Is Zoom Travel Insurance Legit: Get A Detailed Review

Is Zoom Travel Insurance Legit
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Zoom Travel Insurance has been offering travel insurance to tourists for more than 20 years and has become a market leader. The insurance provider, which is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, offers a variety of coverage options to accommodate most travellers. 

If you have your eye on one of Zoom’s policies, it’s crucial to do your research with Savvy and compare their policies with other offers available. By doing so, you can guarantee that you have the most significant coverage, which will cover all of your trip-related needs.

Get a quotation immediately, learn more about Zoom’s travel insurance plans, and contrast them with Savvy’s.

About Zoom

Zoom’s founders have been in the online travel insurance business for more than 20 years with the conviction that all Australians should be able to afford high-quality travel insurance. At Lloyds of London, their travel insurance plans are underwritten.

In the 2023 Mozo Experts Choice Travel Insurance Awards, Zoom won multiple awards. They received honours for three of their travel insurance plans, including:

Travelling With Zoom Medical Only Insurance

  • Medical Only at Exceptional Value Travel Insurance

Zoom Standard Travel Insurance

  • Travel Insurance with Outstanding Value 
  • Outstanding Value Travel Insurance for Cruises 

Zoom Comprehensive Travel Insurance

  • Travel Insurance with Extraordinary Value 
  • Excellent Value Travel Insurance for Cruises 

The Covid-19 Is Covered By Zoom Travel Insurance, Right? 

Zoom offers COVID-19 coverage for the following features of an international travel insurance policy:

  • 24-hour emergency help
  • Hospital and emergency room costs abroad
  • Hospital cash reimbursement 
  • These COVID-19 benefits are only available outside Australia because Medicare is available to Australian nationals. 
  • Check out the Zoom travel insurance PDS for more details, such as the claims categories that qualify for coverage and any exclusions.

Supplementary Options Are Available For My Zoom Travel Insurance Policy 

travel insurance

Zoom Travel Insurance offers a wide variety of optional extras to customise your coverage to the activities you are engaging in or to fill in the gaps where their regular policies don’t offer the coverage you desire. Among these extras, there are:

Check out the Zoom travel insurance PDS for more information on what these extras include and exclude and to determine whether you’ll need them for your trip

Existing Medical Issues Are Pre-Existing Conditions Covered By Zoom Travel Insurance

You must disclose any existing medical conditions and complete an online medical examination to be covered for pre-existing medical conditions under Zoom travel insurance.

You must wait for a written response from Zoom because coverage for pre-existing medical issues is at their discretion. You might need to pay an additional premium on top of your regular travel insurance premium if your medical condition is covered. 

What Should I Do While Travelling If There Is An Emergency?

Call Zoom at +61 2 8776 3010 for round-the-clock emergency support while travelling.

What Types Of Travel Insurance Does Zoom Provide?

Zoom provides several different travel insurance policies, including:

Medical-Only Coverage: This entry-level policy offers limitless coverage for health-related costs and unexpected emergencies while you’re away from home. Additionally, personal liability and a small number of dental costs are covered. Only people who are younger than 79 are eligible for these policies.

Standard Cover: This policy provides limited dental coverage and unlimited medical and emergency costs coverage. Additionally, you get coverage for travel cancellation, cash if you’re in the hospital while away, luggage loss or damage, and personal liability. Only people who are younger than 79 are eligible for these policies.

Comprehensive Cover: Zoom’s highest level of insurance, this policy covers medical costs, accidental death, travel cancellation and delays, income loss, and personal responsibility up to $5 million. Additionally, you are insured for lost or stolen travel documents and luggage. You must be younger than 85 to obtain this policy.

Domestic Cover: This sort of domestic policy covers you for emergency expenses, cancellation, accidental death, luggage and personal items, and other necessities for your vacation close to home. You must be under 85 years old to purchase this policy.

Frequent Traveller Cover: If you’re younger than 69, you can enrol in Zoom’s yearly or multi-trip policy, which covers you for several vacations spread out over a year. You can take as many vacation days as you like during the year, but one trip lasts only 45 days.

Topics You Should Be Aware Of While Purchasing Travel Insurance Through Zoom

On its policies, Zoom has many broad exclusions, including:

  • Decrease in enjoyment
  • Errors made when booking your trip
  • Goods seized by government agents
  • Accidents caused by drugs or alcohol
  • Take a privately hired ship or aircraft
  • Claims stemming from sex-related illnesses or suicide
  • Treatment for pre-existing illnesses that have not received approval, such as diabetes or mental health
  • Disobey the law

Before making a firm decision in response to a policy that catches your attention, read Zoom’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Is It Possible To Cancel My Zoom Travel Insurance Policy?

Zoom offers a money-back guarantee and a 14-day cooling-off period if you need to cancel your travel insurance policy. However, after the grace period, you might only be qualified for a partial refund of your premium for the remaining coverage time. Moreover, there will be a $25 administrative charge. Go online to the Zoom online policy manager to terminate your coverage.  


Is Travel Insurance Needed For A Japan Visa?

Yes, having a valid travel health insurance policy is required for everyone visiting Japan. Check out the comprehensive coverage against travel-related dangers the Tata AIG Travel Insurance for Japan plan provides.

Which Travel Insurance For The USA Is The Best?

Some well-liked comprehensive travel insurance options for Indian travellers include Safe Travel USA Comprehensive, Patriot America Plus, and Atlas America. You can purchase the Diplomat Long Term’s optional sports and hazardous activities coverage if you want sports coverage.

Who Is The Insurer’s Owner?

The most crucial distinction between insurance businesses is whether they are mutual insurance companies or stock insurance companies, which are nonprofit entities owned by the policy owners. Stockholders hold stock insurance firms.

Is It Affordable To Travel To Japan?

There are ways to cut costs and travel on a budget, even though Japan is typically considered a relatively costly travel destination. The main expenses related to a trip to Japan include travel, lodging, meals, and activities. A round-trip ticket for a flight to Japan can cost anything from $600 and $1,200.

Are Two Travel Insurance Policies Permissible For Me?

Having two insurance plans is legal but could make filing claims more difficult. For instance, if you required medical care abroad and had two travel insurance policies that could reimburse you for the claim, you would receive less money. A different option would be for the insurers to decide how to divide the expense.

Bottom Line

Is Zoom travel insurance legit? Zoom’s plans are available to more passengers than many other insurers, including some non-residents and senior Australians.

Additionally, you can choose from five different levels of coverage and customise your insurance with an extensive range of extra add-ons so you only pay for the coverage you need rather than a broad one like you could find elsewhere.

Zoom falls short because it doesn’t cover pandemics and epidemics like Covid-19. While you are covered for emergency medical and hospital charges abroad, other fees, such as those associated with travel or cancellation, are not.

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