Luxury Road Trip in New South Wales: The Definitive Guide

Luxury Road Trip
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Luxury Road Trip in New South Wales is your perfect manual to know about the total trip location with the itinerary. If you want to experience a luxurious road trip, travel to the New South Wales region. Below are the details of the New South Wales province road trips, which are completely luxurious and the best.

1. Mount Gambier To Robe

Piccaninnie Ponds And Kilsby Sinkhole

A natural paradise, Mount Gambier is home to extinct volcanoes, sparkling blue lakes, and an underground Eden. Once an active volcano, the renowned Blue Lake is now a 72-meter-deep lake with cobalt water. It was formerly the gem of the town. You may plunge deep into the azure depths of its lesser-known younger relative, fittingly named younger azure Lake, which is as breathtaking. 

This spectacular swimming arena, a local favourite, is flanked by beautiful 10-meter-high limestone cliffs and features crystal-clear freshwater. You may enter a subterranean paradise at Umpherston Sinkhole in the town core, where Mount Gambier’s delights continue below ground. Here, you will find a lovely sunken garden enclosed in a collapsed limestone cave decorated with flowers, plants, and luxuriant green grass by a few local green-fingered residents.

Tantanoola Caves

A magnificent cave with dazzling stalactites and stalagmites may be found 20 minutes drive from Mount Gambier, hidden behind an ordinary rock face. The sea has long ago receded from what was once an old beach, leaving a 30-meter-wide cave studded with pink and brown dolomite crystals. Tantanoola Cave, one of 

Australia’s most beautiful caverns, have an astounding interior that has been thousands of years in development, with innumerable hanging stalactites and floor-to-ceiling crystal columns. Before wearing your explorer’s helmet and entering the underground wonderland, learn about the history and geology of the cave from a local guide. Additionally, this cave is one of the few wheelchair-accessible caverns in Australia.

Coonawarra And Penola

Spend a few days exploring Coonawarra, the red core of South Australia, while taking a vacation from the road. The world-famous cabernet sauvignon and shiraz are grown in this gorgeous region of South Australia’s terra rossa soil, which is the ideal location for enthusiasts of robust red wine. Set a tent at Bellwether for the night and spend the next day seeing renowned wineries including Penley Estate, Brand’s Laira, Wynns Coonawarra Estate, and Katnook Estate. 

The relatively small region is home to more than 25 cellar doors. If you feel hungry, Penola is a picture-perfect rural hamlet offering a variety of culinary and oenological pleasures, nestled among the sea of vineyards. Enjoy a leisurely lunch while admiring the vineyards at Hollick Estates, try a few local wines at Koonara Wines on the main drag, or travel further to Mayura Station to eat at The Tasting Room, the ultimate paddock-to-plate experience that serves Wagyu beef that has won several awards.


One of South Australia’s most upscale beach spots, Robe, is where you should pull up and lay out your towel to enjoy the sun. Robe is a worthwhile overnight stop along the Southern Ocean Drive where you can relax on beautiful, white sand beaches, unwind in chic cafes, and chow down on some of South Australia’s greatest seafood. 

A 14-kilometre length of pristine white sand known as Long Beach is a favourite hangout for residents. Explore Robe’s historic old prison ruins, jetty, and marina as you stroll along the lovely Obelisk Coastal Trail. You can also try the abundance of local seafood, especially crayfish, and unwind with a local beer at the Robe Town Brewery.

2. Robe To Victor Harbour

Coorong National Park

Wander through pristine white sand beaches, stroll through tranquil streams, and explore towering sand dunes. The Southern Ocean Drive in Coroong National Park will greatly reward nature enthusiasts. The natural richness of this significant wetland system, which stretches 130 km from the Limestone Coast to the Fleurieu Peninsula, is astounding. 

Spend a few days kayaking the serene waterways, viewing plentiful birds, relaxing on lovely beaches, and learning about the significant Aboriginal culture of the Ngarrindjeri people. The area includes a line of saltwater lagoons and wetlands teeming with fish. Make sure you stay until sundown since sunsets over the Coorong are breathtaking. Film buffs from Australia will also be familiar with it as the location where the Storm Boy movie was shot.

Langhorne Creek

Langhorne Creek is vast, with vineyards and ancient gum trees bordering verdant river banks. Here the world’s oldest known cabernet sauvignon grapes and a fifth-generation wine production family. Visit the magnificent Angas Plains Winery’s expansive cellar doors for the day, or take a tour of Bremerton Wines’ exquisitely restored horse stable. 

