Kalgoorlie to Esperance Road Trip – 10 Best Must-Visit Places

Kalgoorlie to Esperance Road Trip
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You can get from Kalgoorlie to Esperance road trip via Goldfields Highway and Coolgardie-Esperance Highway. The driving distance is 390 km or 242 miles, and it will take approximately 4 hours and 11 minutes to reach.

Esperance is a superb holiday destination for people who want to enjoy the beach view, swim in the ocean, and have parties in the evening. Besides, you can stop in various locations, such as Widgiemooltha, Norseman, and Myrup.

Doesn’t it already sound exciting? With a proper plan, you can enjoy your road trip to Esperance from start to end. Let me show you where to stop, what to see, and how to plan for your holiday trip.

Kalgoorlie to Esperance Road Trip – Itinerary Attractions and Activities:

There are only two transportation modes available to get from Kalgoorlie to Esperance. You can drive your car or take a bus. The travelling time will vary according to the transportation mode you select.

Transportation modeTravel time
Car4 hours and 11 minutes 
Bus5 hours

Now, let’s have a look at the towns where you can stop between Kalgoorlie and Esperance:

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Kalgoorlie to Widgiemooltha

Driving Distance: 96.1 km

Driving Time: 1 hour and 4 minutes

First, start your journey by heading northeast on Wilson St toward Wilson St from Kalgoorlie and get onto Goldfields Hwy/National Rte 94 Alternate. Drive a total of 1 hour and 4 minutes to reach Widgiemooltha. The town is 96.1 km from Kalgoorlie and 294 km from Esperance.

Widgiemooltha is an abandoned town in Western Australia that is located approximately 631 km or 392 miles east of Perth. In 1890, Gold was discovered in this town, and a lot of mines were created. After mining all the gold, the city was abandoned.

Though there is nothing much to see here as this is an abandoned town, it can be a good place to stop after one hour of journey. You can take some snacks and visit a few mining sites.

Top attractions in Widgiemooltha

  • Ball Hill Lithium and Tantalum Mine
  • Dordie Rocks Nature Reserve
  • St Ives Gold Mine – Lefroy Administration Building

Accommodation in Widgiemooltha

  • Binneringie Pastoral Station

Restaurants in Widgiemooltha

  • Salt Lake Cafe
  • Widgiemooltha Tavern & Roadhouse

Widgiemooltha to Higginsville


Driving Distance: 32.1 km

Driving Time: 21 minutes

Head southeast on National Highway 94 from Widgiemooltha, and after a total driving time of 21 minutes, you will reach Higginsville. The town is only 129 km from your starting point, Kalgoorlie, and 262 km from your destination, Esperance.

It’s a town in the Goldfields-Esperance Region of Western Australia and is 45 km north of Norseman. There are plenty of mines here too. Though not many people live here, you can spend some time here to take a rest.

You can camp in the Higginsville Roadside Rest Area. Plentiful woods are available to make campfires, and pets are also allowed here.

Top attractions in Higginsville

  • Binaronca Nature Reserve
  • Higginsville Mine

Accommodation in Higginsville

  • Higginsville Camp
  • Higginsville Roadside Rest Area

Restaurants in Higginsville

  • N/A

Higginsville to Norseman

Tin camel roundabout Norseman 2017 01
Tin camel roundabout, Norseman – Wikimedia Commons

Driving Distance: 58.4 km

Driving Time: 39 minutes

Head south on National Highway 94 and continue onto National Route 1 for a total driving time of 39 minutes to reach Norseman. Now, you already have covered 187 km from Kalgoorlie and are only 203 km away from Esperance.

Norseman is a town in Western Australia that is located approximately 726 km or 451 miles east of Perth and is the last major town in WA before the South Australian Border (720 km to the east).

While gold mining in nearby towns stopped a long ago, the operation is still running here. The Norseman Gold Mine is Australia’s longest-running gold mine operation. It has been a good tourist spot, too, for several years. Visit the Norseman Visitor Centre to find more information about the area.

