Karratha to Broome Road Trip: Distance, Drive Time & Best Stops

Karratha to Broome Road Trip
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Keep your legs on the accelerator; we are about to start. Embark on a remarkable road journey from Karratha to Broome, traversing the stunning landscapes of Western Australia.

Leave the city behind and embrace the vast untouched wilderness, serene beaches, and charming coastal towns. 

This expedition guarantees unforgettable experiences, allowing you to immerse in the red earth landscapes of the Pilbara region and uncover hidden treasures in the Kimberley.

Whether you crave adventure, relaxation, or a blend of both, this road trip offers an all-encompassing experience. So, gear up and prepare to discover the marvels that await you from Karratha to Broome.

Is It worthy?

The Karratha to Broome section stands out as a remote Western Australia expanse within the Exmouth to Broome coastal drive. The lengthy journey along Pilbara’s red dirt roads is accompanied by a sense of open space that distinctly characterizes the epic road trip along Australia’s western coast.

Transportation And Cost

Transportation ByTimeCost
Fly to Gold Coast, bus5h 46 min$118–$349
Train, Busvia Sydney 43h 18 min$327– $1584
Drive22h 42 min$250– $270

Let’s Drive From The Karratha To Broome

The Karratha to Broome drive through the Pilbara region of Western Australia covers a distance of 834km. That’ll take around 8h38m unless you make road trip detours to Point Samson or Eighty Mile Beach.

Unlock Western Australia’s Pilbara treasures from your base in Karratha! Begin your adventure at the Karratha Visitor Centre, where you’ll gather insights about the mesmerizing rock art on Burrup Peninsula. 

Venture to Millstream Chichester National Park, a haven of red cliffs, enchanting rock pools, and captivating gorges. The Dampier Archipelago’s 42 idyllic islands are a haven for fishing and beach enthusiasts. And don’t overlook Roebourne – it’s got some unique surprises waiting. Nature lovers, Karratha is your canvas for exploration!

Karratha To Roebourne WA, Australia

Travel Distance- 38.9 km

Travel Time by car- 27 minutes 

Our first stop on this road trip is Roebourne, WA, Australia. Established in 1866, Roebourne was the pioneering town in Western Australia’s northwest. The Roebourne Heritage Trail, a self-guided walk, showcases significant buildings and sites, offering insights into early settlers’ and Aboriginal life.

The trail includes vital Aboriginal Heritage Sites, fostering cross-cultural understanding. Detailed interpretative signs provide historical context. Roebourne was named after John Septimus Roe, the first Western Australian Surveyor–General.

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  • Emma Withnell Heritage Trail
  • Aborigines and the Roebourne Gaol
  • Millstream Chichester National Park
  • Millstream Trails
  • Chichester Range Trails

Roebourne To Port Hedland, WA, Australia

Travel Distance- 200 km

Travel Time by car- 2 hours 2 minutes 

Prepare to uncover the multifaceted essence of Port Hedland – an industrial metropolis in Western Australia that boasts an unswerving dedication to iron ore mining and export. Picture a bustling hub with an expansive port and an efficient train network orchestrating the seamless transit of ore fneighborliness mines. 

The city’s tapestry extends beyond industry – salt exports thrive alongside recreational endeavors like fishing and bird watching. A stone’s throw away lies South Hedland, a satellite town replete with a vibrant shopping complex.

Roaming further, one discovers that Port Hedland’s essence is woven not only with iron ore but with the vibrant spirit of exploration, beckoning you to venture forth into the surrounding realms.

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  • Spinifex Hill Studio
  • Seeing Flatback Sea Turtles
  • Port Hedland Salt
  • Staircase to the Moon at Point Samson

Port Hedland To Cape Keraudren, WA, Australia

Travel Distance- 162 km

Travel Time by car- 1 hour 54 minutes 

Cape Keraudren Nature Reserve is a stunning beach destination with white sand and clear blue waters. It is located on the famous Eighty Mile Beach and is a popular stop between Port Hedland and Broome. The reserve has several walking trails to explore and offers a diverse range of native plants and animals. 

Beach fishing is available, and camping overnight allows for beautiful sunsets and stargazing. Cape Keraudren Nature Reserve is a 1.75-hour drive from Port Hedland, making it an easily accessible and picturesque location.

Cape Keraudren To Eighty Mile Beach, WA, Australia

Travel Distance- 117 km

Travel Time by car- 1 hour 24 minutes 

Tucked between Karratha and Broome in Western Australia lies the captivating Eighty Mile Beach – an expanse of pristine white sands and mesmerizing turquoise waters stretching across a remarkable 220 kilometers. As the longest uninterrupted beach in the state, it presents a sanctuary for various pursuits. 

Fishing enthusiasts and avid birdwatchers find their haven here, immersed in tambiancee RecognizedRecognized as a Ramsar Nature Reserve wetland site, it has become a pivotal feeding ground for migratory birds, welcoming half a million visitors annually. 

The allure extends to anglers, shell collectors, and beach explorers, while its sands offer a refuge for nesting flatback turtles. The marine park enveloping harborsh harbors a vibrant tapestry of marine life. Stepping foot on Eighty Mile Beach offers a chance to immerse oneself in the unparalleled natural beauty of this pristine coastal enclave.