Enjoy the selection of wines and skin care items at the Vineyard Road Cellar Door, or explore the award-winning wine brands at Winehouse. It’s the ideal place to explore the area because of the stunning Fleurieu Peninsula coastline, renowned McLaren Vale wines, and lush Adelaide Hills just outside Langhorne Creek’s door.

Victor Harbor And Port Elliot

The next stop is Victor Harbour, a vacation destination famous for its horse-drawn tram, penguin colony, and surf beaches. Humpback whales may be spotted playing in the seas between Victor and Goolwa if you come between May and October. 

In the nearby coastal town of Port Elliot, you’ll find some of South Australia’s best beaches, home goods stores, hip cafes, and fashionable beachside villas. Before settling in at The Summer House or Mill Estate Cottage:

  • Stroll along the cliffside trails, through the quaint streets admiring the town’s historic facades.
  • Grab lunch at the Flying Fish Cafe.
  • Try the famous doughnut flavour of the month at Port Elliot Bakery.

3. Victor Harbor To Kangaroo Island

Deep Creek Conservation Park

Deep Creek Conservation Park, about one hour’s drive from Adelaide, is ideal for stretching your legs after a long day of travelling. More than 15 hiking routes wind through some of the most beautiful bush country, with spectacular coastline vistas, waterfalls, clean beaches, and wildlife like kangaroos and koalas. This place is a favourite hiking destination for locals. 

You can spend the night at Southern Ocean Retreats in the middle of the park, then go on a Southern Ocean Walk guided tour to travel the famed Heysen Trail through some of the most stunning stretches of the park with the assistance of a knowledgeable local. Get comfortable at Naiko Retreat and enjoy views of the ocean from the tub of your private luxury beachside residence.

Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island, the perfect island getaway, is home to stunning beaches, rugged nature, diverse fauna, and wonderful food. Drive your car onto the Sea Link Ferry from Cape Jervis to Penneshaw, this island is only connected to the mainland by a short stretch of water. Kangaroo Island cuisine, painstakingly chosen and prepared, is served daily for breakfast and lunch at Millie Mae’s Pantry in Penneshaw. Enjoy some downtime in the garden beneath the mature fruit trees and take fresh local vegetables from their pantry.

Kingscote, Kangaroo Island

Kingscote, the centre of the island’s major services, is perfect for exploring local bars, beaches, and gourmet foods. Kangaroo Island Brewery is tucked away on 20 acres of gorgeous countryside outside Kingscote. Spend the day relaxing while trying eight different craft beers while enjoying a platter of wood-fired pizza. Most of the ingredients for the beer are also acquired locally. 

The brewery was built using repurposed materials from around the island, including shearing barns and native stone. Native botanicals from all across the island are used in the distillation process at Kangaroo Island Spirits to produce some of Australia’s most acclaimed gins. The cellar door of South Australia’s first boutique distillery, founded in 2005, is near Cygnet River, a half-hour drive from Kingscote. The serene gin garden is the ideal place to pass the time in the afternoon.

Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island

Australia’s top beach was formerly known to be Vivonne Bay. This picture-perfect U-shaped bay is six km long. Wading up to your waist deep is possible when gentle lapping waves meet white sandy coastlines. It’s a great reason to sneak away for the day without seeing another person, with a jetty framing the south end and vast dunes towards the north.

Flinders Chase National Park, Kangaroo Island

Flinders Chase National Park’s natural island environment is home to many animals and famous sights, including Admiral’s Arch and Remarkable Rocks. These rocks are blown-apart stones and are a common symbol of Kangaroo Island. One of the island’s most identifiable monuments, this geological marvel was carved out of granite over 500 million years by the island’s battering wind, sea, and rain.

The national park, tucked away in the northwest part of Kangaroo Island, approximately an hour’s drive from Kingscote, is a heaven for nature enthusiasts, ardent bushwalkers, and beach bums. Join a Fire Recovery Experience tour guide and walk the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail to see nature’s incredible post-bushfire restoration abilities. Seal Bay, which has long been the home of an endangered colony of Australian sea lions, is only 40 minutes drive from Flinders Chase National Park. From a 900-meter-long wheelchair-accessible boardwalk, observe local sea lions in their natural habitat. You can also wander over the dunes to stunning coastal lookouts or come closer with a guided beach trip.