Top attractions in Norseman

  • Norseman Visitor Centre
  • Gallery of Splendid Isolation
  • Lake Cowan Lookout
  • Beacon Lookootricut
  • Norseman Historic Museum

Accommodation in Norseman

  • Norseman Great Western Motel
  • Norseman Apartments
  • The Railway Motel & Woodlands Guesthouse
  • Norseman Eyre Motel
  • Bottlemart Express – Norseman Hotel

Restaurants in Norseman

  • Full Moon Cafe and Thai Restaurant
  • Bp Norseman
  • Diggers Ice Cream

Norseman to Dundas

Point Dundas boardwalk November 2020 02
Point Dundas boardwalk – Wikimedia Commons

Driving Distance: 21.8 km

Driving Time: 15 minutes

Again, head south on National Route 1 toward Talbot St, and after 15 minutes of driving, you will reach Dundas. It’s 208 km from Kalgoorlie and only 182 km from Esperance, which means you have already covered more than half of the distance in your road trip.

Dundas is another abandoned town on your way to Esperance. Though gold was found earlier, the rapid growth of Norseman led to the abandonment. Dundas is approximately 655 km or 407 miles away from Perth.

During the night, stay in Norseman, and then check a few spots in Dundas in the morning. Then you can continue your road trip to Esperance.

Top attractions in Dundas

  • Bromus Dam
  • Dundas Rocks and Lone Grave

Accommodation in Dundas

  • Top Campsite Dundas Rock

Restaurants in Dundas

  • N/A

Dundas to Salmon Gums

Whitehorse Mountain and Three Fingers seen from Lake Stevens WA scaled
Whitehorse Mountain and Three Fingers seen from Lake Stevens WA.- Wikimedia Commons

Driving Distance: 75.2 km

Driving Time: 48 minutes

Get onto National Route 1 and start driving south from Dundas. After a total driving time of 48 minutes, you will reach Salmon Gums. It is 284 km from Kalgoorlie and only 107 km from Esperance.

Salmon Gums is roughly 621 km east of Perth. The land here is cultivated and good for wheat and other cereal crops. 

However, Salmon Gums has some fabulous tourist spots, which makes it worth stopping on your road trip.

Top attractions in Salmon Gums

  • Dowak Nature Reserve
  • Stevensons Lake
  • Arthur Guest Memorial Park

Accommodation in Salmon Gums

  • Salmon Gums Community Caravan Park
  • Salmon Gums Hotel Motel

Restaurants in Salmon Gums

  • N/A

Salmon Gums to Grass Patch

Driving Distance: 29 km

Driving Time: 20 minutes 

You are not too far from Esperance, which means that upcoming stoppages will be frequent. Continue driving on National Route 1 on Coolgardie-Esperance Highway from Salmon Gums, and only after 20 minutes you reach Grass Patch. It is only 78 km away from Esperance.

Grass Patch is a small town and is a part of the Shire of Esperance. It is located 783 km or 487 miles Southeast of Perth.

The poor soil quality made farming difficult in Grass Patch, but CBH Group is still operating here. Nonetheless, it’s a good stop for travellers to take some rest.

Top attractions in Grass Patch

  • Red Lake Townsite Nature Reserve
  • Ridley South Nature Reserve 

Accommodation in Grass Patch

Restaurants in Grass Patch

  • N/A

Grass Patch to Scaddan

Radlett Access road to Kendal Hall Farm geograph.org .uk 89391
Access road to Kendal Hall Farm – – Wikimedia Commons

Driving Distance: 25km 

Driving Time: 17 minutes 

Continue your journey on National Route 1 of  Coolgardie-Esperance Highway, and after 17 minutes of driving, you will reach Scaddan. This small town is located 783 km or 487 miles east of Perth.

Initially, the area was known as the “Thirty Mile” because it is only thirty miles away from Esperance. But later, in 1914, when the British settled in this area, they started using the name Scaddan.

The area is good for taking a short break on your road trip from Kalgoorlie to Esperance.

Top attractions in Scaddan

  • Kendall Road Nature Reserve
  • Scaddan Golf Club

Accommodation in Scaddan

  • N/A

Restaurants in Scaddan

  • N/A

Scaddan to Gibson

Gunbarrel Hwy Gibson Desert Nature Reserve Western Australia Australia.June2017.IMG1228
Gibson Desert Nature Reserve, Western Australia, – Wikimedia Commons

Driving Distance: 26.8 km

Driving Time: 18 minutes

After taking a short break in Scaddan, continue your journey on the  Coolgardie-Esperance Highway, and you will reach Gibson after 18 minutes.

