Launceston to Cradle Mountain Road Trip: Enjoy Fun Drive Experience

Launceston to Cradle Mountain Road Trip
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Are you up for a thrilling experience in Australia’s Tasmania? We’ll be travelling from Launceston To Cradle Mountain Road Trip. It’s a trip full of enjoyable activities and stunning vistas. We’ll begin at the delightful city of Launceston. Beautiful sceneries, including mountains and forests, can be seen as we go towards Cradle Mountain.

We may hike, explore the outdoors, and breathe fresh air while travelling. A fantastic location with unusual species and spectacular scenery is Cradle Mountain. So be ready for an incredible journey through the heart of Tasmania and pack your luggage!


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Launceston, sometimes known as “Lonnie” by locals, is a charming city tucked away in Tasmania, an island state in Australia. Launceston is a genuine jewel with its fascinating history, lively culture, and breathtaking natural surroundings. The South Esk River, which gently runs through Launceston and provides scenic splendour and recreational possibilities, is one of the city’s distinguishing features.

Along its banks, you’ll discover parks, hiking routes, and quaint picnic areas ideal for unwinding and soaking in tranquility. The city’s buildings exhibit a fusion of classic beauty and cutting-edge technology. The coexistence of new constructions and stately Georgian and Victorian monuments creates a distinctive and alluring urban scene.

A window into Tasmania’s colonial past may be seen at Woolmers Estates and the Brickendon Historic District. Launceston is a center for cultural enrichment, including theatres, galleries, and museums that highlight the art and tradition of the area. Art lovers must go to the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, which is located in a former railway factory.

Nature lovers are in for a treat because Launceston is the starting point for trips to the breathtaking Cataract Gorge Reserve and Tamar Valley, both of which provide opportunities for swimming, hiking, and picturesque chairlift rides. Launceston is a compelling location that entices tourists to explore its many attractions and enjoy the best of Tasmania with its warm hospitality, natural beauty, and cultural diversity.

Woolmers Estate

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Time: 26 min

Distance: 33.3 km

The historic monument Woolmers Estate, situated in Tasmania, Australia’s scenic area, provides an enthralling look into the island’s colonial history. About 14 hectares in size, this immaculately kept estate is a reminder of Tasmania’s early agricultural and architectural past. The exquisite Woolmers House, a stately Georgian home built in the 19th century, is located at the center of Woolmers Estate.

The home is surrounded by beautiful lawns and gardens, creating a peaceful haven of serenity. Guests may explore its well-preserved rooms, and the period-appropriate furnishings and décor offer an immersive sense of life in colonial Tasmania. The estate has several facilities besides the main house, such as a mediaeval chapel, stables, and worker cottages.

These buildings provide us a glimpse into the day-to-day existence of the residents and employees of the estate back when it was at its peak. The impressive collection of artifacts, records, and pictures at Woolmers Estate is particularly well-known for giving visitors a thorough understanding of Tasmania’s history, notably that of early European colonization and agricultural advancement. Visitors to Woolmers Estate may enjoy strolls around the exquisitely designed gardens, investigate the structures on the property’s historical list, and discover how the estate influenced Tasmania’s history. Anyone interested in history or wanting to experience Tasmania’s rich colonial legacy should visit this exciting location.


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Time: 27 min

Distance: 34.4 km

Australia’s Tasmania is home to the picturesque town of Westbury, renowned for its historic charm and natural splendour. This picture-perfect town, which is situated in the Meander Valley, provides a typical Tasmanian experience. With many of its structures going back to the 19th century, Westbury’s colonial architecture is one of its most distinctive features.

Visitors are transported to a bygone period by the town’s charming streets, dotted with lovely homes and heritage-listed buildings. Pearn’s Steam World, a distinctive attraction featuring an intriguing collection of old steam engines and gear, is the focal point of Westbury. It provides a fascinating window into Tasmania’s industrial past.

In addition, Westbury boasts a thriving arts and crafts scene with galleries and artisan stores where people may browse and buy locally-made items, including ceramics, fabrics, and artwork. Westbury’s panoramic attractiveness is accentuated by the Great Western Tiers mountain range in the background, surrounded by undulating hills and rich farmland. Both locals and visitors may find calm in the town’s serene parks and gardens.

Westbury, Tasmania, is a beautiful location for people looking for a calm and immersing experience in the center of this lovely island state because of its rich history, cultural activities, and natural beauty.


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Time: 13 min

Distance: 16.1 km

Deloraine is a beautiful hamlet that perfectly captures the distinctive beauty and culture of the island state of Tasmania. It is tucked away in the scenic Meander Valley. The town of Deloraine, often known as the “Gateway to the Great Western Tiers,” provides a mesmerizing fusion of scenic beauty and cultural vitality. This charming town is well-known for its restored historic structures and streetscapes, which feature 19th-century architectural gems.

The town center is filled with charming stores, art galleries, and cafés, making it a center for creativity and the arts. Deloraine is recognized for having a thriving arts and crafts community. Visitors may tour nearby studios and galleries to see Tasmanian artists at work in various media, including textiles, pottery, and painting.

Deloraine provides outdoor enthusiasts with a multitude of exciting chances for exploration. It is surrounded by the magnificent Great Western Tiers mountain range and is flanked by the Meander River. A refuge for hikers, bikers, and environment enthusiasts, the adjacent Meander Valley has rich farmlands, woodlands, and picturesque trails.

