previously stated, Australia is huge, and if you need to know where you are going, it could cost you valuable dollars in fuel. I always use Google Maps because it lets you know if there are alternatives to traffic jams and lets you add multiple stops. It will assist you with working out how to design an excursion on a careful spending plan with no closure!

Find Cheap Vehicle Hire

Utilise a comparison website like the MotorHome Republic or vroom vroom vroom always to find the most cost-effective vehicle rental options.

Beware Of Tolls

Avoid toll roads wherever you can in cities because they are expensive! It can be set in Google Maps to simplify route planning and driving times.

Maintain Your Car To Get The Most Out Of Your Gas Money

Your vehicle’s oil, tread, and pressure levels can improve fuel efficiency. Figure out how to do them and get a good deal on fuel.

Install The Fuel Map App On Your Mobile Device

This is so useful and quite interesting that it is unbelievable. Fuel prices vary greatly across Australia, even between gas stations in the same town. So that you can fill up for less, the Fuel Map App displays everything. 

However, the fuel costs are refreshed by application clients, so it could not be exact 100% of the time. But it’s adequate!

Get A Rewards Card From Woolworths

One of Australia’s largest supermarkets is Woolworths, and using their rewards card at one of their gas stations will save you a few cents. Additionally, it earns points for every dollar spent, which eventually translates into a discount of $10 off your purchase. Bonus!

Find Cheap Places To Stay

Campervan Or Car Camper

Although having your mobile home is a big part of this Australia road trip guide, there is a reason for it! Having a vehicle where you can sleep makes the expense of convenience little in contrast with lodgings or even lodgings every evening.

Employ WikiCamps

The fantastic app Wikicamps allows you to locate inexpensive and even free campsites throughout Australia. It only costs a few dollars to download, and after that, you can filter by location, amenities at the campsite, and, most importantly, cost! 

On Your Road Trip, Locate Cheap Showers

Showers are typically only available at reputable campgrounds. While it can well merit the extravagance some of the time to travel to Australia on a careful spending plan, this will only be the case sometimes. WikiCamps is also great for finding showers because it will mark locations like swimming pools, beachside showers, and some campgrounds where you can use facilities for a small fee.

Utilise The Hostels

Some hostels permit guests to use the facilities while sleeping in their vehicles. It is frequently less expensive than paying for a campsite; however, call the lodging ahead to look at accessibility.

Save Money On Groceries

Cook Your Meals

Making meals is generally cheaper than going out. Cooking in a campervan is simpler than cooking on a camp stove if you’re in a vehicle. However, there are still a lot of feasts you can make on a two-ring gas oven.

Use Free Public Barbecues

Free. Public. BBQs. Nothing says “Australian” like that! However, these are prevalent throughout the country, particularly in beachfront parks. Instead of using your gas, host a barbecue with a view!

Have Staple Go-To Dinners

It was common for us to drive for eight hours a day while travelling around Australia; however, this made us tired and lazy when it came to cooking. However, we would turn to one of our quick and easy meals rather than going to the nearest takeout. Vegetarian fajitas, lentil chilli, or cheese toasties only take about 15 minutes.

Get In The Snacks

You do this regardless of the off chance that you are on an excursion or not! Why pay more if you can find what you need in the cheaper section and use it within the next day or two? It also aids in reducing food waste!

Put Your Food Storage In Order

The more organised you are, the better when you live in a mobile home. If you coordinate your food stockpiling, you can fit in and stock up more at the grocery stores.

Include The Snacks

Stay away from those slippery stop-offs at drive-throughs by keeping away from holders! In addition, you might get some healthy snacks in addition to the biscuits and crisps. Guys, it’s all about balance!

Reduce Alcohol Intake

The cost of alcohol is insane, even though numerous fantastic vineyards and breweries exist throughout Australia! A pack of six beers can set you back approximately $21! Something to remember while getting your food.

Have Out For Breakfast Or Lunch

You’re bound to find morning or noon bargains at cafés, so if you want to eat out, go for one of these rather than supper.

Take A Sip During Happy Hours

Happy hours are held everywhere, from Sydney’s harbourside bars to the outback pubs! Therefore, if you’re in the mood for a few pints, take advantage of the drinks’ low prices.

Save Money On Activities

Enjoy The Great Outdoors To The Fullest

Due to its breathtaking natural beauty, Australia is the best place for an excursion. In addition, its natural beauty means there is a lot to do and see without spending much money! Get out and snorkel at the beaches, look for waterfalls, or walk around a park or city.

Focus On Your List Of Must-Do Things

Suppose you want to stay within your budget while on your road trip through Australia; putting the most amazing activities first is a good idea. Don’t fall prey to tours you don’t care about just because someone else is doing them. Since you can’t do everything, pick the activities you cannot miss, consider the costs, and stick with them.

Explore Tours Outside Of Peak Times

That’s not always possible because not all tours operate year-round; however, if you can take the trips on your bucket list outside the busiest times, you can save money and avoid crowds.

Group Tour Or Solo Tour

I’ve learned more about this over the past year, and when you have your wheels, it’s much easier to do your tours as part of your road trip through Australia. For instance, rather than joining a costly tour, you can drive yourself to Fraser Island with a four-wheel drive vehicle.

For the most part, it’s less expensive to take yourself than it is to join a visit!

Get A Pass For A National Park

This is an excellent option, particularly for Western Australia, where nearly all of the best National Parks charge admission. If you buy a National Park Pass, you can enter the parks for free, much cheaper than paying for day passes to each park. Instead of paying roughly $15 per day for each park you want to visit, you can purchase a Holiday pass for $60 that is good for up to a month.

Offer Free Guided Walks

with budget-friendly city guides, so we will end with it this time! But let’s be honest, guys: taking a free walking tour with a local is the best way to learn about a place.


How Much Money Does A Trip Through Australia Cost?

Seventy-five euros per person would be a reasonable daily budget for Australia. A budget of approximately €1575 per person is recommended for a three-week tour of Australia. This budget does not include flights and is based on the typical backpacker’s expenses. Note it can continuously be less expensive or more costly.

Is Australia A Budget Destination?

No, Australia isn’t a spending plan objective. The cost is about the same as in the Netherlands, where we are from, but activities and especially airfare to Australia can be very expensive. Australia’s excursions and activities can be pricey, but they are usually well worth the money! By going around by campervan, where your vehicle is likewise your dozing place, you can head to Australia on a more modest financial plan! Especially if you save money by sleeping on free campsites.

To End Things Off

To make the long story short, How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Road Trip in Australia? We describe all the main things that you should keep in your mind. Australia is a costly country to go through. In your spending plan for a vacation to Australia, consider costly exercises, the expenses of air travel, and high inn costs. We suggest you travel in a campervan, look for free campsites, and cook a lot to cut costs while travelling through Australia.

We noticed that Australia is ideal for campers and backpackers. There are many free offices like free showers, kitchens, and restrooms. Additionally, you can free-of-charge enjoy the country’s breathtaking natural beauty! 

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