Katherine to Broome Road Trip – A Guide to the Best Places to Visit

Katherine To Broome Road Trip
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Your road trip from Katherine to Broome can be exciting. You have the opportunity to drive or go by bus or light. The distance between Katherine to Broome is 1558 km which may take 16 hours and 17 minutes by Car.

Broome is a famous town in Western Australia that is perfect for holidays. The town has beautiful beach views and many tourist attractions that suit everyone. You can enjoy the world’s incredible pearls in the Broome.

If you stop at some places such as timber creek, lake argyle, Kununurra, warmun, and many others which worth seeing. Following my road trip guide from Katherine to Broome can be more interesting. Stay here and discover splendid ideas.

Katherine to Broome Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

Transportation ModeApproximate time 
Car16 hours 17 minutes 
Bus20 hours 50 minutes 

Broome is approximately 1558 km from Katherine. The time or travelling will vary depending on your way of transportation. 

You can stop at some best places to make your road trip from Katherine to Broome more fun and enjoyable. It will take longer, but you can have fun, relax and explore many tourist attractions. I recommend you go through the following stoppages during your road trip:

1. Katherine to Timber Creek

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Timber Lake off the Timber Creek trailhead | Bob Denaro | Flickr

Driving Distance: 290 km

Driving Time: 3 hours by car

Timber creek is a small but very beautiful town on the road trip to Broome. It is almost 290 km from Katherine. It may take 3 hours via National Highway 1. There is no bus route, so arrange a taxi or car. A car is more affordable than a taxi.

You have many natural and historical tourist attractions to explore in Timber Creek. Timber Creek is a famous tourist attraction with very friendly facilities for tourists.

a) Top attractions in Timber Creek

You can visit the following tourist attractions in Timber creek to relax and have fun.

  • Nackeroo Lookout
  • Timber Creek Police Station Museum
  • Bronco Panel Sculpture
  • Timber Creek Heritage Trail
  • Fishing for Barramundi at Timber Creek
  • Big Horse Creek


b) Accommodation in Timber Creek

The following are the best hotels to stay in Timber creek with family. 

  • Timber Creek Hotel
  • Wirib Store & Tourism Park
  • Goldfields Hotel


c) Restaurants in Timber Creek

You can go to the following restaurants for tasty foods

  • Timber Creek Cafe
  • Wirib Store & Tourism Park restaurant

2. Timber Creek to Lake Argyle

1 Lake Argyle Kimberleys Australien
Lake Argyle – Kimberleys – Australien – Wikimedia

Driving Distance: 214 km

Driving Time: 2 hr 16 minutes by Car

Lake Argyle is the next stop I recommend on your way to Broome after Timber Creek. Lake Argyle is one of the most attractive tourist destinations, with many beautiful attractions.

It’s a man-made lake worth seeing. It is famous as the land of more than 70 islands. You have many parks, riverside views, restaurants, and hotels to stay in. It can be a perfect destination after a long journey from Timber creek.

It is about 214 km from Timber Creek and may take 2 hrs and 16 minutes to cover the distance. 

Unfortunately, you have no other option than a car because there is no bus route. You will need to go via National Highway 1; you have many beautiful attractions to explore on your way to Lake Argyle.

a) Top attractions in Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle have natural, historical and beautiful buildings that are worth seeing. You can have a memorable time here.

  • Lake Argyle
  • Lake Argyle Dam Wall
  • Lake Argyle Cruises
  • Lake Argyle Adventures
  • Lake Argyle Lookout

b) Accommodation in Lake Argyle

During your stay in Lake argyle, you have the following best hotels to stay at.

  • Lake Argyle Resort
  • Lake Argyle Holiday Park

c) Restaurants in Lake Argyle

You must visit the following family restaurants to enjoy spicy meals in Lake Argyle.

  • Pump House Restaurant
  • Wild Mango Cafe
  • Gulliver’s Tavern
  • Corner side Cafe

3. Lake Argyle to Kununurra

00 2091 Western Australia Kununurra
Western Australia – Kununurra – Wikimedia

Driving Distance: 58.8 km

Driving Time: 41 minutes by car

After Lake Argyle, you must stop at Kununurra, one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations. The Town is rich with beautiful natural scenery, historical points and beautiful paths, which can make your stay memorable.

Kununurra has many things to explore, such as secluded swimming holes, marvel at epic national parks, local aboriginal art galleries, waterfalls and gorges and much more. You can easily spend one to two days exploring beautiful Kununurra.

It is only 58.8 km from Lake Argyle that will take almost 41 minutes to get there. You must have your car because there is no bus service. Follow National Highway 1, Lake Argyle Rd; it is the fastest route. 

a) Top attractions in Kununurra

You have many tourist attractions in Kununurra, but here I have listed only five which you should visit if you are in Kununurra.

  • Ivanhoe Crossing
  • Mirima National Park
  • Waringarri Aboriginal Arts
  • Kununurra Visitor Centre
  • Kangaroo Haven


b) Accommodation in Kununurra

If you are with your family, the following are the affordable and good quality hotels for accommodation in Kununurra.

