How To Travel Around Australia With Your Dog?

How To Travel Around Australia With Your Dog
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How to travel around Australia with your dog? The question arises when you want to travel to Australia with your cute pet. Well, we all know how friendly pets dogs are. Sometimes we have a deep bonding with our dogs.

Dogs also have feelings; when you wanna travel, you can’t keep him alone, or you can’t imagine travelling without your fur buddy. Is there any question that comes to your mind about travelling to Australia with your dog? 

Yes, travelling with your dog to Australia is possible and very easy, but you must follow some rules and criteria. Besides, there are some rules and regulations in the perk also. Your dog can’t bark. Moreover, you know? Some caravan parks needed bonding with you to stay there. 

Firstly, you must be honest about your dog’s condition. Is he fit or not? He’s able to travel or not. Just ask you if you need to go for short indoor travel. Then you will get your answer.

“Dogs are not part of our whole life,But when it’s gone, leaving a hole in our life.”

“Journey with fur-buddies makes your journey like homies.”  

Benefits Of Travel With Your Fur-Buddies 

Bringing your fur buddies to your journey is happiness. Friendly dogs are one kind child’s family. Do you want to leave your child on vacation? Of course not. Let us see the benefits – 

To Have A Great Company

Firstly, this is the best part of taking your dog on your holidays, and it will increase your holiday experience. You have great company when you have a dog pet with your side. Exploring With your loving cuddles It’s a pack of happiness.

No Need To Fumble Them 

When you are with your dog, missing them is no point. There are two things to be careful about with your dog: safety and happiness. After that, you can be stress-free while enjoying a holiday together. 

Exploring New Peoples 

Everybody likes pets. Rather than that, you can meet new people who have pets too. You can collide with a female puppy if you have a male dog puppy. So, you also meet new pet lovers. That’s the simple thing.

Travelling Criteria With Dogs In Australia 

If you are a citizen of Australia or live there, besides wanting to travel with your dogs, this is the best way to travel internally. We should appreciate the dog quarantine laws, which will help us to get our dogs back. There are many restrictions in national parks and all over the world with travelling dogs. But travelling with dogs in Australia is very common and straightforward, be it on the weekend. Let’s talk about some travel with dogs criteria –

Internal | Around Australia

Here, we are given some internal travel acknowledgement. start –

Travel With Your Dog Between Australian States

Travelling around Australia among states, there are some rules and regulations. When you travel with your dogs and cross the land border of the state, you’re not allowed to take fruits and vegetables. And if you transport your dog, it may take an extra charge.

As per the new law (updated from time to time), there are no rules and regulations for travelling in any state with cats, but only one state has a requirement to transport dogs, which is Tasmania.

Some states require a quarantine, like western Australia, but now goods are new as there’s no restriction for dogs or cats travelling to WA. Moreover, you may cut extra charges if you want to travel with your dog across territories in Australia like Norfolk Island Or Christmas Island.

Explore Australia With Your Dog | By Vehicles

Firstly, the best way to explore is on your own. In the same way, you can explore Australia in your vehicle with your best friends. There’s a tradition for a “big lap”. Many people choose a pet-friendly road to take their dogs to travel with them. It will give such a pleasure and precious memory to your dogs.

On the other hand, if you want to go hang out on your weekend with your dog. It’s much easier because you drive your car; besides, your buddy gets a different comfort zone. The most important thing you have known, there are no extra fees and restrictions. Is that good news or not? 

Fly High With Your Dog Around Australia | By Plane

Well, everyone knows flying is the quickest way to reach a destination. Not only for people but also to give permits for dogs in Australia. Of course, there are some conditions.

No airline gives a permit to fly dogs in a cabin like in Europe or the USA. There’s no exception in Australia, also. Recently Australian aviation changed its rules to let them go, but no one airline follows the rules yet.

  • If you travel with Qantas, you can easily book your pet ticket form online. Service cost depends on your pet’s size and weight.
  • After that, if you travel with the regional express, it depends on which state you want to travel to. When pets fly on regional flights within New South Wales and Victoria, pet weight must be less than 32 kg, including their crate, which can easily be carried as luggage.
  • More, if your pet needs to travel in an Approved Flight Crate. Available for purchase Crates at any significant pet shop.
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External | Bring Your Dog To Australia

 Here we talk about some criteria if you live outside Australia and want to come to Australia with dogs. What were those requirements for you?

Usual Suitability Measurement  

Dogs can be moved from Australia only to approved countries. When you export dogs, ensure they must not be under quarantine and their age above eight weeks. Moreover, dogs should not be pregnant for more than 40 days. You can only import from New Zealand because Australia doesn’t allow other countries to import.


All dogs are to be vaccinated for their conditions. Because when you travel to Australia, there’s some mandatory vaccination process against distemper, para-influenza hepatitis, parvovirus, and Bordetella. This vaccination has to be valid or go through a quarantine process.

Bring From Abroad Criteria 

You need an application with attached documents like vaccinations. If you want to bring your dog into Australia, you must have an import permit. If you give the correct information to your buddies, the permit process takes the highest 20 days and is valid for 12 months.

Using Microchip

All dogs must undergo this process before getting a rabies vaccination and blood test. They get an ISO-compatible microchip. The chip number must be visible and give a detailed report to all paperwork. Moreover, Need to implant the chip correctly; if biosecurity can’t read, there’s no brain to use it.

More Criteria You May Have To Go Through

More criteria you may need for. just take some knowledge about it-

  • Quarantine.
  • Your dog’s health certificate.
  • Some banned breeds are not friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here you get some questions that people frequently ask.

What Do I Need To Know Before Travelling With My Dog?

Some criteria need to be followed. As we have said earlier, you get the whole idea.

Where Is The Most Dog-Friendly Place In Australia?

  The Margaret River is a small town south of Perth in Western Australia.

What Airlines Are Pet Friendly In Australia?

  • Qantas (including Qantaslink), 
  • Virgin Australia 
  • Regional Express (REX) and more

How Long Is Pet Quarantine In Australia?

Max 10 days

Can Pets Fly In A Cabin To Australia?

Only security dogs are allowed into the cabin with the passenger. 

Final Words

How to travel around Australia with your dog? Hope you have got your answer now. Of course, you can travel with your dear pet, but for its safety, you should abide by all the rules and regulations set by international pet travel laws. Thus you can ensure a safe trip for your beloved friend and a comfortable journey.

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