4. Kangaroo Island To McLaren Vale


Along with the well-known Fleurieu Peninsula beaches, upscale lodging, chic coastal eateries, and top-notch wine compete for attention. Aldinga is among the greatest beach neighbourhoods in Australia. It is less congested than Bondi, cleaner than Palm Beach, and more genuine than Byron Bay. With Sellicks and Port Willunga beaches on each side, a good beach with waves is always close. For a day at the beach, find your own little piece of coastal heaven, park the car, and roll out the shade.

The D’arenberg Cube

The crown gem of McLaren Vale is this magnificent building. The d’Arenberg Cube would resemble what you might get if Willy Wonka preferred wine over chocolate. One of Australia’s most famous and distinctive wine-tasting locations, this ethereal cellar door appears to be hovering above the vines. The Cube is the biggest biodynamic winery in Australia and is situated among McLaren Vale’s rolling hills. 

It has five floors of tasting rooms, multiple bars, a casual restaurant, a museum, and an art gallery. Spend a day sampling some of d’Arenberg’s best wines, take a lesson on the blending bench to learn how to blend and bottle your wine, or hear more about their Dead Arm Distinction. d’Arry’s Verandah Restaurant, which is close by, also offers a pleasant eating experience.

Maxwell Wines

The ideal setting for an exceptional wine and cuisine experience is Maxwell Wines. Large picture windows and breathtaking views of McLaren Vale’s undulating hills enhance the gorgeous limestone structure. The winery produces the most successful mead in the Southern Hemisphere and a variety of sparkling and flavoured drinks that date back to 7,000 BC. 

In the Maxwell Restaurant, Head Chef Fabian Lehmann provides a varied cuisine, including choices, showcasing the finest of the area and his kitchen gardens. However, the aesthetic of their seasonal tasting menu will take your breath away. Colourful foods and inventive plating come together to create the ideal Instagram moment. Let it all happen with wines skillfully matched from the estate vineyards, or you can taste wines or mead before you dine to ensure the ideal pick.

Coriole Winery

On the Seaview crest of the charming McLaren Vale area, the Coriole vineyard and restaurant are located. Rich in the history of the area’s wine industry, Coriole is renowned for its estate-grown Shiraz and Cabernet and for being the first to cultivate various Mediterranean grapes, including Sangiovese, Fiano, and Picpoul. 

The ancient cottage from the 1850s and the ironstone barn, which houses the basement door today, are sandwiched by the lovely courtyard restaurant. Coriole guests are welcome to enjoy the region’s spectacular vistas and immaculately kept gardens and grounds whenever the restaurant and cellar doors are open.

Wirra Wirra

Wirra Wirra, a beautiful ironstone winery with more than a century of history, is tucked away among the gums in McLaren Vale, South Australia, as its Aboriginal name suggests. Wirra Wirra offers a distinctive and unforgettable winery experience, from the chime of the imposing Angelus bell perched above the vineyard to the enormous timber barrier known as Woodhenge. 

Paul Smith and his colleagues produce exquisite cool climate whites from the Adelaide Hills and rich, textured McLaren Vale reds, which are best known for their red Church Block mix. Harry’s Deli, a providore-style cafe serving delectable light meals and great wine, is also in Wirra Wirra.


Q1. Which Province In Australia Is The Best For Luxurious Road Trips?

The Australian province of New South Wales is the best for luxurious road trips. Here you will experience some of the finest beaches in the country, along with some great food.

Q2. Which Destinations Are The Best For This Road Trip?

Starting from Mount Gambier to McLaren Vale is the best destination for this road trip. You will get three other major stoppages on the way, where you can stop and enjoy the places of attraction.

Q3. What Is The Best Time For The Road Trip?

The best time to go on this road trip is November to April each year.

Q4. Why Is This Road Trip Luxurious?

This road trip is luxurious because the southern part of Australia has prominent cities, namely Sydney and Canberra.

In The Final Analysis

Australia is a country well known for road trips. Therefore it is important to figure out which road trip suits you the best. Luxury Road Trip in New South Wales is the best manual to know about luxurious trips in Australia.

You will learn that the southern province of Australia is the best place for these kinds of road trips. It is starting from Mount Gambier to McLaren Vale. From the finest scenic views of the beach to the amazing caves and some great wineries.

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