  • Discovery Parks – Lake Kununurra
  • Ivanhoe Village Caravan Resort
  • Kimberley Croc Motel
  • Freshwater East Kimberley Apartments
  • Hotel Kununurra


c) Restaurants in Kununurra

Here is the list of best restaurants to dine in Kununurra for tasty food.

  • Kelly’s Bar & Grill
  • Kimberley Asian Cuisine Restaurant
  • Kimberley Grande Sports Bar & Restaurant
  • Barrashak
  • Kickys Fried Chicken

4. Kununurra to Warmun

52284068121 47130b9325 b
Bungle Bungles Western… | Flickr

Driving Distance: 198 km

Driving Time: 2 hours and 4 minutes by Car/2 hours and 38 minutes by bus

Warmun is the next best place to stop on your way to Broome. The destination has many tourist attractions and is famous for Aboriginal art. Warmun is a dry location where you can relax and enjoy different tourist attractions.

If you love art, you must stop at warmun and explore exceptional art. You can go by car or bus. The car is a better option to go to Warmun it takes almost 2 hours to reach, but the bus will take 40 more minutes.

You must keep water or beer with you while visiting warmun because it is mostly dry. Get there and enjoy beautiful sand dunes, riverside, art galleries and lonely places around the road for fun and relaxation.

a) Top attractions in Warmun

You must visit the following tourist attraction during your visit to Warmun. It will make you happy and fresh.

  • Warmun Art Centre
  • Bungle Bungles
  • The Geology of the Bungle Bungles
  • Cathedral Gorge Walk
  • The Beehive Domes Walk

b) Accommodation in Warmun

For accommodation in warmun, you can visit these two hotels.

  • Warmun Roadhouse

c) Restaurants in Warmun

In Warmun, there is one restaurant where you can dine and relax.

  • Warmun Roadhouse Restaurant

5. Warmun to Halls Creek

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China Wall Halls Creek, China Wall, a quartz… | Flickr

Driving Distance: 161 km

Driving Time: 1 hour 43 minutes by car/ 2 hours and 38 minutes by bus

I recommend Halls creek as your next stop for rest and fun. Halls creek has many things to explore. You can visit many old historic buildings, farming and mining industries, tourist attractions, and much more.

The small town is located on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert. You can plan a picnic in the desert. The Sandy desert and many other tourist attractions in Halls Creek.

It is almost 161 km from Warmun, which may take 1 hour and 43 minutes to get there by car.  No worries, you can go by bus if you do not have a car. 

But remember, it will take 2 hours and 38 minutes. The best route for Warmun to Halls creek is National Highway.

a) Top attractions in Halls Creek

You may find several attractions, but here I am sharing the top attractions you must visit.

  • Halls Creek Visitors Information Centre
  • China Wall
  • Old Halls Creek


b) Accommodation in Halls Creek

It can be a great idea to spend a night enjoying a romantic view on the edge of the Sandy desert with your loved ones. To stay at night, the following are the best hotels.

  • Halls Creek Motel
  • Kimberley Hotel
  • Halls Creek Caravan Park

c) Restaurants in Halls Creek

To enjoy spicy meals in Halls creek, the following are the best restaurants to visit.

  • Russian Jacks
  • Halls Creek Motel Restaurant
  • Halls Creek store
  • The Cafe – Mungarri in the Park

6. Halls Creek to Mueller Ranges

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Driving Distance: 196 km

Driving Time: 2 hours and 4 minutes by car

Mueller Ranges is the next destination to stop on your road trip to Broome from Katherine. It is not a town, but still, it is the best tourist destination to stop and have funds. You can explore many natural tourist attractions at Mueller Ranges.

It is almost 196 km from Halls creek that will take approximately 2 hours to get there. You must have a spare tire, fuel, and food while visiting Mueller Ranges because there are few facilities.

You can get there via National Highway 1; the area is not much populated. But there are many places in that area for fun, picnic, and relaxation among nature.

a) Top attractions in Mueller Ranges

Not only the Mueller Ranges, but you also have many other tourist attractions nearby. I have mentioned some of the worth seeing attractions with you.

  • Mary Pool
  • Mimbi Caves Tours

b) Accommodation in Mueller Ranges


c) Restaurants in Mueller Ranges


7. Mueller Ranges to Fitzroy Crossing

Fitzroy River Western Australia 02
Fitzroy River, Western Australia – Wikimedia

Driving Distance: 118 km

Driving Time: 1 hour 19 minutes by car

During your trip from Katherine to Broome, you must stop at Fitzroy Crossing. It is a small town that is worth visiting. It is about 118 km from Mueller Ranges, which takes almost 1 hour and 20 minutes to get there via National Highway 1.

The car is the best mode of travel. Your travelling with the Fitzroy river will be really impressive. The town itself has great attractions for exploration. You can explore Devonian National Parks, Windjana George, and more in Fitzroy Crossing.

