Is Bruny Island Worth Visiting? Let’s Uncover!

Is Bruny Island Worth Visiting
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The best way to answer the question “Is Bruny Island Worth Visiting” is to glance at the entire writing. Bruny Island is home to natural beauty and a wonderful range of walks to discover its enchanting pristine beaches, forests, striking coastal scenery, unique wildlife, spectacular views, and various food items. 

History Of Bruny Island 

In 1792, Bruni D’Entrecasteaux established that Bruny was an island. Thus, the island was named after him. 

Bruny Island was originally inhabited by the  Nuenonne band of the SouthEast tribe of Aboriginal Tasmanian people, and they have made it their permanent place to stay.

An early exploration of the southern seas was figured out and was partially charted by Tasman in the 1642s.

In the beginning, Bruny Island was traditionally known by the Nuenonne band of the Aboriginal people as Lunawanna-Alonnah, prominently featured in the itineraries by many of the early explorers from the southern ocean sides.

Alonnah is its main town. It is located approximately 35 minutes from the ferry. However, apart from the School and Police Station, its main claim to fame is the Hotel Bruny.

Why Bruny Island Is Famous?

The prime attraction of Bruny Island is the opportunity to walk through pristine wilderness, and mostly those penguins. The Bruny Island properties are well located, and one of the prime attractions of Bruny Island is to roam around and taste every moment.

Bruny Island is very well known for its excellent and hyped local produce. Which indulges in fresh seafood, artisan cheese, honey, berries, chocolate, and fudge many more. If you also fancy a tipple head Premium Hotels or resorts at Bruny, that’s very easily found with various options.

A Day Trip To Bruny Island

I recommend spending at least 2-3 days and, if possible, then a week, giving you time to unwind and appreciate how stunning Bruny Island is. 

Even by a day trip to Bruny Island from Hobart, you can experience the island’s food, beach view with natural highlights, and exotic night view.

Bruny Island Cruises, Bruny Island Traveller, and Bruny Island Safaris are excellent tours from Hobart, offering day trips with experienced and knowledgeable guides.

Easy Way To Roam Bruny Island

Bruny Island has some walking tracks close to the stunning local wildlife and landscapes. Which includes the 14km Labillardiere Peninsula walk, with nice views of the Southern Ranges. If you have less time, there’s a 15-minute scenic walk towards Truganini Lookout and which is accessible by the boardwalk, or the Cape Queen Elizabeth, which starts just north of the Bruny Island airstrip.

By car

If you are travelling by car, make sure the trip includes Australia’s second-oldest lighthouse.   By car, it’s easy to explore the historic towers 114m above dramatic cliff tops, the breathtaking coastline views, the lush inland rainforests,  and spot abundant birdlife and relax on picturesque beaches. You’ll also have a great chance to produce samples from the local community. 


Bruny Island

To have a view from luxe stays to cozy shacks near the beauty of the water’s edge, and you can surely find a way at Bruny. If you want to sink into a deep outdoor tub with soothing views or camp under the stars in South Bruny National Park, then this island has all the solutions. One can find different ranges of rooms and hotels to stay there and relax.

The cheapest accommodations are- 

  • Degrees Bruny Island
  • Hotel Bruny
  • Adventure Bay
  • Holiday home

Bruny Island Ferry

If you are a foodie, like drinks, or a nature and animal lover, then you have a visit to Bruny Island, and the only way to go there is by taking the Bruny Island ferry.

There’s no bridge or other way to connect Bruny Island to Tasmania’s mainland, so you’ll have to grab a vehicle ferry. It would take a drive of 33 km from Hobart to the ferry terminal in Kettering before enjoying the 20-minute ferry ride.

Bruny Island ferry fare

Ferry CostingRegularSaver
All passengers including the driverFreeFree
Visitor vehicle < 6m48.5042.00
Motorcycle and bicycle6.706.70
Visitor concession vehicle <636.0031.00


Q.1. Is One Day Enough On Bruny Island?

A day trip is enough time to explore the main attractions and beauty. Within that time, the visitor must try some of the great food and then catch the ferry back to the mainland of Tasmania.

Q.2. Can I See Penguins On Bruny Island?

The Little Penguins can be seen at Bruny Island. They are known as Fairy Penguins. The best time to find them is in the warmer months, from September to February. You can get tickets to have a look at the penguins. The ticket holders should plan to arrive before the penguin’s arrival time.

Q.3. Who Lives On Bruny Island?

From the beginning, Bruny Island was inhabited by Aboriginal Tasmanians. They are still a large community of aboriginal people, and many people choose to live permanently on the Island and are settled there.

Q.4. Is Camping Free At Bruny Island?

No, it’s not free of cost. It requires valid National Park Passes along with the payment of the camping fees. But travelling from Cloudy Bay Road doesn’t charge any fees. 

Q.5. Can You Swim At Bruny Island?

Yes, it’s possible to swim at Bruny Island, which has many hidden beaches. From them, the famous beaches are Cloudy Bay Beach, Cloudy bay Lagoon, Alonnah beach, Adventure Bay, and many more.

Wrapping Up

The best and most attractive thing about Bruny Island is its beautiful location. Thus the question raising on the fact “is Bruny island worth visiting” has a very positive answer, which is that it’s fully worth visiting. The authentic seafood, pristine beaches, and penguins will memorize your tour.

But If you want to experience the perfect sight at Bruny, I recommend staying for at least a night. So If you are planning a vacation, visiting Bruny Island will be the coolest idea if you are planning a vacation.

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