Gibson is mainly known for the Esperance Airport. If you are taking a flight to Esperance, then you will land here and then take a taxi to Esperance.

Top attractions in Gibson

  • Helms Arboretum

Accommodation in Gibson

  • Gibson Soak Hotel

Restaurants in Gibson

  • Esperance Bird and Animal Park

Gibson to Myrup

3414239014 7cf32c2868 b
Esperance. WA. Views of Observatory Beach. | Flickr

Driving Distance: 29.3 km

Driving Time: 22 minutes

Myrup is your last stoppage before reaching your destination, Esperance. Although you will enter the town only after driving 10 km from Gibson on the 

Coolgardie-Esperance Highway, you will need to drive a little bit more to reach the centre of the town.

However, if you fail to book any hotel in Esperance, you also can stay here in Myrup. Esperance is only a few minutes away from Myrup.

Top attractions in Myrup

  • Esperance Stonehenge
  • Esperance speedway
  • Esperance Farm Experience
  • Keepwari walk trail start

Accommodation in Myrup

  • The Lilypad Esperance
  • Esperance Coastal Retreat
  • Nutcrackers Lodge
  • Elena Park Farm Stay & Equestrian

Restaurants in Myrup

  • Yirri Grove

Myrup to Esperance

White beach Lucky Bay in Esperance scaled
White beach Lucky Bay in Esperance – Wikimedia Commons

Driving Distance: 10.1 km

Driving Time: 11 minutes

Get on Norseman Road from Myrup. Then get onto Dempster Street or Harbor Road, and after 11 minutes of driving, you will reach Esperance. The Town is located approximately 720 km or 450 miles east-southeast of the state capital, Perth.

Esperance is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Western Australia. The white sandy beaches and crystal clear aqua-coloured water here look stunning.

The natural beauty, outstanding landscapes, high-quality accommodation, and delicious food are ready to offer you a fabulous holiday experience.

Top attractions in Esperance

  • Rotary Lookout
  • Blue Haven
  • Tanker Jetty
  • Chapman’s Point
  • West Beach
  • Esperance foreshore playground
  • Esperance Museum
  • Bandy Creek Boat Harbour

Accommodation in Esperance

  • Esperance Bay Holiday Park
  • The Jetty Resort
  • Bayview Motel Esperance
  • Comfort Inn Bay of Isles
  • Esperance Clearwater Motel Apartments
  • Pink Lake Tourist Park

Restaurants in Esperance

  • Sheldon Lunch Box
  • Bay of Isles Lunch Bar
  • Lucky Roe Snack Bar
  • Benji’s
  • Taylor St Quarters
  • Aurelia’s Ice Creamery and Cafe
  • Curry Palace Indian Restaurant


How do I travel from Kalgoorlie to Esperance without a car?

You can travel from Kalgoorlie to Esperance on a bus as an alternative to a car. You need to take a bus to Esperance from the Kalgoorlie station. It will cost you around $17 to $23 and will take approximately 5 hours to reach Esperance.

How many days do you need in Esperance?

You will need at least three days to explore Esperance and nearby areas. However, if you are travelling from Kalgoorlie to Esperance, I recommend keeping at least 7 to 10 days at hand. You can stop at various locations on the way and explore those areas as well.

What is the cheapest way to get from Kalgoorlie to Esperance?

The cheapest way to get from Kalgoorlie to Esperance is via bus. The ticket prices are approximately $17 to $23. But if you opt to drive yourself, you may need to spend more than $50 on fuel. But going to Esperance is more fun as you can stop on your way and enjoy various spots.

Can you swim at Esperance beach?

Yes, you can swim at Esperance beach. The water here is quite popular due to its stunning aqua colour and transparent look. People from all over the world come here to see the fantastic water and swim.

Why is the Pink Lake in Esperance no longer pink?

The Pink Lake in Esperance is no longer pink for changes in water flow. Today it is white in colour. Due to the construction of railway lines, water doesn’t flow from Lake Warden and Eastern Lakes. Consequently, Pink lake can not accumulate necessary salts from those waters. That’s why Pink Lake has lost its beautiful pink colour and has become white.


I have shown you the most convenient road trip plan from Kalgoorlie to Esperance. You can ditch a few spots on your way if you do not have enough time. I hope you enjoy the fabulous beach view of Esperance and enjoy your holiday!

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