Eighty Mile Beach To Barn Hill, WA, Australia

Travel Distance- 256 km

Travel Time by car- 2 hours 54 minutes 

Discover the allure of Barn Hill, a mountain peak, an enchanting campsite in Western Australia, a stone’s throw from Broome. Positioned to the south, it graces visitors with sweeping vistas of the Indian Ocean, accompanied by the majesty of red rock cliffs. 

Dive into various camping experiences, from powered to unpowered sites, with a staggering 400 choices. Here, the fusion of open-air toilets and showers, a supply shop, and even a bowling green cater to various desires. 

Fishing enthusiasts find their haven, while 4WD aficionados relish beach access for boat launching. Pet lovers, rejoice – Barn Hill Station welcomes dogs. All this awaits on a gravel road, accessible to all vehicles, inviting you to embark on an unforgettable adventure.

Barn Hill To Cable Beach, WA, Australia

Travel Distance- 139 km

Travel Time by car- 1 hour 36 minutes 

Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Kimberley’s golden hour, where the renowned Indian Ocean sunsets of Cable Beach paint the canvas with pink, orange, and purple hues. Whether you embark on a camel train or set sail on a scenic boat trip, the sun’s descent below the horizon promises a spectacle beyond words. Alternatively, stand in awe as the vast sky transforms from day’s vibrancy to night’s serenity.

The name “Cable Beach” might trace its origins to a telegraph cable connecting Australia’s northwest to the global stage in 1889. Yet, this tropical haven holmemoryre profound message – a call to detach from the stresses of daily life as you venture across 22 kilometers of sun-kissed beach.

Whether seeking solace beneath a beach umbrella or craving adventure through water sports, the options are endless. Wander through the dunes and follow the trails of Minyirr Park, or set sail on a boat and chart a course along the enticing coastline.

As the day gracefully fades, the famed camel trains of Cable Beach create an awe-inspiring tableau against the fiery backdrop of the sky. Step into the saddle and become part of this majestic procession, swaying in stately grace along the sparkling shoreline, capturing the moment’s essence.

Cable Beach To Broome, WA, Australia

Travel Distance- 5.8 km

Travel Time by car- 9 minutes 

Broome, a jewel in modern times, entices an influx of winter wanderers numbering in the tens of thousands. Yet, the visionary behind this transformation remains an intriguing figure – none other than Lord Alistair McAlpine, affectionately dubbed “Maggie Thatcher’s bagman” due to his role as the Treasurer of the British Tory Party. 

In the quiet realm of this pearl fishing town, perched at the edge of the continent, McAlpine wove his magic, elevating it to his realm. His endeavors attracted governmental investment, birthing the opulent Cable Beach Resort that graces the landscape.

However, McAlpine’s brilliance continued beyond bricks and mortar. Instead of erasing the town’s history with towering skyscrapers, he took a different path. He handpicked the town’s historic, yet dilapidated, buildings – a standout being Matso’s Store – relocating them to strategic locations, and through meticulous restoration, he infused them with new life, ensuring their individuality endured.

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  • Staircase to the Moon
  • Willie Creek Pearl Farm and Cable Beach Helicopter Rides
  • Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Wildlife Park
  • The Lurujarri Heritage Trail
  • The Horizontal Falls


What Is The Best Month To Visit Broome?

For an ideal visit, choose the dry season (May – October) in Broome. During this time, humidity remains low, nights are pleasantly cool, and rainfall is scarce. The pinnacle of this period is from mid-June to mid-August, when Broome is at its peak. Roads and attractions are fully accessible, ensuring an optimal experience.

Is Broome Worth A Visit? 

Any time you choose to explore this remarkable destination! However, if you’re seeking the ultimate Broome experience, the dry season (May – October) is your golden ticket. Prepare for warm, sunlit days and a clear blue canvas above. Now, if you’re adventurous and don’t mind a bit of rain, the wet season (November – April) might be your hidden gem, offering a more serene environment with fewer fellow travelers.

Is It Worth Going To Karratha?

Positioned as a perfect gateway to natural wonders, Karratha invites you to uncover the beauty of its surroundings. A mere twenty-minute drive opens up a realm of experiences – from the ancient Aboriginal rock engravings on Burrup Peninsula to the scenic allure of Hearson’s Cove beach, not to mention the vibrant port town of Dampier.

Why Is Karratha So Expensive?

Attributing the price escalation, Richard Naulls from Ray White Karratha highlighted the role of local demand and investor enthusiasm driven by high rental returns. REIWA President Alan Bourke, on the other hand, identified a combination of restricted land releases over recent years, elevated construction costs, and a surging population as the driving forces behind the remarkable price surge.

Why Is Exmouth Famous?

Exmouth’s reputation may be rooted in its offshore snorkelling, fishing, and diving sites, yet it holds another gem. A unique water system awaits exploration, best undertaken through kayaking.

Final Thoughts

Barn Hill emerges as a concealed jewel in the grand tapestry of the Karratha to Broome road trip. Its allure rests in the breathtaking vistas, untainted beachscape, rich Aboriginal heritage, and a tapestry of avian life.

This is more than a destination; it’s an invitation to experience the unadulterated splendour of the Kimberley region. No matter your preferences – be it a yearning for nature’s embrace, a thirst for historical knowledge, or a quest for tranquillity – Barn Hill beckons.

Don’t let the opportunity slip through your fingers; immerse yourself in this distinct and captivating site during your next expedition across Western Australia.

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