How to Start Travel Agency in Australia? Let’s Know The Process!

How to Start Travel Agency in Australia
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Visiting from one place to another is referred to as travel. Long-distance, short-distance, international, domestic, and other types of travel are all included in this. Importantly, travel includes a wide range of reasons and is added to both one-way and round-trip journeys.

A travel agency helps those people who want to explore different places. Australia is one of the finest tourist spots in the world. So the travel agency business has a huge market on this land. In that case, you might be interested to know how to start travel agency in Australia. Well, let’s find out step-by-step information below.

What Is A Travel Agency?

A travel agent’s job is to assist clients with vacation planning, selection, and organization. Typically, they set a spending plan established by the holiday planner. They also provide guidance and viewpoints on where to travel and on local tourism destinations, activities, and traditions. Agencies engage in hotel booking, transportation, flooding, and other necessary areas. 

Travel Agencies In Australia

Australia is one of the most attractive tourist destinations. There is nothing like this land. According to the Australian Travel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS), about 2728 registered travel agencies nationwide exist. The travel agency business is very profitable in Australia. However, there are some procedures you need to follow to start a travel agency.

What Are The Requirements To Start A Travel Agency

To give your company the greatest start possible, ATAS sets you to examine several factors while considering beginning a business in the travel and tourism sector as a retail travel agent, tour operator, internet operator, or another supplier of tourism products.

You must consider some specifically listed elements while creating your business strategy. Depending on the specifics of your firm. However, let’s see what we need to follow to start your business.

Company Profile
Workforce Development
Commercial Safeguards
Complaint Handling
Business Compliance
Code Of Conduct And Charter
ATAS Deed Poll
Participation PaymentAFTA/ATAS Participant Fees
Start-up Business 
National Police Check

Company Profile

The purpose of this part is to give information about the business that is requesting ATAS accreditation. It includes some basic documents to complete.

  • Company name and trading name
  • Australian Company Number (ABN)
  • Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN) if applicable
  • Address of the business, phone number of the representative, website, etc.
  • Membership in the industry (such as IATA number and, if appropriate, ATEC, CATO, CLIA, or AFTA).
  • You must provide each site’s contact and address details if you request ATAS certification on behalf of numerous locations and/or outlets.

Workforce Development

You must describe some information you must provide to sell (TSP) positions. Let’s see what basic things you need to follow.

  • Travel Certificate III or higher OR
  • Recognition of prior learning (RPL) for at least two years in a front-line sales role that involves travel.

You will have to give

  • The total amount of staff
  • The total number of sales positions in travel (TSP)
  • The overall percent of positions qualified to sell travel (TSP)

Commercial Safeguards

A minimum level of business insurance protection is necessary to guarantee that all ATAS participants safeguard both themselves and their clients.

You must provide a copy of your:

  • Certificate of Currency for Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Policy Certificate for Public Liability Insurance
  • Additional optional insurance (if applicable).

Complaint Handling

Travel Agency in Australia

To fulfil the requirements, you must provide a copy of your complaint-handling policy and procedures.

Haven’t you put in place a complaint-handling policy and procedures?

We have included templates below to help participants create their complaint-handling policy and process. Participants should make sure their particular rules are acceptable to their firm.

Business Compliance

You need to provide copies of some essential documents, which are

  • Balance Sheet And Income Statement (Profit & Loss) Or
  • Analyzed Financial Statements
  • Financial Year-End Date
  • Gross Total Transaction Value Annually (Ttv)
  • Finance Or Accountant Contact Information

Code Of Conduct

Participants in ATAS must consent to uphold the organisation’s charter and code of conduct. They need to follow all the requirements to make proper conduct.

ATAS Deed Poll

As an ATAS participant, you must uphold your commitments in the ATAS Deed Poll, which outlines your responsibilities. You must confirm that you have read and comprehended.


The following individuals must sign the Deed Poll:

  • The signature of two (2) directors, 
  • One (1) director and the company secretary, 
  • Only one director in companies with only one (1) officer bearer is necessary.

Authorised Person

For ATAS accreditation, the Deed Poll needs to nominate an authorised person inside your business.

This individual will ensure the accredited entity abides by the ATAS Code of Conduct and Charter and has the power to submit future ATAS applications.

Participation PaymentAFTA/ATAS Participant Fees

Participation in ATAS depends on an entity’s “Total Transaction Value,” or TTV, per the category levels listed below. It is subject to an annual subscription cost.

Start-Up Business

Participation in ATAS depends on an entity’s “Total Transaction Value,” or TTV, as per the category levels listed below, and is subject to an annual subscription cost.

  • Forecast operational budget (12 months at a minimum) – describing cash reserves, borrowing capacity, or specifics of other methods available to cover operational expenses, as well as the anticipated timing of income and costs.
  • Business plan with information about how to launch a business
  • A copy of the registration for your business name and ABN
  • A copy of the most recent client account statement from your bank.

You can be requested more details if the documentation can’t show that the business is solvent. To make sure cash is available for the first year of trading, we could look to raise working capital.

  • A start-up business is characterised as just beginning operations and has either just begun trading or is about to do so.

National Police Check

National Police checks are necessary for those applying for ATAS accreditation. This makes it easier for AFTA to confirm that specific data given by the application is accurate. The applicant may arrange for the check independently, or AFTA may give information on an outside source who may conduct the check for an additional $50 that the applicant must pay in addition to the AFTA/ATAS Participation Fee.

The background check is part of the application process to make sure that candidates meet the requirements for the scheme established in the ATAS Charter and to uphold the integrity of ATAS. It will apply to sole proprietors, partners in partnerships, those serving as trust trustees, and all board members of a corporation.


Are Travel Agencies Profitable?

Ans: Based on reported national statistics. But, it’s crucial to remember that this average pay figure does not distinguish between those who work for an agency and those who are self-employed. In the sector, a lot of agents make six figures.

Does A Monthly Charge Apply To Travel Agents?

Ans: The great majority of agents are members of host agencies, which provide back-office assistance and supplier commission rates that have been negotiated. Agents often trade their services for a monthly, annual, or yearly fee and a commission split with the host agency.

Last But Not Least

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. It is a place that is rich in culture and natural property. Also, this country has land of mountains, deserts, and beaches with white sands and stunning oceans. For that, Australia has many people who visit their country every year. Approximately in Australia in 2022, nearly 1260550 people arrived in their country. Since they are new to the country, they will need guidance.

This opens a big business opportunity for all travel agencies. Even this is one way to help people and teach them about Australia. Because of the travel agency, tourists can gather the best ideas about the country and encourage themself to visit again.

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