The town has all life facilities, so you must stop in Fitzroy Crossing to relax or spend a night and have some fun. During your stay, you get the chance to collect information about million years old historical things.

a) Top attractions in Fitzroy Crossing

Fitzroy Crossing is full of natural and historical Devonian parks and other tourist attractions. You must visit the following attractions for a memorable time in Fitzroy Crossing.

  • Fitzroy Crossing Visitor Centre
  • Geikie Gorge National Park
  • Mimbi Caves
  • Dr. Sawfish Hot Glass Studio
  • DEC Boat Tour


b) Accommodation in Fitzroy Crossing

You have the following hotels for accommodation in Fitzroy Crossing.

  • Crossing Inn
  • Fitzroy River Lodge
  • Tarunda Caravan Park
  • Fitzy Worker’s Camp


c) Restaurants in Fitzroy Crossing

You can dine and rest in the following restaurants in Fitzroy Crossing.

  • Tarunda Takeaway
  • bp Truckstop

8. Fitzroy Crossing to Willare

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Flight to Horizontal Falls | Robyn Jay | Flickr

Driving Distance: 216 km

Driving Time: 2 hours and 13 minutes by car

Before reaching Broome, I recommend you make a stop at Willare. It is a famous tourist destination where people from all over Australia come to enjoy nature and old trees.

It is almost 216 km from Fitzroy Crossing, which takes 2 hours and 13 minutes via National Highway 1. The destination is not thickly populated, so having your snacks, fuel, or other essential things with you is good.

Willare has many tourist attractions nearby; you can spend 3 to 4 hours enjoying nature and historical Aboriginal trees. 

You can plan a picnic or some time to rest and have a romantic time with your lover. A photoshoot here can be part of your beautiful times.

a) Top attractions in Willare

Willare have many tourist attractions nearby; here, I have listed a few top attractions to visit in Willare.

  • Horizontal Falls
  • Boab Prison Tree
  • Galvans Gorge
  • Manning Gorge

a) Accommodation in Willare


b) Restaurants in Willare

No proper restaurant exists, but you can fill your vehicle’s fuel and take snacks from Willare Bridge Roadhouse & Caravan Park.

9. Willare to Broome

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Broome | Western Australia | Caroline Jones | Flickr

Driving Distance: 180 km

Driving Time: 1 hour and 57 minutes by car/

After 180 km from Willare, you will reach your final destination, Broome. It may take almost two hours by car via National Highway 1. Broome is the best place for spending relaxed and memorable holidays.

Broom is on the edge of the sea and has several attractions that suit everyone. You can enjoy breathtaking beaches and ocean views in Broome. Broome’s pearling industry, spectacular landscape, and friendly vibes make it worth seeing. 

Not only the beautiful attractions, but you can also explore wildlife in Broome. The awesome thing is that you can visit time round the year; Broome will always provide your fun. You must stay for a few days in this beautiful coastal town.

a) Top attractions in Broome

Broome has many charming tourist attractions. While you are in Broome, you must visit these top attractions.

  • Sun Pictures, Broome
  • Broome Historical Museum
  • Town Beach
  • Broome Visitor Centre
  • Broome Courthouse Markets
  • Gantheaume Point
  • Cable Beach
  • Matso’s Broome Brewery
  • SSJG Heritage Centre Broome


b) Accommodation in Broome

For affordable accommodation following is the list of best hotels to stay in Broome with family.

  • Broome Time Resort
  • Beaches of Broome
  • RAC Cable Beach Holiday Park
  • Broome Caravan Park


c) Restaurants in Broome

You can visit the following restaurants for affordable but tasty meals.

  • Papa Fuego
  • Little Indian Restaurant
  • The Aarli
  • Mr Saigon
  • Ginreab Thai


How can I travel from Katherine to Broome without a car?

You have two other modes to travel from Katherine to Broome without a car, flight, or bus. The bus is the better choice; it takes almost 21 hours to get to Broome. But it is very affordable; you may cost between 220$ to 400$ via bus.

Is the road from Katherine to Broome sealed?

The road is not fully sealed, but at some locations, it is sealed. On such points, you will need to use alternative routes to get on the main route National Highway 1. Otherwise, the road is clear from Katherine to Broome.

How many days should you reserve to see Broome?

It depends on time availability. But if you want to explore things and enjoy the trip taste, then you must reserve 3 to 4 days for Broome. You have several historical, natural and beautiful tourist locations to see in Broome.

What is the best time to visit Broome?

Broome always has fun for you, but for an easy trip to Broome, you should visit between May- October. May- October is a dry season, so you can easily move to different places in Broome.

Do you need a car when visiting Broome?

Having a car or hiring a taxi to visit Broome for easy transportation is good. But it is not a must thing; you can also go with other options like bus, walk, bike or bicycle.


Broome is a beautiful town in Western Australia. It is good to plan a trip to Broome to spend your vacations. You have many tourist attractions to visit. 

But not only the Broome, but your road trip from Katherine to Broome is also a big adventure. You must reserve 5 to 6 days to enjoy beautiful attractions on the way and in the Broome.

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