The lively Deloraine Craft Fair draws craftspeople from around Australia and brings life to Deloraine every November. The town’s artistic soul is honoured at this festival, a must-attend for anybody looking for one-of-a-kind handcrafted and artisanal goods. Deloraine attracts tourists looking for a genuine Tasmanian experience because of its friendly friendliness, cultural diversity, and breathtaking natural setting. Deloraine gives a distinct flavour of Tasmania’s charm, whether you’re strolling through its old streets or getting lost in its creative flare.


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Time: 32 min

Distance: 38.1 km

Sheffield, a charming and attractive town known as the “Town of Murals,” is located northwest of Tasmania. It’s a spot where tradition, art, and nature unite to provide tourists a singular and enthralling experience. Its thriving mural art community distinguishes Sheffield.

More than 60 breathtaking outdoor murals decorate the town, each depicting a scene from Tasmania’s history, culture, and natural splendour. These vibrant art pieces breathe life into the community and transform it into an outdoor gallery that recounts the tale of Tasmania. Sheffield is surrounded by spectacular natural scenery, with the majestic Mount Roland serving as its background, in addition to the art.

This massive mountain provides superb trekking options with pathways ideal for novice and expert hikers. Another attraction is the Sheffield Species Sanctuary, which has lovely grounds and natural species. The town is a treat since its streets are dotted with quaint cafés, shops, and galleries.

Take advantage of the chance to interact with local craftsmen and buy jewellery, pottery, and other handcrafted items. The annual Sheffield Mural Fest, an art competition that attracts artists worldwide to produce new murals, furthers the development of Sheffield’s burgeoning creative community. Sheffield, Tasmania, combines the arts, the outdoors, and a sense of belonging. For those looking for a fully immersive experience of Tasmania, it is a must-visit location where creativity knows no limitations and every nook tells a tale.


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Time: 31 min

Distance: 31.8 km

The St. Clair National Park in Tasmania, Australia, is home to the small, quiet community of Moina. Its famous natural surroundings make it the perfect location for a calm vacation in the middle of Tasmania’s wilderness. One of Tasmania’s most famous natural beauties is right outside the door of Moina.

Outdoor lovers and hikers worldwide are drawn to Cradle Mountain, which is close and known for its craggy peaks, old rainforests, and tranquil lakes. For visiting this UNESCO World Heritage-listed park, Moina makes a great starting point. Several bushwalking, birding, and animal spotting options exist in the nearby woods and landscapes.

In this unspoiled environment, echidnas, wallabies, and many bird species are frequently seen. In Moina, lodging options are often warm cabins, lodges, and cottages that mix perfectly with the surrounding landscape. The tranquility of the Tasmanian bush, with the calming sounds of songbirds and the aroma of eucalyptus in the air, may be experienced by guests staying in Moina.

Moina’s secluded location and unspoiled beauty make it ideal for those seeking to unwind from the stress of contemporary life while surrounded by the spectacular treasures of Tasmania’s wilderness. For both nature lovers and explorers, it is a serene retreat.

Cradle Mountain

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Time: 35 min

Distance: 31.1 km

A fantastic natural marvel called Cradle Mountain is situated in Tasmania, Australia. Cradle Mountain, a part of the Cradle Mountain Lake St. Clair National Park, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is known for its untamed beauty and biological value. It is also a representation of Tasmania’s stunning wildness.

The park’s focal point is the mountain with recognizable rugged peaks and lovely glacier lakes. Dove Lake is the most well-known of these lakes, and its crystal-clear waters reflect the breathtaking environment that surrounds it. Several walking trails are available in the park for hikers of various skill levels, including the well-liked Dove Lake Circuit and the more difficult Overland Track, which is 65 km long and takes several days to complete.

It is possible to see recognizable Tasmanian animals like wombats, wallabies, and echidnas amid the unspoiled wilderness of Cradle Mountain. The wide variety of avian species that live there will excite birdwatchers. Visitors may pleasantly explore this natural marvel with the help of the park’s visitor center, which offers valuable information and adjacent lodging options that range from luxury lodges to camping grounds.

Cradle Mountain is more than simply a place to go; it’s a journey into the wilds of Tasmania. It is a must-visit location for nature lovers and tourists looking for an authentic taste of Tasmania because of its breathtaking panoramas, abundant wildlife, and chances for outdoor adventure.


How Far Is Launceston From Cradle?

Cradle Mountain lies in the park’s northern section, only 150 miles from Launceston, Tasmania’s second-largest city.

Why Is Launceston Famous?

The Australian Town of the Year title was given to Launceston in 2022. Launceston, one of Australia’s oldest cities and home to several historic structures, was founded by Europeans in March 1806.

What Is The Best Mountain To Visit In Tasmania?

The most renowned mountain in Tasmania, Cradle Mountain, is ranked fifth in height but is by far the most well-known summit. It’s a challenging climb, standing lofty above Dove Lake.

Is Launceston Worth A Visit?

Launceston is fortunate to have access to a boutique city and breathtaking natural surroundings, giving it the best of both worlds.

The Closing Statement

A unique excursion across Tasmania’s stunning locations is the Launceston to Cradle Mountain Road Trip. You begin in the lovely city of Launceston before moving on to the untamed landscape of Cradle Mountain.

Along the trip, old villages, unique animals, and the tranquil landscape may all be seen. The journey concludes at Cradle Mountain, a breathtaking location in Tasmania. This road trip demonstrates Tasmania’s beauty and natural beauty. You’ll cherish the experience forever.

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