Lake Grace Caravan Park, Australia: Experience Nature’s Beauty

Lake Grace Caravan Park, Australia: Experience Nature's Beauty
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Are you embarking on an adventure in the picturesque town of Lake Grace and its captivating surroundings? Look only as far as Lake Grace Caravan Park, your wallet-friendly haven for lodging.

This idyllic haven boasts a cornucopia of choices for accommodations, tailored meticulously to cater to an array of tastes and financial constraints.

As the sun dips below the horizon and the stars twinkle overhead, the rates and fees for your vacation at this charming retreat will be influenced by your chosen lodging style and the duration of your stay.

Lake Grace Caravan Park – Your Dream Getaway Awaits! 

Nestled in the charming town of Lake Grace, Western Australia, Lake Grace Caravan Park invites you to embark on a tranquil and picturesque holiday adventure.

Whether you crave relaxation, experience, or a bit of both, this caravan park promises something special for everyone. From its prime location to its amenities and activities, Lake Grace Caravan Park is the perfect place to escape your busy life.


Lake Grace Caravan Park offers a range of convenient facilities to enhance your stay, including

  • Laundry and dryer facilities for your convenience.
  • Ironing facilities to keep your clothes looking sharp.
  • BBQ facilities for delightful outdoor cooking.
  • A well-maintained grassed area designed to accommodate tents.
  • EFTPOS services for secure transactions.
  • Visitor parking for your guests.
  • A dump point, conveniently located at the Sports Precinct on Stubbs Street, for those traveling with caravans or RVs.

A Convenient And Serene Locale

One of the standout advantages of Lake Grace Caravan Park is its convenient and idyllic setting. Positioned just a short drive from the town center, this park provides easy access to local shops, restaurants, and attractions.

Whether you’re yearning to explore the breathtaking natural wonders of Lake Grace or unwind in a peaceful oasis, this park serves as the perfect home base for your adventures.

Abundance Of Amenities

Lake Grace Caravan Park boasts diverse amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay. You can select powered or unpowered sites for your caravan, campervans, or tents, or opt for a touch of luxury in one of our cozy cabins.

Our amenities block features pristine and modern shower and toilet facilities, laundry conveniences, and a camp kitchen with BBQ facilities. We even offer a convenient dump point for those traveling with caravans or RVs.

Plenty Of Activities For All Ages

For those pursuing excitement and fun, Lake Grace Caravan Park provides a bounty of activities to keep everyone entertained. Dive into our inviting swimming pool or let the little ones frolic in the children’s playground, which is ideal for families.

Challenge your companions to games of tennis or basketball, or enjoy a friendly match in our recreation room with a pool table and table tennis. And, as we’re located near Lake Grace, you’ll have ample opportunities for fishing, boating, and scenic bushwalks.

Here are some activities and things to do during your visit to Lake Grace Caravan Park:

Explore The Town And Surrounding Areas

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Discover the charm of Lake Grace and its neighboring attractions, including the Inland Mission Hospital Museum, the whimsical Tin Horse Highway, and the nearby Wave Rock Caravan Park.

Embrace Nature’s Beauty

Immerse yourself in the region’s natural wonders, from the mesmerizing salt lakes to the impressive granite outcrops and the vibrant wildflower displays.

Park Facilities

Use the park’s convenient amenities, including a BBQ area for delightful outdoor cooking and a well-kept grassed area ideal for tent camping.

Relax In Tranquil Surroundings

Unwind amidst the serenity of the park’s peaceful setting, where you can enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.

These activities promise a memorable and enriching experience at Lake Grace Caravan Park.

What People Are Saying

Lake Grace Caravan Park has garnered glowing reviews from delighted visitors. One Yelp reviewer hails it as a “hidden gem” with “beautiful and clean facilities.” Another Campermate user commends the park’s friendly staff and serene atmosphere.

These positive testimonials underscore the quality and warm hospitality found at Lake Grace Caravan Park.

How To Reach There

To reach Lake Grace Caravan Park, follow the Great Eastern Highway from Perth, turning left onto State Route 117 toward Lake Grace. Our park is conveniently located on Stubbs Street, just a short distance from the town center.

Whether embarking on a Western Australia road trip or planning a weekend retreat, Getting to Lake Grace Caravan Park is simple, and the trip is worthwhile.

Plan Your Escape To Lake Grace Caravan Park Today

Whether seeking a serene sanctuary or an adventure-filled getaway, Lake Grace Caravan Park seamlessly blends both experiences.

With its strategic location, a wealth of amenities, and abundant activities, this caravan park guarantees an unforgettable holiday. Secure your stay at Lake Grace Caravan Park today and commence your journey to this tranquil and picturesque haven.

Accommodation Options, Rates, and Fees Summary

Here is a table summarizing the accommodation options, rates, and fees based on the Lake Grace Caravan Park-

TaskTypeBusiness StructureAmountDescription
Fees per site
Long stay sites$6.00/site
Short stay sites and sites in transit parks$6.00/site
Camp site$3.00/site
Overflow site$1.50/site
Minimum fee$200.00Fees for 2022-23
Temporary fees
Long stay sites$6.00/site
Short stay sites and sites in transit parks$6.00/site
Camp site$3.00/site
Overflow site$1.50/site
Minimum fee$100.00Fees for 2022-23
Fees per site
Long stay sites$6.00/site
Short stay sites and sites in transit parks$6.00/site
Camp site$3.00/site
Overflow site$1.50/site
Minimum fee$200.00Fees for 2022-23
TransferTransferAll$100.00Fees for 2022-23


Is Lake Grace Worth A Visit?

Lake Grace is undoubtedly worth a visit! This historic town offers a genuine taste of the Australian outback. You’ll be treated to sweeping vistas of expansive salt lakes, a chance to delve into the lives of early settlers at the Inland Mission Hospital, and close encounters with the region’s native plants and wildlife. It’s an authentic and enriching experience that shouldn’t be missed.

What Is The History Of Lake Grace?

Lake Grace has a rich history dates back to the early 20th century. The Lands Department officially named it in 1907 and saw its first surveys. The town’s namesake, Grace Brockman, was recognized by surveyor F. S. Brockman in 1909.

As the years went by, a small community began to take shape, and by 1914, Lake Grace had its school, marking an important milestone in its development. This history reflects the town’s growth and the contributions of its early residents in shaping its character.

How Big Is Lake Grace?

Lake Grace is a substantial body of water, stretching across an impressive length of 50.5 kilometers and reaching widths of up to 7.25 kilometers. Beneath its salty surface, an estimated 19 million tonnes of gypsum can be found.

Visitors can enjoy the Lake Grace Lions Park, located at the eastern entrance to the town, and Apex Park, situated on the western outskirts, both of which offer excellent spots for rest breaks and picnics.

What Is The Population Of Lake Grace?

As of the 2016 Census, the population of Lake Grace stood at 548 people. Among them, 50.1% were male, and 49.9% were female—additionally, 2.9% of the population identified as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. The median age of residents in Lake Grace was 40 years.

How Deep Is Grace Lake?

Grace Lake is situated in the Haliburton Highlands, boasting an elevation of 376 meters. In terms of its depth, Grace Lake reaches an impressive 35 meters.

Warping Up

In summary, Lake Grace Caravan Park is an excellent choice for visitors looking to discover the charming town of Lake Grace and its picturesque surroundings.

The park offers various amenities and accommodations to cater to various preferences and budgets. Moreover, activities and attractions are abundant in the vicinity. Whether you seek relaxation or an adventure exploring the area’s natural beauty, Lake Grace Caravan Park is a beautiful accommodation option.

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